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On the subject of dreams & nightmares - black magic at work?

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posted on Oct, 24 2021 @ 01:04 AM

Last night I awoke having been refreshed by my dreams, feeling totally peaceful, having followed a gentle storyline to the dreams, though I recall little, part was a pleasant road trip to France with my sons, to stay with relatives.

On waking from two such peaceful & positive sleeps in recent weeks, it has struck me just how terrible my sleep usually is.

In fact, my sleep is usually – almost always – disrupted by sheer nightmares, terrible in their tone, style, content & apparent meanings, twisting, relentless, devastating & perverse, meaningless or Hellish in the extreme.

This is weird, I have realised. People are not supposed to suffer so abjectly in their nocturnal visions that they wake more stressed & less rested than they were when they went to bed, and yet this has been my consistent experience over the past fifteen years at least. Even my good dreams are powerful, potent, full of depth & meaning which is so bombastic that they too, constitute non-restful sleep. They are typically prophetic or impactfully spiritual in nature. Typically I would now estimate that in every 50 nights, I awaken with having had entirely nightmarish sleep on 35 occasions (several hours' lived experience during my REM time being full of complex, twisting nightmares). Otherwise, I have 14 nights of a combination with 2 REM hours of potent spiritual/prophetic dreams, plus at least an hour of nightmarish content). And finally, one single night in 50 in which I will have had a restful, peaceful hour or so of REM dreams which is constituted of completely peaceful content (with zero REM hours nightmarish content or exhilirating, tiring content). Only one night in fifty is of such a beautiful & refreshing nature. I am therefore waking up with epic-high cortisol most of the time, with adrenaline & dopamine high on most other occasions, and with pure transcendent, restful peace on only one single occasion amongst all those fifty nights.

It seems indeed to be time to recognise that I am so systematically persecuted in my sleep that I almost never wake refreshed or even moderately rested.. I usually awaken having had an appalling night, where I wake up more stressed & depressed than I can possibly imagine, in a manner such that I dread going to sleep, consciously or subconsciously variably, because I am subjected to the manipulation & mirth of demonic forces almost every single night. The potent spiritual dreams seem to be necessary to balance out the evil messages I'm subject to in the nightmare dreams, such that I am not overwhelmed by negativity (I do tend to enjoy the potent spiritual dreams, but they are almost equally tiring in comparison with the nightmarish content. If I did not have the potent spiritual dreams, I think my motivation & mental health would be in the toilet, they do seem to be fundamentally necessary to counter the evil persecution I so frequently experience.

Would you agree, under these circumstances, that I am being persecuted by black magical/ demonic activity? I have been a Christian for twenty years - I almost always remember my dreams in vivid epic-real detail, and frequently the potent spiritual dreams are of a legitimate prophetic nature, where the events or spiritual circumstances come true in accordance with what was witnessed. I have always been told that I am not facing a case of demonic oppression/possession, I have actively sought to investigate whether I need deliverance ministry, and consistently over the past ten years the answer has always been a straight up 'no', even under due prayerful consideration. So I have to believe that this experience is serving some sort of godly purpose, though I'm unaware of what that purpose might be at the current time. A significant consideration is that I'm being trained to be capable of standing up in the face of potent spiritual Evil, able to resist the influence of the Enemy in all his guile, deception & barbarous, ascerbic hatred & vitriol, the twisted false logic & false trails, the complex deceptions, aggression & delusions which are foisted upon you when you are seeking to live in a godly manner, etc.

Does anyone here, who happens to know about these sorts of things, have any sense of intuition, or a word of knowledge concerning what might be going on please? In the wake of a wonderful, peaceful '1 in 50' dream last night, I'm desperate to find out what I need to do to hopefully fill my nights with more of those sorts of dreams if at all possible! As noted, I suspect black magic is at work, so any tips would be most gratefully received.

Best wishes,


posted on Oct, 24 2021 @ 01:24 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Spiritually purify your house.
But how do I explain that to an "normal" Christian?!

My first guess is that, not you, but your house has unwanted visitors/residents.

But there could be a host of other reasons.
Maybe a seer on ATS will take their time and give you a better answer.

All the best,

posted on Oct, 24 2021 @ 01:58 AM
I don't think its external negativities. The tree has multiple gates that have different paths. The left path is demonic, where the right path is angels. the central path is the correct path. Which begs the question what are your desires. If you are wanting spiritual powers for egotistical purposes you may be traveling the wrong path.

I would try the following, Before going to bed visualize the Father as Love. Ask nothing of that love except that it be immersed into your being so that you can love all others. Deny yourself all egotistical thoughts including salvation. Don't concern yourself with fears in revelation. Wish for nothing but the Fathers love.

That is all.

posted on Oct, 24 2021 @ 01:59 AM
I use to have these issues. If you fail to pray for protection from your enemies before going to bed, this issue will never go away.

If you have a sickness, illness, severe disability you are the worm on the hook in the water, the perfect bait. You are not possessed, you as millions of others are under attack while asleep by being defenseless.

Protection type Prayer asking to be protected against your enemies, everything that walks in darkness and evil will protect you when you sleep.

A cross in the bedroom will help. I also use illuminated paint and paint a cross above the door frame in each room. It illuminates brightly at night. Since then I sleep like a baby with prayer.

I also where a blessed cross made of pure silver with pure silver chain and I never take it off.

Give it a try.

a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

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posted on Oct, 25 2021 @ 01:21 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

I am praying over you right now for tonight's sleep and protection. Let me know how that works.
PM me if you need more help.

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