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Cult deceivers deliberately work to frustrate the natural outworkings of Wisdom & godly living..

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posted on Sep, 25 2021 @ 03:45 PM

I've been reading Proverbs lately, and contemplating the outworkings of Wisdom, which is of course rooted in the 'fear of the LORD', meaning reverence for the Holy One who created the universe.

There is much which describes the life that one will inherit if one follows the proscribed pathways of Wisdom, as outlined in Proverbs & other wisdom books in the Scriptural tradition. If one reveres God & godliness, seeking the good in all things, working hard & being patient in building relationships with others who share your vision for the world, then one develops a life which is beautiful, satisfying & deeply fulfilling. There are also promises inherent which suggest that wealth & opportunity will also result from a life lived well, in respect of living in Wisdom.

I have wondered regarding my own life, concerned that for some reason, my own life has consistently NOT worked out as is described in the Book of Proverbs, despite my sure & certain knowledge that God is with me, that He blesses me with knowledge of His presence, with insight & with clear solutions to the many problems which arise in life, though they persist for a time & cause great stress. Despite hard work which should have led to success, I instead found that I was blacklisted by employers, and even injured due to the extreme commitment to doing solid, good work which exceeded the expectations of those employers. I was broken by an injury which developed into a severe disability over the course of the next few years. Following this, many, many disasters unfolded in our lives, seemingly cropping up one after another, with never an end in sight to what may be seen by outsiders as a cursed existence. However, I know that I changed the ways of my youth, and sought to live in righteous conduct for the many years since. And yet, one thing after another.

It is clear to me, and has been for some time, that there has thus been an active campaign of spiritual persecution against myself in particular, and my family more generally, by Satanic deceivers, who pretend to be friends, some of whom are even supposed family members, and despite pretence at friendship, I know that they curse me consistently, and I strongly suspect that there is an organised campaign of witchcraft & sorcery perpetrated against me/us, which they are actively involved in. I have seen apparent evidence for this many times, with constant gaslighting of myself, while pretending pure friendship to my wife, for example, to ensure I look 'crazy' if I voice concerns to my wife, who is a Christian & does indeed love me dearly, as I do in respect of her.

One little indicator (which many will discount, if they have no understanding of the forces involved) is such that nothing grows properly in our home/ garden. We plant, feed & water, but nothing grows. Hedgerows planted five years ago haven't grown even half a foot, and anything we plant whether outside or inside tends to wither & die or become infested with weeds after only a short time. I was shown in a dream (I know that most will not believe this) that the very floorboards used in the construction of the house came from a place in Europe where they formed part of the flooring used for a Satanic elitist family's torture chamber, at least a hundred years & more in use there. They are thus drenched in the blood of victims of witchcraft & diabolism. As it happens, we were set up to suddenly 'find' the property we occupy by a series of odd events, and it arrived at just the 'right' time, though many incidents since suggest that bad things happened here, including the abuse of a young boy, by his terrible father, in the years before it became our home.

These indications, and several others, have suggested to me that there is a sustained campaign of witchcraft & sorcery being levelled against us, that there has been for a long time, and that it is specifically levelled against the property we occupy - which has also recently been the target of a sudden & inexplicable infestation of pests, and which has experienced the growth of mould excessively in places - all such things are supposed to be anathema to a house where righteous conduct is deliberately cultivated, as we have tried to do in our home. We believe that the tactics in use are such that the curses are calculated to provoke opposite outcomes from what is prophesied in Proverbs & elsewhere to unfold in response to righteous conduct & where the fear of the LORD are present, as is the case with our own efforts to live rightly. It seems deliberately calculated to ensure that many outcomes anathema to the fruits of Wisdom will arise in the property, as quickly as we deal with one thing, another crops up suddenly.

To anyone who understands what I'm describing - a sustained demonic assault against our person & property, deliberately calculated to be Antichrist in its nature, resulting in wicked outcomes which are prophesied to be punishments in Scripture.. Can you recommend any strategy which will help us to overcome these continual attacks? We live in moderate peace within ourselves, though I suffer frequent nightmares as well, which is another indication of demonic assault. I experience positive, godly & sometimes prophetic dreams as well, which proves to me that God is with us - we just need to learn how to "..overcome the world".

Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

I think I know the reason for this sustained & unrelenting assault, but I will not be openly discussing it here, as it is something which God has revealed to me, which I'm not supposed to share openly at this time. Sorry to be so cryptic..

Thanks in advance, FITO.

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posted on Sep, 25 2021 @ 04:15 PM
Every prayer ask God to protect you and your family from your enemies both physical and spiritual.

Get rid of those who you feel are out to get you....we have a 6th sense given to us concerning this issue. If after that you still feel tension in the have to cut more people out of your missed one or more.

a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

posted on Sep, 25 2021 @ 05:16 PM
If beliefs are held by anyone such as described in this OP then I have to wonder is it prudent to seek council among unknown autonomous posters on an internet site that attracts believers in all manner of conspiracy and psychic systems of thought? It seems that should the beliefs held in the OP be true, that those forces of evil would certainly be ready and waiting to give such council couched in such friendliness and concern as described in the OP?

Though I suppose that for one who holds the beliefs as described in the OP, part and parcel of that belief system would be the belief in one's capacity to discern that which is of evil intent from that which is of honest intent.

posted on Sep, 25 2021 @ 06:25 PM
So apply your discernment and critical thinking to the responses you receive? Seems legit.

To the OP.

Get a sample of your soil/plants tested for toxins.

Spiritually, put on your armour and shield. To arms and righteous conduct.

a reply to: TerryMcGuire

posted on Sep, 25 2021 @ 06:38 PM

I have wondered regarding my own life, concerned that for some reason, my own life has consistently NOT worked out as is described in the Book of Proverbs, despite my sure & certain knowledge that God is with me

Perhaps you need rethink your relationship with God. When we exist in the minds will we constantly chase bliss in the material world. Wanting everything to be perfect so we can live in harmony with our minds desires. Perhaps succumbing to our egotistical desires is what Jesus meant when he said by "living in evil".

When we no longer see our egotistical desires as paramount. We can open our self to Gods altruistic love. Loving everyone with Gods insatiable love. No longer constrained by the minds labels of good and evil.

I suggest you that your enemy is not your floorboards but the mind that thinks it so.

posted on Sep, 25 2021 @ 10:57 PM
That’s a reasonable hypothesis.

One mans prison is another mans paradise.

Occupying the same space but different place.

a reply to: glend

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