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Veteran's Day

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posted on Nov, 11 2021 @ 08:52 PM
Especially those back safe from the Middle East.

Thank you, Veterans.

posted on Nov, 11 2021 @ 10:03 PM
a reply to: CryHavoc

God Bless The USA
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posted on Nov, 11 2021 @ 11:25 PM
a reply to: CryHavoc

45 Veterans days since discharged. Napa Tracus Safeway Wayne Madden refused My Guaranteed Job back which violated Safeway Promise, Congress Law and the Vallejo Retail Clerks Union Military Withdrawal Card!

59 days in VA Hospital Ft Miley San Francisco over a broken leg just after discharged. Saw and Intern not a doctor. Leg set in plaster and would be released after 4 days as I broke the Tibia the big bone. 4 days later we find out that the xray through plaster showed misalignment. Now the plaster cast must be removed and leg rebroken and reset. When the cast was removed we found out I had a bruise. A real bad one that had a blood blister on the top of my left foot. This had rotted and was black and infected because the intern never saw it and wrapped the cast too tight for the skin to breath let alone clear.

I don't want to bore you with debriding process which took 54 days, you can google that, however, my brothers who have been wounded would understand. The hole from the top of my foot was almost through and through but not quite I was lucky I was not sent home to find out 4 weeks later at cast renewal time. One could ponder the loss of that vital part of me, and walking.... 55th day we talked about skin grafting. I wanted to talk about walking.... Nobody at Ft. Miley could answer any of my serious questions. 80% chance of taking that is all Intern could suggest. On the 59th day I had I was woken by the ward charge nurse at 00:00hrs. Warned not to sue the VA as one day I might need them and if I did that need I may not wake up from. I promise that last line did in fact happened. Mid 59th day Intern visit apologized for his lacking in Internship to handle my situation like a Doctor. I was satisfied that Intern was Man enough to admit his shortcomings (Not his fault, VA as this was 1976 we had surrendered VN in '75 the government started clawing back benefits making the GI bill an impossibility except for those who could afford their education) and said I could have a new plaster cast with a window to keep wound dressing fresh.

Do the math, I am no longer eligible for Unemployment, my G.I. bill cancelled due the lack of attendance now I have two problems rent and bills, and as the government claw back which was changed after serving 6 years, they want their money back for course work not finished. Thus for many people would never be allowed to finished school unless somehow money came from heaven or crap tables in Reno. I lived in Piedmont side of Oakland California. An all time low hit me. I had for 9 more months a cast from my left Testical to my left big toe. Unemployment office unhelpful and decline my claim due to the lack of being able to work. Long story short I did illegal things as I learned skills in army. I collected cash from vending machines in Oakland.... LOL change was heavy and highly sought after in these areas. I carried weapons. That and selling weed to army buddies at the Presidio and limping to school. I got by. Follow the Airborne Rangers lead the way!

I received a great start by Lorillard Kent ciggies. I did this job in all of the places in San Francisco as we were a Woman company and these were places Lorillard would not send a female. Yep high crime areas of San Francisco. In that time I had a Colt .45 Peacemaker put at my head, the story owner who did not speak much english had shown by making change to the wrong person how much he forgot to go to the bank for 3 days. As a Manufacturer rep I carried a company wallet as we handed cash under the table for displaying our promoted brand that would be taken down after I left. I had over two thousand dollars on me and my car had another two thousand dollars worth of Newport Cigs. The till yield around $1000.

I witnessed a knife when opening my trunk on 3rd street. In those days a rep that loss inventory its assumed he is coked out. Not a good story. Army taught me well, I took knife away saved my truck received a lecture from Dan my regional Manager about placing myself in harms way. To me the lost of wallet and / or boot load of tobacco and / or a full sized leased car by Lorillard was harm's way with their perception and hate to say by proven true reps steal for coke.

Newports was 38 and when leaving my territory it was 10! Job well done promoting a brand in that area was down to marketing which is why we Reps were out there in the first place.

I was too white, too straight (SF was changing and promoting those who were not) and a male. You see whilst serving 6 years and I have a very honourable record. Decorated Promise this is true for saving two lives putting mine at risk. Drove for General Mullins 6th Region Aradcom (Western 7 States Air Defense responsible for) pulled out of ranks because of training prior service and of course decoration helped! The people my level would interview with were the draft dodgers the university burners of just plain VN protesters, they now are in management. I checked no boxes for a new job and in fact you could see their twisted face when it came to my service on my CV. You cannot hide 6 year nor was there a space for a draft no of 87 which was bound to be drafted.....

In 1984 I did the best thing I could have done and was very angry about this for 27 years. I left California and those racist sexest and anti military, New Englanders. LOL all these people loved California during the University years and hated snow so they moved thus the Bay Area had a glut of over qualified educated people. What chance did I have with a small degree?

Oddly enough had the unemployment office accepted that I was a touch typist as Justin High School in Napa taught us typing in Freshman, Sophomore and Junior years. I could have been a typist rather than hustled with that cast. I did put those skills in 85 in Devon England. I did very well. Got into the ground level of KVM by Cybex in Huntsville Al. They were only 8 people and 5 were dreamers. I receive no special favors as a veteran or an American trying to make a living in England. Gave no tools only wholesale prices. My client list when I retired in 2005 is impressive. I afforded my ex wife of a house she just sold in 7 days for a Mil purchase when 80,000 seemed like a mil. I walked away with less than I had when leaving the US Army but I had pride. My ex survived 7 cancer opes and surprised and glad she is still alive to this day.

I am one of the Lucky Veterans.

I did illegal things to get my education. I was not homeless as many of my brothers were on the streets. I found a country that did not show the same prejudices my country the one I fought for..... I excelled as my fellow Rangers would say of course we were Red Eye Gunners the first 2 - 5 man teams now Stingers.

I would like to change the name of Veterans day to a new name.


Look the Vietnamese received better support than veterans I can attest to this as fact. They are our friends.
I won't talk about Iraq but rather our second and worse surrender, the Afghanistan war! Leaving US Marines 13 of them in harm's way and the Potus kept watch in wrist watch as seen by the parents of the murdered soldiers (sorry, Marines I trained with them in advanced training.) who were shocked by the Potus actions 5 times he checked his wrist watch. Then in conversations with parents wanted to talk about his loss of his son... not theirs....

posted on Nov, 11 2021 @ 11:43 PM
a reply to: IceHappy


Now the taliban leaders are wanting foreign aid money. Again same story they will benefit more than our heroes who served. I cry at the fact we have limbless vets suffering and committing suicide on record numbers.

So I like to summit to the American people to rename Veterans day to the "Why" Day!

As a Vietnam Vets against the war member who marched 4 times illegally as our unit was refused by San Francisco our parade permit. We proudly marched with police around us on the sidewalks. Our mission was to educate the young which like us once were brainwashed Men not women owed their country. Talk about sexism, wow.........

Now to my great sadness I have loss brothers in both new wars. Survivors who will forever need medical attention.
Now there are two new units

Iraqi Vets against the war


Afghans Vets against the war....

Yesterday was Why Day!

I clearly do not understand at 70 I am confused. Solid mind but confused to why since these three countries are our friends why we have so many victims on both sides. Why America turned her back on US who did our duty. I know today there is no draftees and that I don't understand....

Looking at Fox news Rome is burning again....

WTF were our lives interrupted.... for what....

Have a better day readers I will get out of this depression.... I hit it for a week during this so called holiday as I reflect on those who were worse off, wounded, limbs lost, marriages broken. Jody got my girl what about you?

BTW I have a wonderful Lady well educated and hmmm a CEO. We talk in general terms as I don't want her in this part of my brain. LOL 61 years to met my healer as we are both Empaths and she feels me. One cannot talk about horrors to a partner who did not live through the years of Universities burning by anti war protesters as these are all negative talk, I learned this by many failed relationships and 27 year marriage. Educated women do not like anger issues... I am still healing, I am not collecting Social Security which is a big check for many of us as I no longer wish ties with a country with this track record nor its people who turned around... Please do not say, "Thank you for your service". Too late hollow words after demonstrating the opposite.

posted on Nov, 12 2021 @ 03:21 AM

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posted on Nov, 12 2021 @ 08:37 AM

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