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My personal interpretation of 'how reality works'.

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posted on Nov, 11 2021 @ 03:32 AM
I use little r's for both because my head gets a bit too big otherwise, but yeah that is the proper way,, to use both.. a reply to.

I loved this post all the way around you really elucidated many of my thoughts in a concrete and succinct manner- something which I only managed to do for myself in a few instances xD so it's nice to come across something so familiar and be able to recognize that.

This was one of my favorite bits, because I had thought of mentioning that, but, I didn't want to get into all of that at that moment xD

I dont think its so much that "everything is waves," more that that abstraction accurately described parts of the behavior of what is happening. In Reality, we have a process that starts with the Void, moves into a field of possibilities, then into a field of probabilies, then into material constructs.


I would, however, insist on the distinction of the Void as being the first step from something even less. It might seem strange but the Void has a definition of itself. The Void is nothing, but it itself is not nothing. It's the Void. So there's a phantom first step which is both the Void, and not the Void. This is the primordial darkness, and it's this phantom aspect that allows for the field of possibility to be born, or to arise within Void.

And of course, I'm glad you mentioned it and not me because I would have neglected to mention the rest of the paragraph.

I especially loved that you even mention the storied aspect and

Things like influencing which threads of Time coalesce into present Reality through conscious direction of both individual realities as well as egregores. Things like transcending material entropy. But, I suppose that is a different Story for a different Time 

 Character limit and all that.

For me, I've been engaged in working a way to transcend through metaphysical entropy, I haven't even thought of material. You should definitely make a thread for that soon.

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