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Charlotte Gop / Charlotte G.O.P - The Lion-Woman and mirrored lines of probability

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posted on Nov, 7 2021 @ 08:47 PM
This is the 5th different version (drafts) of this post that I have written. The others are far, far more detailed, regarding the lines of probability, precipitation of events and correlation of other events and phenomena

I am only posting the very basics of this dream publicly because the woman (Lioness) in the dream asked me to

I may/might post other parts of it (from the other versions of this post) in future, if they turn out to be relevant


I was having a dream involving Lions

I was trying to go to sleep in a womans loungeroom and a Lioness was trying to open the screen door to her apartment

She had a pet cat inside and I was concerned about the Lioness eating it if she got inside

She wasn't being aggressive. Merely curious. Inquisitive. But I did not want her in the apartment regardless

I shut the wooden door, just as she was able to pull the screen door open with her paw

She pushed against the wooden door trying to open it. I had to lean all my weight against the door to stop her getting in

The locks on the door were broken

All except for one small latch

I latched it shut and it seemed to hold pretty well. Though I wondered for how long, considering the weight pushing against the door

I put my foot against the bottom of the door. For a second, I could sense the Lioness sniffing my foot under the door from the other side

She seemed to have stopped pushing on the door. The cat inside the apartment had come over to the door to see what I was doing

There are other parts of this dream in between this, that seem like cyclical occurrence

This was the first "mirrored" part of the dream

It seems that the part of the dream I am describing here, and the second part I'll describe in a moment, are linked. Like layers of a cycle I was seeing very deliberately and clearly, specifically for writing this post

Not only are they specifically and clearly linked to what I'm writing about in this post, they are directly linked with me actually writing this post

I've found recently, that the probability of this world has been so greatly reduced and focused, that it is/has become impossibly apparent and obvious. Sequenced in such a way that it is undeniable noticeable. To the point where you can correlate it both forwards and backwards in time

I have done experiments with control and influence of the lines of probability, in such a way as to test what I am experiencing, and the results are near undeniable

I will push against the lines of probability in my favour, and then sit there and watch as they push back against me, in opposition to me pushing

To the point where I can predict what is likely to happen, just before it happens to me

I will tell someone I am doing well at something

Then, in reply to this, I will watch the world throw something back at me to ruin whatever it was I said I was doing well at

To the point where I can see it coming just before it happens, and I recognise exactly what I said or did, to make it happen. BEFORE IT HAPPENS


The second part of the dream I am walking through the bush in what I believe is the Northern Territory of Australia, where I live. It is the wet season. The ground is freshly watered by rain and it is nice and overcast

I am on my way somewhere through a fenced clearing in the bush

I see a Lioness approaching. Again, not aggressive. Just playful, curious and inquisitive

There is a young baby, no more than a year old, sitting on the ground near the fence. Her mother is a good 20-30 feet away

Almost a identical mirrored distance away to the Lioness, who runs quickly and unnervingly towards the baby, to investigate what it is

I quickly run towards the baby, worried the Lioness may/might hurt her

But as I do, the baby turns into a Lion cub

A mirror, within the mirror

This experience with the Lioness, and the other experience in the dream earlier, perfectly mirror each other

"Staying at someones house, Lioness at the door
Walking on my way somewhere along a fence. Lioness roaming the clearing"

"The Lioness approaching the baby to make me worried
A cat approaching me after I latch the door closed, safe"

The mirroring and opposites work on levels, within levels. To the point of being impressive, when I sit there and analyse it. Or, if you are able to even see it

The woman and the Lioness, equal distance away either side from a baby, that turns into a cub when the Lioness approaches (but the woman does not). A woman who disappears, as the Lioness approaches

It is all perfectly mirrored

I believe this mirroring, has something to do with the final part of this dream, where I was given a message to post online. As if, mirroring the dream in such a way, was the only way that the Lioness could appear to me as a human woman, with startlingly real eyes, to give me a direct and literal message

One that wouldn't appear to me backwards, as dreams normally do, or otherwise encoded and/or obscured

I continue on to my destination and some more things happen I won't detail, that also directly mirror this second experience in the dream, to the first one

Not only do they mirror each other, they also correlate directly to me writing this post

Which is why I am not detailing it/them, within the post

Or within any of the other versions of this post I have written

These events, in mirror, also seem important to the message being conveyed

Or more specifically I think, being received

The post I am now writing, is directly integrated into both sides of the/these experience(s)

As well as the other posts I wrote, related to this

In the final part of this dream, just before I woke. I encountered a woman

A woman I believe was the Lioness from the other two mirrored parts of the dream, appearing as a human

A Lion-Woman with beautiful, striking eyes

She looked me in the eyes and gave me a very specific message to remember as I wake up

"Add this to your phone" she said, now directly referring to what would be me writing this post on my phone, after I woke up

"Charlotte Gop. Did you get that? Charlotte G.O.P"

I woke up for a second here

Something seemed to be making sure that I would retain the information in my conscious, waking memory

Like it woke me up very specifically after passing on this message, so that I would remember it

I assured them that I'll remember. Charlotte Gop / Charlotte G.O.P

Then I went back to sleep for a while

Until I woke to write this

I think Charlotte Gop / Charlotte G.O.P, refers to something very particular that will take place in the near future. Or is relevant to something which has taken place already

The only reason I am posting this publicly, is because the woman seemed very specific in making sure I remembered it, and asking that I "put it in my phone", as in, post it

So I'm posting it. As requested

I googled Charlotte GOP and, of course, all I seemed to find was articles about politics in Virginia

I am unsure why or how this is, or will be, relevant. At least, to me (directly)

So possibly, it is meant to be relevant to whoever I was asked to post this for

I guess I/we'll see soon. If indeed it is, even

posted on Nov, 7 2021 @ 09:46 PM
this is fascinating to me. have you ever had an experience like this before

posted on Nov, 7 2021 @ 10:30 PM
a reply to: Compendium

Charlotte county Florida flipped GOP

In dark corridors of power, they prowl
To scoff and scowl, cheek by jowl
Democracy in their keen, cruel sights
Seeking its demise by means most foul
Knife-long teeth, shred the truth, expose the blight
Will democracy survive the endless night?
There be lions!

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