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A Cardiology whistleblower found results to a report show a increase of issues following Vax.

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posted on Nov, 26 2021 @ 10:58 AM
a reply to: Archivalist

Its not responsible science its irresponsible science 100% vaccination is not even based on any data. They never did vax 100% with the flu nor polio.

posted on Nov, 26 2021 @ 12:39 PM

originally posted by: HawkEyi
a reply to: TrollMagnet

vax side effects for a long time now. Its a horrible argument if you are trying to get people to get the shot.

Reason is simple. mRNAs have never being tested on a massive scale as we are witnessing now. I dont recall other vaxs causing heart inflammations.

why should anyone get the vax?

Many had taken it because they would lose their job. I dont remember with the flu shots being the same.

You know what season we are in now right? the flu season.

You should reread my argument. mRNA literally behaves as a pathogen to create the spike protein.

posted on Nov, 26 2021 @ 02:03 PM

originally posted by: anonentity
a reply to: visitedbythem

I saw this and I think he is on the ball, he says that Two billion people will die quickly and that this is Armageddon. He quotes the prophecy of Fatima's scary stuff. No wonder they want everybody jabbed quickly. Things are going downhill and it does seem to be

Israel is freaking out right now about break through infections from a new variant. Its just vaccinated people getting sick.

That's the wonderful thing about natural immunity. I'm immune to all of the variants. Like Superman! These needle sheep think shots of Kryptonite is going to do the trick. LMAO!

posted on Nov, 27 2021 @ 10:26 AM
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posted on Nov, 28 2021 @ 12:41 PM
a reply to: musicismagic6 of my friends were doctors. They were the voice of reason when I told them in January that this virus will change the way we live forever. They were the sceptics, the conspiracy theorists, the naysayers, the corona deniers.

Every. single. one.

No wait, all but one. Head of a lung clinic. He just bought a #load of ventilators. Ahead of the game I guess.

I watched their minds disintegrate throughout these last two years. They behave just like every other person. No wait, they're actually significantly worse off in terms of not being able to escape the narrative.

There is one among them who I entertained conversation with ever since I awoke in March 2021 (Dang, it actually took me 15 months. Really?).

We weren't close at all before this, he was just a foaf (he'd be number 7 in the list). I only contacted him cause a friend needed a doc for opening his testing facility.
We still talk, but rarely reach agreements on anything. He only sees and hears what he wants to hear. Classic case of brainfeckage. I don't tell him though. I just use his remaining critical thinking (all focused on defending the narrative) to up my argumentative game.

These days are kinda past now though, cause he isn't challenging me anymore at all. I'm just observing his mind now. Obviously he must be thinking the same thing about me.

So on Friday I decided to ask him how many of his patients died off COVID in the past 2 years.
City is Hamburg, Germany, close to 2 million inhabitants, 5 millions with the surrounding metropolitan region.

He works in one of the major clinics here nuking cancer. Make no mistake though, he's surprisingly bright considering nuking stuff is the path he chose for himself after 7 years of studying medicine. Used to be anyway, part of him still is.

I asked him how many of his patients died off COVID. Not off his treatment, off their chemo or some other pharma cocktail or their cancer or whatever other underlying disease, but off COVID-19.

Here is his answer: Zero.

He did not fail to mention that 20 patients have however died off COVID-19 in the main oncology unit throughout these past 20 months though (or so he heard, those weren't his patients). He went on to proclaim a sensation of surprise over why I wouldn't question those 20 deaths being caused by COVID lol.

You have to understand that medical doctors are not scientists. Every approach diagnostic and therapeutic approach is based on the achievements of the natural sciences, but the scientific method can not really be applied when treating patients. Hence, while it may help, critical thinking isn't a cornerstone of being a good doctor.

What I'm saying is: You are barking at the wrong tree.
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posted on Nov, 30 2021 @ 07:22 AM
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