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Black Lives Matter was the stupidest name, heres why

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posted on Oct, 13 2021 @ 10:40 AM

originally posted by: jerich0
I need to calm down after that, it legit got my blood boiling.

I am glad 'legit' (although it should be 'legitimately', and placed in a different place in the sentence) is slowly replacing 'literally', I couldn't stand having to correct THAT thing over and over anymore.

Jesus christ....

Please don't blaspheme. If you have to blaspheme, could you at least limit it to one level per doing so? I mean, not only are you needlessly using the Lord's name, you are also disrespecting Him by not capitalizing 'Christ'.

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posted on Oct, 13 2021 @ 10:42 AM
jesus christ people can be pedantic.

posted on Oct, 13 2021 @ 10:58 AM
There are multiple reasons why that name and movement is stupid, and based on misconceptions, lies and misunderstandings.

First of all, there are no 'black lives'.

Life has no color. Life is more a concept than anything, but in concrete, literal reality, it's a flowing energy without form, that may exist within or without a physical or etheric form.

Basically, life is 'vibration within energy', and energy itself can be either colorless or change its color.

Second of all, saying 'black lives' reduce 'life' to a mere physical quality. Not only that, but it also reduces a physical form to a mere skin color. Not only that, but are there really BLACK-skinned people in the world? I mean, sure, but I would say that's a rarity, and usually the ACTUAL skin color is more a shade of brown or grey or something like that, not actually BLACK. (Black would, strictly speaking, mean a COMPLETE absence of color, whereas WHITE would mean combination of all colors - that's why there can't be literal 'black light', because you can't emit 'absence of something' - the same reason explains why you can't produce 'darkness' - you can only lessen, cover or escape from light)

Let's put all THAT (and some other things) aside for the moment, and take it as granted that it means "The human beings' lives that happen to have been incarnated temporarily into certain type bodies with certain level of pigmentation and other specifying or identifying characteristics have value, importance, and thus, matter".

This silly statement still heavily implies that people wouldn't think that to be true - that people in general would have a deep-rooted racistic attitude towards certain human beings purely based on the superficial qualities of the temporary body they are incarnated into. It also implies this is a big problem that needs to be immediately corrected, people need to be TOLD about race equality, gender equality and such matter, because no one has EVER heard anything like that before, and historically, some ancestor tortured someone else's ancestor a billion years ago.

There's SO much wrong with it, especially the non-inclusivity. The same people that have preached about 'inclusivity' for decades, suddenly agree with NON-inclusivity. What hypocrite bstrds.

In any case, it also implies that OTHER 'lives' do not matter. Only black ones do.

Or it implies, other lives are already so perfect, we can now fully focus on ONLY one group's lives mattering, as it's the only one with a 'non-mattering' problem.

Why would 'blue lives matter' (even sillier statement, because it's not even about the skin color - as superficial as that is - but something even MORE superficial, color of CLOTHES! Now even CLOTHES are 'lives'??) be insulting, offending or anything else? I mean, why can't or couldn't other groups ALSO do the same as this particular group is doing?

The incredible racial hypocrisy that presumably stems from something like 'white guilt' (which is so wrong in itself, you are not responsible for something your dad's ancestor did to someone you never even knew 800 thousand years ago) has always been there, but this 'movement' underlines it deeply. White people are not allowed things that black people are allowed (freedom of speech, for example), white people can't benefit from 'affirmative action' and so on.

It's so weird, because on one hand, people want to erase 'racial' things altogether, and say that humans do not have races, everyone is just human, but on the other hand, they want to promote black people to the max. and nothing is ever enough. Was Black Panther not celebrated enough? (It's like.. was Captain Marvel not OverPowered enough)

Skin color does not mean 'evil' - whether it's white, black, asian or made out of Brazilian candy. People are INDIVIDUALS, and responsible ONLY for their own choices! (Unless they consent to being responsible for more, as parents commonly do, for example)

No one is saying, most people have never said or heard anyone say, and normal people don't think that 'black people's lives do not matter'. The additional sin of this silliness is attacking a pure strawman.

Sure, there are racists, even klanspeople and whatnot, there are real a-holes and Ds and all kinds of morons and hostile, nasty, toxic people in the world. That doesn't excuse this kind of movement, and this name really goes overboard in blaming innocent people.

No one is saying 'black lives do not matter', but if you listen to a black man that said, people should be judged solely on the content their character, not their physical qualities, you can understand how wrong this 'BLM' stuff is.

Equality and us all being humans means ALL LIVES MATTER.

For some reason, this is deemed 'offensive' and 'racist', though logically thinking, it CAN'T be any of that. All lives matter SHOULD be the slogan for everyone, it should be the guideline for everyone, regardless of their temporary body's skin color. For some reason, people have, instead of going this human route, where everyone matters REGARDLESS of theirbody, towards the direction, where ONLY BODILY QUALITIES MATTER.

That's the ultimate stupidity of this statement - its core message is exactly that - ONLY YOUR SKIN COLOR MATTERS.

Is this really the message any rational or intelligent people want to shout into the world?

posted on Oct, 13 2021 @ 11:05 AM

originally posted by: AugustusMasonicus

jesus christ people can be pedantic.

My god, they sure can be. And Jesus Tapdancing Christ on a Pogo Stick, are they pompous as well.

posted on Oct, 13 2021 @ 11:18 AM
a reply to: Nyiah

My god that is legit the truth.

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