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Omnicron Variant in Africa / In truth, it doesn’t want to kill you, it Wants you to Stick Around

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posted on Dec, 3 2021 @ 11:19 AM
I seldom ever read any USA generated MSM smut. One former US government official refers to them as presstitutes. Actually, I am a white guy who at this point leans toward trusting the black race both on Covid-19 and any other variant that will continue to pop up. So now we are being bombarded with more lock downs in Germany to the USA Democrats trying to generate a complete database to monitor all citizens vaccine status.

So, I wonder how that will work with all illegals, homeless, drug dealers and others.

With that being said I went to my constant, the TOR browser as I say NO to Mr. Google. I wanted to see whats going on in the front lines of the Covid-19 Omnicron variant.

Omicron up close: SA’s experts offer their views

Here are highlights from several interviews and a briefing as of 03 December 2021 - 14:08 By Janice Kew and Mike Cohen

Marc Mendelson, head of infectious diseases at the University of Cape Town, who also works at Groote Schuur Hospital:

“Anecdotally, we are seeing a lot of reinfections. What we don’t know at the moment, because we haven’t got the data yet, is how many of those people are unvaccinated vs the vaccinated.

“While people are freaking out, the other thing to stress is that if you look across the variants, the vaccines have protected against severe disease, hospitalisation and death. Looking at the Omicron mutations, though there are an awful lot of them, there’s nothing to indicate the ability of vaccines to fight this is going to be affected to a very great extent.

“In truth, it doesn’t want to kill you, it wants you to stick around.

“The only ones putting their hand on their hearts and telling the world don’t worry, this is going to be mild, haven’t learnt enough humility yet in the face of this virus.

“It’s always nice to hope, but don’t set everything on this because I think your hopes could be dashed.”

PLUS; Bonus article for free as in wheres Sleepy Joe and calling Dr. Fauci, calling Dr. Fauci. Please report the truth to the American people; stat!

Omicron in 23 countries: WHO slams those who penalised SA Travel ban also hampered research and lacked any logic, say experts

The variant has been found in 23 countries at the moment, the WHO said, but a backlog of cases across the globe could reveal its presence in several more. WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a press briefing on Thursday: “It is deeply concerning to me that SA and Botswana are being penalised.” He thanked the two countries for “detecting, sequencing and reporting so rapidly” on Omicron, and said that a “blanket travel ban will not prevent the international spread of the virus and will place a heavy burden on livelihoods”

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posted on Dec, 3 2021 @ 11:34 AM
a reply to: Waterglass

By now most people knows that the variants are moronic variants for the moronic people, tools for governments to keep perpetuating their dictatorship powers and to establish more control over the people.

For pharma means extension of their profits indefinitely as long as they can come out with more useless jabs that people will readily roll their sleeves to get them.

In the US alone means a way for the democrats in power to impose their wet dreams of getting a few more trillions of dollars base on the moronic variant that will kill us all.

I believe is up to 50 more sub variants with the new moronic one, life is great.

I can go on and on.

posted on Dec, 3 2021 @ 11:40 AM
Before this new variant reached US media, it was discovered in South Africa.
The initial announcement from the SA labs said outright that the symptoms from this variant are mild at their worst.

Anyone who understands how a virus mutates over time will tell you- if it evolves to get more deadly, it won't spread as much. Evolution more or less forces a virus to lean towards keeping the host alive, for the purposes of reproduction.

Generally speaking, every new variant will be less deadly than the previous one. Not 100% of the time, but on average.

Given that the original wasn't nearly as deadly as our reaction to it, we're only going to see fewer deaths from the newer variants.
Unfortunately, the whole thing might as well be a hoax. The virus itself was the flu, now its basically a new cold. But the government is using it as an excuse to completely destroy countries world wide.

posted on Dec, 3 2021 @ 11:42 AM
a reply to: marg6043

A resounding yes.

However at the end of the day we don't run the show. The USA government does and just watch where they will take us.

See the Covid-19 Omnicron ongoing's in Australia, Germany?

posted on Dec, 3 2021 @ 11:49 AM
a reply to: lordcomac

Agree. So who what where is finally going to step up to the plate and put a stop to it all.

Sleepy Joe?, Dr. Fauci?, Donald Trump?, Vlad Putin?, AOC?, Boris Johnson?, The People of Germany?, The People of Australia?, Psy?, Xi Jinping?, The View?, Ellen?,

posted on Dec, 3 2021 @ 12:20 PM
a reply to: Waterglass

it Wants you to Stick Around

That is what most Viruses want , Killing the host in turn kills the Virus so the Idea is to keep the host alive .

posted on Dec, 3 2021 @ 12:34 PM
a reply to: Waterglass
Klaus will decide when this comes to an end.
Would you trust this man around your kids?

posted on Dec, 3 2021 @ 01:25 PM
a reply to: Waterglass

The trends from my other posts continue. In South Africa over the past 24 hours, there were 16,055 newly confirmed cases with only 279 hospitalizations. Ages 10-14 make up 15.8% of the cases. It's too early to know if they are particularly vulnerable. I think the hospitalizations are largely among the younger and healthier because they are among the largest unvaccinated demographic there. That said, most of the unvaccinated also seem to mostly experience mild illness, but again they are mostly young and healthy. Give it another week, and if hospitalizations there remain low, we should be able to say that these trends are the norm.

I'll also take a moment to recommend that you have your doctor check your vitamin D level and to start supplements if it is low. I don't recommend to just start taking a D3 supplement without a deficiency. That could lead to some other health problems if your levels are already optimal.
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posted on Dec, 3 2021 @ 02:12 PM
a reply to: tamusan

Actually, I remember a while back it was a study done on people in the US and their vitamin D level, interesting to point out that before the birth and push for sunscreen and the scare of skin cancer that used to be rare at the time people were sun loving and their Level of vitamin D was healthy.

After that in within a few decades people no longer enjoy the sun, bath themselves in sunscreen creams and skin cancer is in the raise and most Americans are deficient in vitamin D.

Even I tested low on my levels twice.

posted on Dec, 3 2021 @ 03:07 PM
a reply to: marg6043

I think that sunscreen played a role, but also wonder how much it has to do with the amount of time people are spending indoors in front of screens. A lot of it could also be diet related. I just checked and a Burger King Whopper, for example, does not have enough vitamin D for it to be listed. I imagine fast food in general is not going to be a good source. Some processed foods are fortified with it while others are not. Mushrooms are a great source.

I was deficient about 10 years ago and have been taking a supplement ever since. For me, I think it was diet related. I've been eating healthier in the past few years. My blood level has been a little on the higher side since then, but not too high.
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posted on Dec, 3 2021 @ 03:46 PM
That’s not true.

We the many consent to be governed.

It is not informed consent.

The US government doesn’t run the show here.

At the end of this day of the long larp one of two things will happen.

Either we the population UNDERSTAND our proper place in the social compact or we don’t.

The whole media-scape that has been built up for the last two years is the struggle by them to keep us as we are, ignorant and led by the nose.

That’s my take on this crap, bullship baffles brains.
a reply to: Waterglass

posted on Dec, 4 2021 @ 02:57 AM
The World Health Organization says OMICRON is now in 38 countries, with ZERO deaths.

India, Israel, UK, major outlets have the headline as written above.

U.S. Media says: "The World Health Organization says OMICRON is now in 38 countries."


CBS, ABC, NBC, FoxNews, WaPo, NYTimes may have this good news, but Google has their articles buried deep. All the top results are foreign, except for the CNBC article.

In America, OMICRON (like Covid-19 itself) is viewed as a REVENUE GENERATOR. The pharmaceuticals pay money to the Media, the CDC Foundation, and select celebrities, for them to SCARE people into getting vaccinated and boostered.

From a business viewpoint, Covid-19 is a huge revenue generator that comes with virtually zero expenses and overhead. Everything is supplied by the government (taxpayers).

posted on Dec, 4 2021 @ 11:59 AM
a reply to: Waterglass

In South Africa, 16,366 new cases and 110 hospitalizations were reported. No changes are being observed in any of the other trends, i.e., no deaths are yet being reported from the new one, mild illness for the majority of the symptomatic, and the unvaccinated still make up the majority of the relatively small number of hospitalizations.

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