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TTS2020 Snow Capped. ---non.writer

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posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 01:29 PM

'Tis the Season

Smoke billowed up from the carved brier billiard style pipe; The match then shook to extinguish it. Old eyes; Looking up over the frames of shiny metal glasses, that reflected the fire place in expectation. "What's that, You say?"

"I said; I am not in the mood this year." A log from the fireplace popped suddenly, startling the both of them. "Not in the mood ...are you sure?" A foot tapped steadily, "Yes Sir, I've had it with all the rush and hub bub; I'd like a quiet year for once." sternly, he looked at his child "Well Son, you know once you quit? That's it... The end. Kaput, No returning." The tapping paused "No returning?" A long draw and exhale of smoke "Indeed Boy, our contract will be over." forever.

The tapping started again, "Contract over ...Just like that? No good byes or anything?" Removing his pipe and clearing his throat. "YES! AND NOT A SINGLE ONE!" The tapping stopped again. "Sir, The Mrs. might hear us..." Turning in his chair and lighting his pipe again "Indeed, it just isn't proper to just up and quit without thinking it through, what has been gained in your employ will be lost." Foot steps were heard from down the hallway, heading into the den. "I'm sure sir!" and with that ...The tapping increased into a rush and whoosh! Right up the chimney he went.

"Honey, were you talking to someone?" The mirror, being adjusted back to it's normal position "Yes love." Entering fully into the den "You and that scrying mirror, looking is one thing; But talking to it? Another." She sat down and picked up her needle point. He chuckled "Talking to it? Oh. That reminds me; I need to search it for a new employ." She looked over at him, pulling a thread up; Smiling "Then do it."

Outside; Some miles away, in the last moonlight of dawn, for the first time in ages ...His hooves touched the snow, off into the woods; He dashed. Almost dancing, frolicking about like a fawn... Free.

A shot rang out...
"Dad! Dad! I think, I got one!


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posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 03:06 PM
a reply to: Crowfoot

Nice read, and good ending.
Got him somewhere between two points, eh ?

posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 03:14 PM
I liked it and certainly wasn't expecting the ending.

Thanks for your submission and good luck in the contest!

posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 03:34 PM
Aww,'s like Bambi all over again !
Good play on the 2 seasons .

posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 04:14 PM
a reply to: AccessDenied

posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 04:16 PM

originally posted by: Crowfoot
a reply to: AccessDenied


posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 04:22 PM
a reply to: JohnnyAnonymous

My hindsight was being too good today; I accidentally put 20/20 instead of 2022 in the title

posted on Dec, 2 2021 @ 04:24 PM
a reply to: AccessDenied

That's the scrying mirror view waddya think?

posted on Dec, 3 2021 @ 01:16 AM

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