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A Meeting Of The Archangels / Council Of Angels – The Return Of The Lion

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posted on Oct, 6 2021 @ 03:36 PM
I am amongst a group of people

It is like we are being ripped through dimensions

Half, not by choice

There is a flood and people are evacuating

A group, or council of people are being taken from their place in the real world, into this middle realm

A massive flood, hitting a stone city with a large centre lock/keep of water, with 5 long walkways around the outside supporting it

Most evacuate within a boat. A woman is intentionally left behind. But is given the key to finding lost translations of important texts, hidden within their library

It is hard to explain. But the woman was about to die

But, at the same time, it was necessary. She was left behind in the floods and given time to find the translations. So that the texts would enable her to meet us on the other side of death

Somehow, through her understanding, she would end up where we were going

It was like the souls of people from all over time and space, in what we would call our real world, being ripped through into one particular place for a meeting

I see the inside of car as it passes over layers of different realities into this world where we are meeting

The car attaches itself to a modern city sky-scraper, bending the laws of physics, the car begins to twist and climb straight up the side of the building like an elevator

The person in the car seems to understand they are being taken somewhere. And they don't seem too happy about it, sighing, as they are basically carried by the ferryman to this other realm/world

We are in some type of in-between realm. Where the real world, and some sort of other world combine

People have real eyes. We are conscious. But the physics of the world are thin, like in the dream realm

Colours are washed out, so the world has a grey “black and white” tone to it, but the colour is far smoother and full, somehow, than it is in our world

There is a group of around 30 or 40 men and women in the room

We appear to be communicating about what needs be done in this world

The communication is instant and unspoken

Nobody seems to say a word. But all questions and answers are somehow considered in a shared understanding almost instantly

“We need to return the Lion”

I say this out-loud. The first words spoken in voice amongst the group

Immediately I understand that we are something similar to what people would call Archangels in this world

Though I understand what Archangels really are, this is the best way I can think of to describe what the people in the room are

None of us know each other. But we are all instinctively thinking and feeling as one group

Most of the Archangels in the room have no idea what I am referring to

Though none of them speak, or disrespect what is being said. They simply listen

“There is only 4 of us here who are old enough to remember it”

I look to 3 others in the room. All of which are standing in the same corner of the room, around the table I am seated at, talking to them

I sense a common feeling amongst all the younger Archangels. Like we are being presumptuous to assume we are the 4 oldest. Some find it amusing. Others find it insulting

There is a mood amongst them, as if this is a mock process

They are so adapt at projecting their emotional connections, that while speaking, I start to feel like I am an actor, playing out lines

Like everything I am saying is a joke

It is like a shared emotional consciousness, mocking me, because, in their eyes, I have the audacity to assume that I am amongst one of the 4 oldest in the room

I have the audacity to assume I understand something that they do not

I understand what is happening through our connection. And I carry on, regardless

“What do you think?” I ask one of the other 3 oldest in the room

Two of them are older looking men, who look like they are well into their 60's or 70's

The 3rd, standing in the corner near the door, has his head down against the wall. Avoiding looking at everyone in the room, or letting them see his eyes

He looks to be in his 20's or 30's. One of the younger looking people in the room. He is also one of the most aesthetically “good looking” of the Archangels in the room. Strangely attactive

He says nothing and it feels as though he wishes to be left alone. Like he is only there out of necessity

The one I am speaking to, is one of the older men

I look into his eyes as I am talking to him, and they are as real as the eyes of any I would look into, in the real waking world

I get the sense that he also senses the shared feeling amongst the rest of the younger Archangels, mocking. He is as aware of it as I am, but he also ignores it and persists

The general feeling I get, is that we can't blame them for not believing that they are not amongst the 4 oldest in the room

Most of them have no idea how old they are

Most of them also have no idea who any of the others in the room are. For many of them, this is likely the first time any of them, have met any of the rest of us

They cannot be blamed for a trait that is inherent to their nature, so we ignore them, slightly bemused, and he answers me

“I have my wife” he said

He talks about his need to keep her, and follow whatever course is necessary to do so

Something which is a near identical consideration to why I believe the meeting is being called. To address the issue of balance. And what to do about it

Though there are two others in the room that are old enough to know what the Lion is, and what I am referring to, it seems that I only need the consensus of the one amongst them I have already spoken to

Not that I don't/didn't want their opinion. But it feels more like, for whatever reason, I could sense they did not want, or need to give one. Or, they would possibly simply go along with whatever I, and the Archangel I spoke to decided

The room morphs into a pulsating centre of force, gravity and all physics. Like reality itself formed down to a pearl-shell coloured vortex of power, that feels like the source of all creation itself

I became semi-conscious at this state. Both still seeing this pulsating energy, and also seeing my room around me at the same time

“We will return to the Lion” it said

My head throbbed and I could feel my consciousness talk along with it

I see a powerful flash of the symbol of the pyramid, with an eye inside its top peak

Suddenly all the younger Angels are very silent, and understand their place

The mocking feeling shrank and disappeared very quickly, like children who suddenly realised they were in trouble and needed to shut up and listen

The overall sense and shared feeling, was of something very serious. Like a decision or verdict being handed down in court

Something powerful speaks/spoke through me, addressing them so they could all hear, and the message would be very clear, and clearly received

But it also spoke through me, to me

It is hard to describe

It feels like your conscious mind throbbing inside your own head to speak, so that your words and thoughts are perfectly in sync and are 100% your own. But they are also 100% not your own

Like another part of you somewhere, and the part of you that is here, momentarily talk together, so that what is there, can say something through you here

Something you may not entirely understand. Or sometimes, you even find yourself speaking languages fluently, that you don't quite understand (or understand at all). Sometimes, directly to people who do understand that language
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posted on Oct, 6 2021 @ 03:37 PM
It is me, but only in what it needs to speak. It is with me. Through me. As me. But as more than me

As such, I am paraphrasing what it said below, from what I can remember hearing of it, as I was waking up

The way it spoke these things was far more authoritative and eloquent than I have written them here

I also did not hear all of what was said. But I think this is because I do not need to

The details and nature of what was being said, are supposed become very apparent to this world soon enough

At least, that's the very definitive and final sense I got, from what was being said

Enough so that I decided to write this and post it for perpetuity. So none can say it wasn't ordained

“The Lion is to be returned”

“Do you know what this symbol means? What it truly means?” (Referring to the symbol of the pyramid with an eye inside its upper peak)

“It is a symbol which means that all are welcome under its banner”

“In places where this symbol is flown. Truth must be given”

“Churches will be allowed to remain, but only under condition”

“They can be open as places of hope. But they must give truth, and must be free to all. As the Lion allows them freely to exist”

“Any who seek the Church, must be told of, offered, and given access to the Lion, and to the original understanding, first”

“Any who are already with the Church, must be told of the Lion. Who came before. From which their Church comes”

“Knowing the Lion. It will then be their choice if they wish to consider and accept the additional considerations, offerings, teachings and Gods, of the Church”

“The Churches must acknowledge the Lion and original understanding, and allow its access to all”

“As the Lion will also allow the Church to continue its alternate and additional considerations of possibility, under such condition”

“The Lion must be acknowledged by Churches, as their origin, or they will not be allowed to continue their versions of the original understanding”

“Only then, will they be allowed to freely consider additional offerings and interpretations”

“In turn the original understanding of the Lion, will be offered to all, without exception, or restriction”

“Any who attempt to limit or oppose access to truth, the Lion and light, must be addressed. In the same way that people will be allowed to continue alternate considerations”

It went on to say that under the Lion,

“Voices “speaking” into the minds of children would not be allowed, except in the circumstance that the child was/is very sick and needed/needs comfort”

“In all lands under the Lion, communion would no longer be allowed”

“And baptism would/will not be allowed to be carried out. Until such time as the child had been properly taught and versed in the Lion and allowed access to the original understanding”

“After this, when they were old enough to make their own choice, the child could/can decide to become a member under alternate considerations, such as with choosing Churches or Gods. And by/through such, things such as Baptism. But they must understand the Lion first and be allowed access to the original understanding”

Though it was very specifically referring to Churches within what it was saying, I get the feeling and understanding, that this also applies to things such as Government and other groups and societies

That they must freely offer the original understanding to all, or not be allowed to continue with their own considerations in this world. Alternate or otherwise

Most interesting to me is that "Any under the banner of the pyramid and eye, must give truth"

This means the American Government will need to come clean about everything, including things like 911
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posted on Oct, 6 2021 @ 04:00 PM
This possibly should be in the "Dreams" section

If an admin reads this, please relocate thread, if appropriate

posted on Oct, 6 2021 @ 04:56 PM
I should also mention that when I saw the ball of luminous blue, purple, pink and red (pearl shell, without the white) light talking ...

I also saw glimpses of another light that it was talking to

A brilliant yellow/white type of light that existed, inside of the original light talking to it

I immediately understood that this yellow light was all modern religion

It seems they had some type of agreement with the other light, by which they are allowed to try "their way" in this world

But ... Only under the supervision of the other light

They aren't are odds with each other

But, the religions need to do what they are told, when it comes to this other light

posted on Oct, 6 2021 @ 05:09 PM
a reply to: Compendium

So are you claiming to be an angel or a representative of Jesus Christ? The Lion of the tribe of Judah?

If you are, why all the esoterica? Isn't part of being representative to speak plainly?

Also all faiths coming together is ANTI-Biblical. It's actually a sign of the great deception. I'd be careful with this thing.
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posted on Oct, 6 2021 @ 08:01 PM
thank you for sharing
very, very interesting.

first part sounds like opening of a movie (would love to see that!)

I don't doubt there are angelic beings. can't help but wonder what they do etc.

posted on Oct, 6 2021 @ 08:29 PM
I just finished a book called the "Search for Omm Sety" which I found fascinating. If its true that Dorothy Eady was recalling her past life and had interaction with the conciousness of Pharaoh Sety I in her more recent life. It suggests that conciousness itself exists as a seperate entitity to our physical minds. That our local conciousness can be breached to unite with other conciousness allowing direct interaction.

Your Lion might exist as a greater conciousness within the global conciousness. Empowered by desires/memories that allow the Lion to exist as what we could see as a seperate entity. It may be a greater truth as far as conciousness is concerned but perhaps all truths in the manifested are transient. That come forth from the unknowable, unnamable unmanifested as a dream that we recognize as reality.

A great flood over the land might be a sign of greater spiritual enlightenment given to the masses which equates somewhat with the prophetic dream that all religions will be bound by truth.

posted on Oct, 6 2021 @ 09:08 PM
a reply to: Joneselius

I'm just detailing what I experienced

I wouldn't normally speak in terms of Angels (and Jesus Christ), because such are veil terms, that actually mean something completely different to what most people believe they do

It just seemed like the easiest/best way to describe them

At least to convey sense of stature

posted on Oct, 6 2021 @ 10:04 PM
a reply to: glend

It's hard to explain

But it felt like time had a beginning and end, but in cycle

So you could travel in either direction and still come back to the same point

Like, the reason the translations of the Bible are so wrong, is because the Bible hasn't been written yet

It is a symptom of the future version of itself

I got a very clear understanding of allot of things, but it is hard to explain in words

It feels like the alternate algorithm translations of the accepted "veil" Biblical texts are some type of experiment

Like they (those behind the Churches of man) are being allowed to test a system leaning towards "God" and something greater than the sum of the knowledge in the original texts, in order to see if it actually works

More than this,

It feels like such lies (or at the very least, unknowns) are presented to us in such a way, because they are necessary to our existence

Think of it like ...

You live in a world of logic and science

You use some type of technology to turn conscious mind, inside out

So that you are born into a world, which is actually the insides of your own physical body in the other original world

But you are born without memory or understanding of who, or what you are

But ...

The patterns of your original self, mean that you are born into a world, with a predominantly known and available version of the principles of self "You know" in the other world

Think of it like your D.N.A turning inside out with you, so it becomes a misunderstood written version of itself

This is the Bible

So, the corrupted veil version everyone reads ...

Is essentially, something that already exists in another world and is understood correctly

But because it is turned inside out, and is technically yet to be written or exist, nobody understands it

But, as it does exist in a truer form in your original self in the other world, it is logically interpreted to your greater body and self, through concepts such as God

So those that believe in such things, are technically correct, but not in the sense they believe they are

Within the experiment,

The lie is actually a reflection of what keeps you, and us, in this world

When we come to understand the truth of such DNA reflecting texts, or they are written?

We will also leave this world, and be born back into our original body

No longer inside out

The blockage perpetuates the world and keeps us here

Or, we can choose to leave this world and wake up

The problem, as far as I can see it, is with the veil texts, reflecting their own lies, as a means and security measure to prevent themselves, and this world by extension, from coming undone

If people understand, the game stops. No more generations of this world. No more experiment

The consciousness returns to its original form and body and this world ends

It protects itself, by warning against the things that will bring about its end and unravel this world

By accusing such understanding to be lies and false

A type of built in insurance. So that anyone who could end the party, is disregarded, seen as a liar, or if necessary evil itself

This mechanism within the experiment has become a corruption against itself, in reflection of the reflection, of the reflection, so that beauty and love is blocked and withheld

Because of want for something greater

It can't be perfect, so it can't be at all. If that makes sense

These entities see it, that the only way to ensure this world continues ...

Is through fulfillment of all synch and encoding (referred to as prophecy) within the veil texts, so that they close out upon themselves

Think of it like making a true and perfect alignment to God and its sources in creation, using the Churches own understanding, in order to supersede the Churches and their problems

Not to end them

But because they will never be able to align this world

This part of the experiment is a failure. But it doesn't mean the question of more posed by the experiment can't continue

So they, need be aligned to the world. Rather than be those that try align it

It is the only way that is going to work

Like kicking them out of the drivers seat, so they don't crash the car with all of us in it, religious or otherwise. While still allowing them to sit up in the front as equals, to decide together where we are going and what roads we take

A return to the original understanding seems to be the only way to ensure the world doesn't end

And that future generations will/can populate in conscious, to the consciousness

And the experiment will/can continue

Something, or someone, wants to leave this world. It/they has/have had enough

They want nothing to do with this world or the experiment, and they want no part of them to continue within this world or the experiment

It seems to me as though, if this happens with the Church still in power, the world will end. This world cannot exist or continue without them

Adapting the understanding from, and back to, the original source, seems to be the only way they can leave, and this world can continue without them

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posted on Oct, 6 2021 @ 10:21 PM
a reply to: Joneselius

Isn't part of being representative to speak plainly?

If that were true, then many Biblical Prophets who spoke
in metaphors, allegory, parable, imagery, comparison,
analogy, and symbology would not be deemed representatives.

I've yet to meet any Priest, Pastor, or Rabbi to give a
a concise understanding of Ezekiel's prophecies,
especially chapters 40 through 48.

Sometimes, people make reference to the Bible as
though they've never studied it.

posted on Oct, 7 2021 @ 12:49 AM
a reply to: Compendium

The lie is actually a reflection of what keeps you, and us, in this world

As a 40+ year deep diving researcher I have to agree with some of the things you share, in a warped way lol;

I can only speak about this very corrupt world we live in in, on this side of the veil. The lie you speak of is confirmed in the physical evidence that is all about us, but not allowed to assemble it to reflect the truth. We enforce the lie ignorantly via mind control techniques that are very old, at least to the great flood.

This world we live in was not the same as the world prior to the great flood. There is little information available of those times, but what does exist denotes a world of gods and demigods who lived way above the average person. This is not a experiment, it is a world of enslavement, nothing short of that.

From my personal deepest thoughts of long ago I felt we were sent here to learn from the old ones, but instead, the old ones took advantage of our ignorance, and took advantage of it by gradually enslaving us.. We were not prepared for what might happen, but rather came here as babes in the woods. I believe, the original contract has been breached.

The evidence suggests two, at least, planets have been destroyed in this solar system. I can only imagine that this "experiment" was running on those as well.

I believe I understand your "Inside out" DNA, and the other body. I also understand the intermediary existence of the archangels. And that is the hardest thing to reconcile. And being as it is, is the strongest thing used to continue the enslavement. The left hand does not know, what the right hand is doing, thinking, or intends on doing. It is reflected in the movie "Wizard of Oz" where Dorthy is in black and white, floating around in a tornado, and living in colorful Oz. Both realms are oblivious of the other, therefore, controlled by the "experiment". We are thee, and thee, are we. But, we have no idea our very essence, is divided, and the whole, enslaved.

I can only think, if there is no longer division, then mankind can once again be whole, and awfully hard, to enslave. Could the truth, actually, set us free?

(read your messages

And if the Archangels are reading, tell them to take care of my better half

Fighting the good fight, one day at a time.........

posted on Oct, 7 2021 @ 03:09 AM
a reply to: MrBlaq

And yet the interpretation was always given....

posted on Oct, 7 2021 @ 05:27 AM
a reply to: Compendium

I have given it more thought, Yes something or someone, wants to leave this world. I suspect that someone/something is your inner self wanting you to awaken from your slumber. So rather than being a dream or prophency it may have been a message from your inner self as to what awaits you on that side. The death of the woman (female = material essence) being the death of your false self (ego-mind) that promotes the awakening.

But before we can awaken we have to realize the universe that comes and goes, being transient, is devoid of absolute truth. Its nothing but a projection of inner desire to experience relative truths though our sensations. When we become desireless for more experiences we near the end of that journey.

It is said the awakening of just one persons blesses every single person on this earth.

I do have high hopes for you Compendium.

posted on Oct, 7 2021 @ 06:29 AM
a reply to: MrBlaq

Oh my gosh, what a load of delusional, imagined nonsense. You have no special understanding of the Reality we occupy, or our place within it, so please cease & desist. Thanks.

posted on Oct, 7 2021 @ 06:36 AM
a reply to: MrBlaq

Prophecy of that nature, I've come to believe, is something akin to part of an intellgience/ counterintelligence game.

We have an Enemy, which is very, very powerful in this world, which has a lot of arcane knowledge & understanding, far beyond anything that we ourselves possess.

I believe that the ancient prophecies are generally intended for a secret brotherhood, an Elect which has existed beneath the surface of civilisation for as long as there have been prophets in the world. The information which is encoded in the phantasmagoric prophetic dreamscapes of the Old Testament is designed as special revelation, to be unlocked at a given time & place, when the time is right, when God gives special insight to one of the adepts of that secret order, an order which I believe probably convenes with the real angels (not the imagined angels which the OP is dreaming up).

We normal folk are not to worry our little heads regarding such information, because we lack the understanding to even begin to process it, unless we are gifted with special insight. In which case, the secret brotherhood would probably encourage you to join their ranks.

The OP read a lot like the latest movie to drop on Amazon Prime Video, named 'Infinity', which is based on a novel named 'The Reincarnation Papers'. If you watch the movie, which only came out a couple of days ago (coincidentally around the time of the OP), you will see where he gets several of his 'plot points', including the magical car.

posted on Oct, 7 2021 @ 08:01 AM
a reply to: Compendium

I remeber that meeting vaguely must been a long time for me... or was it tomorrow?

Thank you for making a well worded protocol

The failsafe is so well thought out it even anticipated that needed dynamic you describe to carry on while letting go. The ones that designed this failsafe would rather make over the whole experience than to loose their highground.

Sad really, that we have to create an isolated alternate reality just so they can see what it gets them... Well at least they also anticipated that, so it won't come as a complete shock. Although they will be oblivious to the reason behind the happenstance, they will be in bliss....for some time.

posted on Oct, 7 2021 @ 11:48 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

We have an Enemy, which is very, very powerful in this world, which has a lot of arcane knowledge & understanding, far beyond anything that we ourselves possess.

And just imagine, a frightened school girl with a bucket of water ended her enemy, not out of hate, but trying to do the right thing. Oz, was once again, free.

Water is a amazing thing. Life cant exist without it, and at the same time, a very destructive force in its own right. So fragile on the surface that sunlight will dry it up in no time, and at the other extreme, as dense as lead carrying with it unbelievable pressures.

Dorthy defeated her enemy with, water. Can we not, do as well? As I understand it our Divine Creator has preposition-ed "Needles", that would do the same thing Dorthy did. Ending Charades and popping bubbles, one bucket at a time...

Or, you can do nothing and watch the world continue to degrade....

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posted on Oct, 7 2021 @ 02:07 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Oh my gosh, what a load of delusional, imagined nonsense. You have no
special understanding of the Reality we occupy, or our place within it,
so please cease & desist. Thanks.

I need no special understanding of your reality, whatever that may be.
There is no greater understanding or knowledge than the spirit that
is within every man. In my experience many of those who claim
special understanding rarely have any power to prove it.

But there is a spirit in man and the inspiration of the Almighty
giveth them understanding. Job 32:8

For the LORD giveth wisdom, out of his mouth cometh
knowledge and understanding. Proverbs 2:6

I have always found it fascinating when sincere Christians
operating the gifts of the Spirits perform the miraculous vs
many following esoteric knowledge and rituals perform nothing.

Only a mystery to those who fail to understand where true
power lies.

posted on Oct, 8 2021 @ 03:04 PM

I believe that the ancient prophecies are generally intended for a secret brotherhood, an Elect which has existed beneath the surface of civilisation for as long as there have been prophets in the world. The information which is encoded in the phantasmagoric prophetic dreamscapes of the Old Testament is designed as special revelation, to be unlocked at a given time & place, when the time is right, when God gives special insight to one of the adepts of that secret order, an order which I believe probably convenes with the real angels (not the imagined angels which the OP is dreaming up).

The ancient prophecies are the left hand telling the right hand what to do. It is future materials to be sold as books, or reasoning to start a new religion to further confuse and control mankind. And yes, a secret brotherhood who know full well how to exploit a ignorant society. They, are as old as the pillars of laws, because before that time, there was no need, for secret societies. Humanity did what they were told to do, what to believe, how to live, and bow down to their physical gods. It was a direct enslavement where the gods gave you food, only to do their bidding. If you refused you were put to death or expunged to the desolate uninhabitable regions to suffer your fate.

It is not out of place that Mauritania was the last country to outlaw slavery, at least publicly. After all, old habits are really hard to break. Mauritania is the ancient site of the "Ringed City" of the allotment named Atlantis. Outside of the ringed city the populations were slaves to the gods and demigods. You lived, or died, at their pleasure!

The ancient gods via their bloodline, the demigods know full well what will happen and when, because its planned out, and executed by their secret societies. The great flood and the destruction of the ringed city was a effort to hide, bury their crimes against humanity, and their secret societies go to great length to insure that history remains, buried.

We normal folk are not to worry our little heads regarding such information, because we lack the understanding to even begin to process it, unless we are gifted with special insight. In which case, the secret brotherhood would probably encourage you to join their ranks.

They have reached out, and held the door open. I hope their feelings were not hurt, as I slammed to door shut!!! I view them as nothing but Traitors to humanity!

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