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Chicken and the Egg.

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posted on Oct, 26 2021 @ 02:42 PM
The proper posture in a Zendo...legs in a comfortable position under left arm pit imagine an egg under right arm pit imagine an egg hands left resting lightly on the right on top of each other smallest egg imaginable held between them(hair's breadth) ears aligned with shoulders nose aligned with navel.

All three arrive at the same time...


posted on Oct, 26 2021 @ 03:13 PM
The only intellectually legitimate answer to the age-old question is, "Yes." To both and in no particular order. 🤔🐓🥚😁

posted on Oct, 26 2021 @ 09:29 PM
One of the many awesome aspects of all of the WuWuFlu™ madness : has been my ability to remain incognito, due to a mask, while clucking at the eggs counters in supermarkets.

Tried it around some hens the other day, but they all knew it was me right-off the bat.

Who's smarter then : chickens, humans, or eggs ?

What was the question again ?

posted on Oct, 26 2021 @ 10:41 PM

originally posted by: Nothin

What was the question again ?

I feel ya'. But speaking of Chickens. If anyone has a legitimate bitch it's them:

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posted on Oct, 30 2021 @ 09:12 AM

originally posted by: Tempter
Ugh, the "chicken and the egg" paradox was actually SOLVED way back in the mid-20th, after the discovery of DNA.


The REASON IS: Since DNA does not change throughout the lifespan of an animal, whatever gave birth to the first chicken (in the egg) WAS NOT a chicken.

There is no single moment when one species becomes another -- i.e., no single organism gave birth to offspring of another species. Speciation is more gradual than that.

Check out this video called There Was No First Human. The salient point in it is that Every generation is the same species as its parent and the same species as its children. So there was no first chicken and there was no first chicken egg.

This seems paradoxical, but it really isn't when you consider how gradual the process is of one species becoming another, and how there were overlapping generations between two species that were technically members of both species.

For example. if you take a species "1" that evolved into a species "2", then there would be a generation "1.5" in between that had features of both species. and in between 1.5 and 2 was a generation 1.75 who would share features of 1.5 and 2. And then there would be a generation 1.875 who shared features of 1.75 and 2. And so on. The generations approaching 2 get more and more like 2 and less and less like 1, but the change is so gradual that it is virtually undetectable from one specific parent to its children.

Here's the video that explains it better:

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posted on Nov, 6 2021 @ 04:20 PM
To answer your question is pretty simple. The egg came first as it is a cell. Chickens came from evolution. This is pretty much a moot question at this point with all we know from the evidence. And yes, the Earth IS a giant mineral mind made of the material of exploding suns (it's how you have gold and other minerals in your body) not to mention life from Panspermia
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