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Property Taxes

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posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 05:15 PM
We’ve been paying taxes in this towne for over 28 years.
Never once sent late, never ever!
Seems the USPS took way too long getting our check to towne 💩 hall so they imposed a late fee we never knew about.
The next two quarters we also paid in full as usual.

Today we got a pink slip saying in 14 days the towne will list this property in the local paper and begin proceedings to seize our home.

The amount in question….. a bit less than $37.00

28 years paying taxes, Monday they are getting paid in full with a sack of loose pennies, almost 3,700 of them.

I am sooooo pissed right now……!!!

And on top of it Smith and Wesson gun manufacturers who have been in the state forever are moving to Tennessee because of Boston FEELZ???? OH PLEASE!!!
God help us all…….



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posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 05:17 PM
a reply to: PiratesCut

Brings to mind the question; Do we really own our own homes?

posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 05:21 PM
a reply to: DBCowboy

Stop paying taxes and see how long you own it!

We are all of us renters, the banks and government own it all.

Known this forever. 😡😡😡

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posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 05:29 PM
My township has a webpage to make payments. I've been late a few times, it's about a year for them to get to the point they had you at. This time I'll be a month late or I could make smaller payments every pay check, except they charge a good sized processing fee each payment. But at least that way there is no wondering how much the late fees are or if you have made a full payment or not.
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posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 05:49 PM
a reply to: MichiganSwampBuck

I am going to have a melt down at the next town meeting.
It’s going to be EPIC.
A Scalloper is coming to visit and he’s gonna raise hell.
Maybe somebody should sell tickets……

posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 05:57 PM
a reply to: PiratesCut

I am not looking forward to the property tax this year at all. Houses have been selling way above asking. At least the government here have put a max percentage limit on property tax increases so they aren’t astronomical- still ridiculous.

I would love to see this recording from your meltdown at the town meeting. You could try bringing them the most tasty prepared scallops for their enjoyment- a little grease the wheels so to speak. 😁😬

posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 06:16 PM
a reply to: Onlyyouknow

Ya know, you gave me an idea! hehehe
I can talk to my buddie who runs a boat, there are areas where the Scallops are really old and sickly.
The meats are grey and pancaked the way scallops punched from Skate Wings are, they have tumors and smell terrible.
Maybe he’ll make a tow through Death Valley and bring me some of those….😈

By the way, if you go out to eat and see scallops on the menu without the word Sea or Bay in front the word scallops you may get anything.
Punched Skate Wings are big in Florida.
Here’s a simple test….put the Scallop flat side down, if the muscle fibers go up and down from flat side to flat side it’s the real thing!
If the fibers goes from side to side it’s likely Skate Wing or worse. This works for all real Scallops, where ever they come from.

After all the word scallop also means shape or design.

posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 06:26 PM
a reply to: PiratesCut

I hear ya.
We got a disconnect notice for our electricity.
My wife uses our banks online bill pay and they received the check one day late..

posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 06:53 PM
a reply to: PiratesCut

I have learned something new today; thank you. I haven’t eaten many scallops in my life so this is good to know.
Much luck to you and yours about the tax situation.

posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 07:51 PM
Shut your small business down for the gates flu!!
Oh, btw my bad, your prop taxes will be going up from the chaos we caused!!
Walmart, bLowes and HomeRepo are fine though!
Wtf Chuck? Vulture capitalism much.

There needs to be an emergency stop on every single tax, if the scamdemic is such a serious issue.
Complete, utter bs meant to destroy society.

Make it permanent.
The way taxes started as corporations only paying and now it's morphed into being extracted from labor, while they loophole into no taxes, while raking in billions is insane
Especially when the taxes aren't needed, they are just a scama$$ scam to chop rungs off the ladder.
Ugh, good rant.
Our system has become hostile to the host. Parasitic
Who could have seen that coming when giving a few people the power to run society.
The experiment of governments has been a massive failure.

posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 07:53 PM
a reply to: PiratesCut

Try to keep your cool and not give them any reason
to arrest you,get all the anger out in here,we will

posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 08:06 PM
a reply to: PiratesCut

When I was young, I had a biker friend who went to buy a a brand new 1971 GTO Judge from the local dealer. It was a pretty car, orange with the rear wing. The dealer would not accept his cheque, so he laid down a grand in cash as deposit for a few days so he could get the balance together. Then he went to the bank and ordered nickel bags for the balance. He loaded them into pickup trucks and went to the dealer and paid for the GTO in cash, specifically nickels. Its a great move to pay in pennies LOL.

Cheers - Dave

posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 09:40 PM

originally posted by: DBCowboy
a reply to: PiratesCut

Brings to mind the question; Do we really own our own homes?

Yup. You never truly own your home due to property taxes. You own the rights to the property as long as the taxes are paid.

posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 10:04 PM
Since it's been a long time since I have trusted my bills with the USPS, I have gone to alternative methods of payment.
Reason being, decades ago, the USPS lost my cable was found weeks later at the bottom of a mail bag.

Most regular bills I use my bank's online bill pay. I try to make the "deliver by' at least 3-4 days before the due date. Been doing this for many years.
Car insurance and cable company I use the company site to pay directly.

Water bill comes directly from my checking account, with no extra fee. Before that, we would drop it at DPW directly.

Since property tax accesses a percentage of the tax to pay online, we found alternatives here too.
Pre covid, we'd drop off at the Clerk's Office and get a receipt.
Now, the city allows payments to two banks in the city. We drop the check off and get a receipt. NO extra charge to do this.

You should be aware that the USPS has scheduled further slowdowns to first class mail deliveries, and make plans now to avoid delays. The slow down started October 1st.

posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 10:28 PM
Sheesh...I can't even weigh in on this subject!

I will get too angry, and then I won't be able to sleep.

The stories I could tell about fighting battles with the County over taxes would make most people's hair stand right on end. To date, I've faired fairly well, but I will say this much...

The last time I had to go fight over taxes there was this old rancher who came out before I went in, and he was mad as a stallion with a hornet under his saddle blanket...said from then on he was voting with his guns! We had to calm that old fella down. A few minutes later I understood why he felt that way!

Flat out tried to straight-up rip me off, and they figured I was too dumb to figure it out. They were WRONG!

(I wonder how many other people they screw over, and people just roll over and pay?)

posted on Oct, 2 2021 @ 11:38 PM
a reply to: PiratesCut

Here’s a secret I learned by accident.
Live a block or two from the town mayor.

Your taxes will be low, crime won’t show up on stats so you’re neighborhood will appear super safe when you go to sell.
Did I mention your roads will be plowed first and potholes will be filled too!
Learn the game!

posted on Oct, 3 2021 @ 03:15 AM
a reply to: mamabeth

Since a family member is on the towne police force and we’ve had a bit of a falling out (understatement) I imagine theirs a few of her friends would love to do just that.
BTW, I’ve got suspicions……

posted on Oct, 3 2021 @ 03:18 AM
a reply to: bobs_uruncle

I remember those GTO’s and I have the sack of pennies, I had to go to three banks to get enough……😆

posted on Oct, 3 2021 @ 03:22 AM
a reply to: JAGStorm

It’s a towne council, none of them live in the best parts of towne which is another RANT.
5 years and they get full benny’s and pay for life.
This towne is soooo corrupt.
I mean, The Codfather lived here after all.

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posted on Oct, 3 2021 @ 03:24 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

I’ve heard stories of what’s done to farmers and ranchers.
It’s circling the drain this country is…..😡😡😡

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