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The Crystal Sphere. Contemplating the possibility that we live in a fully illusory environment.

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posted on Oct, 17 2021 @ 07:27 AM

I wrote a thread recently which can be read here: Welcome to Ship_World. Were we transported here through a disphasic quantum mirror & WHY?

In that thread I put forward the possibility that we are living in a built environment, rather than the truly 'organic' planetary environment, the planet which can be found in the 'Prime Universe', as I referred to it. I was positing in that thread that our world is not a planet, as we understand the concept of a planet, but rather it is a complex, fully simulated environment, which extends across a vast platform, potentially accommodating several layers of what amounts to a totally 'flat Earth'.

I referred to it as a 'Ship_World', because of ideas based on the concept elucidated in 'The Chaos Chronicles' novel series written by sci-fi author Jeffrey A. Carver. In those books, a complex & vast world is described in which races from around the galaxy are abducted from their home worlds & deposited in a vast 'Type 1' galactic level mega-engineering spaceship, which has a surface area many times the size of the original surface area of the planet Earth, located outside of the Milky Way galaxy in the organic 'Prime Universe'.. Naturally, adventures unfold, with the heroes utilising their newly discovered knowledge of the 'Ship World' & 'chaos theory' as it is known in Cosmology, to facilitate their successful completion of certain missions, using the Ship World as a base of operations for those missions.

Maintaining that concept - that the world we live in is an artificially built environment, we can take it even further & say that in actual fact, not only is this world a potential Type-1 civilisation mega-engineering project, but in actual fact it is fully a simulation based upon the incredibly rich texture of computer code which provides for the apparent solid reality of everything which exists here. How would such a simulation become extant in such a manner? It would need to be 100% a holographic projection. Holograms are projected into 3D spacetime from the area a 2D planar surface, and indeed, in the case of providing a world which appears to be spherical, within a solar system, within a galaxy, within a galactic cluster (etc), then such a hologram would be etched onto the flat interior surface of a spherewithin the volume of the sphere, to be struck with laser light in a certain manner, such that the projection extends within the volume of the sphere. In order for this to occur, the sphere onto which the etching is applied, through which laser light must be able to pass, would by necessity be a crystalline sphere, and it would by necessity be large enough for simulated photons, electrons, quarks & leptons, atoms & molecules (etc) to be present at their proper scale. This means that the entire volume of the sphere must be estimated at least as large in terms of diameter as the entire width of the total 2D surface of the Earth if laid out on a flat plane. The stars & planets seen beyond the apparent low earth orbit range of our planet would be a clever holographic 'trick of the light', with the depth of field being evident to be a convincing illusion, a sort of hologram in itself..

The Sun & Moon (& the infamous Black Sun, the additional & apparently hidden dark mirror projection of the central star of our Solar System, only visible during Solar Eclipses - I won't go into the details here) would be plasmic projections, accomplished using weird/ exotic geometry constructs to make it appear that we are orbiting the Sun, and that the Moon is orbiting the Earth. Outside the Crystal Sphere, at the Northern Pole, it is possible to witness the faint visible orbits of large planetoid spheres, orbiting above/ beyond the Ship_World system, likely having some advanced technological or 'magical' function, preventing unauthorised egress from the world itself perhaps. By observing the image in my avatar, you can see a representation of a sorceror/magician penetrating the veil of the external crystal sphere, beyond the extent/height of the illusory firmament above/beyond the confines of Ship_World, and you can see a representation of those orbiting spheres, which do not seem to be planets or stars in the traditional snese - instead, they seem more akin to components within a mechanical device,moving along tracks which circumnavigate the Crystal Sphere system in toto. This would only make sense if we are indeed living within a remarkably complex & effective (yet illusory) machine - which is capable of perfectly simulating Reality as observed by all conscious entities throughout Ship_World.

It is therefore my contention that, as with the image in my current avatar, we are not living in as complex organic creatures within an 'organic', 'Prime Universe' - instead, we are living as information fields within a complex technological device, the purpose of which is to act as a 'Reality Generator', enabling us to live our lives in a complex & richly textured environment, which is nonetheless entirely illusory, nothing more than a computer simulation of the multiverse in which we supposedly live. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing, and indeed, despite the inorganic nature of the environment, we can say with certainty that our souls - the complex informational fields which are evidence of our existence, which persist beyond the death of the physical body (attested by countless testimonials regarding clear evidence for the persistence of consciousness after the body dies - even during life, in 'astral projection', for example) will always persist beyond death. Indeed, we are casually aware that events such as reincarnation are evident in this Universal Matrix Generator within which we persist, again, with countless testimonials that this is the case.

The Crystal Sphere, therefore, is internally etched, struck with laser-like light, projected into 3D space, with complex code supporting the simulated effect of (for instance) gravity, a component of the rich texture mapping within the self-referential system supporting the notion that effects of both macro & quantum levels of nature are simulated with sufficient realism within the system, with ourselves joining the simulation as unique 'tabula rasa' conscious entities at our birth, with most memories of former lives being totally removed, or processed into the deep subconscious archive of the brain's systems, making us human individuals with vast & entirely open potential for development into unique personalities, entering the world as integral components of the system which must operate within the rules of the system. In this context then, it becomes evident that our responsibilities as integral components in a closed system are vastly important - every step we take has an impact on all other components within the system in which we dwell, with unavoidable repercussions affecting the progression of our soul throughout the journey (our soul is an informational field, which cannot be destroyed in a 'somputer' which has near-infinite processing power & speed) - some repercussions are slow, some are fast (the laws of physics & spiritual laws of 'karma', for example..)


posted on Oct, 17 2021 @ 07:27 AM
However, despite the simulation/ Ship_World we occupy being highly powerful & capable of processing data at near-infinite speed, there are in fact limits to this world, which are limits in its manifestation of space & time - limits which categorically could not occur in the Prime Universe, I believe. This is because the Prime Universe depends on the natural ability of GOD to project/create the Prime Universe from nothing, with literally infinite processing power & speed. Therefore, at the tiniest scales, information fields would continue to reduce in size & extension in time to infinite minutiae of such measurement which simply cannot be limited in any way by the need of processing power & speed.

In Ship_World, conversely, the tiniest scale events/extensions in time cannot be processed at infinite levels, because the Crystal Sphere's capabilities are limited by the processing power & speed of a manufactured device (the Reality Matrix/Crystal Sphere itself). The tiniest limits of space & time are known as the Planck length, and the Planck time.

Reality within the Crystal Sphere is therefore 'pixellated', constructed using units of measurement for space & time which have cut-off limits, demonstrating clearly that there are limits to the scaling of the Reality we occupy, demonstrating thereby unequivocally that we occupy a limited Matrix Simulation, rather than an organic world in which we would benefit from infinite processing & time measurement. This applies whether a world is considered to be a real planet in an open system universe, or a tangibly & objectively real simulated universe beyond the sphere, yet with a real world enclosed within a tangibly real crystal sphere which itself then projects information which is a true representation of the universe beyond the Crystal Sphere, an inverted hologram which makes apparent a real depth of perception when looking out at what appears to be an apparently unbounded universe beyond the sphere.

The reason for such a n act of constrainment, whether in an objectively real world, or a nested simulation world, would be quite simply to prevent the egress from this world of certain fallen entities, preventing them from accessing the universe beyond. Indeed, this is accurately described in Scripture as the constrainment of the Devil (Lucifer) & the angelic beings who rebelled with him, and later, the Watcher angels who rebelled & came to the Earth for the purposes of participating in sexual unoin with human women, an action which was deeply set in opposition to the appropriate station, role & function of those Watchers as Angels within the structure of Heaven's angelic orders, who were supposed to monitor & support the growth & development of Humanity from their birth into relative innocence (despite the Fall, instigated by Lucifer, for which the original constrainment was applied)

However, in our present situation, we could be living in an 'ancestor simulation', whereby in the Prime Universe we are not objectively viewed as 'real' creatures, to be born, to live & die in a 'real' universe, in which thereby in actual fact we exist as simulated beings within a technological device which simulates a version of the Real World , even if this particular world which is technically of no objective purpose or consequence, at least not to the evil powers which dominate & largely control it.

Thankfully, even as simulated entities, we are of value to the Creator of the Prime Universe/ Multiverse, who is infinitely capable of calling each of us by name, spending time with each of us, knowing enough about us that He can number the hairs on our head, telling us which have retained their colour & which have turned grey over the years. Not even a sparrow falls, even in a simulated/ simulated/ simulated/ simulated/ simulated/ simulated universe within a Prime Universe, without the original, Prime Creator being aware of it, and He is concerned for all of us, offering us infinite opportunities to seek & find Him,with "..many mansions in my Father's House" available in the realms beyond the original Prime Universe, accessible if we follow His straightforward edicts & instructions ("..for my yoke is easy, my burden is light"), ("The Devil seeks to kill, steal & destroy, but I come to bring you liberty & a joyous life")

By following Christ we can be liberated from however many layers of the Matrix we may be confined within, or the pathway of multiple karma-induced lifetimes we may otherwise be constrained to walk upon. If we seek & follow Christ in whichever life we may be living, the infinite Alpha & Omega is able to reach down into the recursive fractal Matrix of Matrices, causing His true light to be seen, providing that light for the path before our feet, no matter how deeply nested within the layered simulations we happen to be, to bless us with His radiant & 'Holy' Spirit - to secure us in His presence & to support us in His love, hiding us (" the shadow of His wings") from the evil powers which populate & dominate the darker elements of whatever reality we occupy.


God therefore always holds us closely, guiding & protecting us, even from the time when we were children, wherever there is no overt abuse which harms us (though even in such situations, God provides for reduced impact of the abuse*) - this is especially so if we choose to follow the example of Christ, even more so if we make a specific, living commitment to God through Christ. And the devout followers of other faiths, or belief systems of all types, are equally protected & guided through their lives, because God looks at the heart, NOT the external circumstances. This is the reason that "follow Christ or burn in Hell" evangelism is ridiculous, evil & dangerous. 'Not looking at the external circumstances' includes paying no heed to whichever belief system one chooses to practice, if your heart is in the right place - something measured in God's eyes alone (though Christ is the supreme ideal where possible).

* However, a very important point connected to the question of evil in this world.. This world is a partial aspect of Death & Hell, and unfortunately the power of free will, wonderful in its intended ramifications, can be misused to the point that children & other vulnerable people can be abused horribly. Because free will must be allowed to run its course in order for Humanity to be truly free, so that individuals can operate in creative & caring ways, is that there is always a risk that such things will happen. Crucially, we cannot blame God for such events, because if we take any form of that viewpoint, we are literally nihilists calling for an end to all life - because without free will, wondrous in most manifestations of its potential, we are utterly servile - robots, in fact. I became aware of an awful situation within the church at which I had been 'born again' in 2002, wherein 3 paedophiles had managed to infiltrate the community of 3,000 members (a community-style church where believers lived together in large 'families' in various households of differing sizes, scattered around the English countryside surrounding a couple of major cities). This tiny handful of paedophiles caused significant trauma to some children within the community, as they had been trusted to be around the children because they had hidden their true intentions behind a facade of good Christian faith & participation in community life for years.


posted on Oct, 17 2021 @ 07:28 AM
Even worse, when the behaviour finally came to the attention of some of the leaders, the information was suppressed, the persons involved were not handed over to the police straight away as they should have been, because the leadership was trying to prevent a scandal. After the information was leaked, the entire community was rocked by the devastating news, several thousand immediately left the community, and the nascent faith of many true believers was shattered by the revelations, who were decrying Chritianity as a whole, who were demanding an explanation as to how God could have allowed it to happen..

As for myself, for several months I kept coming back to the disastrous affair in my mind, and it absolutely rocked my sense of having had a solid Christian foundation for my spiritual walk. As the scandal deepened, and a police investigation was launched, and a support group began lashing out at churches in general, loosening their tensions of many unhappy years within the community - even those who weren't abused in any way -it made for a devastating outcome, and like many others I couldn't fathom "how God could let it happen".. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that in all aspects of church & community life, we must be vigilant, 'subdue[ing] the Earth' & making ourselves master over the circumstances which surround the organisations we are a part of, taking full responsibility for every potential area of weakness which might affect the foundation & construction of our church communities.

God didn't let it happen - we did, and it served as a stark lesson to the wider Christian community throughout the United Kingdom, that we all must ensure that our houses are in order before we enquire of God regarding the reasons for such things having taken place. We are to "[F]ill the Earth & subdue it", and one of the implications of that primary divine edict, issued within the first few sentences of the Book of Genesis in the Bible, is absolutely to sound a clarion call which will ensure that we are masters of the places & circumstances within & through which we operate, whether as private citizens, or as members of civic communities &/or spiritual collectives.

Cheers, FITO.

posted on Oct, 17 2021 @ 08:14 AM
The scariest truth is that we truly don't know what the f# we're on and what reality actually is. Everything is just theories basically but people want to ignore this truth because it's too hard to accept and this would lead a lot of people to give up on life I'm sure. Look into Jewish Kabbalah aka Gematria. It shows there's 100% some sort of code literally EVERYWHERE. People believe it's a ritualistic esoteric code used by The Powers That Shouldn't Be but I feel like they're allowing us to believe in that red herring and that the truth is that we and everything in reality is coded.
Thanks for this type of thread, more people should be talking and also admitting that reality is crazier than we've been told.

posted on Oct, 17 2021 @ 11:23 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Death and injuries causing permanent disfigurement / loss of limb(s) seem real enough……

posted on Oct, 17 2021 @ 11:36 AM
a reply to: DarkestConspiracyMoon

Thanks for the bold response - to be honest, I used to suffer true existential terror & dread when contemplating such potentially 'nuts' cosmological shenanigans, despite having formerly strong faith & a belief system which had brought me through thick & thin. It was around the time of the rise of the Simulation Theory, then the Mandela Effect, and the sudden maelstrom of 'Flat Earth' theorising, in the midst of which I came to realise that despite all of these concepts being ridiculed by the mainstream 'debunkers' (such as those classy & obviously highly qualified fact checker folk over at - I no longer felt that I could trust what the mainstream was telling me about the Reality we lived within. I began to experience a growing dissonance, in that I had always held to my faith unwaveringly, but now, it seemed to be fraying at the edges, even though I was certain in my actual relationship with God that God was indeed goo, holy, on my side, rooting for me to get through it - but I couldn't fathom why there were so many inconsistencies & anomalies in what should have been straightforward matters.

Such as, for goodness sake, just turn that satellite/ telescope around & point it back at the Earth, and show me an undoctored image of the globe floating in space! Why did both Google & NASA admit to using CGI in their imagery of the Earth? Why were there so many different 'versions' of what the Earth looks like from space? Or equally, why did there seem to be so much fakery in the ISS footage? From underwater tanks to canny harnesses to disappearing/fade out astronauts, to green screens & tennis balls, to ridiculous alleged 'anti-gravity hair' on the female astronauts (**cough, cough - industrial strength hairspray, cough**)

I realised that there was a ridiculous song & dance unfolding with regards to the space programs - why had they 'lost' the original tapes of the Apollo lunar missions? Why was the technology used to get us to the Moon destroyed? Why were the original photographs lost? Why was the resolution of the Clementine lunar images reduced on purpose? Why did it seem that there was obvious obfuscation of structures on the Moon? And so it went on. Until I realised that 'something' may have happened, at 'some point' (potentially involving paradoxes of retroactive causality/ time travel). Ultimately, I began to consider the Mandela Effect, the Simulation Theory, and Flat Earth Theory as different parts of a continuum of weirdness which simply wouldn't let up. No matter how hard I tugged at that loose thread, it just kept getting longer & longer, more & more tangled.

I would spend nights awake worrying about the apparent darkness which the world had become, finding that my once 'buttoned-down' conspiratorialist's view of the world (there were structures on the Moon & Mars, there may be something to those Hollow Earth legends) was suddenly flipped upside down (the Moon & Mars are not planetoids/ planets, they are plasmic projections, shadows of what once existed, all part of a simulation within some sort of a crystal sphere, meaning we haven't gone back to the Moon, and we haven't ventured out to Mars, simply because the world changed at some indefinable point in our recent history, and we seem to have been transported through a disphasic quantum mirror into an alternative Reality, one which is nested within potentially many more Simulated Universes, one which does not operate in accord with the qualities of the Earth we once knew, or the memories which we once had, and potentially (this is the one that scared me) we were no longer 'organic' spiritual beings, that somehow we had been converted into a computer-encoded informatics structure, a literal field of information in holographic form, rather than organic particles (I already held stock in the holographic universe theory before all the weirdness began, per Dr Michael Talbot et al, but this new Reality seemed to be a totally digitised verion, in which quite possibly our souls no longer existed as they once did.

Thankfully, after a period of time, I was blessed with the discernment, and dreams which clarified aspects of my discernment/intuition, regarding the very factual existence of our soul field, as a form of informational construct in which information of all types is never lost, and that even in the so-called 'Prime Universe' which had us there with our organic bodies, soul & spirit, was basically exactly the same, in terms of our souls being represented as a field of pure information - every thought, memory, event which formed us, friends we knew, lovers we spent our lives with - everything is still preserved, and I came to be absolutely certain that God - the PRIME CREATOR of the original organic universe/s - was perfectly able, as an infinitely powerful being, to convert digitised information back into organic information, bringing us out of this somewhat less wondrous 'digital' universe/reality, causing us to be found once again in the Prime Universe's Heavens once we are done with this world & the 'silver cord is loosed'. Our subconscious, our connection to the collective unconscious - none of that is lost. It's the same if you get Alzheimer's as an elderly person.. The information of your entire life is preserved in your soul field, such that even if your brain begins to deteriorate in old age, once you cross over to the other side (& likely also in your nocturnal dreams), you will still be the same person you had been at the prime of your life, before you became unwell in a physical sense. That realisation gave me a great deal of comfort, and I truly believe that everything I've said here is absolutely 100% factually true, in terms of the preservation of the soul, the ability to connect with the true Creator despite being trapped in an apparent digitised world..

There's a great movie which resonates strongly with my thoughts on such issues - I didn't take my ideas from this movie, but it augmented my beliefs on the importance of helping to be constructive in whatever world you happen to find yourself, that even in a simulation sentient life is important & should be valued above all other considerations.. The movie is named Source Code - I highly recommend it. The operational name they use in the movie is 'Beleagured Castle', which absolutely speaks to this concept of being under existential assault, under a mentally stressful siege perpetrated by powers which are beyond our understanding at times, that we ourselves are beleagured, that our inner world is operated from this castle construct, our psychological makeup, the many rooms & corridors of the subconscious mind which is sometimes frustratingly inaccessible, with an assault so forceful & overwhelming, existentially challenging, that one could easily consider oneself to be truly 'beleagured'. The conclusion of the movie is optimistic & quite wonderful, and indeed, after having swung around all the houses trying to figure out these existential feelings of dread, of being under the weight of an onslaught that I couldn't even rationally understand, let alone process & integrate - eventually my own conclusions have found resonance in the concept explored in that movie.

I hope this post has helped to flesh out the OP, explaining integration of world/psyche over time in my own case. Godspeed in your own personal journeys..


posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 04:59 AM
Not sure it is full illusory but the illusion elements are definitely there.
We are stuck in a time loop.
Albeit a magical one that has become somewhat of a night mare for many.
I think there are also beings frozen in time.
Unsure of alignment.

posted on Oct, 18 2021 @ 08:00 AM
I think we already have enough false reality psychological disinformation operations in play.

I think between flat-earth, hollow-earth, simulation theory, holographic universe, and electric universe, we're good. Do we really need to dumb down, or divide the population any further?

However, whomever is funding these deceptions would likely disagree with me, and potentially could offer you money to spread your new flavor a false reality, complete with psychological deceptions and manipulations, of course. The more destructive you are to humanity, will likely determine how well you get paid.

Focus on what is real, can be known, and worked with. You know that the subconscious connects us to the spiritual realm. You probably also realized that everything is connected and in a sense One.
Those are good truths that can be worked with.
Unfortunately, liars and disinformation people will use good, helpful knowledge like this to gain people's trust before trying to deceive and manipulate them. Understanding what I just said, can be extremely helpful to developing one's discernment of what is true.
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