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Archangel Muriel

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posted on Nov, 17 2021 @ 05:24 AM
I have been through the forum list and think this is the best placed for this post. Wont be the first time I will have got this wrong, so please move mods if it is. Thank you.
So to my thread....
I put my hands up! Until the beginning of this year whilst teaching Module 1 of my Chakra Trilogy – A Year of Transformation, I had never heard of Archangel Muriel (Dominions) or clairaliance (connecting to energies through the sense of smell, to put it simply).
I remember posting about her at the time over on my social media page, and saying how had I, as a Clinical Aromatherapist, never heard of her or clairaliance, ever! What a disgrace 😊
Well, last night I was teaching the same module to my current students on this course and in came Muriel again via another student. None of my current students had ever heard of her or clairaliance either. Interestingly and very poignantly, the student she ‘came through’ for is currently trying to decide on a change of career but doesn’t know whether to work with young children or animals. (Listen to the short video below).
I hereby declare Archangel Muriel the ‘Patron Saint’ of Aromatherapists!

Anyone else here heard of Archangel Muriel or clairaliance?


posted on Nov, 17 2021 @ 05:34 AM
Many have waited patiently, perhaps this is one such.

Or ... could always be a computer game, Lol

DO a general search on a search engine, there are many hits for the Angel of Peace.


posted on Nov, 17 2021 @ 05:35 AM
a reply to: angelchemuel

Very cool, I thought I smelled flowers recently while in bed, but see, smell and hear things all the time

Every night I hear eeeeee, and it's really loud, but It must be psychosomatic because if I concentrate on something else it goes away, Untill I remember it again then it comes back, if 8 concentrate on the eeeeee it gets louder and uncomfortable, Untill I switch my focus

Thanks for the OP, I will experiment with this

posted on Nov, 17 2021 @ 05:44 AM
a reply to: DAVG1980
I have tinnitus in both ears, have had for 10 years now

I hope your intermittent eeeeeeeeee doesn't turn into tinnitus.

posted on Nov, 17 2021 @ 05:45 AM
a reply to: pheonix358
Until they develop a 'scratch and sniff' computer game, I think it's a non-starter

Yes, there are many links. Curious to see if anyone else has 'experienced' her or clairaliance.

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posted on Nov, 17 2021 @ 05:49 AM
I have never heard of her, but she's smelly.

I read once that smell is the only sense that does not get filtered trough the talamus(consciousness) , and goes directly to the hypocampus and amygdala(emotions/memories).

While fact checking myself I just learned that it is also the only sense active while asleep.

Keep up the good work

posted on Nov, 17 2021 @ 06:08 AM
a reply to: angelchemuel

You're a Clinical Aromatherapist who teaches the channeling of spirits?

posted on Nov, 17 2021 @ 06:52 AM
a reply to: angelchemuel

There are SEVEN archangels whom serve God Directly, there are at least three Choirs of Angels and many more angels beyond them, many of them are extremely powerful.

But Muriel, sorry never heard of her though it is a very common name throughout British history for lady's of all rank's.

Archangel Michael (Who is like God)
Archangel Gabriel. (Strength of God)
Archangel Raphael. (Healing of God, he is said to have healed the EARTH from the sins of the fallen Angels)
Archangel Uriel. (Flame of the Lord or LIGHT OF GOD)
Archangel Sealtiel. (Selaphiel in Orthodoxy) - (prayer of God but also known as Raguel which means Friend of God)
Archangel Jehudiel. (Laudation of God or also God of the Jews) - (Mercy of God, Compassion of God and known as Remiel, Jerahmeel or Jeremiel)
Archangel Barachiel. (Lightning of God) - (also called Zerachiel, Saraqael, Baruchel or Sariel)

These are the Seven Angels whom were in the THIRD LOWEST Choir whom were willing to lay down there very existence to protect the throne of God against Satan and his followers, they overcame Satan and MICHAEL struck a fatal blow to one of Satan's seven head's casting him down into the earth since the battle took place over our world though it spread to many others as well, a third of the stars of heaven followed the Devil, two thirds stood against him with God.

There may be other Archangels in service to God but these are the Seven we know of in Christian Tradition, Barachiel has 496000 other angels serving him and is a Prince among the Angels, there names are blessed especially in reference to God most high whom they represent, in Tradition after defeating the Devil and casting him down they were taken into the Throne of God by God himself and made Sinless.

Remember we do NOT pray to the Angels though we may like with the Virgin Mary ask them to Intercede for us, in fact that is the very word used in anger against the fallen Watchers whom asked Enoch to Intercede for them with God that it was THEY whom had been meant to be interceding with God on behalf of Mankind and not the other way around.

Though Enoch became an angelic being himself by the Will of God and became the Metatron and records all human history, even our darkest act's both physical and spiritual.

posted on Nov, 17 2021 @ 07:53 AM
a reply to: angelchemuel

You do realize that many Jews and Christians see Muriel as Abaddon, and that Angels have no gender, although they are referred to as such, most are seen as male even Muriel in older texts. Also Muriel is thought to be the angel of destruction. Plus most of descriptions and reference to Muriel are in Gnostic and New Age teachings. Not traditional Jewish or Christian teachings.

Here is one site that is more descriptive of Muriel, although a source that i wouldn't necessarily rely on for Christian teaching. Most others that Talk about Muriel are of a new age nature and I'm not a big fan of that kinda stuff.

in Revelation 9:11, it is said, “the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon ( Abbaton), but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon and in the Vulgate by the Latin Exterminans (Destroyer). We are told he is the king of the deep pit which is is the great gathering place of the dead, more commonly known as Sheol ie: hell or the abyss and the name given to the angel who with Maweth, i.e. ‘death,’ stands over the six angels of destruction, who aid God in the punishment of the wicked

In ancient Gnostic texts such as in the 3rd century Acts of Thomas, Abaddon is the name of a demon, or the devil himself. The two texts that explain his roles is a homily called “The Enthronement of Abbaton” by pseudo-Timothy of Alexandria, and the Apocalypse of Bartholomew.
In the homily by Timothy, Abbadon was first named Muriel, and had been given the task by God of collecting the earth that would be used in the creation of Adam. Upon completion of this task, the demon/angel was appointed as a guardian over the spiritual and corporeal realms which includes the angels, demons, and corporeal entities who greatly feared him.

Muriel (angel) Muriel, whose name is derived from the Greek myrrh, is a Domination or Dominion (one of the ‘Second Sphere’ Angels) in Western Christian Angelology. Muriel is the Angel of the Month of June, is associated with the astrological sign of cancer, and is invoked from the South.
Abaddon was promised that any who venerated him in life could be saved. Abaddon is also said to have a prominent role in the Last Judgement, as the one who will take the souls to the Valley of Josaphat. He is described in the Apocalypse of Bartholomew as being present in the Tomb of Jesus at the moment of his resurrection.

Apollyon Rising – Revelation 9:11 from the Bottomless Pit

None of the versions of the Bible that I've read does God or Jesus say to pray to a angel or in a angels name. Just pray to God In Jesus name.
So I would be very careful of who I call on in prayer, you might get more than you bargained for. The Devil will bone you every chance he gets.

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posted on Nov, 17 2021 @ 12:02 PM
a reply to: angelchemuel I hadn't heard of that angel either so thanks for the video I will be taking a look. I am a clairvoyant and work as such so I work through sight but I have had a few experiences with clairaliance although I don't commonly experience. Usually when there are large disasters I will "smell the scene" as I put it.

I have had a burns victim in my home over a couple of weeks who I only detected through smell especially around my toddler daughter. Never saw them once i think they were trying to avoid visually showing themselves as not to alarm me. The smell was horrendous burnt skin and hair. I have had spirits come through on several occasions with specific scents. One in particular barred a door from the other side that I couldn't push open for the life of me they smelled heavily of Trevor extra strong mints really strange but fascinating


posted on Nov, 17 2021 @ 12:57 PM
a reply to: Mysterychic88

Hi, mysterychic

Can you see different colours emitting from people,

Are there rare and common colours, I have heard this but don't know where

posted on Nov, 17 2021 @ 01:16 PM
a reply to: angelchemuel

Muriel? Is there a Doris?

posted on Nov, 17 2021 @ 10:29 PM
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posted on Nov, 18 2021 @ 03:02 AM
a reply to: angelchemuel

Until they develop a 'scratch and sniff' computer game, I think it's a non-starter

I heard that Jill Biden has signed up Joe Biden to be a beta tester for the scratch & sniff computer game as that's squarely in his wheelhouse.

She's hoping it will keep him away from pre-pubescent girls among other things. She's even called upon the Archangel Barachiel to intercede on her behalf as old Joe keeps slipping mentally and she knows he's going to lose control big time in public sooner or later.

Of course, he needs to find his computer first - but hope springs eternal.

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posted on Nov, 18 2021 @ 12:50 PM
a reply to: DAVG1980 Hi I can but only through practice it's not something which is second nature to me. I m sure there are rare colors I would imagine golden and indigo would be less common. Here is an exercise you can try to see people's auras yourself it is a really simple technique I teach some of my students.

Get yourself a willing participant to sit a few feet infront of you or focus on someone sitting still in the the room. Fix your eyes just off from them so your looking a couple of inches to the side of their frame. Keeping your eyes still but paying attention to the person's outline you will start to see white hazy outline form after a minute or two, with persistance and little more time watching you should start to notice another line of colour forming around the white outline.

Pay attention to what the colour is and if it has a particular emotion, scent or words associated with it. With lots of practice it becomes easier and people can train themselves to see more lines of colour enveloping one another.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on


posted on Nov, 18 2021 @ 01:52 PM
a reply to: angelchemuel

I'm sure you know Muriel was not an Archangel. The creature was an angel. The difference is crucial. That being is associated with scents and, particularly, myrrh.

posted on Nov, 18 2021 @ 02:54 PM
a reply to: Mysterychic88
Thanks Mystery Chic
I will give it a try

posted on Nov, 18 2021 @ 11:37 PM
a reply to: angelchemuel

Just sitting as phenomena come and go or beings arise and pass... all manner of tastes, smells, sights and sounds will and do occur.

Those jealous or aware of your sitting are not of course taking to the task... chasing good smells is like a fruit loops commercial or an extreme ancient literature calls such things a brahmavihara.

Looking closely it is avoidance or seeking the pleasant and running from what has to be faced and conquered.

Simply SIT like dead weight that's all accomplish that, those beings arising and passing smelling this way and that are hungry ghosts in the process of transmigration not on the path from or to seeking freedom.

One night after sitting four 12 hours over two decades ago... it was like being crushed under a mountainous weight teeth all gritting together with the resolve to sit there until a candle went out on it's own after hours of that bone shattering knees flying out at the joints across the room guts running all down to become more cushion it gave way like a snail ran over in the driveway finally free from it's shell less than five minutes later the candle went out.

What did I learn? That identifying with pain, real or imagined yours or some else's makes it worse not better. When I hear the word compassion that is exactly what I think of; it is a nonsense word like gobbledygook

Try not to fall into the guru for hire trap

posted on Dec, 4 2021 @ 05:54 PM
a reply to: angelchemuel

I get a pressure sensation in my left ear sometimes at night and when I swallow, drives me mad. GP referred me to an ENT specialist but the current NHS wait for an appointment is 53 weeks.

I have went private, missed my consultation due to covid but going to book another ASAP.

Not sure if it’s tinnitus but I do get popping and like a pulsing sensation, have you ever had that?

posted on Dec, 7 2021 @ 05:06 AM
Archangel: Meaning “chief of the angels.” The prefix “arch” means “chief” or “principal.” This definition, coupled with the fact that “archangel” in the Bible is used only in the singular, indicates that there is just one archangel. The Bible gives the name of the archangel, identifying him as Michael.​—Da 12:1; Jude 9; Re 12:7.

Inventing or imagining other Archangels (+ their names) is a bit of a Roman Catholic/Orthodox Church thing (along with a long list of saints), who don't get most of their teachings from the Bible, but from Pagan religious philosophy (usually from the Greek Pagan philosophers like Plato, who also taught that the soul is immortal, immaterial and invisible, another teaching that directly contradicts what the Bible has to say about the soul; literal hellfire and torture in hell, i.e. the experience of pain, is another doctrine that contradicts what the Bible says about the condition of the dead, see for example Eccl. 9:5*).

*: Does the Bible indicate whether the dead experience pain?

Eccl. 9:5, 10: “The living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all . . . All that your hand finds to do, do with your very power, for there is no work nor devising nor knowledge nor wisdom in Sheol,* the place to which you are going.” (If they are conscious of nothing, they obviously feel no pain.) (*“Sheol,” AS, RS, NE, JB; “the grave,” KJ, Kx; “hell,” Dy; “the world of the dead,” TEV.)

Ps. 146:4: “His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground; in that day his thoughts* do perish.” (*“Thoughts,” KJ, 145:4 in Dy; “schemes,” JB; “plans,” RS, TEV.)

Does the Bible indicate that the soul survives the death of the body?

Ezek. 18:4: “The soul* that is sinning—it itself will die.” (*“Soul,” KJ, Dy, RS, NE, Kx; “the man,” JB; “the person,” TEV.)

“The concept of ‘soul,’ meaning a purely spiritual, immaterial reality, separate from the ‘body,’ . . . does not exist in the Bible.”—La Parole de Dieu(Paris, 1960), Georges Auzou, professor of Sacred Scripture, Rouen Seminary, France, p. 128.

“Although the Hebrew word nefesh [in the Hebrew Scriptures] is frequently translated as ‘soul,’ it would be inaccurate to read into it a Greek meaning. Nefesh . . . is never conceived of as operating separately from the body. In the New Testament the Greek word psyche is often translated as ‘soul’ but again should not be readily understood to have the meaning the word had for the Greek philosophers. It usually means ‘life,’ or ‘vitality,’ or, at times, ‘the self.’”—The Encyclopedia Americana (1977), Vol. 25, p. 236.
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