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End of a Cycle

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posted on Nov, 3 2021 @ 06:56 AM

End of a Cycle

The only missing piece of the puzzle for me in “Earth Cycles” was the ”Why” of the 1500 (±500) year cycle. I’m not going to do an upgrade or links to my 100 000 year studies but will copy/paste some changes to the basic original and different threads about my continuous findings below. The reason for this thread is additional info that came to light

Found it in this video: “2023 - 2024 - Extremely Rare Outer Planet Astronomical Square”

This outer planet square was shown by John L Casey in his video “The Sun Dictates Climate Change Not Man - John Casey - Greater Orlando Tea Party” – He however looked at the double spike of the 11 year cycle as the definite signal in the start of things to come.

We are in an ice-age from around 2.15 million years ago which caused cooling where the polar caps grow in size and certain areas on Earth becomes uninhabitable as the climate change. Humans and animals did however survive during the previous cold periods (glaciations). Currently the cycles follow a ±100 000 year cooling with a ±10 000 – 13 000 year warming. Warming periods can last for double periods.

Earth’s Internal System:
Heat transfer
Atmospheric composition
Sea levels & Ocean currents
Land mass positions
Volcanic eruptions & Impacts
Earthquakes & Plate tectonics

Heat transfer:
“Thermal radiation is a direct result of the random movements of atoms and molecules in matter. Since these atoms and molecules are composed of charged particles (protons and electrons), their movement results in the emission of electromagnetic radiation, which carries energy/heat away from a surface.”
In the atmosphere we get the transfer of heat/energy by means of photons in electromagnetic waves. This energy/heat emitted through matter or without the presence thereof, like in a vacuum of space it will also propagate towards balancing its surrounding environment. When an object is at a different temperature from another body or its surroundings, heat flows so that the body and the surroundings reach the same temperature, at which point they are in thermal equilibrium.

Ice/Albedo: (Snow can reflects up to 85-90% of radiation)
Ice sheets increase Earth's reflectivity and thus reduce the absorption of solar radiation (heat). This in turn could contribute to either side if a balancing point is reach for expanding or declining. The angle of the sun plays the biggest role in the Albedo as the energy coming from a low sun angle is not as strong as a 90° angle. In terms of visible colours, darker colours have a lower Albedo (absorb more heat) and lighter colours have a higher Albedo.

Atmospheric composition:

Due to the canopy effect at the equator we get this heat trapping of our atmosphere at the top of the Stratosphere (Ozone) which help keeping Earth’s temperature somewhat stable “ like inside a balloon”. Although at the poles we get the mixing of particles on the magnetic lines as the auroras prove the photons/electron interactions with its colourful displays.
The sun does not heat up the atmosphere (ozone layer excluded) but heat up the Earth at ground level which then transfers the heat by rising. All molecules will rise with heat and because CO2 is heavy molecules and accumulates close to the Earth surface it heats up quickly, rises and actually cool the Earth down by means of heat transfer.
Global warming predictions are based on a lab proven scientific experiment with the rising of heat in an insulated glass tube containing CO2 when radiated with UV radiation. I can however not find any glass tube to contain the CO2 when it rises in Earth’s atmosphere.
A warmer and cooler sun plays a significant role in the ballooning effect of the Earth’s atmospheric layers and therefore the atmospheric density (volume) will also change.

Our atmosphere in the Troposphere (the one we live in) is a mixture of nitrogen (78%), oxygen (21%), and ±1% other gases, where water-vapour is the single largest greenhouse gas (variations are between 36% and 66% for clear sky conditions and between 66% and 85% with clouds). The atmospheric density and ballooning effect has the most notable effect on sound waves (sonic booms that is of a higher volume), greater temperatures fluctuations in cooling and warming (direct sunlight and shade), more severe storms (wind, lightning and rain), etc. In periods when oxygen levels declined, the resulting drop in atmospheric density leads to increased surface radiation and evaporation.

The Tropospause (boundary) is the coldest area between the Troposphere and Stratosphere.

In the Stratosphere (where aeroplanes like to fly due to its stable conditions without turbulence) we find ozone a molecular oxygen at the top (O3) caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation scattering oxygen atoms (O2). This protects us from radiation which means the less oxygen, the less ozone can be made. This mixing/scattering of the oxygen atom, ozone and UV radiation causes the release of rapid heat, making the Stratosphere the only layer where temperatures go up, the higher we go. Earth atmosphere has very limited influences on the static Stratosphere. Other aerosols with limited and short-lived influences are sulphur dioxide (volcano eruptions rich in sulphur) which turns to sulphuric acid particles and halogens (bromine, iodine oxide etc.) which luckily break down quickly. Our magnetic field strength has a direct influence on the ozone layer and the holes at the Polar Regions.

The Mesosphere is the next layer with mostly external influences where Earth’s atmospheric make-up has no noteworthy effect we currently known of. This is due that the atmosphere are too thin to fly in and it’s too close to Earth for orbiting which make conducting experiments in this layer very difficult. It is part of our inner magnetic field where Solar and Cosmic radiation interaction with particles cause the Ionosphere (useful in bouncing radio signals) and Noctilucent clouds. Here we get energetically charged airglows and lightning discharges called Blue Jets, Spites and Elves that reach down to the clouds in the Troposphere.

All atmospheric layers do vary with the sun controlling its expansion/declination. This can be seen between day and night times and heard in the quality of the radio signals from the Ionosphere.
Atmospheric oscillation can be seen as a quick transfer/balancing of heat. If we get a record heat wave there will always be a balancing cool area at another place on Earth. Yes we see all the heat waves but very seldom the balancing cooling/freezing at other places on Earth.

posted on Nov, 3 2021 @ 06:56 AM
More clouds will bring localized cooling while the precipitation also increases. Therefore with more clouds winter regions will receive more snow and summer regions will receive more rain.
Clouds mean less solar radiation (less heat) and visa versa. Low altitude clouds have a net cooling effect as their "Whiteness/Albedo” is more important than their "blanket" effect. Clouds play a key role in the energy received on Earth’s surface and lower atmosphere. Small modifications to the radiation properties of clouds can have a significant amplification impact on our climate. That said; we still need to be proportional with our conclusions in insignificant percentages. Below are the findings done in two separate scientific studies with the proportional absorption rate of CO2. That is why life was still able to flourish during the Jurassic period when CO2 were around 2000ppm

Sea levels & Ocean currents:
Ice levels influence sea levels that directly affect ocean currents and its salinity which all contribute towards the water evaporation into the atmosphere. The more ice, the less rain Earth will receive. Sea-current changes due to the merger between North and South America are believed to be the tipping point towards the massif ice-sheet formations in the Northern hemisphere the last 2.15 million years.
Data on sea levels show a trend of rising in bursts but currently seems normal in Durban, South Africa for the past 3,000-4,000 years with an average of ± 2.7 ± 0.05 mm/yr. Extreme weather does cause damage that needs rehabilitation. Some continental plates around the world are most probably sinking or lifting where the measurements are going crazy.
While the melting of ice influence temperatures of sea currents the main player stays the ability of the current to transfer the heat. When a sea current is blocked or redirected big changes are the norm.

Southern and Northern hemispheres:
Due to the 68% of landmasses in the Northern hemisphere it absorbs more heat than the Southern hemisphere. The oceans and Antarctica play the leading role in the Southern hemisphere’s slow pace in heating up. With our oceans sizes there is a 150 year lag in statistics between ocean and land due to the difference in heat balancing of the air and ocean circulations.

Landmass positions:
Antarctica is not heading towards an ice free period as its dead centre on top of the South Pole and we know that the angle of the Sun is the most influential in climate cycles (Even Mercury got ice on its Northern Pole with the day side temperatures reaching 427 °C)
As long as the continent of Antarctica exists on top of the southern pole, our planet we will be repeatedly pulled back into glacial periods of our current ice age. Ice caps cannot maintain thickness over open oceans but can accumulate over a landmass in a polar position. No amount of warming in our current cyclic patterns can or will deplete the ice on Antarctica as long as it is above the South Pole - period.
Currently it covers an area of almost 14 million square kilometres and contains 26.5 million cubic kilometres of ice. The landmass portion of Antarctica is averaging at least 1.8 km (1.2 miles) thick that amounts to around 90% of the world's ice and 60+% of the world's fresh water. A study conducted in 2015 finds that although Antarctica is losing sea-ice the landmass portion is gaining ±75 billion tons annually and seems to be close to equilibrium with a small gain. (The study actually found it to be 80 billion tons, but a 2nd study found that 7% gets blown away by the strong Antarctic winds)
There must have been landmasses on a pole or both accumulating ice during “snowball” Ice-ages

Volcanic eruptions & Impacts:
Dependable on size and aerosols released volcanic eruptions & impacts can cause quick warming/cooling, severe destruction, famine and extinctions. Although it can be triggers that last for extensive periods their influence always seems short-term in relation to temperature spikes in data sets. In short – They can be seen as fast variations and cooling triggers but not long lasting glacial periods. But there is nobody alive to tell us what would happen because of a mega-burp or large hit, however at 640,000 years ago Yellowstone erupted and that didn’t seem to have any detectable effect on the glacial period following it.
On a personal level I do believe a large enough impact will fracture the Earth’s crust (lithosphere) causing lasting volcanic events that will destroy most of the evidence, especially if you are looking for a needle in a hay-stack with a drill. But all credit to the scientist in their relentless pursuit of facts.
Impacts however can cause “Flash Freezing” forming a vacuum pulling in cold space-temperatures behind them.
An interesting hypothetical article about the Younger Dryas event, the multiple impacts and its effects can be found “Here” (informative)

Earthquakes & Plate tectonics:
It has more to do with local destructions that could affect air, sea currents and river directions. However on a longer time scale it completely change the way Earth would look with the reshuffling of continents. Personally I have a problem with the speed of plate movement and it’s interaction with gravity, earthquakes and a 14km high mountain. Even with the internal heat and the correct Olivine (magnesium, iron and silicate mixture) strength we will need a rock or two to trigger mountains reaching that height. There must be more to India (the speed boat) and the Himalayas.

Humans are partly responsible for the abnormal temperature spike starting in 1968 due to the use of Phosphorus bombs causing atmospheric contamination of hygroscopic phosphorus pentoxidein during the Vietnam War (Rolling Thunder). Other influences are atmospheric bomb testing (atom bomb), cloud seeding (silver and lead iodide) and the build-up of a toxic ozone fog around cities. And the last but not the least is our waste and pollution of Earth on all levels. Because it does not show specific triggers in individual reports, we do not know the combined effects, which I believe are still going to bite us.
For the facts about the heat spike caused by Phosphorus; Darrel Whitford’s Global Warming Trigger Event pdf
Mainstream science is ignoring this.

Solar System and Beyond:
The Sun
Earth Orbital Cycles (Milankovitch Cycles)
Cosmic radiation
Magnetic field
Ad-hock events

posted on Nov, 3 2021 @ 06:57 AM
The Sun:
Our Sun is a variable star that control Earth’s climate. Nearly all the energy arriving on Earth, that is driving the various climatic events, originates from the Sun. It takes approximately eight minutes for solar radiation to reach the Earth after leaving the Sun’s surface.
Angular Momentum (AM) (the speed and rotation between objects in our solar system) determine our Solar System’s Barycentre (gravitational balancing point) and together with its fluctuating magnetic field strength and polarities, control most of the variations. The 11 year cycle of the Sun is proven by the Jupiter/Earth/Venus motion in the last 1,000 years of historical records on Earth. The 30-60 year cycle (cooling/warming) is linked to the Jupiter/Saturn motion. The 172/208 year Suess cycle (which is the same cycle) is linked to the Jovian planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The 172 year period called the “Jose cycle” comes to the foreground inside Grand Minimum periods when the Uranus/Neptune conjunction strength is strong enough, to cause perturbations in the Jupiter/Saturn cycle. The 208 year period called the “De Vries cycle” is outside Grand Minimum periods when the Uranus and Neptune conjunction do not have the strength to influence the leading Jupiter/Saturn (AM). Therefore we find the shift between 172 and 208 year in the Suess cycle.

The 400 year cycle is a standalone cycle between Jupiter and Saturn conjunctures. They pass each other roughly every 20 years but it’s on very few occasions when the two celestial objects have the same right ascension, same declination and are close to each other in the sky. For near perfect triple conjunctions — in which retrograde motion causes Jupiter to appear to pass Saturn on the sky three times in a zigzag fashion happens seldom. These events are called “transits” when Jupiter partially obscures Saturn or “occultations” when Jupiter completely covers Saturn.
The times in human history it peaked were in 7BC, (1563+1623), (2020 and will again in 2080), (2417 and 2477). We are entering the cooling period associated with this conjuncture.

The 1440 year cycle is 1500 ±500 years (no consensus on the cycle origin). This undeniable amplified cycle is also due in our current cooling (Bond et al., Science, 14 Nov 1997). This 1440 year cycle is not proven with angular momentum though, but unfortunately I personally do not fully agree with the ocean circulation theory and cosmic-radiation causing volcanism as its only cause. The cycle is however unmistakably evident. OK the change is the alignment (square) formed by the Jovian planets and its gravitational and magnetic push/pull causing the Earth’s crust to rip. The video does talk about the time difference but I do not believe it to be a problem because due to stress fractures a date could not be accurately chosen, a time frame/period, yes. Even La Palma can maybe blow its top before 2024 to become a Santorini.

Maybe it’s time we incorporate the electrical universe theory and look more at magnetic influences. I do not have a problem with comet-ice melting forming a tail, but when a comet is too far from the sun it can only be (Auroras) electrical discharges in plasma/magnetic-fields we see glowing. The first phase-matching between an electron and light wave that passes nearby has been detected in an experiment. The electron exchanges energy with a laser in a resonant manner – achieving the precise conditions of the Cherenkov Effect.

If the sun throws the tantrum we can only theorise about the CME’s and electrical discharges that could cause extensive damage to Earth. I think I saw one in the unedited 01/02 10 2011 comet that hits the sun and I’m still convinced that if the blowout was directed to Earth, we were in big trouble (KFC all around on the receiving side, but I do not see a week of warming. Yes, damage to the ozone layer will take longer to recover – maybe this is how a Star gets over aggressive – the harder someone pinch me the higher I jump)
The Neat comet that came around the Sun in December 2002 – March 2003 was a monster and nearly as big as the sun and caused the "Halloween Events" of October/November 2003 that were not reflected by the normal sunspot numbers and behaviour (cycles). (Maybe Planet X fooled everyone and came early, causing some changes/damage in our magnetic/plasma protection)

Earth Orbital Cycles (Milankovitch Cycles): (Are the main drivers for Earth’s climate second to the Sun)
The Milankovitch Cycles are well documented and proven in various data-sets. With the (AM) (gravitational pull) and positions of our solar system planets around the Sun, the orbit and degree of tilt will always change on Earth. At certain positions they combined their effects and are responsible for major changes to the earth's climate (even ice ages).
Precession - Earth’s wobble while spinning on its axis (20-26,000 years). This is mostly due to the Sun, our Moon and to a lesser extend Jupiter.
Obliquity - Earth’s degree of tilt in its axis while moving around the Sun (41,000 years)
Eccentricity - Earth’s circular to elliptical orbit change every (100,000 years with a larger 413,000 year cycle). Here the gravitational fields between the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn play the biggest part.

Cosmic radiation:
Cosmic rays are the high-energy particles coming from outside the solar system which are scattering the atmospheric particles and the dominant source of ionization in the troposphere. Cosmic radiation differs from solar radiation because it has sufficient energy to collide violently with the nuclei of other particles that make up the shielding that protect Earth (magnetic and atmospheric layers). This violent collisions cause nuclei to break-up into many different types of new particles, called secondary radiation. Cosmic density and the strength of the Sun will determine the Total Solar Irradiation (TSI) the Earth receives. A lower output of the Sun means less solar radiation and more cosmic radiation which is directly link to Volcano frequencies, plate tectonics movement, earthquake increases and severe storms. The increase in cosmic radiation is also linked to more cloud forming and the weakening of the Earths jet-streams. Multiple Volcano or massif eruptions will play a crucial role in the particles in the Stratosphere causing prolonged cooling and food shortages. Again the influence of the 1500 year cycle must be looked at.

posted on Nov, 3 2021 @ 06:57 AM
Magnetic field:
Charged particles when in motion can experience a magnetic force in the absence of an electric field. Magnetic fields have no beginning or end where plasma (inductive soup – photons and electrons) plays the leading role in its strength and continuation in the Universe.
We find our magnetic field lines through all of Earths atmospheric layers with different effects from the Plasmasphere, a donut-shaped region containing low-energy charged particles, Van-Allen belts, plasma tubes, frequency interference in the Ionosphere and electrical discharges between the particles of layers. Hi energetic (inductive) particles can run along Earth’s magnetic lines and bounce back at the poles. Here we know how the magnetosphere shrinks on the side facing the Sun due to its magnetic field strength.
Earth’s Magnetic field strength (magnetosphere) is our first line of defence (like a shield) against the radiation it receives and deflects. Through its polarity the Sun and solar storms (CME) will weaken or disturb our magnetic field that can even create holes. Southward-oriented magnetic field from the sun merges violently with Earth's northward field in a process called reconnection. Storms that normally might dump their energy only at the poles instead dump it into the radiation belts, ionosphere and upper atmosphere and create auroras down to the tropics.

Ad-hock events:
This is where all the bad boys fit in from close range Super-nova events; rouge Stars, Planet X’s and large Comet strikes that can make alterations to our Solar System and cycles. Sorry I nearly forgot planet 9/10 depending how you see Pluto. Together with all the space rocks it could possibly explain some of our longer (TSI) cycles, but our barycentre seems to following the 9 closest planets.

Most major disturbances of earth's biosphere can be attributed to the explosion shock waves of supernovas. The duration of supernova debris stream flowing past Earth growing in intensity till around the middle, can last many years. Heating spikes at the end of glaciations periods correlates well with supernova shock and debris streams. We see it, then get the shockwave, after which the cosmic debris (particles) start building up causing heat. When they eventually die down it will lead to a balancing cooling period as the solar system returns to normal
The debris stream of Nova WZ Sagittae started in the 1965 to 1970 time region and seems to be at least part if not the main reason of our current climate warming episode of the solar system heating up (not only Earth)
Supernova impacts and the timing of mega-fauna extinctions and civilization collapses (climate changes) in the past 50,000 years also correlates with the times when the shock, debris streams and cooling down have impacted earth
Super-Nova Info

Antarctica is controlling Earth’s climate since millions of years ago when it started migrating to the South Pole accumulating ice.

The proof is in the data-sets.

As does the spinning of Earth around the Sun controls our seasonal climate so does the planetary positions controls the Sun’s output. It is clear we follow the AM/TSI cycles for longer warming and cooling periods on Earth.

With plate tectonics and the landmasses always moving around, Earth will get colder with more ice accumulation on one or more landmasses in Polar Regions and visa versa.

The 100,000 year cycle’s illusion of dominance is in plate tectonics and the landmass distribution:
Around 34 million years ago Antarctica started to move closer to the South Pole and slowly started to accumulate ice. 1-0.6 million years ago is where the stronger 41,000 (Obliquity) cycle get overwhelmed by the weaker 100,000 (Eccentricity) cycle due to the accumulated ice. Yes and no, we’re in a continuous ice-age where the 20-26,000 (Precession) cycle is actually controlling the warming periods. It’s a dance between the 100,000, 41,000 and 20,000 year cycle where the position of the angle will determine the length of this heating period. The reverse will be true as the landmass Antarctica moves away from the South Pole in the far distant future. Therefore with no landmasses in Polar Regions that can accumulate ice the 20-26,000 (Precession) cycle will seem to overwhelm the 41,000 cycle. This can be seen in the data during the Jurassic Period. Earth was hot with no landmasses in Polar Regions to accumulate ice. Therefore any 41,000 cycle period can be seen as Earth’s balancing point (equilibrium) between our warming and cooling. If we see this illusion of the 100,000 year cycle we are busy freezing and with the 20,000 year cycle leading we are getting hot.

So what am I saying?
Earth’s climate is controlled by the Sun cycles, Earth’s movement, cosmic radiation and landmass positions (ice accumulation). In the motions of Earth the 41,000 year cycle is the most dominant one for our local climate, but it gets overridden in data-sets depending on landmass positions.

Therefore the longer Antarctica stays over the South Pole and the ice sheet above the balancing point the more severely glaciations will become. It could even possibly lead to another “Snowball Earth” especially if the Northern hemisphere landmasses start moving closer to the pole as they are already too close for comfort. If it wasn’t for the landmass positions Earth would have been hotter, which is not a bad thing, as we are below the comfortable average level and could easily trigger into a full blown glacial period.
Glacial periods inside Ice-age ages are brutal and dry where temperatures could drop as much as maybe 10-20°C in some places.

Yes, we need to melt some ice on Antarctica and let CO2 be as life flourished during the Jurassic Period when it was 2000 parts per million. Earth is busy cooling down, not heating up. Within 2-10 years politicians will forget “global warming” and start shouting “ice-age taxes” for mirrors to direct the sunlight to Antarctica. Then 50% of the money would disappear, 25% will be used to investigate why and the rest to get the actual mirrors up and running. Some political influenced scientists will lose their funding as well. (The truth to be taken with a pinch of salt)

Global warming

“CO2, sea levels, the continuous bombardment of warmest temperatures articles and future predictions are the favourites in the fear mongering used by “Global Warming” fraudsters to drive their agenda”
Twitter are purging followers while Facebook are labelling posts as "false" and have slapped-on crippling page restrictions if you are not on the politicized AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) agenda.

posted on Nov, 3 2021 @ 06:58 AM
See Global Warming exposed – My Gift to Climate Alarmists – by Tony Heller

Humans are estimated to contribute between 5-20% of the total CO2 in the atmosphere. Currently we reached the 400 (ppm) parts per million which is 0.04%. There are more than enough opinions and discussions about a 35+% (140ppm over 300 years) increased inside the 0.04% which is 0.014% in total, causing the current run-away temperatures and political motivated scientific fiasco. Carbon dioxide is also naturally exchanged between the atmosphere and life through the processes of photosynthesis and respiration.
With CO2 beginning to fall out of the bus, Methane CH4 is the next “doomsday” culprit made by micro-organism processes and mostly found in pockets both below ground and under the sea floors. In Earth’s atmosphere the present volume of Methane is 0.00017%. (That’s me and the cows included) CH4 has a lifespan of around 10 years before it breaks down in the atmosphere.
CFC’s seems to be in control.
Wow a brand new culprit in Dichloromethane ‎CH2Cl2. Watch this one gets blown out of proportion or maybe very quickly discredited. I really hope they can finalize what to blame for new taxes.
I‘ll be awaiting the next culprit when ‎CH2Cl2 also falls flat.

A Private opinion

I always stay clear of predictions but will stick my neck out this once. And every person can do with it what they want, but this is what I believe after 8+ years of studying Earth cycles. Earth has started with a new glaciations period around 2007.
I basically stop my research on cycles until the Covid19 lock-down. Due to lock-down boredom I put some work into my studies again and it seem to be that the Covid mutation called Covid19 were planted as a distraction (I do not say it’s not dangerous). The blaming, lies and contradiction about alternative and Pharma medicines are too obvious. So why and for what reasons do we have this political motivated smoke-screen science??? Just like the AGW fiasco.

Sun Spot Comparison - Oct 2021

This is what you will see on the internet. The start of solar cycles 24 and 25 looks normal - look again.
This is what Tony Heller is showing the world how the people with an agenda cherry-pick the starting date. By not showing a graph starting from 2008 no proper comparison could be seen. Also see how the inserted predictions (forecasts) help making it look more like a normal beginning in solar cycle 25. The average of cycles since record keeping is around 11 years but it vary between 9 – 14 years

The above was made with graphs from official web sites where I only removed the predictions before placing them in perspective

Cycle 24 was expected to be low in activity and can be compared to the Dalton minimum. However with the slow start of Sun-spot 25 it becomes obvious that we are heading to at least a mini ice-age (Maunder minimum).

Confirming this is the 400 year cycle with Jupiter and Saturn conjunctures when the two celestial objects have the same right ascension, same declination and close to each other in the sky. We are entering the cooling period associated with this conjuncture.

We will reach the end of the 20,000 – 26,000 year precession cycle that is responsible for our heating periods between glaciations which average around ±10,800 years. It did however last for double periods before. Currently I do not see our position as favourable to continue the heating phase with the 400 year cycle in play.

For those of you not familiar with the work of Prof. Valentina Zharkova the following Video is a must see

For me the final convincing came with the work of Dr. Roger Higgs The Sun & Global Temperatures
So here I go again:
“We can see our Sun getting warmer and colder in cycles but we cannot prove the changes on Earth, because the temperature fluctuations are too small in data sets to be of significance and therefore it gets dismiss as a contributing factor. It must be my fart.

According to Dr. Roger Higgs this is very easily done by NASA and the “Global warming movement”. Just never match or mention the 150 years the 70% oceans statistics on Earth lags those measured on land. Boom, there you have it!!! Now all of a sudden the statistics use by them fit in with the heating/cooling of the Sun. Check-mate CO2, but then again this must be fake news because if you put it on FaceBook, it will be taken down. Yip, anything against the agenda of the “Elites” must be false”. We are Zuckered sheep.

Like I said before:
Welcome to the “Elite” (Fauci) induced Covid19 virus with lockdown exercises, scientific infighting with lies and mayhem and censoring of the truth – time for survival mode. Everything is done by the Elite with their current depopulation agenda to better their own chance of survival.

Time to educate yourself about the New World Order and the why – The big lie is all about the coming of the cold and food shortages that was kept hidden from the people. Ice-ages (glaciations) and cooling periods are the cause of the most devastating extinctions throughout Earth’s history.

Remember – potatoes saved most of those who survived during the previous little ice-age. If you have no space, grow it in tyres – easy to research

Do yourself a favour, find and watch the “Little Ice Age, Big Chill (Climate Documentary” - 1hour 30 min)

Did you build your Walipini yet?

You can also read and research the work of Rolf A. F. Witzsche - The Coming Ice Age!

Good luck to all

The main personality trade of most members in the Elite are psychopathic. And psychopaths do not mind having paedophiles and murderers as friends. Maybe the Elite got some ideas from Plato, who knows

Interesting video: Plato All the Way down Solving Biblical Mysteries with Russell Gmirkin

Bye, back to off-grid, maybe see one or twice again if possible

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posted on Nov, 3 2021 @ 08:21 AM
The biggest awareness has a lot to do with the study of the oceans. If you go down to South America way up in the mountains there are remains of fish and shells. So how did they get there. Has anyone did some kind of testing on them to find out how old them shells are? That would give an idea also about the life cycle of oceans.

Another study of the Amazon should be of concern and why the population in that area just vanished? And when?

Mother Nature is like the wind and it changes without warning. That much we know is true about climate change.

posted on Nov, 3 2021 @ 11:57 AM
a reply to: ICycle2

Great info.

posted on Nov, 3 2021 @ 12:40 PM
a reply to: ICycle2

I remember when people here laughed at the prospect of an ice age being Ludacris. Mostly globull warming Tards.

Soon, they won't be laughing.
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posted on Nov, 3 2021 @ 12:52 PM
Very well Written and Researched.
a reply to: ICycle2

posted on Nov, 3 2021 @ 08:17 PM
thank you very much for your dedication, analysis, information and tips.

posted on Nov, 3 2021 @ 09:42 PM
Awesome detail here.

Musicismagic ; The miles high discovery of fossils of fish has a couple of possibilities. One is that the mountain was under the sea and was thrust up either at on time or gradually. Another possibility is that there was a tidal wave miles high that deposited the fish there.

I believe the mountain was thrust upwardly. Something is always going on like that.

posted on Nov, 3 2021 @ 11:27 PM
a reply to: ICycle2

Just wanted to say, spectacular post!
I'll need a few days to digest and contemplate.

posted on Nov, 4 2021 @ 09:16 AM

originally posted by: ICycle2

....Like I said before:
Welcome to the “Elite” (Fauci) induced Covid19 virus with lockdown exercises, scientific infighting with lies and mayhem and censoring of the truth – time for survival mode. Everything is done by the Elite with their current depopulation agenda to better their own chance of survival.

Time to educate yourself about the New World Order and the why – The big lie is all about the coming of the cold and food shortages that was kept hidden from the people. Ice-ages (glaciations) and cooling periods are the cause of the most devastating extinctions throughout Earth’s history.

Remember – potatoes saved most of those who survived during the previous little ice-age. If you have no space, grow it in tyres – easy to research

Do yourself a favour, find and watch the “Little Ice Age, Big Chill (Climate Documentary” - 1hour 30 min)

Did you build your Walipini yet?

You can also read and research the work of Rolf A. F. Witzsche - The Coming Ice Age!

Good luck to all

The main personality trade of most members in the Elite are psychopathic. And psychopaths do not mind having paedophiles and murderers as friends. Maybe the Elite got some ideas from Plato, who knows

Bye, back to off-grid, maybe see one or twice again if possible

Thank you so much for your due diligence in explaining climate change from a wholistic perspective - starting from our sun.

You have provided I believe the key to unlocking the mystery or conspiracy of the great reset. I did read through your entire post and will comb through the videos to enhance understanding. I work a lot through intuition and my intuition tells me that the real truth of climate change is, as you say, being covered up and it is global cooling that is imminent and not global warming.

The global response to the covid pandemic is not out of a concern for the health and wellbeing of our bountiful populations. Every facet of the response is connected to one object - climate change. The elite are sounding the alarm bell for climate change and overpopulation. The narrative is: if we all fall into line and obey each and every new directive and do not ask too many awkward questions, a crisis can be averted. What is actually happening though is that the titanic is sinking and there are only enough lifeboats for "them". I think the analogy of the Titanic is relevant as it was sunk by ice and yes, it was the elite passengers who survived due to their privileged status.

I wonder now whether the elite have actually secretly named their operation: "Operation Titanic".

How you have detailed the mechanism of climate change throughout the solar system but particularly on planet earth, with the very real likelihood of a forthcoming glacial age does not scare me. In fact it has calmed me down to my bones. All is clear as I see right through the masquerade and the "warp speed" global response.

Only thing is, I wish I knew how the pandemic was an "opportunity" for the elite. An opportunity for what exactly? But at least I know why the hurry. A lot of people on this very forum were aware of this unnatural warp speed action of social reform. "What's the hurry", many would say. "What do they know that we don't? Is an asteroid collision expected?" etc All sorts of probabilities even contemplating alien invasion. The suspicion was justified though.

Psychopaths have no empathy for the greater good. They consider themselves top of the food chain and smarter than the average bear.

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