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Strange thing I have seen

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posted on Nov, 10 2021 @ 08:20 PM
Countless nights I`d walk down roads I`d never knew their name just to get my head out of the day to day reality. Always looking up but never saw anything.... Until one random night my brother and I sparked up a non-tobacco substance and witnessed a blue white orb come through the wall for a split second and disappeared. Made our heads ring as if an old school tube TV was just turned on but on mute.

Humans have there "UFOs" kept in classified places around the world but we share this planet with something else made of energy that is vastly superior to what we call technology. IMHO I think we humans are there "pets" for lack of a better analogy. Maybe "Padawan" is more appropriate for those that understand the word.

They`re here and they`re friendly but they wont save us.
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posted on Nov, 10 2021 @ 08:28 PM

originally posted by: KKLOCO
a reply to: DreadKnock

They weren’t mine. They were a buddies.

My first time using nvg’s so I thought they were great. But I’m no expert.

I just text him to see which ones they were. I’ll edit this post once he responds.

ETA: Here you go:

Gen 3 mil spec

I have a ATN Binox …. but an older version…not the newest 4K.

As far as seeing anything….using this item….not yet. Perhaps it’s my cynical sarcastic vibes.

Not liking the Digital Zoom to much….a bit on the jittery side. Could have been improved with newer versions.



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posted on Nov, 10 2021 @ 09:43 PM
a reply to: DAVID64

I absolutely believe you, mine was kind of like that but in the day, maybe around 3pm. My cousin and I were outside playing (that's what we did back then) the year was probably around 97/98. We saw this big bright shining elongated ball looking thing just hanging in the sky. We stood there and stared for a couple of minutes as it hung motionless in the blue north Carolina summer sky. We then ran jn the house. We never really talked much about it afterwards, I was about 9 or 10 years old, I haven't seen him in decades and would love to see if he remembers the event.

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