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A Quick Guide To Understanding Consciousness And Belief

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posted on Oct, 23 2021 @ 12:57 PM
Consciousness is the necessity of understanding self. It is born of need

We can't survive on passive energy input like plants do, we require active input

So the brain gives us 'need'. "I NEED"

For it to be able to deliver 'I NEED' for the purposes of food, water and other bodily maintenance, we are given a sense of self


It's no more mysterious than a mobile phone identifying that its battery is getting low and needs to be charged

The difference is that our 'NEED' is tied into a complex system which allows us to identify, seek and consume what we need, as needed

To satisfy need

Everything else is a by-product of this

Emotional responses are the product of a system which promotes satisfactory stasis of need

If you are living within a optimal environment, emotional systems are sated by the fulfillment of need

Though, in "1st World" societies, the line between NEED and WANT has become blurred, with need being easily provided for

Meaning that our emotional (sense of) selves become entangled within WANT, as if it were NEED

This arises as a by-product of a under-active emotional system, within optimal stasis, where a successful place within sociological equilibrium brings forth a question of 'higher purpose' from the systems of the brain put into lower function

'What is the purpose of what I am doing?' becomes part of the question 'What is the meaning of life?'

If I exist only to fulfill need? Living to work, and working to live? Then what is my purpose?

A lot of the confusion people feel in their purpose in this world arises from not properly understanding the physical consciousness

It is the first step towards truly understanding (or knowing) self

This confusion, or feeling of hopelessness, is the system of 'need for self' recycling on itself within the brain

Searching for purpose which promotes it back into it's higher function

This is where the systems which sustain life, either promote intellectual complexity and growth, or become a weapon against themselves

Analytical deduction of self and Intelligence arise from this

Contrary to popular belief, humans deduce very well

We just do it at a sub-conscious level, because society has taught us to simply accept allot of things within the construct of our environment

We take things as given, or believe that things are supposed to be a certain way without questioning them, because that is how things have always been

This is 'Logical Deduction'

And it is conditioned and pre-programmed into us from birth within the parameters of society

The problem with this, is that we then overlook so many things

We fail to see things around us such as beauty, love, pain and hatred

Things we should see

Problems and pain, we cause without realising

This is where belief systems come in. Where some need them and some do not

The programming of logical deduction within (emotional) recursive need patterns within the brain by things such as belief, can assist with intellectual complexity and (emotional) growth. But it can also poison our sub-conscious deductive patterns. Logical deductive patterns of things we (should) know instinctively, can be overwritten by those specified to us within algorithms of things such as written texts

Something often corrupted, mistranslated, or poorly understood, can often lead the mind to corruption, misinterpretation, or poor understanding

The reason that many falsely believe that our species doesn't 'deduce' things very well, is because we have 'tuned out' deduction on many thing, so we don't have to think as much

And the questions don't hurt as much

Switching our brains off in this fashion is part of the reason we are seeing the human race slowly using less and less of their brain

And why so many look to the things they have lost

Thought they do not know what it is they have lost

Belief is to know without proof
Truth is the proof of knowing

Belief and Truth are by definition incompatible, but they are relative

“The only certainty in life is death
Everything else is open to debate
Personal belief, is not the same as knowing”

The important aspect that is most commonly missed within all measures of 'belief' is that it needs to come with it's equal measure of humility

The open-minded understanding that, thought you may be right, you may also be equally as wrong

In all things uncertain, you are just as likely to be right, as you are to be wrong

Believe, but recognise the flavour of your virtues, amongst many others

Spit not of another wine, if it is not to your taste

Righteousness is not the limitation within belief, it is the culmination of understanding …

Which led to belief

We learned within coming to believe, no different than anything else taught

And there is always more to be learned, by those with ears to hear and eyes to see

No true wisdom is incompatible, only the fruit it bares within us

Remember that to define by belief, may also be to restrict by it

There is no Divinity in segregation

There is no Freedom within sanctioning

There is no Honour within censorship

There is no Love within a lie

And there is no beauty within a conditional truth

Truth is unconditional, or it is deception

To this end, you, as self, are the only knowable truth. Everything beyond this is merely possibility. It is important to remember this

The mind is not made to be understood

Merely admired



posted on Oct, 23 2021 @ 12:57 PM
All you do is in this world is a measure of how willing you are to understand your faults and appreciate them within others

The reflection of who you are, who you wish to be, and wish never to be

When we choose to only love others at their best, we find it more difficult to appreciate and love ourselves at our worst

Choose to try love others at their worst, and from this it is easy to appreciate and love yourself, as this is you at your best

You need not try be perfect

Only ever be a little better than you were yesterday

Within this you will find a sense of fulfilment, and through it purpose

It is not about finding the meaning of life, but meaning within life

It is best to spend less time considering why you are here, and more time appreciating being here, to be able to consider it

Less time worrying about death, and more time enjoying the life which comes first

You need not worry about what happens when you die, as the dead worry about nothing

If there is nothing? Then there will be nothing to trouble you

If there is more? Then will there be more to bring you troubles?

Would you spend the next life worrying about more, if you come to know more?

Trouble yourself not with the unknown, when so much here needs your attention

Our soul needed no help in coming to be in this world

Nor will it need help to exit

And go where it needs. As it should. As it knows to

Be happy in the parts of you, you leave behind. In what and who you gave this world

Do not be sad in the autumn of your life season. Your time here is but a leaf on your tree, which falls so another can rise

A day ends, so that another can be known

Do not seek to live forever

As it is only with the threat of death, that life has meaning

It is fleeting, and therefore it is precious

As the beauty of a rose, is within it's picking

We hold its beauty close and breathe it in it's final moments

As the love it gives us in death, is as pure as any we'll ever know

To live forever, would be to have never lived at all

Bleed in this world to know life, and live like you're already dead

Remember that you need not believe in where you'll end up, to go there all the same, and that to worry about death, is actually to understand that you are alive

You need not fear all that is dark, because it is only with darkness, that we know light

See yourself, as you look upon yourself, looking within to find yourself

It is within the viewing, that we understand why it is we look

What meaning you take from that which is viewed, is yours to choose

As is the beauty of knowing you are alive, without knowing how you live

Be kind to each other

Give love when you can, no matter what

Take a moment, when you are late

Take some time, when you can't afford it

Appreciate the things you notice, that nobody else sees

Love when you feel like crying, and cry when you are in love

Nothing else matters, when compared to those special moments we miss in our rush to the future, through life

Remember that in years to come it will be all the things you didn't do that you will regret more than then things you did. Or those you may have done wrong

All that you feel, is all that is real

And who you are is the only thing that you will ever possibly know as true in this world

Don't let anyone take that from you

No matter what

Blood is precious. Love it as it loves you
And give all you possibly can, to the body which gave you everything
Beauty may sometimes seems dead to your eyes
If none have eyes to notice it
Remember that an empty heart has most often bled the most
And are those who need love the most

Everything closes off to pain
It is how we protect ourselves
But don't forsake that which is trapped inside
Don't carry with you for lifetime
Pain released in a minute worth of tears

It takes a minute to feel broken
And a lifetime more to shine

Hold the broken heart most precious
If it loves you none-the-less

And remember that sometimes
Love need not be felt
In order to be given

Love that which you hate
Do not hate that which you love
Cause no pain

Love that which hates you
Do not hate that which loves you
Accept no pain

See yourself at your best in those around you

See yourself at your worst in those around you

Try not to take the joy, love, experience or life from others, as you would not take it from yourself

As you may in time find, that the very person you took from, was yourself

It is as simple as …

Love others
Love yourself
Love our world

posted on Oct, 23 2021 @ 05:21 PM
Your words have similar essense as Ecclesiastes in the Torah which is one of my most loved scriptures.

Thank You.
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