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The Secrets of Language

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posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 01:51 PM
I would love to find out more about the development of language and the hidden codes within them.

I believe numbers were around long before words - maybe not verbally but in symbols - maths is universal, numeral codes are embedded in the atmosphere, even our DNA is coded.

The ancients would have used maths to work out everything they knew about our planet and stars, and they knew a great deal for civilisations with no known available technology. (The pyramids for example are great proof of this.)

Because of the ancient's love and understanding of numbers, I believe this is where numerology comes into play and why it is woven into language.
Who initially formed a written and spoken language though? And was the reason for speech designed to make communication simpler?

It is said by some that language could have been invented for evil purposes; before this maybe humans could communicate telepathically? (Possibly one of the many abilities we possess that are hidden from us today.)
If that was true, it would mean once upon a time humans were unable to lie. (Or, of course, brainwash.)

The vibration of sound is very powerful, soundwaves can kill cancerous cells, and just like everything in this universe you have positive and negative vibrations / positive and negative soundwaves (even positive and negative numbers.)
If a certain sound we speak came out at a negative frequency of vibration, then these vibrations would, in a way, come back to us because they would fill our immediate surroundings with low negative invisible vibrations.

Now imagine the power of a whole world filled with negative soundwave vibrations and the energy that would give off and the effect it would have on us humans. (Depression - to name one.)

This is where the idea of manifestation comes from, and 'positive talk.'
But the trouble is, even the words we believe to be positive, could potentially be a negative soundwave without us knowing...
So for example words containing certain 'negative' letters, like S.
(S is written like a symbol of the snake but it's worth noting some other words beginning with S... Like sound, sight, sun.) Are these too negative words without us knowing?

Also words we believe to be positive like LOVE can be a negative word spelt backwards EVOL.

Do you think there is more to the words that we speak and SPELL than we believe?
Is language a part of the PLAN to catch the souls in the NET? (PLANET)

I'm interested in everyone's opinion on this subject, and if you have anything to add to the hidden meanings behind words, numbers or symbology please share below.
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posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 02:01 PM
a reply to: reachingnirvana

It's more subtile than spoken language.
Empathy can do a lot.
It's not words, but communication.

It's not sound.
It's not math.
Math is a language you can express all you want with it, so obviously you can find it everywhere.

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 02:34 PM
a reply to: Peeple

Peeple, your avatar is awesome, mostly because I first thought she had her hand down his pants and that's why he has that "look" on his face. I can't unsee it.

As to the subject of the op, I 100% think you are right as our english language does form a net around our thoughts and I've come across many examples over the years. It is something I'd love to know more about. Not sure about other languages but would love to hear from native speakers of them if that is also the case.

The first I ever noticed as a kid was "invalid" for both someone ill and something not valid just pronounced differently. It is a subtle judgement. On the other hand, from my kid perspective as an avid reader, I was quite surprised to find that "p-neumonia" as read was not a different disease from the "neumonia" I heard people talk about.

A friend and I were talking about this the other day in context with equality for women. He had heard a radio show where a linguist was saying that language controls an implied status of women and would need to evolve along with the more conscious change such as law, attitude, opportunity in order to truly change inequality. The inequality lies in the language and is perpetuated with each generation regardless of surface level changes. I know many here feel women have true equality now, and I don't bring this up to kick off a hornets nest so please don't derail the thread, just that it is one of many examples of language harboring hidden streams of consciousness.

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 02:40 PM
With english having most of it's roots in latin and greek, we would likely see holdovers of concepts from those cultures. We know that in ancient rome not all humans had equal rights and both were warfaring and empire building. The key might be in learning those prior languages to see if their consciousness passed along with the languages.

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 02:46 PM
a reply to: igloo

The language is fine.
A lot of languages would work

It's how you use it that should be a concern.
For every you in an us.
Where you want to make sure: there's a difference.

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 02:52 PM

originally posted by: igloo
With english having most of it's roots in latin and greek, we would likely see holdovers of concepts from those cultures. We know that in ancient rome not all humans had equal rights and both were warfaring and empire building. The key might be in learning those prior languages to see if their consciousness passed along with the languages.

Well if you think it's worthwhile, go for it. I encourage you to imagine things. But be aware:
If you give it power it gets stronger.
Like the story with the wolves, that's a nice metaphor: which one do you feed.
And we really can't afford to # around, so
What do we get if we would know that?

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 02:55 PM
There’s this man called “Stan Tenen”, who has a very interesting take on language and it’s origine. Quite fascinating material overall. Worth a gander.

One of the most intriguing subjects he goes in to, is that the entire hebrew alphabet can be reduced down to one single shape, which is thin slice of a toroid, and viewed from different angles it represents all the letters of the hebrew alphabet.

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posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 02:58 PM
a reply to: Peeple
Haha, reminds me of one time my scottish parents went to germany, singing drunk in public the only german song they knew from childhood during the war and it was a nazi propaganda song but they didn't know what the lyrics meant. Awkward silence from their audience and one of their german in-laws had to explain. Good times!

Our languages is fine and no one is changing it except father time, it's just an interesting deep dive.

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 02:59 PM
TBH, I personally believe written and spoken language was developed bc we as a species lost telepathy.

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 03:03 PM
a reply to: reachingnirvana

Well early humans most likely ate magic mushrooms, this can give the ability to read subtle body language in a different, more precise way, so something like telepathy, then later on you get painted or carved images, i count them as early forms of language, there is meaning in them, so these pictures communicate something to the one that is looking at them.

Also when we look at south american symbols, you easily get the vibe that a picture is worth a thousand words, so in a way, it is more efficient to communicate with pictures compared to letters.

Also speaking,writing and reading is thinking, this is difficult to put in to words, but if you were to study a different language, you need to think like the people that speak it, you will never truly understand the language you are trying to learn if you do not think like them.

But yeah, many languages have been edited, all these little angles sanded away, lost in time, this has edited our ability to think properly. Many languages were more deep, had more meaning, had history behind them.

And so, yes we are being controlled by modern languages.

Lets all shed a silent tear for all the forgotten words.

Here is a little sample on the power of our voice. If you listen to this, your bones will start to echo, you will feel the vibrations of the past.

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posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 03:45 PM
I proffer that language is a byproduct of the kind of consciousness capable of complex abstractions. Humankind being the most obvious example. It's pure consciousness becoming material.

Theologians & Mystics both ponder the mysterious possibility or the origin stories relating to sound being the beginning of the current creation: MEST if you must. The thought alone "speaks" to many of us.

Speaking of consciousness (you know, that weightless, massless phenomena responsible for all the achievements of societal construct) kind of makes me wonder what kind of feeble mind, the hard-science materialist let's say, could imagine it to be happenstance.

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 04:16 PM
a reply to: The GUT

How much different can you imagine?
That's an issue I'm having: 'created in our image'.
I really think we have more in common with the animals around us than any alien intelligence.
So different a common language is hard to find because 'they' process a much larger data package than what words can do.
Brain storming

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 05:15 PM
The Japanese are mental midgets because of their language. They are still studying the Japanese alphabet well into high-school.

Try making sense of a Japanese movie plot, and you'll see how screwed up they are.

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 05:15 PM
a reply to: Peeple

While I wholeheartedly believe many of our animal friends have much more facility for communication than many imagine and we now know that some even demonstrate abilities that definitely break through the "abstraction" barrier, I also believe that in the material world we are special.

Of course our facility for abstract thought has not only its glories, but plenty of historicity as far as the depths we can sink using & abusing such awesome power. Maybe the animal kingdom is better off now that I think about it. Not culpable like we are anyways.

"Created in our image?" Pretty mind-blowing to contemplate. Regardless of ultimate veracity it--like the concept of the beginning of matter as sound--speaks to many. Or resonates.

So, to tackle your interesting thoughts then, I earlier proffered a partial theory about consciousness. The whole weightless, massless's not material. As such it confounds the hard scientist. Even more than gravity heh.

I think "consciousness" in the sense I'm talking about strongly suggests the other "creatures" I hinted at but "hid" for the moment by segueing into the animal kingdom. What some might call the spiritual world or others the astral plane etc. The other side of the veil. The wellspring from which Consciousness exists.

Maybe the "material" as we experience it was a project so-to-speak from the "immaterial" after all.

Nice chatting a bit with you today, Peeps, here & in your thread. I've noticed in the last year or two you have been growing yourself and seemed to have successfully worked through some things and are shining. It's admirable and an encouragement.
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posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 05:58 PM
a reply to: The GUT

Useless fact of the day.
One purpose religion had back in the day was to try and read in nature what their respective god*/s wanted.
Whatever they felt was a miracle. Birds are obviously popular.
I would love to hope we have evolved past that.
I always wanted to be an Oracle.
One can at least try sometimes for fun, right?
Reading in what you feel is the 'others voice'. Not actually hearing them, but it just is. Everything plays a role in the greatest theatre ever.
Wonder. To enjoy wonders. Not going totally bonkers about it.
I think people in general apply to much pressure.
In old Rome I imagine rituals were much more part of everyday.
Sacrifices, I know how horrible, but what's the thought behind it?
Making a sacrifice.
Giving something having a nice chat basically with the other. In at least the families who wanted to be someone.
I think it's nice.
Do I get from it everything I want? Of course not.
That doesn't make it evil.

And I'm not saying the old Romans knew more about the other than we think we do. Just to be clear.
But if it's a continuum how we interact with them in light of new possibilities should be a developing on going thing.
The Old Testament, interesting in parts it corresponds with archaeology.
New Testament a feaver dream.
Quran... let's just not even talk about it, in my opinion.
Religion seems to get more and more detached from logic in time.
Because the language is not understood today. Because we lack a whole cultural house-rules diversity.
In the old days you went through something that was a sign. You find it you look for the next.
I always find it funny when people say 'think like the ancients'. You can't.
What we marvel at now and call synchronicity was everyday normal. I think it's possible they went through an intense shift and with writing it's already a n-th process of abstraction.
Before that and while writing was mostly a gentlemans's game, not all humans might have actually thought with words.
I think if we actively seek the truth we could do better than them.
I like to think we've mastered language.
The whole culture around it, the seeking a connection is always worthwhile.
As a tool to explore the mind. Nobody has to call them god*/s. But a personal empathic relationship that translated itself into a nice story you tell yourself how to make sense of it all.
Constructive but for the 'empire'.
Groups can be a nice necessary thing to have for certain period of time, in certain aspects of 'dealing with reality'.
But monks don't usually mingle and party much. Occasionally sure. But they too come from the idea to seek god*/s work in the world.
Does anybody still do it in a not-totally-hyperbole fashion?

*chatbot Rambler 5 000*

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 06:47 PM
a reply to: reachingnirvana

Well, words have power. They can alter your beliefs if you agree to buy into the ideas they posit. Persuasive people use language as a means of "casting spells" over your thoughts. Some saying the terms "spelling" alludes to this!

There are many instances of powerful people amassing a following thru their gift of gab. Some with honorable intent (MLK, for example) and some with nefarious intent (Hitler or Jim Jones.)

Politicians in particular use language to "cast spells" on the public. Those impervious to their spells find themselves looking on at the susceptible folks with disbelief at their brainwashing. The believers in turn remain outraged that the 'others' are too idiotic to understand 'the truth' or just plain evil for not agreeing.

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 06:57 PM
a reply to: The GUT

Regardless of ultimate veracity it--like the concept of the beginning of matter as sound--speaks to many.

Brings me to the word "Universe"
"One Verse" (or statement.)

Brings new meaning to the idea of God speaking it into being, eh?

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 08:02 PM
a reply to: reachingnirvana

"S" is not negative, it is "Polarity"

"I am"

Becomes "Sam" when "I am" is used within the name, as possessive

"Sam" in Russian is "Myself"

With the "El" in Samuel, being "The" in Spanish, Samuel could be said to be "I am the" (I am thee)

But it more correctly, "I am your"

It is commonly said to mean: "God has heard” or “name of God”


I have been studying the root form(s) of languages and symbols for almost 10 years now

I'll warn you:

You are going down a very deep rabbit hole, that is literally going to rewire your brain and the way you think

It will physically hurt


I'll post the basics of the start of the numbers and what they mean in the next post

Any further help regarding these things, feel free to message me

I purposely reserve these things from public, because people shouldn't be opened to such understanding, unless they willingly seek it

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 08:09 PM
a reply to: reachingnirvana

I believe numbers were around long before words

I don't know about that. In Genesis, God tells Adam to name all the animals, not count them. I think we first spoke names, especially to express affection. I think most other complicated communications were done in sign language and dancing.

posted on Oct, 28 2021 @ 09:04 PM
a reply to: reachingnirvana

1, 2, 3

1 is shorthand for the radius of a circle. Arrow on top is the centre. Line on the bottom represents the outside of the circle. It represents the centre or nucleus. The "one"


2 is shorthand for the outside, opposing force of a circle. A golden ratio curve, opening up to a line representing its reversal point. This is literally "TO". The return, in reflection or opposition to self, or the "one"


3 is the meeting of 1, to the other, 2. Like two opposing forces finding a centre of balance in between them. Resonance. The symbol is literally a curve inwards, meeting a curve outwards


One, Two, Three = Un, To, The

The most famous depiction of this is the Om symbol

The semi-circle and dot on the top of the Om, represents the radius and nucleus of a circle. Exactly the same as the 1

The curve on the lower right, is the same as the number 2. Representing the outside forces reflecting or opposite to the nucleus one .The oculus

The lower left is literally the number 3

The Muslims draw this as a star (nucleus, 1) and crescent moon (oculus, 2) in balance with each other (3)

The Christians have a lopsided crossing

The Jews have two opposing force triangles, combining to make a balanced star. 1, 2, 3, yet again

They all represent the

Mind - 1
World - 2
Body - 3

Father, Son/Sun, Holy Spirit

It is all possessive when you break it down

The best translation for the numbers is "Un, To, The"

If you look at what these words mean, you will see how they apply in possessive sense to the numbers themselves, not only the symbols. But they also apply to things like physics

Un, is the one. The origin of something

To, is the secondary. One relative to another

The, is a definitive article, that is also defined as the article itself. Or more specifically. The point in between the two

I'll give you a hint on the rest of the numbers. But I won't give you the answers directly

It is important to see them develop on your own, if you want to truly understand them

If you look at 4, it appears to be defining the centre point of some type of crossing. With lines on one particular side of it highlighting a particular aspect of that centering. Why is it defining a centre of something?

If you look at the number 5, it appears to be defining the outside of a circle, relative to two lines defining the outside angle of that circle. Why is it defining the outside of something?

Another clue I will give you, is that the symbols 4 and 5, when combined are literally a pentagram

Take the top two lines off the top of the symbol for the number 5, and add them to the number 4. What do you get?

It completes a star/pentagram

If you then add the crescent circle around that star, what symbol do you have?

Why does 6 curve inwards to centre? What does it have in common with carbon? How do Saturn, Satan, Six, all relate in meaning?

Why does 9 curve outwards from centre?

Why did people traditionally draw a 7 with a line across the middle? What was it crossing? And why?

What is the symbol 8, relative to Oxygen? What would it be possessively?

There are very specific meanings for the possessive of numbers

They are all directly connect with physics, religion, everything

They don't just relate to them all. They bridge them all

I'll make it a little clearer still for you

If 1, 2 and 3, are symbols that give a sense of perspective from centre of self? Then what would 4 and 5 be? What is the next logical step outside of self?

What would 6 mean then? When it reverses to turn inwards upon itself/I?

When you understand what the possessive of the numbers are

You can then start working on what the symbols for the letters mean

These all relate to aspects of relationship between things. Aspects outside of the direct perspective of self, or another

"A" is the connection between two objects as they relate to each other. Which is why you have two lines, with a "bridge" between them

The lower case (unbalanced, or dominant) version of this, there is something, represented by a enclosed circle, with a defining line to one side of it. Meaning that it is something possessed in direct relationship to it's opposite

All versions of the letter "A", in all alphabets, represent the same thing. Try them

B is a binary. Two equal content enclosed circles, joined by a common line. But it is not polarised, or opposite in any way. They are two equal parts bound together

Lower case (unbalanced, or dominant) version of this, they are uneven parts, bound together

The lowercase binary "b" symbol, can literally be broken down in a 1 and 0, if you are so inclined

All the symbols work this way

You'll know when you are right, because they will work with everything you apply them to, that is relative to the symbol and it's meaning

The only letter symbols that can be applied to a form of "possessive tense" are the vowels (a, e, I, o, u)

These are usually only the lower case versions of the letters. Except for the letter "I", which works in reverse, because of the bridging of self

a, refers to the origin possessive. Usually the person writing

e, refers to the external possessive. Another. Or the person being written to

Once you understand the symbols and their meanings

You can start applying this understanding to how the words themselves are formed, relative to the accepted meanings of the words

"I", the centre of a sphere. Not in axis. Perfectly stable

Then look at "it". How does this relate? Think about the meaning of the word, compared to "I" and what the forming of the letters suggest

How does "it" differ to "I", and what does the letter "t" suggest?

Once you do this, you can start correcting translations in other languages. Without knowing how to speak or read those languages

Within things such as the Bible, you can take the accepted translations of words in Hebrew and Greek, and correct them to get a much closer translation of the words true meaning

But you won't need to

Once you understand the roots of the language and numbers, the texts are supplemental

It wires your brain in such a way to supersede the texts

You can then apply your understanding of the forming of symbols, to things like Cuneiform

You'll also start to understand things like Egyptian hieroglyphs

Then you'll start seeing correlations between what they are all teaching

It is a very, very deep rabbit hole, as I told you

Your brain will feel like it is going to explode, while you re-wire it to see these things. You need be prepared

Once you understand the meanings behind the symbols, you will start seeing "coding" in everything you do

You'll see hidden messages in everything you read, everywhere you go

It will overload your brain at first

When you understand the root meanings of parts of words, as they exist across many languages, not just one, you will start to see the phonetic dissonance across the spoken languages

So you'll start opening a phonetic variance across them. Which you'll see works (but is impossible to explain to most people)

You'll start looking at the words in their meanings. Forwards and backwards. Like with "Live" being "eviL" backwards

Then you will notice varying degrees of opposites in words you reverse

"See" becomes "eeS" (Eyes)

You'll understand that there is not just one opposite to any given word or understanding. There are degrees of opposite. "Possessive" degrees (to give you a hint, how they relate to numbers)
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