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Waking Up In Another Realm, Or In Another Body - Personal Experiences

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posted on Oct, 22 2021 @ 04:31 PM
I often have experiences where I wake up in other worlds, or as other people

These are not like regular dreams, which I had all I had for my entire life up until about 10 years ago. These are something completely different

These are exactly like waking up in your own body, in your own bed, except you are someone else, somewhere else

You can see, hear, touch, taste, smell, everything, as if you were awake in your own body

You can also feel emotion. Pleasure. Pain. And you even share the persons thoughts on some level, though this is a little hard to explain. It isn't the same as experiencing your own thoughts. It is something like looking in at them through a one-way mirror

They seem to have no idea of the fact that you are conscious on-top of their own conscious, in their body. Even though you are aware of it

This is what I refer to as true “Remote Viewing”. I may write a post in future detailing these sort of experiences

Another similar version of the experience, are the ones such as the ones I am going to detail here …

These are like waking up on another body, somewhere else. But it doesn't feel as though you are sharing (or superimposed on) a conscious(ness)

These bodies feel as thought “they are” me while I'm on them

As if I am waking up on another version of myself, somehow aligned to me somewhere else

These experiences are all lucid, which is why I remember them in such great detail


Walking around Vatican City and visiting the Pope

This one was a very strange experience. Unusual and unique in its own right, which is why I am putting it first

This entire realm has a strange red glow to it

Certain realms sometimes seem to have certain varying colour tinges to them. But I am yet to understand exactly why, or what it/this means

This particular experience, everything was red. Up until I saw the Pope in his room, where the colour went more neutral

I am walking around Vatican City. It is the middle of the night

Though it is dark in most places, the red of this realm seems to illuminate, almost as if it is day

I notice some people walking through the streets, courtyards and squares, even though it is late

I am confused for a moment as to why there is so many people walking around so late

Then I realise, that most of these people are somehow disembodied. They aren't real physically present people

They are everywhere. Exploring the City. But none of them are really there

I search around a massive square to try find a real physically present person. I find a few of them. They are oblivious to the fact that I am there, or that any of the other disembodied people walking around are there

These disembodied people seem to be aware of each other, but not of me

It is like I have stumbled into some sort of alternate Catholic dimension, where people can commute, meet and have out of body experiences, walking amongst real people in the real world, without them being aware that they are there

I considered that these people may be some type of ghosts, but I don't think they are. It feels like they are some type of out-of-body projections of living people, who are physically elsewhere

Who all seem to be gathering in Vatican City for some reason

Most interesting to me, is the fact that I seem to be in some sort of realm superimposed on top of them. So they can see and interact with each other invisibly, superimposed on the real world, but they can't see me, superimposed on them superimposed

None of them notice that I am there, as I walk amongst them watching them

Something about this also doesn't seem normal

As if there are way more of these disembodied “visitors” here, than there should be

There is at least 100 of them within line of sight to me, around the large square

I decide that if I am in Vatican City, I should go visit the Pope. See what he is up to

I end up in a long corridor of a building, lined with pillars with inset walls between then

Along the corridor I come to a small group of Nuns, sitting outside of a door keeping vigil, praying

I wonder if it is normal for them to be sitting outside of the Popes bedroom door praying

It doesn't seem normal to me. They seem troubled. Praying as if their lives depended on it

I walk into the Popes room and find him asleep in his bed

I see the room in vivid detail. A bed against the back right corner, facing across the room as you walk in. A dresser on the back left of the room, opposite the bed

He is asleep. But he is somehow troubled

Something is attacking him in his sleep

I wonder if this why the Nuns are praying

Something appears to unnaturally grip him, pull him upright, then throw him to the floor out of his bed

Something I can't see

I keep watching and my vision changes as I do. It is like I am trying to locate the right spectrum or frequency to see what “invisible thing” is tormenting him

My vision goes into a neutral, almost black and white version of the realm

I see a concentrated energy that looks like electrical static in the room. This seems to be what is attacking him

I speak out loud to it, to get it's attention, “Why don't you try that on me?”

This instantly gets its attention, and it leaves Jorge alone to come attack me

I swirls around my body and I feel the electrical concentration, pulling against my body. Like being sprayed all-over by a high-pressure hose of water, except this is some type of electrical energy

I start laughing, pushing against it. Amused

It is much stronger than I was expecting, but I am not worried. I laugh, mocking it, while it feels like it is trying to rip me apart

I see the white energy fill the room, like a void opening up

Then I wake up in my bed. But I can still feel the electrical pressure-like energy, pushing against me in my bed while I'm awake


Man with elongated skull and blue light in the palm of his hand

I woke up, standing, inside of some type of glass tube

An old humanoid with a cone-shaped head was standing on the other side of the tube staring in at me

His skin was wrinkled and he looked extremely old

There was no hair on his elongated head, but apart from that he looked anatomically like we do

His lips were thin and drawn in. But I think this was more to do with his age than his physiology

I made eye contact with him for a second, before he put his right hand up to the glass tube, just below head height

A brilliant blue light shone from his hand that dazzled me momentarily …

Then I was back in my own body. Waking up in bed

I got the sense that whatever the blue light was in the palm of his hand, it was something technological

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posted on Oct, 22 2021 @ 04:34 PM
White tube of electrical-like energy and a body made of water

Something was approaching me, or trying to connect with me in my dream

I am not sure what it was, I can't quite remember the specifics of the dream leading into this experience. Other than the fact that I was somehow interacting with something or someone, and I wasn't exactly happy with what was taking place

Somehow, it feels as though I reached “through” whatever pathway or connection they were using, to try grab a hold of them

I remember feeling my left arm raise into the air, as if I were physically raising it, outside of my dream self, in a physical body

I remember this, because it also felt as though a part of me outside of my dream self “woke up”, where it shouldn't have, to allow me to move in such a way

I grabbed at something and I was instantly torn out of my dream

I was literally being shocked. It felt like I was being electrocuted, except this wasn't electricity. I have been electrocuted before and this was not the same thing. This was some type of electrical like energy, that gave the same shock as voltage passing through your body, but without harming the physical body

I was instantly conscious and awake. As much so, as if someone had thrown a bucket of water over me

Imagine being zapped by a taser, while you were sleeping. That! Very quickly and instantly awake

Except I wasn't in my own body

I was in another body, somewhere else

In that body, I was laying down, reaching up to grab hold of a tube of some type of brilliant white light that was positioned above me, on whatever it was I was laying on

A tube that appeared to be giving on some type of, relatively harmless, electrical type radiated energy

I'm not sure exactly what it was I was laying on, because it was only a matter of no more than 5 seconds, before I was pulled out of that body, somewhere else

In this body, it seemed as though I had, in my sleep, reached up and grabbed hold of the tube, and it had shocked me conscious, into this body

The more it shocked me, the more I pulled it down from where it appears as though it had been hanging over me

I was in shock for a moment, but got a clear look at what it was I was holding in my left hand. It looked exactly like a long fluorescent tube light bulb. But this wasn't any normal sort of light

It was dull. Almost greyish

It didn't feel like light. It felt more like it was a tube for radiating some type of energy

I felt someone pulling against it, as I gripped it closer to me while it was shocking me

They were trying to pull it back away from me

Though I was feeling confused and shocked (literally) as to where I was, a part of me started to relax when I felt someone tending to me and trying to pull the radiating tube away from me

It was as if a part of me possibly felt some type of familiarity to wherever it is that I was, even though I could/did not consciously recognise it

It felt like I could have possibly been laying in water. As some type of liquid seemed to be around me while I was thrashing about. Though I don't remember seeing any water splashing up, it felt as thought I was possibly laying in something and not just on a bed

This could possibly be something to do with the mechanics of the room

I could not see whoever it was pulling back against the tube I clutched in my left hand, because the rest of the room was complete darkness

Impossibly dark and black

I quickly tried to look around the room

I saw some type of doorway directly behind my head as I struggled to look backwards behind me

It seemed to be the only part of the room with any light in it. They looked like dim guide-lights on the floor, that allow people to see as they walk in, or out, of the darkened room

There also appeared to be some type of large window directly facing me, above my feet. It was all blacked out thought

I could see the faint reflection of light on the shiny surfaces, of what appeared to be a window frame. This was the only reason I knew it was there

As I pulled my head back down from twisting backwards to see what was behind me in the room, everything changed

I was no longer in that room

I was somewhere else

This room was dark, but radiated a faint, gentle light blue

It seemed to be the same as the other room I was in, except everything was different. As if my body in the other room was somehow layered to the body in this room

Except my body, wasn't exactly what I would call a body

As I looked down, I saw the outline of my physical body laying on the same thin hospital-style bed/bench I was laying on in the other room

Except my body was completely transparent

It took me a moment to focus, but it looked like my body was completely made out of water

I was looking down at myself, completely made of water, which seemed to be able to levitate in the air, in the perfect shape of a human body

I could move it and everything, and the water just sat, hovering, firmly in place

As I was trying to wrap my mind around how it was possible that the water could be floating on the bed like this, in the shape of a physical body, I noticed there were things inside of the water of my body

Living things

There were physical creatures inside the water of my body, that looked like some type of living coral or sea-life

In my left thigh, I saw something that looked like an anemone

I looked down at it for a moment, watching its arms move around like tentacles

“It was living inside me”

Although I was shocked, seeing this creature inside my thigh actually made a lot of sense to me

I had been feeling something like this in my physical body for years. While awake

Sometimes I would get the sensation of an octopus or something wrapped around parts of my body. I would feel things moving around in my leg, exactly like the creature I was now seeing

“THAT'S what it is!” I thought to myself

Then I woke back in my physical body, in my bed

There were nights many years ago when I had been nearly in tears, feeling physically violated, because it felt like some type of invisible octopus was emerging from my throat (and far less pleasantly, from the other end of my body) while I was trying to go to sleep

I could feel tentacles curling and wrapping around my face and legs, as real as if something were actually coming up out of me

Something invisible, that felt disgusting at first, that I could do nothing about

I learned over time to ignore it and sleep through it. To the point where I barely even notice it

Wherever (and whatever) these other two bodies are, they seem to be physically connected to my body in this world/realm somehow. Eve while I am awake

Or possibly, it is I, who is connected to them, and not the other way around


posted on Oct, 22 2021 @ 04:36 PM
A Trip To Sagittarius And The Turtle

The first part of this takes place within a dream state, the second half, I am physically awake, in a strange luminous realm, that feels like some type of “in-between” realm for this world, and another world

I am looking at a massive flood plain. Similar to those we have here in the Northern Territory of Australia, except this appears to be some type of scale representation of somewhere, or something else. Like a small-scale representation for the world itself. At least, that is how it feels

I am in a dream state. Though I am lucid and consciously awake

The flood plains are filled with water, as they are during the wet season

There are mechanical/technological hidden subterranean vents for letting water in and out of this world I am in

I can easily flood the world if I want to

I am watching the people who live in the houses around the water

I run up a large tree, or some type of spinal representation of a tree, similar to how would one quickly run-up and scale a coconut tree

At the top is a mechanical switch. I switch this, to intentionally flood those living around the water

The massive mechanical vents hidden in the ground start flooding the entire world

The voice of someone unseen watching me, asks me “what are you doing?”

It is the voice of something, or someone, outside of this realm. Something that very obviously shouldn't be there, or speaking to me out of nowhere, but somehow is

It doesn't seem to bother me though

Whatever it is, I am familiar with it. It feels as though we have some type of mutual respect. Though, they seem genuinely confused as to why I am trying to flood the world

I watch the people scurrying around

“I want to see how they react”, I reply to the voice matter-of-factually

It feels obvious to me, watching them react, that they are hopeless

I'm watching how they react and what they do, waiting for them to take the specific steps they need to take to save themselves

But they don't take those steps. They panic. They do stupid things. But do none of what they are supposed to (need to) do

If I don't stop the flood, It will just kill them all, which will achieve nothing

I yield to the unseen voice and its worry, stopping the floods

The vents in the Earth shut off and the waters subside

I am a little disappointed with those I was watching. As if I expected more from them

I leave and go walking through the streets of a town which feels like it somewhere in country New South Wales

I start to run

I want to go faster, so I get down on all fours and run like a feline

I know this is something I shouldn't be doing, considering where I am

I am exposed and people could understand who, or what I am

“You shouldn't be exposing yourself like this” I heard the voice say to me

“So what?” I replied. “What are they going to do?”

I launch off the ground and take off into the sky as I am running

I start shooting up into a concentration in the atmosphere to leave this world

“Where are you going?” the voice asked me

“Sagittarius. I need to get something”

The atmosphere in the sky, formed into some type of vortex in the sky. Like the laws of physics themselves instantly changed

Where there should have been space and possibly the moon, above our planet, there was a vortex of all the stars, galaxies and everything condensed into a large ring like the pupil of an eyeball, through which it felt like I could instantly travel anywhere in space

It took me 2 seconds to push through the eye and arrive in Sagittarius

The middle of the Vortex opened up, and I was like my body passed through a wall into another dimension or realm

I left the dream realm

Now I was somewhere else. Awake and conscious

A luminous, glowing world. Where colour was impossibly radiant and pure, compared to our world

The best way to describe it would be, to imagine the difference between a matte and gloss finish

If we live in a matte world, this world was like a gloss world

Light seemed to act differently here to our Earth

It felt like some type of in-between realm/world

It had the physics and conscious ability of this world, but it was somehow thinner. Almost as if it was artificially created, as a stepping-stone between worlds

I entered in through the wall/portal, which was like all the physical universe, pushed through a hole, like an eyeball (Sagittarius) and spewed forth into this room

The walls were brilliant white and the entire realm/world glowed with a soft white ambience

On the right as I entered, I saw what appeared to be a some type of council of white human bodies, that looked like they were made of light and energy, standing around a central point, facing each other, like they were huddled in conference

These “council” of bodies of light seemed to be hovering around some type of invisible glowing table or source of energy

It looked almost like what it would look like, if giants were standing in a semi-circle around you, huddling down to look at you. But they weren't giant. It was something to do with the energy and light of the room. It was as if they were far away, at the same time as being present right in front of me, in humanoid bodies

These were conscious (and I assume living) entities

The entire corner of the room these bodies of light sat in, seemed to be some type of concentration of energy. As if it were only semi-physical, or some type of portal

There seemed to be a seat for their physical energies, within which they could exist, but the room itself, seemed to have no proper physical limitations. Like they all existed within a glowing void, in the corner

It felt to me as though these were some type of avatars, not their actual forms

These bodies of light I could see, where some type of physical connections, that allowed them to be here and present with each other, whilst they were also somewhere else

The reason I believe this, is because you could not see their faces or heads

You could see their physical bodies perfectly. But their heads were a brilliant radiating light, that was almost impossible to look at

In fact, it felt as thought you “couldn't” look at it, even if you wanted to

It felt like this was something to do with the connection for their brains/minds, that allowed them to be here

It connected through their heads somehow, which means that though they were in a physical body in this realm, their heads appeared as brilliant light. Too brilliant to look at

I would liken this council to being something similar to a internet chat room, in our world

They sit there, constantly connected. So that they can all see, wherever they are, when someone comes into the room, or tries to speak with them

One of them notices me, while I am looking at them and straight away walks into the room to come speak with me

“What are you doing back here already?” they asked me, seemingly confused or worried about seeing me

They hug me and when they do, I can feel the radiating light of their head pulsating against my own

The energy between our heads, feels like two magnets pushing against each other

But it is strangely electrical

The power in it feels immense and intense

Like sticking your hand in front of water streaming from a power-washer, though it does not hurt

It is powerful, and feels as though we probably shouldn't be that close to each other. But it is not painful, and neither of us seem worried

posted on Oct, 22 2021 @ 04:37 PM
Though the blinding energy of their head is pushing against me as they hug me, I can feel their body perfectly. Like I would feel anyone I hugged in this world

It felt beautiful. Warm and happy, except for the flux between our heads. And for a moment, I felt at home and I didn't want to let go

Whoever this was. They felt like family. Or at least, someone who I loved and cared about, who loved and cared about me

“I've just come to get the Turtle” I said to them finally pulling away from their embrace

I walked through the rooms to the left, with them following me

This place looked like some type of laboratory

Everything was glowing and impossibly perfect and structured

There was a small fence around knee height in the back left corner of the next room, and behind it, there was some type of grassed animal enclosure

I stepped carefully over the fence into the enclosure, as if I was worried about crushing the grass underneath my feet, or disturbing whatever lived in there

The lights in here were different. Some type of radiation was shining from them. Presumably for the comfort of whatever it was that was living in the enclosure

Although I said it was a Turtle, I'm not sure the creature I was going to get, was technically a turtle like a turtle in this world

It felt like something far more rare. Almost sacred

There was a small grass hill at the back of the enclosure, that was about a metre high, by a couple of metres wide,

In the front of it was a large hole, with grass hanging down, partially concealing the entrance

The person following me watched me walk in to get the turtle

I could sense they were a little worried about me, and wanted me to be careful

“Don't let it breed with anything else on Earth” they said to me sternly, “They live for 15 to 20 thousand years”

“I won't” I promised them, as I gently leaned forward and put my hands into the hole, to find the Turtle

As I reached in to touch it, it felt as though I was ripped back into my body

And I woke up here on Earth


Arm of fire and an arm of stars

I was waking up into my body and suddenly, I was taken somewhere else

Somewhere that was not in the dream-realm or state. And was also not in the waking world

I was somewhere that was impossibly black

I lifted my arms up in front of my face, to see if I could see anything at all in this realm

One of my arms was made of pure fire

The other was made of millions of condensed stars. Like a grid of dots of electrical concentration

I moved my arms around, wiggling my fingers, trying to absorb what it was I was seeing

Then above my arms in the darkness I saw the two opening opposing vortex

Like a long and stretched out galaxy. Each side swirling inwards to the other, like water swirling down a drain

My vision flew inwards, focusing and zooming in on somewhere in near the centre

It looked like I was flying in to focus on a particular point in the galaxy, but this small thing in front of me seemed to be the entire known universe, or all existing space. Not just a galaxy

My vision zoomed right in to a particular point for a second

Then I started zooming right back out

I heard a voice speak to me for a second. The same voice that sometimes seems to talk to me from out of nowhere. One that feels like my friend on some level. Or at the very least, one that I have a mutual respect for/with/from

“I'm sorry, I needed borrow your connection for a second to drop someone off”, he said to me

He seemed honestly apologetic for what was happening. As if he wouldn't have done it, if he didn't need to

I zoomed out from this and woke up


posted on Oct, 22 2021 @ 09:49 PM
Very interesting Compendium. If you look at revelation in which John describes his personalized journey through the tree, he also describes colors. Red of Rev. 6:4; 12:3 looks like it signifies bloodshed, sin, war and battle. Whereas blue from other sources might signify the spirit. Therefore vatican being red suggests its a place full of sin whereas pope of no color suggests he is not party to that sin.

Some people might find it hard to accept that other conciousness can be accessed. But If reality is conciousness segmented by ego. Then breaching the segmentation allows other conciousnesses to be witnessed.

posted on Oct, 22 2021 @ 10:44 PM
You were very descriptive of visual and tactile senses as you recounted your experiences, but there weren’t descriptions of sounds and smells. The worlds seems like there must have been some sort of sound and smell associated with them.

Was there anything you could add that might have been noticed by your other senses? I am curious. Especially about sounds.

posted on Oct, 23 2021 @ 01:27 AM
a reply to: glend

Thanks glend :-)

Helpful as always

I think you could be right

My basic sense up until this point (though I would not claim to understand how it works yet) has been that red signifies some type of realm of possibility, that "may come to pass"

It seems to be some type of "possible outcome". And is usually something negative

I'm a little confused by this though, because I once woke up as a young woman in her 20's. I had no idea who I was, until her boyfriend walked into the room

He was somebody I know, that I went to school with. A well-known "associate" of the particular well-known motorcycle club in my home town

As soon as I saw him, I realised exactly who the woman was that I was viewing

I could hear him before he came into the room, talking with other male voices outside the room about giving two girls they called "the twins" an initiation into the group

When he walked into the room, I could feel her fear, as if I were her. Though it was a strange type of fear that I've never felt before. She was also excited. Or at least, she was intoxicated by that fear of him somehow

It felt a bit like you would feel as a child, if your parent walked into your room, when you know you're in trouble

She was afraid, but she loved him and was excited to see him at the same time

This realm was red

It was real enough, that I could feel him suck on her finger while he knelt next to the bed. And I could feel her genuine concern and affection for him, while she told him he was going to hard with all the drugs

It was also interesting that I could still sense my natural emotional reactions to something like him sucking on my finger (a knee-jerk reaction of "yuck"), but they were somehow disabled or negated

Though I didn't like it, I only sensed my own emotion, I did feel it, so it didn't bother me like it normally would

It is very hard to explain the "shared emotions" of viewing someone in such a way. I have tried in other posts, and I may write a thread on it some day, to try properly convey what it is like

But for now, lets just say, it is a very strange "numb" version of emotional feedback. Something that would normally repulse me, just felt like something that was "happening" ... It didn't really bother me, even after the fact. Possibly because I know it wasn't actually me

The thing that confuses me about this experience, is that in the real world, they had broken up

They were no longer together. To the point where it was unlikely they would have been in the same room, even for a casual encounter

So this was either the past. Or some completely alternate version of reality. As real as this one

I had another experience involving her, except this was a green realm. And I was on viewing on top of another random man, who was being "offered her" by her boyfriend, while she was passed out

I woke up before anything serious happened. But it was obvious by the way they were both laughing, that it was likely to happen

My experiences are not always pleasant

Sometimes I am killed and I feel the very real pain, as if it were happening to me in real life. Painful enough I can still feel it when I wake up

I'll explain in the next post as it fits in to what I was asked by Metallicus

posted on Oct, 23 2021 @ 02:28 AM
a reply to: Metallicus

With most of the experiences there isn't any defining or noticeable smells to speak of

Only some times

With the white tube, I could hear an electrical buzzing. Like something shorting out. It was humming loudly in my ears, but I think this was only because I was holding the tube. I don't think it would have been buzzing ambiently in the room , had I not been physically touching it

Apart from these, there were no specific smells or sounds that popped out in these experiences. Not like they have in others

I also heard things like the flooding water, and ambient sounds etc, but nothing specifically worth talking about

I'll detail some experiences where such things did stand out though


I once woke up in a realm which felt to me, like it was somehow on the bottom of the ocean

It felt like I was sitting on something that was connected or "plugged in" to the bottom of my spine

Like a massive power point was plugged into my spine, just above my butt-hole

I felt electrical current flowing in through it, passing in, then out into my body like an electrical tree

It didn't feel painful, but it was far from comfortable

I was lucid and conscious in this room, like waking up in my own body

I started choking on the Ammonia fumes in the room

Not only could I smell them, it was like I physically taste them in the back of my throat as I breathed it in

"Yuck" I said, "Ammonia"

It smelled like someone was cleaning the floors with bleach right next to me

Thinking about "what" I was smelling, I wondered if it could be something do with being on the bottom of the ocean. Or perhaps the smell is why I believed I was on the bottom of the ocean

Something gently touched the side of my face and pushed my head to the side away from them, so that I couldn't turn and look at them

"Just relax Sam" they said, "You'll be OK"

Their hand felt like a large tentacle. Flat, smooth and surprisingly dry

I relaxed and concentrated on the flux I could feel flowing into my body from the interface at the base of my spine

I felt it throbbing through my entire body, and I slowly started to wake up

I woke up in my bed, and I could still smell the ammonia. The smell was stuck and taste stuck with me for a good 10-15 minutes after I woke up


I had a vivid dream once, where I was with a group of people storming a castle

I snuck around the side and climbed up the building. The jumped across a gap into the castle

It didn't feel like we were invaders of any sort. It felt more like we were trying to take back something which belonged to us

I walked into a room in the old stone-type castle. Though the castle was old, this felt like much more modern times. Where people carried guns

While I was standing in the room, someone stabbed me through the chest from behind with a sword (or perhaps a bayonet)

I felt the steel plunge into the middle of my back, between the heart and spine, on the left hand side of my chest

The feeling was horrific

Even though the sword was sharp, it was an overwhelming dull pain

Combined with a helpless feeling, like I desperately needed to move forward, to "get off it"

Like every nerve and sense in my body was screaming "get it out of me" against the unnatural feeling of it in my body

But I was frozen. I could barely move from the shock

All I think was "Why haven't they pulled it out yet?!?!"

I finally managed to get my body to move, trying to pull myself forward off the sword. I could only manage to move the tiniest bit, but as soon as I did, I felt the pressure of them pushing the sword further forward into me, making me stumble with it

They weren't going to pull it out

It felt so unfair. I didn't deserve this

I could taste the steel in the back of my throat, like I was breathing it in. The feeling was horrific. Like tasting intravenous drugs in the back of your throat when you have an operation, except this taste was unmistakably, the taste of steel

All the emotion. All the pain. It was as real as if it were really happening to me

So real, that I still shudder when I think about what it felt like being stabbed

The feeling of something unnaturally inside your body like that is horrible enough

But combine it with the fact you can taste the steel in the back of your throat. It can't really be described in words

I woke up in bed and could literally still feel the sword buried in my chest. Enough so, that I barely moved. Still recoiling in shock, even though I was awake

I stopped panicking, realising I was OK

I cried for a bit, while I lay there trying to get over what had just happened

It took a good 30 minutes for me to recover enough to start moving, after I woke up

To get rid of both the feeling of the sword, and the taste in the back of my throat

This particular experience was actually a little traumatising

It took a few hours to fully level back out after waking up, and get the experience out of my head

Dying like this is something I would never wish upon anyone
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posted on Oct, 23 2021 @ 02:53 AM
a reply to: glend

Over the last 10 years, I have been meditating to a degree that I don't think most people ever will

Sometimes I would meditate for days at time

Sometimes up to 12 hours at a time

Some of the states it has induced have been near-death

At times my body would get so slow and deep, that I would forget to breath and suddenly find myself gasping as I remember

Other times it felt like I would drop out of my body so fast, without meaning to, that I was suddenly "shocked" back into it

Almost like someone being hit with a defibrillator

I would lie so deep in meditation that I was barely thinking

And then suddenly "ZAP", my back arches, every muscle in my body tenses up, and I'm thrown wide awake so fast that it is actually painful

It is EXACTLY like I imagine it feels like for someone to be paddled back to life

My point is, that during my meditations, I have been places I don't think anyone is meant to go

I've been in states, that I don't think anyone is meant to experience

I've seen different worlds

Countless different alien/humanoid species

I started by unnaturally lengthening my biological rhythms

I chemically altered my sleep patterns so that I would stay awake for up to 7 days at a time

Usually, I was awake for 3-4 days without sleeping or eating

After which, I would eat a massive amount of food, and sleep for 2-3 days straight

I would wake up during this time, gorge on more food, then go back to sleep

Doing this gave me unusual abilities in term of perception

I was able to understand and think about things very different to other people

This is when I started noticing patterns and codes in the world. To the point where I could see them fluidly in real time

I also started experiencing orbs of light in the sky, and my body started tuning to other realms and things during meditation

Though I was awake for 3-4 days without sleep or food, I was in a deep state of meditation for most of this

I would lay on the bed, or on the concrete ground, say nothing and do nothing

I would only get up to get a drink of water, or get my limbs moving every few hours

I could lay on the ground this way for up to 12 hours straight, barely moving

Since then, in recent years I have started re-training my biorhythm back in the other direction

I eat small meals constantly throughout the day. With a very specific healthy diet

No chemicals, drugs, or any other types of stimulants. I barely even touch things like coffee now

Over the last few years, I have been sleeping up to 20 hours a day

As it stands at the moment, I have what appears to be a doubled-up biorhythm, where I am sleeping late night, wake up early morning, then sleep from midday to afternoon, then I am back up in the evening, to sleep again late at night

I think my body is compensating back in the opposite direction, for all the years of a having my normal 1 day biorhythm of sleep/awake, stretched out over a week, instead of day

So that now I have it compressed to two, or more sleep cycles, over 1 day

I also think it has something to do with the invisible "serpent/vine" I can feel wrapped around my spine, inside my body, that doesn't actually exist

It was all a very, very, painful, prolonged and raw awakening process

Something I have learned allot from

It gave me the answers to some of the most important questions in this world (exact and precise diagrams and physics). I am just yet to understand how I a supposed to give them

Nobody seems to be ready for them or understand them

Nobody WANTS any of it


I appreciate your help with understanding some parts of what I've experienced

I think the key to understanding allot it, comes through understanding how I connected to certain things

And what those things are

Through refining this, I believe it is possible to tune-in to anyone, anywhere, at any point in time and space, to get the answers to things we need answered to make this world a better place

posted on Oct, 23 2021 @ 03:04 AM
a reply to: Metallicus


Worth mentioning, regarding hearing sounds:

That I am an original musician

In these other realms and states, I often hear music from the future

Real songs. Clear enough that I am able to wake up and hum them into a voice recorder, so that I remember the basic structure, words and melody

Allot of these songs I hear are my own songs

It is rather strange to wake up, having heard one of your own songs in the future, that you haven't written yet

I've come to the conclusion from this, that I should only record the basics of the chorus and words that I remember, and not try exploit my future self any further than this

So that I let the song write itself organically, if/when it happens

So I'll write a song and go "Ohhhhh ... This is THAT song!"

Rather than try force the song to be written

But, I have heard, in great detail, songs by other artists that haven't been released yet

Studio quality songs by a friend of mine and her band

Songs that she has not written yet. But are definitely her band

A couple of times, I have use my voice recorded to record the basic melody and chorus (hook) of her songs

So that in the future, if/when she writes the song, I can show her

Or, possibly I end up writing the songs for her one day. As I often write music intended for other musicians, or in the style of other musicians. It is an ability I seem to have

Most interesting to me, with this phenomena of hearing real, fully developed songs and music, that I can wake up and document?

Is that I have at times heard original songs by bands that don't exist

One time in particular, I heard a song by Pantera, that was supposed to be on an album released, after they broke up

A song that never existed. But apparently, was supposed to have been as many Pantera albums released after Trendkill, as there were obscure releases before Cowboys

It seems, had Phil never injured his back. There would be allot more albums today

I've also been made aware of songs on existing albums by bands that were supposed to have existed, but don't

Such as there being missing tracks on albums like Guns and Roses "Appetite for Destruction"

It's hard to explain, but I know these tracks are supposed to exist. I'm certain of it

But for some reason, they aren't there
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posted on Oct, 23 2021 @ 04:52 AM
Those sound like intense Hypnopompic episodes. I've found if Inaccept them, it's rather entertaining.

posted on Oct, 23 2021 @ 04:56 AM
a reply to: Compendium

My goodness, you certainly have weird meditation and sleep cycles. I don't think it is anything to worry about though. Many buddhist practice yoga in the dream body during lucid dreams etc. From my understanding, certain chakra channels open during the dream state to allow people to experience shared conciousness with other entities. My experience with that state is limited. I can barely remember any dreams.

The state in which I use to meditate did not involve conciousness in itself. I'd meditate to point where there was no sensation of body or breath. Just exist as a watcher in a black viod where I remained for a couple hours, The only sensation I have ever experienced in that void is a massive big eye that appeared out of no-where. Literally scared me half to death. I high tailed it out of that void in no time. I am certainly not as brave as you.

Nobody WANTS any of it

People like belieiving their world view is truth. Your input threatens that truth. They don't like that,

Through refining this, I believe it is possible to tune-in to anyone, anywhere, at any point in time and space, to get the answers to things we need answered to make this world a better place

Yes agree it is possible to communicate in concious state with most people (some people are totally inert). But perhaps this world is like it is for a reason. If it were perfect we'd be less inclined to search for better worlds. Thus the beast in revelation stirs the pot for a reason. The waves in themselves causing positive outcomes from negative actions.

posted on Oct, 23 2021 @ 11:11 AM
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posted on Oct, 23 2021 @ 12:07 PM
I don't mind you posting or having an opinion Reaver,

You are welcome

I just won't argue on things that aren't worth getting upset over. I'll generally leave a conversation or ignore it, before I get upset, to keep the peace. So it's OK

I don't think these sort of things are worth getting angry or stressed out over




Though it definitely does have the qualities of a "Kundalini attack", the serpent that I feel wrapped around my spine that is attacking/healing me, seemed to originate from inside my pineal, so I'm not sure it qualifies as kundalini

If you have some insight into what it is that physically happening to me (though it is invisible), I would honestly love to know

Feeling it "hatch" in my pineal was one of the most painful things I'd ever experienced. I actually went to the hospital, but they were no help

The pain disappeared by itself. I felt a massive pressure building up in my head, then a painful "pop" in my pineal, and the pain was gone

Over the days and weeks following, it felt like a small snake was curled up in a ball, inside the pineal, in the back of my head. I could literally feel it coiling around inside

And every so often, it would venture out, and move down my spine, wrapping around it

It got bigger and bigger

I tried concentrating every down my spine to force it out, but it would just resist and retract back inside my brain to hide

Then one night, it felt like something invisible, sliced open the back of my throat from the inside, so that tentacles could push through the hole

It felt like an invisible octopus was pushing through the inside of my throat, to hang out my mouth and get some air

Like maybe the serpent or vine I felt growing inside me had multiple heads

Even though they were invisible, I could literally feel them coming out my mouth

In time, I started feeling these tentacles coming out all over my body

It was an unpleasant and violating feeling at times. I'd be in tears sometimes when they "come up for air". But I got used it

One night during a marathon meditation over many days, I tried forcing whatever it is down my spine and out of my body

I used my hands to focus all flow straight down my spine trying to force it out of me

Instead of going straight down my spine, it curved off to the right

It felt like it got lodged in a hole under my right shoulder blade

It didn't come back out

It didn't seem to move any more

I couldn't force it back up my spine, and I couldn't force it downwards

It was like it took an off-ramp from the freeway of my spine

And now it was stuck

I've had pain in my chest under my shoulder blade constantly, ever since

And over the past 8 years, this thing has grown MASSIVE

I could feel it getting bigger and bigger, every day

As it grew bigger, it felt like I had some type of tangled rope, through points in my body, that I couldn't pull out or untangle

Sometimes, I would feel it moving slowly through me and it was so painful, I can't even describe it

It feels like having an invisible thread through your ear, that goes down your throat

That magically disappears in the back of your throat

Then reappears in your chest. Goes over to your solar plex

Then disappears, to reappear coming through your other ear

That then goes to your heart

It was (still is) like having an infinitely long invisible vine/serpent wrapped through doorways in your body

Sometime I'll feel (for example) a loop slowly untangle, that is wrapped between my pineal and throat more than once

I'll feel relief as the end slithers out of my pineal, unraveling ...

To be pulled into a point in my throat, where it disappears

But then I'll feel the pressure return. And feel the end get pulled through a second time

It's wrapped through more than once

Sometimes it feels like I have an invisible tree branch being slowly pulled through my skull, the thread is so huge

I take codeine and I can still feel it

Last time this happened was without a doubt the most painful experience of my life. No painkillers could help, because it wasn't something physical in my body. Or at least that's why I think they didn't work

I've had Xrays, Catscans, MRI, Ultrasound. There can't find anything

If you or glend have any suggestions about how to untangle the serpent and get it the f@$k out of my body ... I would honestly love to hear them

It isn't so bad now as it used to be

Mainly because it has grown to a size that I would say is bigger than the Earth itself now, if not bigger

It is so big, I barely feel it move. Which is good, because no more pain

But, I still have the original pain in the right of my chest, where I think it is still connected

Sometimes, it literally feels like I have a second heart

I feel a throbbing in the opposite side of my chest to my heart, exactly where the pain always it, that feels like an invisible second heart

Enough that I question if this may be possible what is happening. I'm growing something physical, in the opposing unseen space to my physical heart

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give
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posted on Oct, 23 2021 @ 12:59 PM
a reply to: Compendium

I appreciate it. I deleted the comment because I wasn't sure I could handle the time constraint, one never knows. I try to measure how much I think I can take of circumstances that might lead to cataclysms online and such, but you seem like a mature sort, so thanks.

Actually funny you asked me that. I have been through similar. Doctors will tell you it is stress. Here's my opinion on what it is. Now that you describe the thing and its tentacles, I wouldnt call it an "attack" but maybe the presence of too much of?

You seem to be receiving a lot of information in pure form. This puts you in a state that conflicts with everything else around you. Your dreams manifest this. You are right in that most people wander around in a state of what can appear to look like blindness. They are unloving in their responses. I feel you. They will not tell you. You are a warrior trying to maintain/contain a certain force at odds with everything.

The problem is in your muscles with hyper vigilance. I received a masters touch kind of energy work session where they found all these extensions and touched them, and it pointed it out to me. That wont stop the surge of energy, but it will unwind things and teach you to realize that it is not an attack.

The energy is real, and it is a surge. I am glad you reached out to me. Believe it or not, despite the exterior, I have been through some things and understand more than I let on.

Energy workers are another thing you might have to look out for. Some of them might be frauds. I try not to wander into all of the lovely dovey peace and happy talk. This is a situation with points on your body where there are conflicts with how you are processing and managing this incredibly difficult act. It's very real. And it is not stress, but you have stress. I would like to assure you that it isnt cancer. It isn't physical but the situation is. I'm still glad you checked it out however. I have done the same although with me the symptoms seemed less like a separate entity.

I would watch out for any feelings that overcome you that might lead you to negative conclusions and try to check cynicism. But I will leave you to sort this out. But about the calming down the physical effects, meditate but for returning back to the world, not delving into the energy. Say: okay okay I've gone too far and breathe. Remove yourself from your bed and sit in a clean area drinking tea. Relaxing tea but not sleepy time tea. Try to breathe out the stress. Remind yourself, ironically that these things aren't real. I know that sounds funny, but you will instantly ground yourself to the pointless and mundane and perhaps find a little relief in th order. I've done the same dang thing. 😁..

I hope this helps. Sometimes internet # is inadequate. I appreciate your response. Thanks and (love) and peace, haha.....😁. .

posted on Oct, 23 2021 @ 03:53 PM
a reply to: TheReaversChain

I should probably add that it is "likely" not cancer, if you fear something, go get it checked out. ..Don't change anything about your routine when it comes to doctors for your health or nutrition due to anything I said, really not my area of expertise or my role in this particular instance.., just giving advice from a recounting of personal experience. Hope to talk to you later. Peace. 👍..
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posted on Oct, 23 2021 @ 04:32 PM
It sounds like you could have fun with whatever is happening to you. You could get laid with truly no strings attached. No fear of consequences. Life, death, or anything else carries no permanent commitments. Riding a motorcycle at two hundred miles an hour, no real danger. Cliff diving, no problem. uninhibited Sex, no problem.

Sounds like a dream vacation to me.

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posted on Nov, 14 2021 @ 10:07 AM
Love is the law, love under will. ...I see you like my friend Thoth! If you open doors, make sure you close 'em after you, eh...

posted on Nov, 14 2021 @ 06:07 PM
Doors of perception, zoning out, day dreaming, jhana that "devil" goes by many names


Those are the three marks of existence.

Whomever is "traveling" can be known or realized in the here and now as "not self" no need to panic like the book says as it is impermanent, trying to make it permanent only leads to suffering.

In the olden days people called such people prophets hoping to make a profit from whatever was seen... when it is wholly "alien" the two truths what gets called fantasy and reality... well to the dreamer it was real, to those hearing about the dream who knows? It can be faked... or otherwise known as absolute and relative "truth".

If one dies off the cushion rebirth is imminent... due to them transmigrating through various forms of life and matter to "spy". When one is seizing or the heart is sitting in there fluttering or palpitating one is having just that and close to death... so yonks and back they go, if it breaks (spoken of) but they being a hungry ghost or preta can get stuck as a ghost which is worse than being in a realm of hell always hungry and desiring but cannot be satiated and that hunger grows and grows and grows eventually filling another womb and off and off it goes as the previous families tears and memory or recall of them dry up.

Knowing the difference between guest and host is important... if someone has not physically invited you to their abode you are neither guest nor host so "vampire" for greed, hate, lust/desire for those usual suspects is a better term than prophet.

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posted on Nov, 16 2021 @ 10:14 PM
a reply to: Crowfoot

Truth can't be analyzed in the way you are suggesting

There is one truth. You exist

Everything beyond this, is open for debate

People mistake "understanding" with truth

You cannot define your own existence outside a relation to self, therefore it can't be said to be "truth". It is only ever, at best, relation to truth

It can't even be said to be a relative truth, because the nature of the one defined truth, is that it can only be subjectively considered. It is not, and cannot ever be considered related to truth

I'll simplify it:

I know I exist. This is the only truth

You know you exist. This to you, is the only truth

The primary truth

But, I cannot know for any certainty, that you actually exist, as I cannot know you as I know myself. At least not as anything more than a reflection of my own, as truth, which is the only thing I can know as truth

Likewise, if I am to consider you to be real, and true in your own sense of such, then you as yourself, cannot know for any certainty that I, or anyone else exists

Your truth, if such a thing exists, is, and can only be, yourself

Regardless, to both ends, you need consider and respect others, as if they to themselves are truth, as you are to your self

Whether or not they are real, is irrelevant

If they are, you need respect them as such

If they are not, they are still a reflection of the primary truth in self, in which case, once again, they need be respected, regarded and considered in such a way as you would regard self

As it is yourself you are regarding

The only time I have tried, intentionally, to connect with someone, it was with a female Christian friend of mine

I told her exactly what I had/have been experiencing and very specifically asked her permission to try sync with her in such a way

I made a point of specifying, that I would be trying to see and experience the worst things that ever happened to her

I did this to make it clear exactly how "intimate" the connection was/would be. That I would intentionally be looking for the darkest types of pains, she was likely not to share with many people, if any

My intention in doing this, was to see if I could somehow address any such pain I did find within her

I wasn't exactly sure at the time "how" I could take away, or lessen such pains. But something told me I could

I had literally mapped out a process of how the conscious and unconscious minds connected in cycles, trying to understand what was happening with me "experiencing" others as if they are my self

I worked out a pattern by which an active conscious should be able to sync within another's unconscious mind, in a similar way to how light fills shadow

A symmetrical pattern that aligns to both our number systems and how matter is formed

I tested this to various degrees, randomly in public, and it works

I could "fill the conscious slack" around strangers in public, to elicit reaction

Fill the negative around someone with your conscious attention towards them, then actively focus your conscious attention away from them, whilst still paying attention peripherally to how they react

Almost every time, it would draw their attention and focus to me

Sometimes a little too well

I think how well they react can be broken down to specifics like the persons exact age and alignment (birthday etc)

So I know the the model of visualisation works

Really well

Sometimes it works so well, that I find myself doing it unintentionally

I think about how I was cheated out of something special from a store, and the manager then tells me about how they were supposed to offer "double" of that special at the time, but he wasn't aware

It is as if he is apologising, for something "unfulfilled", that he is saying (without realising he is doing it) he would have fulfilled, if he could have

It comes across very deliberately and perfectly, as if he is very literally, telling me he wishes he could have helped

It goes even further than this though

Because he is talking about something he doesn't even know as fact. Something "he heard"

Which means, he is going out of his conscious mind to deal in the realm of unknowns, or possibly even lies, to accommodate a conscious connection of thought

One that I didn't even mean to make

He ends up standing there uncomfortably trying to justify something he is saying, that he is unsure of, that he seems to regret bringing up while he is talking. Like he doesn't know why he mentioned it

Which then makes me feel instantly bad for him, recognising what I triggered, unintentionally

I end up telling him what I was thinking about prior, and assuring him that I am happy, as if to close off the unintentional connection and put his mind at ease

So the connection definitely works

I understand how it works. I just don't understand how to actively sync to view, feel, think and sense through another by choice, so that I am them, in their body

This only ever seems to happen unintentionally. I can't choose it

So I asked my friend if I could try on her, with the intention of seeking out her darkest pains and hopefully help her somehow

Though I did not tell her I planned to try help. I made a point of not telling her my intentions whatsoever. So if she gave me permission, I knew it would be because she trusts me

She gave me permission

But I couldn't connect with her

It was strange. Because not only couldn't I connect to her. I couldn't even sense her

It was like there was nobody there. Or she didn't actually exist

Normally, I think about people, I can sense them there

With her in this situation, I literally felt nothing

Though I could sense her at other times

I'm not sure what this means exactly, but I think it is because I'm trying to tap into something much bigger

There is a much deeper connection being afforded, in a longer sense, across time, relating to her, that I am yet to see

I don't think it is because she isn't there, or I can't connect

But because the mechanisms of how I'm coming to understand all these is temporarily "blocking" me

"The phone line is engaged", so to speak

I think the fact I could not feel her at all, means I will likely come to have the ability to sync with her as clearly as if I were her

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