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What's your religious experience?

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posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 04:05 PM
What are your stories of religious experiences!? Whatever your story I'd love to hear it!

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 04:38 PM
a reply to: misterE12

Talk about kicking a hornets nest ...

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 04:47 PM

originally posted by: misterE12
What are your stories of religious experiences!? Whatever your story I'd love to hear it!

It's against the TandCs to talk about it. Let's just say it was "shamanistic" in the bowels of the Sonoran desert.

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 04:54 PM
God is a lie,
we made him up for money!

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 04:59 PM
Well, 'demons' or people affiliated with demons, paranormal and/or highly-technologic experiences.
Also known as schizofrenic disorder. But trust me, it's demons and satan worshipping people.

People with a tattoo of a demon on their arm, talking about how his dad is with the Hell's Angels, then later I'm just lying in my bed, chilling and suddenly a picture of the same demon flash on my TV screen. Ofcourse I panic and go full psychotic, that's the only legit reaction you can have to such a revelation. (You think: If they can control the TV what else can they do?)

This demon tattoo had teeth like: Metallica Skull Logo

Those large, pointy and odd teeth, but what was even more bizarre is that the actual person with the tattoo also had these beast-like teeth, wasn't human at all.

I will be dismissed as a psychotic. But I will keep telling it like it is. I've had many weird experiences and am pretty sure not all 'people' we see are actually human.

People looking at me as if they only have one emotion and that is pure hatred, he wasn't just looking really angry, he hated everything about me and if he could kill me with his look then that would been the way how to do it.

Dunno what's so special about me, but they don't like me.

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 05:38 PM

originally posted by: asabuvsobelow
a reply to: misterE12

Talk about kicking a hornets nest ...

I've heard about the snake handlers but hornets is a new one on me.

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 06:35 PM
I really have no stories to tell except that those experiences cannot be easily conveyed by mind. Its more expansion of being that is not confined to ones local mind. However talking about that can empower egotism which is directly compromises attainment of spirituality. So those far more advanced than myself are far less likely to say anything that may endanger your own path,

All I can say is if you have a strong desire to experience spiritualism then the means to do so will open to you.

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 06:36 PM
A Suddenly Susan moment where existence is transformed from meaninglessness to intense meaningfulness. No angels or gods illuminating a wasteland and beckoning on with a promise of salvation. The mundane transformed into the sacred. The urge to let go and fall deeper and deeper. Falling and then the sudden fear of losing the known.

Fragments of a pop song drift across the park in the afternoon breeze.....

“You don't know what's going on

You've been away for far too long

....You're out of touch my baby

My poor discarded baby

I said, baby, baby, baby, you're out of time

Well, baby, baby, baby, you're out of time

I said, baby, baby, baby, you're out of time

You are left out, out of there without a doubt

'Cause baby, baby, baby, you're out of time..."

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 07:14 PM
a reply to: misterE12

Right no one on here knows who I am and I have nothing go gain by making anything up and if I want to do that I do it in the short story's section so given that let's begin, fact only.

As a very young boy maybe about 3 or 4 years of age I was playing with a Matchbox (brand of toy's they were small die cast cars) toy car in the back garden of our house on a housing estate called Eskbank in the town of Skelmersdale in Lancashire England, it was a five bedroom end of terrace house on a row with only three houses the other two being three bedroom houses near to the top of the estate (going uphill that is), while I was playing sitting on a row of concrete flags that ran under the living room window next to the garden fence with my toy car on the balding grassless worn part of the lawn were I always played with my car I froze, I can not explain the situation other than it was like being forced to just sit and pay attention.

A hissing asthmatic voice that in my later life I would liken to a wheezy or asthmatic sounding old man whispering spoke into my right ear and said the following.

"Poor Poor (My name) you are going to have such a terrible bad sad life I feel so very sorry for you, I'll tell you what GIVE ME YOUR SOUL and I will give you a wonderful wonderful life My name is Satan", I screamed feeling it was BAD for lack of a better word and shouted NO! running into the house as fast as my little leg's would carry me the short distance to the back door which as a child seemed an awful lot further than the short steps it would take an adult to walk from were I was sitting and as I ran into the back door I seemed to forget it, besides I was too small to tell my mum what had just happened and would have garbled it anyway".

After this my elder Sister Jeanette (Whom had played with a Ouija board one of her friends had owned I later found out in the garden shed which was just a few feet from where I had been sitting) went completely off the rails, she was stealing from her mother and roped in my other sister Lynn and brother Terry whom was just four years older than me, now my mother was a disabled woman whom was also a single parent and to make enough money to look after her kid's she had to resort to using her Motability (A scheme in the UK - government charity) that helps disabled people by giving them a car if they are mobility impaired which my mother was though she was dreadfully ashamed of being disabled and forced herself to do things an able bodies person would not attempt, strong woman,. She used her car as an informal Taxi, not a licenced taxi but word of mouth and she did not charge those whom knew here but relied on there good will so they would give her some money now and then and word of her spread to a few people around Liverpool so that one day she was asked to take a Priest, catholic whom had escaped Chile were he was from and his family had been murdered by Pinochet's junta, to Scotland, he stayed in a spare room the night as my mother had to drive all day in her tiny British Leyland mini to take him there the following day, he had escaped Chile aboard a cargo ship disguised as a member of the crew and was also a Doctor, when he saw me he told my mother that I was very ill and that he had seen it before recommending her to give me Chocolate as it was full of calcium and some other things that he believed would help me, she drove him up to Edenborough in Scotland were he was taken in by the Church whom had a Vatican passport ready for him since he had entered the UK at the time by jumping ship and staying with priests in Liverpool.

sounds a bit Disjointed I know but he blessed the house and for a time it was safe there so the evil that Jeanette had unleashed was banished for a time though I had another experience were a gaunt thin man appeared out of thin air while I was playing at the side of the house some time later and charged at me hissing "Now I got you - you little bastard", on that occasion I ran back to the door and shouted through the letter box for my mum and it was as if a gust of wind picked me up and almost flew me there, my mother was always telling us to put our coats on or we would catch pneumonia and not knowing WHO pneumonia was I thought it was a bad man so I was shouting through the letterbox frantically "Pneumonia's going to catch me and crying in fright".

I had lots of other experiences as a child but too many to recount here but I did encounter evil in people with no paranormal needed, my mother had to go into hospital and Jeanette was playing truant in school so she was also causing my mother legal problems with my mother having to go to court to explain why her daughter (A teenager at the time) was not showing up at school, Jeanette was leaving the house for school every morning but was instead hanging with a bad crowd and she became a truly wicked person herself whom in later life tried to poison her mother.

On this occasion when my mother had to go into hospital for two week's she had to go to the Social Service department and ask for a temporary placement for me, this was before I had the previously mentioned experience but may be worth mentioning, I was put with a foster family whom already had an older boy and at the time I was about two years of age, at the time I could not understand but was crying for my mother all the time, the woman was kindly but once she left the room the man would become like a monster, on several occasion she put me into a high chair even though it was a bit small for me but with hindsight I think this was part of there routine to break my spirit then the man would tell the older boy whom was maybe six years of age to punch me, being only two and stuck in a high chair I could not even defend myself but I think they though they had me longer than they did as when my mother got out of hospital she demanded me back and so they had to take me home, I had a number of large bumps and bruises on my head from this repeated routine while with those foster carers.

Move to the later in life, 1989 I Was 19 at the time and a person I thought was my best friend called Jude and his two cousin's John and Andy asked me to go with them to Snowdonia national park for a lads weekend, Jude talked me into it but in reality all he wanted was to make it cheaper for him and his cousins by getting another body to pay into the shared cost of the hut they had rented for the weekend, now this hut was a converted farm shed, a sheep shearers shed is what we would call it though it could have been anything and inside were a number of bunk beds, a kettle, small gas cooker, table and chairs and on one wall was a painting that looked like a stain I could not make it out. there was a notice board with thank you notes from many people to the farmer whom rented this hut out including police, soldiers and other ordinary people, we had planned to go up Mt. Snowdon itself but the weather turned on the first night there from bright and sunny to rain and heavy downpours, on that Saturday morning the field outside that had been jam packed with tent's and campers was empty by next morning with just two abandoned collapsed waterlogged tent's to show anyone had been there on the previous Friday night, we walked around with nothing to do other than explore, the one pub only had one woman whom was the barmaid whom was years older than us - continued on next comment

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 07:43 PM
I have several amazing stories about God making contact with me. Some were verified by others. They changed my life. I accepted Christ at 6. My mom came to me at 8 to tell me God spoke to her regarding me.
She did the same exact thing as Bathsheba did for her son solomon. I was choices as to what I wanted in this life. She explained all options. There were several. I selected wisdom, just as Solomon did.

She came to me again later, after God accepted my request.

He told her that he would be speaking to me in the future. He told her that Jeremiah 33:3 would describe and embody our relationship. She had me memorize it.
There were conditions. I was to walk with him.

Several supernatural things happened after that, but the most amazing was when I was 26. He spoke very clearly to me, and gave commands. It was confirmed by others. People around me were amazed, some even a bit jealous.

God moves in mysterious ways. He moves like the wind. He sees all things. Nothing is hidden from him.

Later in life I was in a terrible motorcycle accident. I was airlifted to a hospital and in emergency for 8 hours. Internal hemorrhaging. My liver and kidneys went offline. The hospital called my elderly parents after midnight, and said " we have your son here, he has been in a terrible accident, and is not expected to make it through the night. You must come here now to see him one last time".

My sisters and parents and friends began praying.
I was so weak. I was yellow due to my liver. Bilirubin was coming out of me, because of my kidneys. I was dying and everyone knew it.

The Holy Spirit came to me and caught me up in spirit. God took me high above the Earth. I was very clear and conscious of every single thing. I looked for my body, and it wasn't there. I knew I was in spirit. I was so far above the planet, that it was dark around me. I was allowed to fly as fast as I wanted, and that's what I did. It was so silent out there, and dark, the world below me. I went very fast. Twice as fast as a comet.1 full hour I was allowed to fly.

Then i was told it was time to go back. I flew down to earth so very fast. Thousands of miles an hour. Right down into the hospital. I hit the hospital bed so fast, and was amazed that it didnt even move an inch. I never lost consciousness. The nurses gathered around me and wanted to hear everything. My liver and kidneys immediately came back online. The doctor's were confused.

The doctor's sent me to specialist at Stanford, and he was amazed as well. He said I was bleeding profusely internally, and somehow it sealed up by itself. He also didnt understand why they didn't open me up in emergency. God didnt let them. He had other plans.

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 07:53 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

- continuation.

So we just pottered around but frustration and despite us having no proper gear having come in summer wear made Jude, John and Andy decide that we were going to go up Snowdon on the Sunday so in spite of the rain, low cloud and foul weather we went to bed that night each in our bunk to get rested for the next day, I could not sleep I just had a terrible foreboding, I know something bad was going to happen and in fact I knew that I WAS going to die there so I prayed to God and asked him to forgive me my sin's (what sin's has an unworldly mommy's boy 19 year old perpetrated? - only the small things never harmed anyone certainly, never stolen etc), to look after my Mother, Sister's and Brothers -

(Frankie the eldest of my mothers children I have still never met, different earthly father and he lives over in a place called Togher in Cork with a house called Stonehenge - he robbed our mother but in his defence his wife Marion is probably more to blame and his father my mothers first ex husband whom tried to kill her with poison and later strangulation is far more to blame - did not matter one iota to me though I prayed for him and as a young man I always wanted to meet my brother - not any longer though after how awfully badly he treated his own mother when she went to see him)

- for my friends and of course for my enemy's (well mostly just bullies I was a timid boy when younger and even at that age despite being a big lad - had to toughen up later in life).

So I was praying and accepted whatever God willed when I - how can I say this it was NOT with my ears and not in my head there was no sound yet it was penetrated all as if it was all around me, not like that wheezy vile thing I experienced as a child but huge, it never said whom it was but I FELT that it was GOD and it said this "Do not be afraid my Son this is neither the time nor the place", I actually cringed partially in terror and also like that sensation you feel when you feel all guilty but don't know why but was soon put into a deep, peaceful sleep despite myself.

The following morning we walked around the base of Snowdon to the small village/town where the Cog Railway that goes up the mountain begins and found our way onto the track following it's course up the mountain, after a goodly way's Jude said "I know a short cut follow me" and so we left the track to the left following what looked like an ill defined goat path through the screen and scrubby growth until we came to a narrowing ledge at the foot of a small cliff with a near vertical incline, Jude always able to climb anything and in better clothing than me but still not the proper gear (We had black plastic bin bag's on to make up for a lack of cagoul's and were dressed in jean's and sweaters with sneakers in my case a cheap pair with sponge souls I had bought cheaply at an army and navy store, they were definitely not walking let along climbing shoes), I was next after Jude and climbed but the rain was getting in my eye's and I could not see properly so I reached in error without three points of contact while free climbing this cliff in very inappropriate gear and grabbed what my blurred vision made me think was a rocky protrusion, it was in fact a clump of mossy growth that came away along with me and I fell backward at an angle of maybe 45 degrees backwards toward the bottom of the cliff, thankfully I was perhaps only a few feet up when I slipped but still had John and Andy not been there (and God whom had decided to take a hand in the matter and for which I am thankful) I would definitely have fallen off the tiny ledge, as it was John and Andy each caught one of my wrists and stopped me falling, John a big lad had such a tight grip he actually crushed the face of my sports watch and when they pulled me back upright they both looked as shocked as me.

But being young lads what did we do, Jude was already up so up I went again - more carefully of course - followed by John and Andy whom both climbed better than I could, we then walked up the very steep side of the top of the mountain and despite there being NO view to see in the clouds that covered the mountain creating a grey mist world in which you could see maybe six to twelve feet at best we visited the top of the mountain itself then made our way to the visitors centre and walked in asking for a cup of coffee soaking wet and dripping water everywhere much to the annoyance of one of the staff whom was busy mopping that floor already.

They said something in welsh that I would not hazard to translate but by the tone probably went something like this "Bloody idiot's what are they doing up the mountain dressed like that and in this weather".

We made it back uneventfully for the last night in the hut and as we walked into the hut that picture on the wall that had looked like a stain just seemed to jump out at me, it was clear and perfectly formed, it was a shepherd in a dark rob holding a lamb under the folds of it in one arm, another peeking out of the bottom of the robe and he was holding a crook with a small lantern his hooded head bowed so that his face was mostly hidden except for his beard with rain falling all around him.

Now I have sinned since that time so may God forgive me but that is up to him, I am sorry for my failings and still thankful he gave me the chance he did despite them, Jude later betrayed me and my mother for money as she had found out that she should never have been living the life of poverty that she had and spent nearly three decades fighting for justice and trying to recover an inheritance that had been stolen from her and concealed but in the UK the Police and even the government are crooked and filled with scoundrel's so despite amassing evidence she could not get anywhere in her fight for justice, maybe God knew about all of this and that is why he saved me so that My mother would not have the tragedy of losing her youngest child.

Move again in time to the year 1993, I Was starting a 2+2 course (HND with additional components leading up to a B.Eng) in electronic engineering having already received a vocational diploma in electronic engineering at College, this course was run at Wigan and Leigh College and was meant to go on for the second two years to John Moors university in Liverpool but that was not to be my fate.

My mother was struggling and I was living in cloud cuckoo land thinking that if I got the qualifications I was trying to that I could then get a decent job and we would be OK but in truth my mother was bearing an unfair burden and I know this now.

I was on the start of the second month in the course with only my Project stumbling me as I had not yet decided what I was going to design and build and was worrying that maybe I would not be able to continue due to money running out and knowing already that I may be forced to quite the course because of the lack of money, so with just a few pound in my pocket I was with some of the other course members as we walked for a meal at dinner time into the town centre, I down and out came up to us now had I the money I would have given him something but my mother had scraped to give me the little I had so I had nothing and could not give him anything while the other students gave him loose change, he then singled me out and looked at me and said "I have walked that high road once", I felt like I had been cursed or something -

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 08:06 PM
I was 8. I asked God to turn my light off in my room as went to bed. It did not turn off. I thought..."well that's some bullsh$t". End of my religious experience.

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 08:09 PM

originally posted by: Fatboy527
I was 8. I asked God to turn my light off in my room as went to bed. It did not turn off. I thought..."well that's some bullsh$t". End of my religious experience.

Maybe you were being enlightened.

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 08:25 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

- But I put it out of my mind, the next day in the college started uneventfully, I road my bike in from Skelmersdale and went in for the first lectures taking notes and noting study areas before going to the library to begin study.

At lunch time I went to canteen and seeing some other members of the same class I elected to sit with them having paid for a Rogan Josh at the refectory (it was a vile curry with cheap badly made rice), I was eating it but then my stomach started to bother me so looking around I had to leave my half eaten food asking the other students to watch it for me (Bad move on my part) and found the man's room, it was a nightmare, someone had painted faeces on the wall and most of the ceiling but my stomach being about to give out I had no choice but to find the cleanest looking water closet and cover the seat with I hoped clean toilette paper, when I came out having washed as best I could given the state of the facility I then went back and FINISHED the curry I had left.

Then we went to the next lecture, suddenly I was hearing voices and was terrified it was like there were TWO people in my head, me and this other uncontrollable fiend that just wanted to laugh at things, it was horrible, the lecturer a fat guy with a full white beard and head of hair suddenly looked like Santa Claus to me and I broke out s'n-word'ing then had to excuse myself fighting the terror of this other person unleashed within me that seemed the absolute anathema of myself.

I had a break down, I still don't know if I WAS Spiked by someone putting something in my food but I think it a safe bet to say I was.

I heard voices (they were nothing like the voice I - EXPERIENCED - in Wales but like real voices just not coming from any noticeable location in the world around me AND they were often talking evil, vile thing's.

This was followed by a high pitched screeching that has never stopped from that day to this, like a constant hissing in my ears and one of the voices saying to me as if mocking "We are draining your energy".

I began to see things, grey mist and black shadows and on one occasion like a window opened in my head I saw a desert place with a dry river bed between me on one side and a group of for lack of a better description deranged looking men on the other side and a voice said to me "Will you accept becoming a Medium", I said NO being a Christian of course as that is strictly against my belief and when I tried testing the spirit's asking "Do you accept that Christ came in the flesh" they either refused to answer or said they did not accept it and that meant to me they were if spirits and not my mind broken then they were evil or at least bad.

I put up with two years of this, had head injury's during this period when I was attacked randomly by a group of strangers when I went to the pub trying to escape the sound and just drink some alcohol to try to get away from it, long story.

Move to 1995, I was lying on the couch in the living room of the home we then lived in which was in a part of Skelmersdale called Old - Skelmersdale on the pennylands estate when I felt as if my body was on fire, I was broken exhausted I had walked and walked every night at ungodly hours trying to keep walking as if walking made it more bearable which it did not but it at least did tire my body so that I would sleep through the horrible sensations and experiences including vison's of everything from men on the moon in which chairs and space suit's to floating away from people, to being in a cage with a toothless east Asian man poking a stick through the bamboo bars at me laughing, to being a girl whom was murdered by someone with a Yorkshire accent, constant nightmare experiences that would not stop as if I was being tortured constantly.

As I lay there I felt a release and reached out, I had cried and cried to God but he had not taken this pain away, this suffering so I lost my faith for a time and felt like God had betrayed ME which was absurd of course, I just failed a far more important test than any a college or university could ever give me but God is merciful remember that.

I reached out and it seemed as if I could reach past the stars, I felt part of me stretching deep into space, beyond space and outside the universe were I found a great void but could feel OTHER universes across it so cried out a name I had never heard, I can not recall that name but it was something like Ayli-oo-theyra, it was a cry of desperation like a child calling someone in agony and despair and I then collapsed back into my body, a voice overwhelmed me and said "Who call's me, who plucks a flower from my garden", then it said "I am one with all woman and all woman are one with me, I made GOD And GOD Made ME, ON JUDGEMENT DAY TELL THE ANGELS THAT - the name I can not recall but was something like that - IS ALIVE", she sounded like she was angry with the Angels and was going to literally hold them to account.

Now my will was broken, I was exhausted and something happened I will not say here but the same of that is mine, then the voice I had heard in that back garden spoke and said to me in a hissing old mans voice filled with desperation "What was that you said", unable to stop myself I repeated the name then he or it literally blocked or stole the memory of it right out of my mind, after this I was frantic, had a soul come to my aid only to fall afoul of the devil so I went to church seeking help as up to that point though I believed and had that experiences in wales I had never had the bread and wine so I despite not being confirmed and a catholic I went to an Anglican church (my mother was Anglican but had us baptized Catholic because she had an experience when she had died on the operating room table and come back to life - AFTER the doctor had given up trying to resuscitate her, she had seen the Virgin Mary on top of a mountain calling her but had refused to leave her children so had run back down the mountain over another and into a dark valley which is this world - another story that is not mine to share, the midwife had left the afterbirth in after the birth of Jeanette - yes that sister - and my mother had septic shock), now I kneeled as did others and bowed my head to receive the bread and wine, the bread made my body tingle from head to foot but when the wine touched my lip's before I could take it into me I felt a COLD sharp something pass through my neck from back to front and was momentarily disoriented as I was in three places at once, falling, rising and in the middle, the wine tasted like nothing I have ever tasted the most beautiful taste but to me it really was the blood of Christ and I was there as a penitent asking for his help.

I could go on and on and on.

Was I made, probably and maybe I still am but what if madness is just being sensitive to things others are numb to?.

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 08:27 PM
a reply to: LABTECH767

There is just too much for me to go with, a life time of experiences.

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 08:30 PM
a reply to: Fatboy527

Dont ever test God.

More importantly, dont harden your heart towards God. He will harden it even more. Look what he did to pharaoh.

I can tell you what to try. My mom tried this as an atheist. Tell God you dont believe in him, but if he is real, make himself known to you. I think he will, if you are sincere. Can you be sincere?

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 08:30 PM
a reply to: misterE12

My best friend died a year ago, he was not eating and the doctors could not tell me what was wrong, then recommended me to put him down. I followed their advice, because I loved my friend so much, my chest exploded in pain, and I cried for almost two weeks, I burred him in my garden, I dug the hole myself. I miss him everyday, and talks to him when nobody listen. The day he sleept in, I prayed to the heavens, god and angels to take care of him, I spoke to him that I will be seeing him again. Now the "religious part" when I was finish digging the hole.. and came up, I looked at the clouds, and for like ten seconds, I am sure I could see his face in the clouds looking down at me.. I never seen stuff looking at clouds before, but on that sad day I did, I saw his lovely face, and I cried even more, and I told him I love him. And then something strange began to happen, I started to see the number 11:11 everywhere, mostly on clocks and watches.. first I thought nothing of it, but it kept going for like a half a year. I never read anything into numbers before so I looked it up. and 11:11 should mean that a sign from a angle or a angle is near, trying to tell you everything is okay. Remember I prayed for the angles to look after my friend ?

RIP Zibbo
My dog, my best friend and soulmate, I know you are in good hands.

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 08:38 PM
Thank you everybody for sharing your stories!

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 09:08 PM
link was bullsh$t.a reply to: Tulpa

posted on Oct, 16 2021 @ 09:10 PM
Don't begin to Preach to me....I have my opinion and you have yours....And it's an opinion. And God can kiss my arse. I'm about as sincere as you.a reply to: visitedbythem

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