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The dumbest and most boring subject ever but one which just has me WTFing

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posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 03:06 AM
So I’m not ready to talk about what I came to ATS for 10 years ago I still don’t see how I could possibly see it without being labeled a liar or a storyteller he’s looking for attention. Although I will say in the news lately there’s been things dip into that subject and I’m wondering if I won’t get my answer soon. But for now how about something that’s really kind of meaningless in comparison.

I have a flashlight that I would marry I love it. It doesn’t use batteries it’s just rechargeable with a USB cord and it was five dollars or something it only has one downside and that’s it last for about seven or eight minutes then it fades and by about 10 minutes it is absolutely dead. Well I just the other day I needed to use it because my microscope light went out so I taped it to the bottom of my microscope facing up just going through the microscope hole. I went to bed and I noticed the next morning I had left it on so I went to turn it off but I thought headin I’m just gonna leave it on and see how long it goes. I knew already that this was quite a lot longer than I was used to.

I just turn it off a few minutes ago. It had officially reached 168 hours one week seven days. Am I way to think there’s something strange about that I mean there’s not more loss of the battery just because you’re walking around with it in your hand the heat from your hand doesn’t take the battery and zap it you’re moving about doesn’t take any of the battery away I’ve never heard of that phenomenon so is this weird or am I just totally making something of something totally normal that I just am on aware of?

I want you you would find no mystic information esoteric knowledge or answers to life in this thread. For some reason I just wanna know it’s important to me it just has me really scratching my head.

posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 03:20 AM
a reply to: AlexandrosTheGreat

I enjoy hearing about strange little oddities in life. I have no explanations for this one.

I don't think many here would label you a liar, no matter how far down the rabbit hole.

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posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 03:25 AM
a reply to: AlexandrosTheGreat

I have a flashlight that I would marry I love it. It doesn’t use batteries

I read that sooooo wrong lol.

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posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 05:29 AM
Tapped to an energy source, maybe induction, conduction, whatever, maybe?

posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 05:48 AM
a reply to: AlexandrosTheGreat

Alright now tell us what brought you to ATS and maybe we can put two and two together. Cmon, you can do it.

posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 06:28 AM
Strange story. Too bad you couldn't figure it out and make batteries live forever.

When I was a kid and had a small microscope, I'd used a bright table lamp or flashlight to light up the slide. I discovered that you could shine the light onto the specimen instead of through it and see the surfaces of the cells and things, like an electron micrograph at low magnification. I never understood why they didn't do that with microscopes and always had you look through things to see inside instead of the outside details.

They should have a light that does that, move into position to shine on the surfaces and with different colored filters so you don't need to stain the specimen (if that can work, like laser light maybe).
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posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 11:52 AM
a reply to: AlexandrosTheGreat

Sounds like wireless power transfer - WiTricity and you have just proved you don't need fancy tech to do it.

posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 12:30 PM
Was it cold or hot in that room?

posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 02:11 PM
What's the light source? A bulb, LED? Try and replicate the experiment leaving it where it was, then leave it somewhere else. Very intriguing.

posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 03:45 PM
did the torch have a bear metal contact with the microscope?
what voltegde is the microscope?
is there a trancformer in or near by the microscope?
how far from any wifi. that includes and thing that torks with it.
as they send wifi back and forth.
what voltege is the torch?

can you try to put the torch near the microscope
and see if it lasts 1 hours. microscope switch on, with dead bulb.

You may have a odd torch that can leach of wifi and or elctric feilds.

I have a long strip of leds in my bed room.
when I turn it down two of the bulbs still glow.
they made it To good.
THEY dont want us to have Very cheat power!

sorry about my spelling.
can the Retards focuse Only on my spelling.

posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 03:46 PM
a reply to: AlexandrosTheGreat

Wish I knew.

My neighborhood experienced a blackout once while I was in the shower.

My son wasn’t home, and I was a little scared. As I was slowly getting out of the shower, the lights in my bathroom came back on. I was psyched til I realized everything else was still out; I checked out the window and my neighborhood was completely dark.

That was freaky. I now have lanterns that are easily accessible.

posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 03:52 PM
Interested in the battery type, if theres liquid in it, could be the angle that you left it was just prime setting for the battery.

There isnt much to these flashlight circuits, lets tear it apart and figure it out!

Pics please!!

posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 04:21 PM
a reply to: AlexandrosTheGreat

No answer but a great and baffling story.

Similar to this, we had a child’s electronic keyboard, purchased second hand from a boot fair years ago with batteries in place, that still worked years and years later on the same batteries and my son used it quite a bit even very often leaving it turned on for days. It was still working when we finally gave it away a few weeks ago. I’ve had digital clocks last less, many small toys last less time than this. I reckon it was powered by fusion or something 🤣

posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 07:50 PM
a reply to: AlexandrosTheGreat

you may not have much longer to wait for full disclosure. 10 years is long enough.

posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 08:10 PM
I wouldn't waist any time thinking about this unless I could test the flash light my self.

posted on Oct, 19 2021 @ 11:17 PM

originally posted by: AlexandrosTheGreat
I just wanna know it’s important to me it just has me really scratching my head.
The only person who can really know anything meaningful about the flashlight is the person in possession of said flashlight who can perform various tests and experiments on it, and at the moment that person is you, so it doesn't make much sense for you to ask anybody else.

If you really want to know more about it, perform more experiments, in different conditions, and see what's repeatable and what's not, while you try to control as many variables as possible.

People in this thread have speculated about picking up wireless energy from the environment, but you haven't told us enough about the flashlight to determine if such speculation is warranted or not. Most flashlights can't do that, but until we have more details about your flashlight (make? model? circuit diagram? ) we can't really say what it can or can't do.

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