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LF2021 Chapter 4

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posted on Oct, 3 2021 @ 11:16 PM

The twins were growing and maturing at a rate that would have been impossible on Earth. They were now only 4.5 years old yet they looked like they were closer to an earthly age of 12 or 13 . Fhaa already had small breast and Sky was also in puberty ! They both spent most of their days with a USSB learning cap on their heads exploring the universe of USSB as part of their education. The learning cap experience placed them into all kinds of life situations where they had to figure out how to solve a problem by using their own accumulated smarts. The arrival at a situation for a proper outcome was all on their young shoulders.

At this developmental stage Sky was interested in action type scenarios where he had to fight and prove his physical abilities in many of his learning situations. He was also very interested in USSB history and the history of the many Sentients in our USSB universe. He loved swords, spears and primitive weapons because he thought it was a more fair way to settle differences... He was only young and he would learn; so give the kid a break....

Fhaa was actually more athletic with finer motor skills and limberness than Sky so she could best him in many things with only a natural 75% of his strength. The learning caps actually provided scenarios where they had to work together to solve certain problems which I really did like. At no time did I ever see them want to get into a 'knock down drag out fight' like some earthly brothers and sisters I have observed. Other times Fhaa went off and did more female learning scenarios. Her normal interest at this stage seemed to be Genetics, chemistry, and healing.

I did show both of them some of the aircraft from my home world I had flown (or wanted to fly) and they both became interested in flying low tech aerial vehicles. They both became very good at flying this type equipment from a time not their own.. There were a couple of times we all wore the caps and went flying together. It finally evolved into an Earthly WW2 fighter aircraft scenario trying to shoot each other down (my fault for I thought it would add some excitement). It was a blast at first because I always won but it did not take long for the twins to learn team work and wax my butt which was great for them on many different levels ! Layla did come with us a few times and we all had fun shooting each other down.

You can take one arrow and snap it easily but as you add more arrows the snapping becomes impossible. A good team is hard to beat just as many arrows in your quiver is nice to have.

Education with the children using the learning cap was carried out in their minds as a vivid dream state but at a much increased rate.

Something I had not mentioned before, but when we were back on Earth both Layla and I had to wait for what seemed like an eternity for people to ask their questions or say something. We already knew they were going to ask a certain question and had the answer before they could even utter the words. We were able to preform on earth only because we were very patient and could carry on a full psychic conversation with each other as the earthlings got their thoughts and speech organized enough to make sounds with their mouths !

By being a USSB psychic the communication with non-psychics was rather tedious and frustratingly slow. It was the same with Sky and Fhaa because we knew what they were going to say before they even got their thoughts organized. However, unlike our earthly encounters we could answer them or place symbols and thoughts into their minds by just looking at them as their thoughts formed.

They were very impressed with their Mom and Dad but were learning this was normal for the families of USSB.

Around here when someone says Mom and Dad can read my mind they are not kidding.

Layla told me that Fhaa would grow to a natural height of 5'8' and Sky would end up at 6'4' or two inches taller than me ! I asked her how she knew this and she just said because she had thought these were good heights for their form..

“You mean you can control the height they will grow to”?

“Of course, I can I am their mother”.. !

The girl never ceases to amaze me.

I thought about some of my earthly friends who had been classified as dummies when I was growing up and attending school. They were dummies because they were not interested in the school curriculum and some were ruined for life because they too believed they were outcast and stupid. Whereby in the USSB system, the learning cap knew what made your “boat float” with auto feedback from your nervous system and your mind. The closest thing we had back on earth was some high tech video game that some kids got hooked on but ….. that does not do this learning experience justice for you are in the scenario the cap provides you with; total feelings and environmental elements (hot, cold, pain, pleasure etc etc) and all.

posted on Oct, 3 2021 @ 11:17 PM
Sky was already learning how to woo the ladies and Fhaa was learning how to act like her version of a lady in mixed company. The socialization of the kids was provided through interaction with other races that made up USSB as part of their education process. These were real kids just like them that had their education (thinking) caps on. Even the young synthetic Grays were part of some of the learning scenarios the kids were faced with.

What a great way to be introduced to other USSB Sentients.

Layla told me they would both be having virtual sex in the next few months which shocked me much more than maybe it should have. It appears that for every month they have been alive they actually grow and physically mature at a little over three months real time. That would put them both at 13.5 earth years which was middle of the road for sexual development for much of our species.
The growth spurt would stop when their biological clocks brought them to a physical genetic age of 25.

I got to thinking about all the young kids who ended up pregnant back on earth. Kids raising kids and screwing up the generations to follow was not a good system that could provide any bright prospects for those baby's future. I won't even mention the poor girls married off before they even reach puberty and then raped because their sick society says it is OK. Since I am not that far removed from my primitive back ground I sometimes have the urge to take Tiki back to earth and do some serious ?? I totally understand how USSB floundered around with other Sentient species once long, long, ago. It is hard to not interfere when you witness cruelty and just plain stupidity..

In the beginning I would occasionally tap into the kids minds (like a secret pair of floating eyeballs) to see what they were learning and how their education was going. The whole process was so amazing I went back to school myself.

You would think having access to all the knowledge the USSB chip could provide, schooling would be the last thing anyone needed and you might be right for some people. However, you can not think or even ask the right question if you are unaware such knowledge exist at all. The Que helped in many ways but.....

Many days I would just think, “teach me” and cap would take me to places and thought realms I had no idea existed.

“Where has all the time gone”?

It seems like only a few short months ago Fhaa and Sky were floating around in the growth fluid that Tiki had provided. Now they both have grown into young people any parent would be proud of..

Sky liked primitive weapons and had actually designed and fabricated a sword and a dagger that just blew me away with their form and function. The dagger was about 12 inches long and the sword was close to 36 inches. But that is where the commonality of earthly swords and daggers stop. On the dagger the cross hilt had two cutter bean cancellation emitters that looked like two Rubies that would allow their focal point to be adjusted by a thumb wheel set in the hilt. At the very tip of the blade was the red cutter transmitter so small it was almost undetectable. He designed the dagger so that it had a range of nothing “0” except the blade length out to 12 normal walking steps. The thumb wheel distance calibrator had six detent positions so as it was rotated for each detent you got about two steps distance for the cutter beams range..

The Sword using the same principle of focal length had a total cutting length of “0” to a max range of about a 100 steps. Each detent gave you about 10 steps for range for the cutter beam.

Sky made a set for all of us and he presented them the day before he and Fhaa were both to receive their chips. It was time, for they were both a little over 6 years old with the body and mind of a USSB 20 year old .

To say I was impressed with the weapons would be an understatement.

To celebrate we all went on a little simulated safari to a a Dino world and finally to a primitive planet that reminded me of earth when there were war lords and primitive weapons. We were totally awesome and got very good at judging which weapon to use and quickly judging distance control with both weapons.

I am glad it was all a simulation for we absolutely ruled where ever we went.

A Star Wars light saber these were not; (said with a Yoda voice).. There would be no clashing of light beams if the cutter beams crossed paths for the cutter beam would continue for the distance set by the thumb wheel.
I did insist that Sky add a feature that only our family could get the things to work which he did by adding a biometric detector next to the thumb wheel on the hilt.

I could just see us on some primitive world getting separated from the sword or dagger and having a primitive get their hands on one ! They were so simple to use if they did not kill themselves trying them out they would become a force to recon with.

Which brings me up to a few things I have learned over these last few years.

With Earthly eyes and sentiments you might not like what I am about to tell you.

The seeding projects of USSB have a noble purpose, I think we could all agree, however there is a dark side to this process. It was found, long long ago that the hybrids of a planet that USSB created could control and direct a population in a direction that showed promise for them gaining basic scientific principles and hopefully in some far future, even Bulk travel. On an with a much simpler level of laying down basic societal rules for the barbarians to follow, the greater intellect of the hybrids was always an asset or a destructive force as they were active an intellectually superior on countless worlds.

The hybrids usually do not know they are hybrids to begin with, but have been developed with a predetermined disposition towards a certain desirable nitch intelligence; they are then implanted into some breeder of the host world. Unfortunately, progress in science is many times motivated by fear and war for our species and many others in the universe. Millions if not billions of sentient historical recordings have always shown governance of any kind can produce no shortage of despots.

posted on Oct, 3 2021 @ 11:19 PM
To create a Hybrid you had to have the genetics of the world you wanted to create Hybrids for. The genetics of the host world are used to degrade the basic genetic material or otherwise USSB could just make a sentient and impregnate a host breeder which could be made bigger, smarter, and certainly would be more of a standout which is exactly something that is not wanted; DNA needs to look like a home grown variety unless you want some of the Fabled Greek type gods messing around with a species..

USSB used the little Gray's and the Tom Ngan (Big Buggy Grays) for the collection process. Either type of these Grays were so telepathic that they could put most primitives to sleep with just a look and a thought, or totally freeze them in their tracks.

Many of the stories about eggs and sperm taken from earthlings actually have much basis in fact. Easy to dismiss and ridicule those who have had the experience however unfortunately for the majority of those who have undergone this harvesting; it is not something they enjoyed.

The Grays bedside manner lacked allot of the niceties our species would like to have as they were all business and no nonsense.

If it ever happens to you, wish and pray for a Falongsaid to be part of the harvesting crew.

It is a necessary process to get some sentient species headed in a more USSB desirable direction.

We had an old saying in Texas, “You have to sacrifice a few Peaches to make a Peach cobbler” and please do not think I am totally in favor of this process.. You kinda have to look at this as, the needs of the many definitely out weigh the needs of the few especially when you are talking about an entire species. Left alone countless species never leave their home planet and become extinct which in the USSB way of thinking is a waste.

Fhaa and Sky did not like the method of getting their chips but for once they could communicate with mom and dad on a more equal level and were thoroughly happy about this right of passage. Layla and I both were so proud of these two and their abilities that love and devotion are such an inadequate starting point of discussion it hurts.

Fhaa had grown into a beautiful woman with poise and class ( she must have gotten that from her mother) and had continued in her studies of healing, genetics and chemistry where Sky was more interested in making things and dreaming up new and improved methods of doing stuff. He would have been an awesome engineer back on Earth.

We as a family had visited Tiki our wondership several times (Layla thought I was emotionally attached) so the kids could see where they got their start in life.

Regardless of what Layla said, Tiki was glad to see us ! OK call me a sentimental sap but Tiki was my first ship and I did feel an attachment to her !

Fhaa and Sky wanted to do something for real (it probably was a conspiracy) and had decided they wanted to go to a different dimension. I recommended the Shabock where USSB had just taken care of a bit of business but was immediately presented with all kinds of reasons why not to go there..

USSB had all the intel they needed from that dimension so why go there when there were nine other dimensions we could go and actually provide some needed information back to USSB. Besides, the USSB seeding process was well under way in the Shabock dimension.

“Boring”... was their thoughts..

“Trillions of planets to investigate and they think that is boring ! Lord what have Layla and I created in these two”?

OK they had a point, but I was not to sure how USSB Main would look at our little adventured which IMO was spawned out of young people's boredom.

“How to hell can anyone be bored around here” ?

With both of them being true USSB creatures they had absolutely no qualms about pestering USSB Main.

They relayed to Layla and myself that USSB would actually be grateful and highly recommended this little dreamed up adventure .

To say they had done their homework and prepared their case would be an understatement.

They even threw in Tiki as a bribe for us to go.

“And where would you two like to go”, was the only thing I could come up with...... even though I should have been more happy they invited us to go along.......

USSB had recommended Habock for our first inter-dimensional trip. Our droids and probes had not been attacked at any location and there were 700 billion main galaxies in the Habock that were just begging for a little of our attention.

Sky said he has put in a request for a few modifications for Tiki and they had all been approved. Tiki would now have a much larger console (food console is what I always called it but it actually could produce just about anything) and her defensive weapons had been upgraded to level 3 which was 2 levels above what she had before.

With that upgrade alone my little Tiki went from a sporty scout ship to something more like a Naval destroyer or even a smallish battleship if speaking in earth terms ! She would also have a bubble on her bottom that would contain 3 privacy rooms..

Hearing all this I figured she would look fat but a mental picture was relayed to me and in truth she looked more like the ship they used in a movie that had Robbie the Robot called Forbidden Planet. She looked good but certainly thicker in the middle and around her edges..

Dimensional Phasing:

Dimensional Phasing was not hard to do. Instead of the normal one plus percent penetration we use to travel via the BULK in our dimensional universe, when going to a different dimension, you actually had to do almost a 5% penetration into the Bulk boundary. Once there, you had to know which frequency to select for your desired destination. This had all been figured out long ago by the USSB droids or otherwise dimensional travel would be a hit and miss affair with no guarantee of ever returning home.

Other than the sword and daggers Sky had made for us we once again left with just the clothes on our bodies. Tiki unerringly phased us into the heart of the Habock universe. To me it looked just like our universe with stars, galaxies, and other stuff anyone who has looked at our own universe would see.

We headed for a nearby galaxy that Tiki determined was a good first choice and arrived in the 4th spiral arm close to a Red-M sun that had 4 planets in the habitable zone. What made this planetary system unique was there were actually two planets that had the same orbit around their sun and were almost exactly 180 degrees apart in the orbital plain. Almost always this kind of system does not exist because the planetary material during the systems formation is usually insufficient to form two planets in the same orbital zone.

There are systems where a stray rouge planet can be captured by a Sun's gravitational field but you can always know it was captured due to its' weird non concentric orbit. These two planets though definitely had water and land and one, which we referred to as “A” had a diameter of 27,132 miles where “B” was coming in at 23,976 according to an earth conversion.

We avoided naming this star and these planets in expectation of finding other sentient life forms which should have already named them. I was hoping we could find another Bulk Traveling Federation but as USSB had indicated there had been no droids detected coming to our side of the universe from this dimension.

posted on Oct, 3 2021 @ 11:20 PM
Tiki zeroed in on planet "A" and other than normal (what one would expect) flora and fauna the planet in all its' vastness only had two settlements by what anyone would consider Sentients. Total detected population including young ones of both settlements was an astoundingly low number of only 8,385,945 almost exactly equally divided between the two areas.

I asked Tiki how old this sun had been in its' main sequence and she estimated this particular sun was a stable 9 billion Earth year old star.

All kinds of thoughts went through my mind as to why there was such a low population;  war was right at the top of my list. I asked Layla and the kids if they had any ideas and they agreed the population was probably the remnants from some kind of planetary catastrophe or a major war effort.

Tiki's sensors were state of the art USSB but we needed to land and have her take detailed soil and atmospheric samples to maybe answer some of our questions.

She picked out a spot in the ocean for our first landing and while submerged Tiki cataloged all the life forms she could detect and the mineral and make-up of this body of water. This place was teaming with life and actually had some rather large interesting life forms. The two largest top predictors were one creature that looked like a cross between a shark and a dolphin that was about 70 feet long when mature that kinda resembled some type of Ichthyosaur. It was a deep water creature that preyed on just about everything to include the numerous squid looking animals. The other top predator was a long necked four paddled air breathing creature that look like a huge sea turtle with teeth and a very spiny shell. It stayed in shallower water to catch its' prey and would grow to a full average length of 60 feet. There were countless other creatures eating, breeding, and ranging in all sizes down to the minute with trillions of viruses and bacteria in about a table spoon of water. Which was normal for most oceans the universe over.

With the water survey complete we set off for a landing spot on firm ground.

We had just broken the surface when Tiki set off an 'alarm thought' in all our heads.

Before we could even react everything went dark and I do mean pitch black. We were all conscience but on the outside of Tiki it was darker than the blackest black you could imagine.

“Do not be afraid for I am bringing you to me”.

“Who is me” was Fhaa's question ?

“I am the one true God of all that is and I am bringing you to me”.

“What if we do not want to go see you”? Was Sky's cocky reply.

He immediately collapsed into an unconscious heap where he had once stood.

“Dear God that is my child and by your grace I would appreciate it if you would restore his youthful consciousness so that I will know he is OK”.

Sky was picked up and before his feet hit the deck of Tiki he was back awake with a rather confused look on his face.

“Thank you dear lord for listening to your humble servant”. I even did a slight bow to no where.

By my actions the kids an Layla went into suck up mode as we all became instant devotees.

This gods version of home must have been some distance from our prior location for the trip to a place with light took longer than I figured a god could manage. On Tiki we had 5 sleep cycles before we arrived in this gods version of heaven.

As suddenly as the dark had appeared there was light (sounds biblical) and what our non godly eyeballs beheld could only be called a space station. It was on a grand scale but it was still a space station and not my idea of a godly residence.

When light first appeared I only got a brief glimpse of a huge dark form that moved off our overhead view before it cloaked or disappeared.

Looked like a darn big space ship to me.

I always pictured heaven with a little more frills and pearly gates myself.

I guarded my thoughts just as everyone else was. This gods ability to knock Sky out and bi-pass Tiki's defenses really had me bugged so I just felt our best defense was to not question god at this stage.

posted on Oct, 3 2021 @ 11:21 PM
Tiki, who had been very quite since the 'darkness', touched down inside one of an orbiting stations bio-domes. As her hatch opened, I did hazard to ask if she was OK. Silence, was her only reply... Now I was Pissed.

The hatch was open so we exited and were met with a glowing ball of light that asked us to follow. I actually thought that was a nice godly touch for a primitive but it was not swaying my ice filled heart at this stage .

We were led into a large room with a huge throne by one of gods glowing balls and as we stood god appeared. No burning bush for this god..... just a huge Buggy Grey form that appeared to us as a creature of some 20 feet tall resting its' right appendage upon a suitably large throne.

By the way this god arrived I was sure it was a first class hologram projection or this place had actually developed a transporter which was doubtful. Transporters work but not this way with living creatures.


I went down on one knee and did my best to emulate Darth Vader when bowing to the Emperor.

“Greetings dear lord we thank you for this audience and your attention to our insignificant life forms”.

“ You may rise and be seated” as a bench seat big enough for the 4 of us floated in and landed before us.

“You have entered my domain from a place far far away”.

“Yes Lord we have”.

“Where is this place from where you come” (not a very godly question in my opinion.)

“Lord we come from a place in time and space that is ruled by a god so powerful that as you, great lord, he created many dimensions just for creatures such as us and many others”, I lied.

“There is but one god and I am that GOD ! Your god did not create me for I have always been as you see me before you”!

“Yes Lord he said you would say that, for you are the end result of his creations started long ago even before memories could be retained”.

A slight pause followed....

“When you say dimension what is your definition of such a place”?

“Lord all that you see here in your dimension with all the stars and galaxies herein, they exist in nine other dimensions that our god has created for all sentient beings”.

Thank goodness this god did no appear to be able to access our bio-chip so.... when confronted with an intelligence that believes it is a legend in its own mind, omnipotent, and a true god the only thing in my opinion that might get their attention is a bigger better god.

“Our god has spoken to us and said, go forth into this dimension and make contact with my godly son. So great lord we are here to speak with you about your father who wants you to join him for all eternity and assist him in the 10 dimensions he has created”.

Buggy Greys, even our own Tom Ngan, could place thoughts in someones head and even communicate thoughts if the target was receptive or a primitive but, just as back in our universe, it was a two way street. I had not detected this Grey's ability to override my personal thoughts so I hazarded a communique via the chip to the kids an Layla.

“How am I doing”?

Layla responded with something like she was impressed as was Fhaa; but Sky was still fuming over being knocked out and actually had thoughts of a little dagger work on this very tall god that supposedly stood before us.

“Lord the Being we arrived in is called Tiki, and she is a friend of our family. She was personally created by our god so we could come to you. Please lord, if it is your will, insure no harm comes to her for she is part of our god's family”.

“You say this Tiki is alive as you are, yet I detect no breath and no heart beat”.

“No lord she is not such as us; like you are not such as us, yet she lives”.

That got him !

“If I release her from the control of my will what will she do”?

“Nothing great son of god for she will wait for us to return”?

I am certainly no expert but I think I really have a gift for this whole making up extemporaneous fictional (nice way of saying lying) stories when the need arises.. Maybe I should have tried writing a story or something back on Earth ?

“So be it.... yet let it be known... I will tolerate nothing interfering with the peace of my domain”.

“Great son of god we were not sent to disturb you but to make contact and let you know your loving father knows of you and has a great yearning for you to know him”. We are very aware we are here as your guest and will respect your wishes and commands and never intentionally disrespect you hospitality. As your father has told us many different times we are in some very unique ways all brothers and sisters in his grand family”.

“Your Tiki is now released however, I wish you to remain here in my presence for a time, as I make determinations on what you have said”.

I jumped up and did my bowing and scraping before this pompous want a be bug god popped out of existence before us as I uttered, “Your will is our command lord”.

posted on Oct, 3 2021 @ 11:23 PM
What passed as an angel ball around here floated back in and we we told to follow the ball of light to our quarters.

I did ask if we could go and see our friend Tiki but was told, “Later”.

We had not even reached our assigned quarters and my link with Tiki was reestablished.

“So Tiki did you have a nice nap”?

Tiki actually let lose with a very long string of unflattering thoughts about Buggy Greys and their ability to place a blocking tractor beam force field around her central core biogenic processor. She said she was fully functional at the moment and was fully prepared to find us and blow this whole station if I thought it was necessary.

“Well thank you Tiki for caring enough to find us before you rain death and destruction upon this godly place”

Which started her again on thoughts about Bug ancestors and their propensity to think they are all so special.

I was rather amused at her outburst whereby Layla was concerned she had gone to far in reworking Tiki's personality some years ago...

The Chinese symbol for disharmony is two women under the same roof and I now had three if you count Layla, Tiki and Fhaa who incidentally had remained rather pensive during this entire ordeal. Sky on the other hand was ready to blow this place and show how USSB could handle a bug wannabe god.

“Tiki my dear, could you please use stealth sensors and gather every bit of information you can on this structure. If you can tap into their data base or library, what ever they use to store information please do, and relay everything you find back to USSB. Do not let them detect you”!

“Yes my Captain consider it done”.

Wow that was the first time she had ever used that name for me! Even Layla looked surprised.

I have learned that it is always better to involve you team and not try to be a one man show. I asked Fhaa to establish a ready link with USSB and 'Que report' what we had encountered up to this point in the Habock dimension. Fhaa was very good at multitasking so she was a natural for this assignment.

As we entered our very nice prison/guest accommodations the ball of light which had been leading us went to various places and indicated/discussed this huge area of room's appointments. There was no food console which really surprised me. The room was actually more like a 5 star hotel suite back on earth for we would have to ring for food service. It really was a grand room and even had holographic pictures at various points on the walls. Some of these Pictures were of planetary landscapes of beauty and others actually had Beings gazing upon the view. Every picture had a Buggy gray accompanying whatever other life form the picture depicted.

Just by the pictures I determined at least these godly bugs tolerated other life forms.

We were just beginning our group discussion when Fhaa pointed out USSB had had sent a Que reply which we should go ahead and open.

posted on Oct, 4 2021 @ 02:45 AM
a reply to: 727Sky

Well done.
Please don’t stop now….! 😎
Got me hook, line and sinker.

posted on Oct, 7 2021 @ 04:56 AM
a reply to: PiratesCut

The QUE message had the good, the bad, and the truly evil about this particular brand of fake wanna be god Bugs).

(1) These Bugs were only based in this Galaxy and due to their inability for Bulk travel (they used a form of gravitational field drive) therefore they were unable to expand to other Galaxies. The obvious times and distances involved to reach the closet galaxy with a field drive is/was, “forget it” !

(2) The known planetary populations of Sentients in this galaxy were totally controlled by these bug gods.

When a Sentient population reaches the ripe old age of, 'past breeding' their bug god then requests them to join him in happiness and heaven for all eternity. Sentients were then willingly collected but instead of some heavenly nirvana they are processed for basic food pellets. The pellets were even coded denoting which planet and group of Sentients the pellets came from.

These particular Bugs got a big charge out of eating the Sentients they nurtured for this very purpose. They only ate Sentients and if a given population was breeding to fast they collected the children too as an early godly reward... it was almost a Bushido thing which showed their superior standing as top predators in this Galaxy. We did the same thing back on earth with animals just as countless other civilizations do so even today. Everything alive eats something.

With the USSB food processors just about any matter, organic or inorganic could be turned into a delicious meal. The old primitive hunting or herding method of food procurement, since the food processor was perfected, is/was no longer needed.

Onboard Tiki everything is recycled form one thing or another and if Tiki needs some form of matter we do not normally synthesize she just collects “whatever” from a passing planet, comet, or asteroid. Don't think to hard about that, as it works and I would defy anyone to tell the difference from the real thing you just skinned and cooked yourself, from a food processor delivered dinotail steak or the finest prime rib back on earth.

(3) USSB had not known just how bad this place was until Tiki was able to transmit the history and inter-workings of this Bug Empire from the bug database she had tapped into.

No doubt, if any of this would have been known prior to our departure for this dimension we would have received information to avoid this Galaxy; just our luck, No?

(4) USSB is sending three very small cloaked ships under USSB direct command. There will be two little Grays (one in each small ship) and one of our USSB Tom Ngan Bugs in the other ship.

(5) Tiki and these three ships had already received a patch to stop any further tractor beam control of their Biogenic processors. The patch worked at a frequency that acted like a mirror to the Bugs tractor beam. Unbeknown to us until the Que report; Layla, Sky, Fhaa, and myself had already received a software patch to our Bio-Chips which would further protect our chips from any possible intercepts and interference.


****An electromagnetic field is used to generate a positive and negative gravitational field which can be focused so that the ship basically falls and is pushed in any direction you wish to go. Inside the actual field which surrounds a ship light and time are stopped dead in their tracks due to Relativity. The occupants carry on as normal. Without this effect hitting a dust grain at 64 XC would cause such an explosion noting would be left of you and your field drive ship.

The glow many see that surrounds a ship is caused by ionization of a planetary atmosphere that touches the actual electromagnetic gravitational field . Without Bulk Phasing this means of travel is restricted to 64 X C or sixty four times the speed of light; which is to slow for a galactic empire and truly is more suited to a Star Trek kind of universe. This type of travel was all these bugs used. USSB had been doing gravitational field travel for over a Billion years in a long ago past. Bulk travel was faster (30 million X C for a normal cruise rate) and much safer . Some USSB ships could do a faster speed but there was no push because Bulk travel basically did away with the need for such speeds. We could leave earth, phase into the BULK and be at Alpha Centauri with a relative speed in the BULK of only 40KPH in a little less than 20 Tiki minutes if everything was done correctly.. Now imagine if you were in a hurry and had a Phase ship !

A major down side for a gravitational Field type system is the strong electromagnetic field required. It had been found a few million years ago certain radars (EM Radiation) can actually disrupt a ships gravitational field ( everything is made of strings and frequencies). There are ways around this interruption but it takes special equipment and the frequencies of the radar need to be known so measures can be taken to block the effects and disruptions.. Otherwise prepare to fall like a rock. **** Phasing and BULK travel are unaffected by just about anything we have found.

I had just about finished with the Que's contents when in the center of our room appeared a USSB Mantis Bug. He/she/it/ mentally bowed to us while letting us know 'she' was USSB Tom Ngan and her name was Cricketalisbadadyury.

We all looked at each other and smiled as I said, “I am really glad you are here Cricket”.

If bugs could smile I think she would have but instead she just mentally said, “This name will be recognized”.

The next thing that happened the daggers for Fhaa, Layla and my self appeared on the floor by Cricket.
Sky never left home without his which if there is any future for our little family I think I will be doing the same.

We all knew Cricket was a hologram (one of the reasons for the three ships USSB had sent) but a USSB hologram was not some low tech facsimile of a living creature. A USSB Hologram could shake hands with you and you would think it was the real deal not to mention grasp and move objects. (USSB has been floating living Sentients through solid walls and windows for a long time, so this was not even a slight stretch for USSB hologram closed beam technology.)

End of another chapter and I do not know if I can find the next chapter... Needless to say Cricket, Sky. Fhaa. Tiki, and the earthling Captain were able to kick some serious bug god butt in the next chapter..

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posted on Oct, 8 2021 @ 11:01 AM

Looking forward to it but i’ll have to bookmark to come back later.

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