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Car parts and the panic button.

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posted on Oct, 26 2021 @ 01:32 PM
Interesting video. I wound up watching several more uncle tony's garage presentations,
however the one you picked has tony in very good form. Lucid presentation, sobering.

I love it when a regular guy sees the light.
He'll be a fighter.

Now...afterward I brought up the topic of intentionally made car parts
to a guy who builds cars, and who is familiar with uncle tony.
No matter which example I presented, he was in denial with all of it.
Camshaft lobes crumbling (which is really bad all around for any motor and previously
almost unheard of except in a rare poorly supervised heat treatment)?
Cracked timing gear right out of box?

He refused to consider any of it.

I think we should be considering the very real repercussions of what this mechanic is saying.
He now must hop about spending 80% of his time just to locate these unexpected intermittent car woes,
which sometimes cause extensive engine damage, before he can even start to diagnose and repair
the problem. Intentional, absolutely. To push electric, to spoon the dust of rare earth backwash
right down our throats. Because everything 'fossil' just keeps on breaking down....

I think demolition crews are going to become very busy as time reveals
cause and effect of poor workmanship, loss of pride.

Years ago I attended a city hall meeting to contest cell mast placement in a local field.
This park was donated by someone with stipulations long ago, used to be a small natural lake.

Fresh on my mind was a recent centerfold in the Park Ridge Advocate showing the city manager's
proposals to lop the top off the Pickwick Theatre, an Art Deco Landmark building, and plow every building
on Prospect just south of the Pickwick building, under, for a fresh concrete pour, courtesy of his friends.
It was a ghastly proposal, shameful, and a very crooked attempt to wrest ownership of the theatre
from the family's hands. They wanted to build new condos...

Though this topic of urban renovation was not the subject, I did preface my statement by referring squarely
to the centerfold in the Advocate, and quoted from it:

"We don't want to look at The Pickwick Theatre in twenty years," a manager had spoke,
"and see the same old Pickwick".

My head had spun when I first read these words. When I repeated what I had read,
to the crowd in city hall,
there was sudden and sharp applause. The plans were dropped. Instead
an entire block where the water reservoir was quickly relocated, was allocated to the friends
of a city manager to build as they saw fit.
It is a large triangular lot of prime city zoning, at the aorta of uptown,
across from an art deco building which had been destroyed thirty years prior
with some red colonial facade, also across
from the Pickwick landmark. The famous Citizen's Bank building.
So...Instead they were allowed to knock down a block's length
of every building
on one side of northwest highway, and I've no doubt they intend to do the same thing
directly opposite here, where, ironically, the oldest structure in Park Ridge stands
modestly proud and unshaken...

This morning I found myself once again inspecting the structure which had been thrown up, about 10 years ago.
It was always easy to stop and focus on some detail because from day one the walls began showing fractures,
long, vertical fractures in the cladding on supporting members between condo glass frames.
This time my eyes were drawn to the foundation. Zig zagging cracks everywhere all along the cement at ground level,
leading to entrances etc.
Cracks everywhere. This bitch is not gonna stop. It is a huge towering 4 or 5 story greco roman deco wanna be
made with crazy glue and spit and it shows. I stopped to look down the 1 inch separations, gaps,
surrounding the entrance walks which led to the building door thresholds....and then, right behind a construction horse
with a city placard at the very point of this structure, on the greco roman pillar, I used my pinkie nail to pick at a fissure
and remove a rather large chunk of concrete, which revealed rusting rebar a half inch or less from the surface....
I went to retrieve the flaked cement for a souvenir, but it tumbled down one of the 1 inch gaps everywhere in the ground.
The placard reads that there is a zoning thing going on....ruh roh.

This building is big, takes a whole block, and where there is concrete there is, frankly, there is schitt.
Big piles of it.

Condos people paid through the nose for. Balconies held up by supports evidencing building high fractures.
Shops which must suffer through constant patching scaffoldry.
All quarters showing cracks in walls, crap falling off the structure
all winter long. And now, zoning meetings because they know it.
It's surreal. At the same time, concrete was dumped all around the newly stationed water
reservoir, a block north, sort of like a Tony Montana wet dream. Same thing. Everywhere it is disintegrating. Everywhere.
Even the steps are rotting,,,no reason.
And now...the city is requesting 3.8 million to carpet the ground above the water reservoir...with astroturf.
This is because they are effed by normal runoff, drainage, supposedly ruining the concrete bulging all around the grounds.

There should be a tour bus....for builders. How to avoid nightmares and terminal bankruptcies in one easy lesson.
It is all going to crumble.

Ironically, the triangular monster sitting uptown is right across from Park Ridge's oldest building, on Northwest hwy,
a small main artery which accesses downtown Chicago 17 miles southeast, and other suburbs due northwest.
On the way out of the state, everyone who resides in Cook county should make a trip to see this thing.
Look for the iced over walkway cement and
frozen stainless crown, above the inscripted words 'UPTOWN', and dropping ice chunks onto door entrances, 4 months per year.

It's never good when cement is poured during times of tastelessness and cutcorner patronage.
The problem is that it occupies time and space, until it doesn't.
But, someone is going to be needed to take these freshly constructed constructions down,
before they rot from the inside out....

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posted on Nov, 9 2021 @ 08:55 AM
I've been noticing this since around a year now. Not the #ty parts part, but the troubles in getting parts delivered, even being able to order them at all. The quality issue is not a big thing here, I am fairly shielded from it because of quality control. Having more parts / charges go to the shredder might be the reason for shortages too.

Anyways, smart gals go check for other avenues for easy to construct small parts! Over the street is a CNC facility, their business is booming for contracts, in mid 2021 I would send over the project and they would mill it from the material I specified but now that is luxury of the past. Material shortages.

Currently the waiting time for me is around ten days and only because they have a C400 set aside for smaller custom jobs, the rest of their machines is completely booked way into 2022 I was told. They only do that to not loose their customer base as they are originally a special machinery manufacture.

posted on Nov, 9 2021 @ 09:18 AM
Owners of gasoline, and hybrid vehicles.... seeking fix-up or fleet maintenance parts had better get the skinny from the isolated Cubans,

who for over 50 years, kept their personal vehicles in drivable condition despite the lack of available replacement parts

Bidens' new green deal has all electric vehicles on the top-of-the-deck for his infrastructure deal...another type of mandate?

i see 2030 america streets filled with EV Tuk-Tuks & golf carts,,,and gas or hybrids getting 'canibalized' to keep those who can afford it, to run their ethanol fueled former gas-muscle-cars

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