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What is Happening In China? Mysterious blasts Struck China in 7 days,Injures People.

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posted on Nov, 16 2021 @ 07:43 PM
Chinese officials/MSM had remained silent on mysterious blasts that had happened in the last 7 days. Several people have died, and many more injured.

What is happening in China with these blasts? is there a connection to these blasts? or were these blasts all accidents?

One explosion occurred near a residential area.

Gravitas: Why is China not talking about the mysterious blasts?

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posted on Nov, 16 2021 @ 08:23 PM
a reply to: HawkEyi

China is such a big nation it could be anything.

I doubt it is a revolution as someone said on another thread though they do have homegrown terrorists and gangsters, it could be either of those or simply accidents, ever see the corners that Chinese builders cut and how there buildings fall down so often because of this.

posted on Nov, 16 2021 @ 08:34 PM
Already a thread on this , cant link it on my phone , but i snitched on another thread yesterday with this subject too.

posted on Nov, 16 2021 @ 08:52 PM

posted on Nov, 16 2021 @ 09:08 PM

originally posted by: TheGreazel
Here it is :

Thank you couldn't find it through the search for some reason.

posted on Nov, 16 2021 @ 09:42 PM
I have seen numerous theories as to the why behind these bombings…

One idea as to the reason for them I haven’t heard that crossed my mind…
This thought is that they have taken desperate measures and are killing or blowing up those inside of heavily Covid infected areas… Some of the multi family buildings in the blasts were subject to being forced to lockdown by state officials their dwellings openings taped from the outside to reveal any who dare leave… The threat of extreme punishment for those who would dare… I’m only willing to entertain his notion because of the worst wave of Covid they have faced until this point…

In reality though the scale locations are telling the planning behind the efforts rather substantial…
Superseding even that of known terrorist organizations…
It looks far more like a very well coordinated military operation removing pieces before the real game begins…
In other words the war against China has already begun…

Only because of the enormous population am I willing to entertain the possibility of citizens revolting…
I don’t believe it at all though the pieces don’t line up to form a picture for this puzzle…

The first of these explosions was around the 22nd of October I believe the last one I seen was on the 14th of This month the count best as I can tell from the various videos and angles of them stands at 17 separate Large scale bombings so far…
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posted on Nov, 16 2021 @ 10:47 PM
I doubt we will ever know the truth but in the mean time I'll rapid fire some ideas.

1. Terrorists attack either by uyghurs or protestors
2. They are trying alternate fuels for personal use
3. Clandestine action by some agency
4. Xi is killing rival politicians
5. Faulty construction or installation
6. My personal favorite a ATS poster mentioned a prophecy about a hole opening up in China releasing monsters

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