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Welcome to Ship_World. Were we transported here through a disphasic quantum mirror & WHY?

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posted on Oct, 9 2021 @ 06:28 AM

This will be my weirdest thread yet, and for a brief while I thought of naming it 'Welcome to Clownworld' for that reason, though ultimately that felt too dismissive of the serious tone which is required when assessing a matter which, although strange & 'far out there', still requires treatment which ensures it is seen as a valid, important world, which still has spiritual relevance, despite the claims I will suggest herein.

Introduction ~

Straight off the bat, I will express that some of the views I will state herein are going to correlate with SOME of the claims of the radical 'flat earth' conspiracy, but I hope that these elements can be viewed in their proper context, which is not that the objective Prime Universe has NEVER existed as we have been taught, but only that the place we currently occupy, is somehow separate & sealed off from that universe - and as you will see, it turns out that this is for a very good reason.

In terms of the fundamental material of the world - that which it is constructed from - it is identical to what we are taught in chemistry & physics, with the corollary that the holographic principle is in effect, for certain, because the nature of the place simply makes it sensible that this is in fact the case, as will be seen from the remainder of my introduction. It would seem senseless to offer any alternative explanation, and although it makes generally no difference to the life we experience here, or to the reality of our spiritual heritage & potential, it does have an interesting bearing on the theory of what may be going on 'outside' of this world, and indeed there are some reflections suggestive of certain ancient cosmogonies (the theory of the creation & sustenance of the universe/s). I want to explain right away that the 'many worlds' hypothesis of parallel realities is NOT relevant, because it is inelegant/ inefficient, surplus to requirements, and it contravenes the principle of Occam's Razor (it's an over-complication, which would prove unworkable, I believe, because of what it would necessitate in order for it to be factual). That said, there are likely to be a great number of recursive dimensions enfolded 'into' the space within which the prime material hologram is 'extended' - perhaps you can visualise this best as being the many skins of an onion (this is purely a simple visualisation, it's not actually correct in any mathematical sense). It's a fractal, basically:



1. An object whose parts, at infinitely many levels of magnification, appear geometrically similar to the whole. Fractals are used in the design of compact antennas and for computer modeling of natural-looking structures like clouds and trees.
2. And - a geometric figure that repeats itself under several levels of magnification, and that shows self-similarity on all scales.
3. And - a geometric figure that appears irregular at all scales of length, e.g. a fern.

In a certain way, these dimensions could give the appearance of being infinite, though I believe they are instead aspects of a quantum reality generator sandbox (IE – where we go when we astral travel), in which the coordinate system scrolls, rather than functionally the centre-point perspective 'eye of the beholder' actually extending physically outward in any & all directions. By this I mean to say that if a tree falls in the forest, within the sandbox dimensions, and no-one is there to hear/see it? Then it doesn't exist. In the normal, waking universe that we occupy, consciousness is fundamental to matter, and units of matter possess a measure of consciousness which increases in its awareness & 'qualia' according to the order of magnitude of the complexity of the organism – therefore trees possess a measure of consciousness (as does all matter) & so the tree in this particular example would fall, and would make a noise. NB - I may add an epilogue which discusses the relationship between consciousness & matter, but I generally won't address it further in this thread - instead please take it as a given that I am discussing everything from the perspective of ourselves & with reference to other complex, self aware creatures only.

Furthermore, coming back to Reality as a whole, we know from experimentation that our Reality is 'pixelated', that there are fundamental units of scale which cannot be subdivided – in terms of 3D space, this is the Planck length, the smallest possible unit of distance – even Time has a Planck unit. This has important implications, and offers proof that although we are living in a holographic projection, it is not an 'organic' projection, which I don't believe would be 'pixelated' in this way. Instead, I believe that there would be infinite subdivision in the original universal projections, which would be a 'smooth' Prime Universe - generated by & based upon the principle of the infinite processing power of the mind of the Creator. Living in a pixelated universe means that we are scale & processing-limited, which is a design suited for efficiency savings re: processing power requirements, and it can thus be inferred that this is, without doubt, a facsimile universe which serves a particular function, which is to say, it is a 'holding area' of some sort, rather than the original, 'organic' universe, upon which this one was based. Hence we could, for example, say with confidence that this universe is only 6000 years old, despite being based on a universe which is 14,000,000 years old. See what we just did? We validated BOTH the ancient 'organic creation' of the original Prime Universe, and also the 'sub-optimal/ technological creation' of the Facsimile Universe.

Furthermore, to expand on the basic assumptions, briefly coming back to the matter of consciousness, some of the people within 'Shipworld' are not what they appear to be – I am certain there are at least two non-human humans out there, and certain anomalies regarding those beings are explained by referring back to the holographic principle. I will explain this clearly, and then it will become a matter of personal choice as to whether you believe in one or both of these 'alternate humans'. However, the rationale behind the overall hypothesis, the reasoning behind the creation of this 'sub-optimal/ technological' facsimile universe (Ship_World) actually requires that one of the alternate being types does in fact exist - they are in fact the core reason that we're here. One thing which I will point out here though, is that no matter whether you believe in one or both of these alternate human types, they must be respected out of caution, because one of the two is a sentient & highly powerful race of superior & malevolent entities, and the other might be sentient – and although they are not any more powerful than ordinary humans in themselves, our interactions with them are regulated by the Law of this universe, which is basically 'karma'. At the very least, live as though the Golden Rule is real: “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself”


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posted on Oct, 9 2021 @ 06:29 AM
Main Claims of the Hypothesis ~

1 – Organic, primal Reality does exist, the Prime Universe, but we are not presently dwelling within it.

2 – Instead, we are dwelling within a reality which is a technological (digital) facsimile of the Prime Universe, to be referenced as 'Ship_World' from Here onwards.

3 – Ship_World is designed technology, as the name implies. We are living within a holographic projection which is projected in 3D from the plane of a 2D flat surface which extends over the inner surface of a spherical artefact. We could call the exterior housing of Ship_World 'the Cosmic Egg'. It would be incredibly advanced nanotechnology, - in its function it would be indistinguishable from a 'magical artefact', and it would be suffused with the divine power of the Creator who brought the Prime Universe into being, the actual Deity above & beyond all possible expressions of time & space.

4 – This does not affect the spiritual reality of God, or our own souls, and it does not have an impact (other than what is common to human experience) on what happens to us after death. Specifically, I want to reassure you that we 'cross over' from Ship_World to one of the dimensions associated with the Prime Universe after we die here, unless for some reason we reincarnate back into the Ship_World system, a subject which may be further discussed below.

4 – We are not here alone. Two alternate entities are present here with us...

a) The first is a highly technologically competent reptilian entity, one which has been known of since time immemorial, particularly referred to by the Hebrew prophets, they were originally members of one of the Heavenly orders described in ancient Near Eastern cosmogonies. The Book of Jasher describes their form, and emphasises that they had a cloak of feathers, which was what the wing references are all about. They were 'Seraphim' and they were of serpentine appearance in their original heavenly form. They were a type of angel, very powerful & senior in the various orders of angelic beings. Lucifer was their king, and was cast down to the Earth after leading a rebellion against the Most High God. He was deluded, fought against other, loyal angelic beings, lost the fight, and was cast out of the infinite Heavenly realms, cast down to the Earth in the Prime Universe. Some say that he had originally been assigned to be warden of the Earth, with the freedom to come & go, amongst a pre-Adamic race of humans which was destroyed by cataclysm in the lost mists of Time in the Prime Universe. But after the Heavenly rebellion he was tied to the locality of the Earth, unable to ascend beyond the sandbox dimensions of the Earth, described earlier. Other sources, including parts of the Old Testament, suggest that in fact he was the most senior angel in the entire Heavenly Order, with responsibility to minister to God directly - and that his rebellion led to a personal 'Fall' which caused him to become Satan, the adversary of pre-Adamic Mankind, again, trapped on the Earth unless summoned to the Heavenly Court as in the Book of Job, in the Old Testament. When the Adamic lineage of humans were made to become sentient, Lucifer immediately led them astray, and caused a second 'Fall', this time one in which humans lost their immortality, their ability to commune directly with God.

b) The other alternate human is a 'computer-controlled character', or the so-called 'NPC' ('non-playing character', a video game reference) These have potentially been with us since before the transfer to Ship_World, existing so as to automatically make corrections to errors or problems with the timeline of history as it was & is known to be unfolding, keeping it in line with the will of God/ prolonging the time which it would take to corrupt humanity to the maximum permissible level before which the End of Days would by necessity have to unfold, in order to correct for the great evils being perpetrated by the Reptilian overlords & the deceived humanity. Certainly here on Ship_World I think we are seeing behaviour which suggests that a portion of humanity is being easily led astray along a clear & obvious path of deception, so much so that we legitimately question their sanity en masse, wondering how it is possible they cannot see the deceptions which are being perpetrated right in front of their noses. It could be that they are slightly less sentient than we are, perhaps they are easily 'herded' into decisions which are not particularly helpful to the race as a whole, otherwise having a fairly neutral influence unless they are caused to perform some particular duty for the Creator. When left to their own devices they are easily led & content to go along with the rest of the crowd. Naturally this behaviour could be explained by simply saying that a bunch of senseless people are following along with the diabolical agenda which the more critical thinkers can see & perceive in detail with great ease. Potentially, influencing this group is critical to influencing the trajectory of this world's journey – and the Reptiles control the airwaves, as any number of excellent videos will suggest is in fact the case. There are thousands of examples, but some of the best have long since been removed from YouTube. However, please see the following for some very convincing displays of the reptilian agenda to control world opinion:

Actually convincing footage of shapeshifters, aliens and UFOs caught on film

The many camouflage fails of reporter Michael Brownlee, the hissing CNBC presenter & many more are clear examples of odd behaviour, both 'famous/powerful people' & their accompanying entourage or film crew/directors who frequently try to minimise the obvious failings in their camouflage/ weird behaviour.

5 - Naturally, the details are a bit hazy, and the actual point in time when the Ship_World was created are unknown. However, I speculate that changes to the code in this place occurred around 2015, because this was the first time that the Mandela Effect came into the awareness of the people on a broad scale. Changes to the fabric of reality & our common history/culture occurred suddenly in the consciousness of hundreds of thousands of people in every nation, which cannot be explained by the typical half-baked explanations offered (faulty memory, etc). I believe we were all transferred here by the use of some sort of dysphasic mirror effect in the sub-quantum foam much earlier though, via the underlying fabric of both the Prime Universe, and Ship_World. The only difference in the quantum realm here is that it is 'pixelated', as opposed to being 'smooth' in the Prime Universe. We were likely brought here at the time of the Adamic Fall, meaning that the punishment for leading humanity astray was that the reptilians could no longer go anywhere except the Earth – possibly even the Moon was out of bounds, a fact that would amply explain why NASA is so full of sh!t & fakes all of its mission footage, pretending it lost the technology which got them to the Moon, all the telemetry, etc.


posted on Oct, 9 2021 @ 06:29 AM
6 - Why were we brought here? Quite simply, to minimise the risks posed by the development of high technologies which could potentially be used to rupture either this world, or the world beyond. The Reptilians had been forced to live in post-Adamic times without all the snazzy technology of the Golden Age, when they had built & controlled city states of cyclopean architecture in often impossible locations, travelling between the planets with ease, because they had access to their advanced technology, traversing dimensions & so on because their mental faculties were developed for dimensional travel, etc. They have since been waiting for humans to develop the technological infrastructure which would permit them to rebuild some of the technologies they once possessed. If they are certain that they will one day soon be destroyed by the Creator (which is prophesied), there is every chance they would choose to go out in a blaze of diabolical glory, taking out all the humans of Ship_World along with them.

7 – If we had to be protected from what the Reptilians might have intended to do to us, what is the current situation – are we still at risk? Answer = yes. It is my contention that they intend to destroy the human race, and always have, but their power was constrained by the curse they are under – only by convincing powerful humans to go along with their schemes can they destroy us by proxy, by ensuring that humans kill off humanity, under their influence, but without a direct hand in the matter. They have chosen to go down the route which is easiest to camouflage (they are natural masters of camouflage, using holographic technologies which they managed to retain after the Fall, in order to portray themselves as human beings) – they are using the COVID-19 'pandemic' and the 'vaccines' for the disease, both of which are bioweapons, or rather, the two components of a bioweapon, to kill off as many of the seven billion souls presently resident in Ship_World. By controlling the human elite, these fallen Seraphim/Watchers are able to ensure they can deploy this bioweaponry, along with a massively oppressive campaign of totalitarian enslavement to control the people & ensure the vaccine kills off as many people as they possibly can, so as to obtain the Earth for themselves, for as long as possible. However, the End of Days is almost certainly now upon us, so even if they manage to kill a fifth of the Human population, they will still be subject to the wrath of God for having done so.

Here ends the first instalment of my thoughts on this topic. I will almost certainly be expanding significantly on many of the points raised, but please fo ask any questions/ make any contributions you feel may be relevant.

Many thanks,


posted on Oct, 9 2021 @ 06:38 AM
you're really smart really crazy
I did manage to follow though..

posted on Oct, 9 2021 @ 06:41 AM
a reply to: acackohfcc

Thanks, I think!

posted on Oct, 9 2021 @ 06:54 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

FITO, so far I've only read the first section of text but have not been disappointed. You have a way with articulating dense/complicated topics very eloquently. Be back after I finish reading - great OP so far!

posted on Oct, 9 2021 @ 07:17 AM
Great read.

I am just going to wait and see what happens next.

Right now, anything is possible and 2022 is coming up fast.

You need a theme song, may I kindly suggest this one.


posted on Oct, 9 2021 @ 07:31 AM
I like the ideas you put forth, incredibly interesting. The facsimile world which you are speaking of sort of reminds me of a portion of the Gnostic texts in which they say a negative entity called a demiurge (sp?) Made a bad copy of the real primal universe. We are in an illusion of sorts, its written in some religious texts and told to us by higher density benevolent beings through good trance channeling like "The Law of One" where the 2.8 billion year old 6th density social memory complex from Venus named RA ( they don't really have a name but used it for purposes of how we understand things I guess) say numerous times that we live in an illusion. Other channelings and contact with other entities also reiterate this concept.

Great thread OP, I love contemplating and discussing these incredibly interesting ideas and concepts, S&F!!

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posted on Oct, 9 2021 @ 03:31 PM
I certainly see your point re: Demiurge, I am familiar with the Gnostic theorising on this point. Having given it quite a bit of thought, being open-minded as they come, yet still also a doctrinally committed Christian, I came to the conclusion that the whole 'demiurge' body of literature from a gnostic point of view was ancient disinformation, disguised as a 'higher form of truth', which was common in several so-called Gnostic writings.

There was often confusion in the early days of Christianity, as to what was legitimate Truth doctrinally, and what was ill-conceived heresy, distorting the truth & risking the spiritual wellbeing of the hearer. The battle between the various sects became at times very bitter, and indeed there ultimately were schisms that could not be healed, hence the formation of an official doctrinal position on certain topics, regarding which any deviation was thought to be destructiive.

One such incident was the claim that Jesus didn't actually suffer the agony of the Cross, He only appeared to suffer, so that people would believe He had died for their sins, yet He himself wasn't punished by the pain because He was divine & could not suffer for something He had not done, etc. The true fact of the matter is that He was both fully human, and fully divine, and if He had not suffered real, living pain through the ordeal of the Cross, then the propitiatory sacrifice would have been invalid, totally void in terms of the lawful 'magic' of the Universe.

This world is just as 'real' as any other world, only it is conceived to be a facsimile of the original Prime Universe. I firmly believe that this world was not created 'by mistake', or by 'an imperfect demiurge' - I believe that it was created as a place in which the Satan/Lucifer being, and the fallen Watchers under Azazel, and their hybrid offspring Nephilim, whose immortal spirits became demons, can be contained safely, so that they can do no harm to anyone in the Prime Universe. Even here, they are all under various forms of magical & lawful constrainment, and the only way they can exert the power of death is through intermediaries, through elitist humans who do their bidding. The only place that the demons can exist is within the arid lands (a literal 'sandbox' astral dimension where they can find no rest) or by taking up residence in the fractally recursive world of the mind/body of a human being or animal. It seems consciousness can be parasitic, and they can latch onto/into human mind/soul complexes, working chaos & destruction to whatever degree they can get away with.

I don't believe there's a demon behind every rock & tree, but they do exist, just as the Reptilian Seraphim & the Shining Ones/Watchers exist, and they are indeed all active within this world, though constrained, as noted. It is our challenge in this life to be aware of them & their influence, and to overcome 'the world, the flesh & the devil' as the old scriptural quote says. A tree planted indoors will tend to wilt/structurally collapse, because it is not exposed to the winds which cause the requisite levels of stress in the growing trunk which causes it to develop 'scar tissue' within, by which it becomes stronger & can withstand those same winds once it is mature. By the same token, we are challenged by the presence of these entities, and now, in the evening of our time in this age, as we near the End of Days*, it is our job to be aware of these beings, and to resist their influence, and to resist the efforts of the elitist humans who are in their thrall. We must grow strong in the knowledge of the Truth & put on the full armour of God to withstand all the wiles of the Evil One & its allies.

* (because of the increasing corruption, perversion, authoritarianism & likely onset of genocide/ world war 3 due to the artificial pseudo-pandemic of Covid & the stresses which are being wrought against peoples & nations as a direct result of the chaos brought about by the vaccine mandates, lockdowns, etc..)

This post represents a rough & ready working model of the truth we are facing as a civilisation, I believe, with regards to the world we live in & the Enemies we face - the details may be slightly off in places, but the general mechanism described is accurate.

God is able to reach down & engage with each & every one of us, He is infinite & beyond the scope of this world, hence He has infinite resources to attend to your needs, and to be 100% present with you personally at all times. We are personally forgiven of our wrongdoing, if we only change our mind concerning whether we wish to live a life solely concerned with our own will, or whether we want to live according to the perfect will of God, who has plans for our lives which are beyond compare, beyond anything we could imagine for ourselves. But now, we are in a time of war, and things may get worse before they get better - we need only look at Australia to see what they are planning for all of us, by hook or by crook.

Stand firm in the day of evil..

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Blessed are those who wash their robes, so that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter the city by its gates.…

Revelation 22 vs 13-14


posted on Oct, 10 2021 @ 11:16 AM
so do you think recent developments in quantum physics has something to do with it?

posted on Oct, 10 2021 @ 11:25 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Fine OP. I like it.


posted on Oct, 10 2021 @ 04:37 PM
a reply to: acackohfcc

so do you think recent developments in quantum physics has something to do with it?

No, not in the way you suggest, in that I do not believe we were brought here 'after we discovered the science to do so'. I believe that we were transferred here, abducted in our sleep so to speak, and shifted into this world, by God, not by the actions of men or angels, or aliens (etc). I believe this was done to protect the Prime Universe from the influence of the treasonous angels who rebelled against God in the beginning (when Lucifer was cast down to Earth by the archangel Michael after the first war in Heaven..) It was done to rebuke those who defamed Heaven, those who perverted the natural order of things by descending from their station & mating with human women to create the Nephilim, who were originally immortal, because their fathers were angelic beings, known as the Watchers. The Nephilim went on to become the wandering spirits known as demons after their physical death, they went insane & began to persecute humanity. They figured out how to hide within the mental/spiritual information field of the human soul, which is like a world in itself, a place of dreams which create a sort of architecture of astral materia prima within which they can dwell, which they can even fashion according to their own desires.

Furthermore, the Watchers which descended were akin to Seraphim, being of the appearance of serpentine beings, in the same order of spirits as their ruler Azazel, who apparently seems to have been in the same order as Lucifer, who became Satan. It gets a bit confusing because there seems to have been more than one Heavenly rebellion, one involving a war, another involving a mutiny & the abandonment of their station, which I believe was the Moon in the Prime Universe.

The Moon here is not a planet, it is a plasmid projection, and the Sun is similarly not what it appears to be. We are living in a facsimile universe which has been designed such that at a certain point, it becomes as plain as day that the environment is not what it appears to be. When information became widespread, with the dawn of the Internet age, then gradually the Truth about our world began to leak out into the public consciousness. I think this is why we have ended up with the 'flat earth' theorising - because it is apparent that we are living in a universe in which a great deal is hidden from the people, even to the point of faking a load of NASA missions so that we don't have a collective mental break/ psychotic episode when it is revealed that we live in a non-natural universe, a simulation if you will.

The trouble is, we are approaching a point of critical mass, at which the bulk of the people will have become aware that things are not what they seem. The rulers of the world have planned to negate this risk by opting to tear it all down & start again, IE - a 'Great Reset' as espoused by the World Economic Forum.

If they were to allow things to continue as they were, with all of us on a trajectory to see that we are in a place which demands some sort of grand explanation, because of the serious oddities & inconsistencies which point to a strange artificiality of our environment, then they would quite conceivably lose their power in the chaos which ensued.

Therefore instead, they have opted to perpetuate a fake crisis, a so-called pandemic which is so deadly that we need a special test to know if we have it. Yeah right. The whole thing is a scam from start to finish. There may well be a viral bioweapon unleashed by China, but in essence they were in cahoots with the vaccine manufacturers & the world's invisible rulers, because the vaccines are the second stage of the bioweaponry assault we are facing. Literally, more people are dying from the vaccines than from COVID. Indeed, there are strong claims that the virus, SARS-COV-2, has never been isolated in a laboratory from wild samples - indeed, the whole DNA template for the virus is nothing more than a computer simulation. The vaccines seem to contain a number of very harmful ingredients, which have been seen to lead to blood clots/DVT, embolisms, heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms & so on. So many supposedly 'natural' deaths which are now occurring which are going under the radar, yet which now probably together make up the leading cause of death in populations where a high percentage of people have been 'vaccinated'. Because the conditions caused can be interpreted as natural, the propensity to blame COVID for almost every death before the vaccines has been translated into a propensity to NEVER mention the vaccine in the wake of the mass vaccination programs. We are going to see a continuing trend for a massive amount of people dying from these vaccine-linked causes, and it remains to be seen whether TPTB have garnered sufficient control over the media & politicians around the world such that they can control the fallout of their abusive biowarfare against the masses. Already we see in Australia the outworking of the plan to dominate the people wherever they may object to the lockdowns & vaccine mandates, and we can bet that this model of abuse of the people will be exported almost everywhere in the West in the months to come.

Because they knew that the information about our world was guaranteed to come out in the burgeoning technological age that we have entered, they had to quash that rising knowledge, rendering us incapable of investigating, by suppressing any & all citizen journalism, by suppressing debate & discussion on the internet, distracting the people to the absolute maximum extent humanly possible, with a pseudo-pandemic which has literally ambushed & kidnapped the attention of the people of the world. We are being led in a direction we do not want to go, and quite soon they might well pull the plug on this whole civilisation. If the rulers feel they have enough security to restart a neo-feudalist technologically advanced slave-economy society after the reset, then they might cut their losses, retreat to their bunkers, and pull the plug with a mass genocide, hiding away in their luxury bunkers for the next five years while the world outside goes to Hell in a handbasket. I'm starting to wonder if they might actually do this, reneging on all promises to the elitist politicians to save them from what's coming, instead relying only on their own power & wealth, to Hell with everyone else.

posted on Oct, 10 2021 @ 08:41 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Excellent thread connecting multiple complex topics, and laying out the possible mechanics of these "2 universes" so clearly.

Thank you for sharing this FITO, it took me some time to read through but I'm thankful I did.

posted on Oct, 11 2021 @ 06:32 PM
a reply to: FamCore

Thankyou, Injoyed, mainly injoy 17 thread and Boadicea's election thread but you have lured me across, feel to share two vids i just shared elsewhere, due to their past n future content, as imo the only constant change can happen in the or one's now-won, anyone could expand upon visuals n data. and > Jon Levi

Looking forward to where spirit leads you with your share, thankyou again. Ps i gifted the seventeenth flag , nice

Kia Kaha
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