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Cigarettes or ice for your child

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posted on Sep, 27 2021 @ 11:09 AM
a reply to: Shoujikina

I have not grown up with English. It's typical for a troll to attack the grammar foremost, because of lack of arguments. So what's the deal, sometimes we don't want to disclose the gender, but yeah I probably now doxxed the son.

Sometimes it's trivial explanations. Also, you're funny. OMG what a drama lol. Have you thought about writing soap TV scripts?

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posted on Sep, 27 2021 @ 01:12 PM
a reply to: aLaughingMan

Is that too far fetched?

Yes, we aren’t talking about what ifs and maybes here.

Was his anger justified? No. Not at the level he displayed. Did she do the "right" thing? Sure. It was a nice thing to do, I just think the father may have deserved at least acknowledgement.

I’d imagine being ignored is what angered him yes, he took it as an insult, like people do when they get ignored. She should have said to I can share mine if you like? It would have been polite. But she’s German so there is that

have you seen the images and warning labels they put on cigs these days? Things like if you smoke it’s likely your kids will smoke too, isn’t that shaming the smoker? They cost a packet too! Yet a another herb that isn’t addictive and has healing benefits is illegal! The guy already probably felt guilty and racked with shame by the government, all the OP did was bring it out and direct it at her because she hadn’t considered all this...

He probably smokes at work.. It helps him make the money to buy the food/clothing/medicine

How is smoking at work helping with any of those things? Are you implying smoking makes him more productive? He has to do it for his job somehow? How do you know he even does work? We all that if he quit smoking he would be better of financially so that’s an oxymoron.

posted on Sep, 27 2021 @ 05:15 PM
a reply to: surfer_soul

No what-ifs?

It was decided he put the ice back due to selfishness. Is that provable some how?
Do we have any way of knowing that is why he decided to put the ice back. If it's fair to assume selfishness,
Why is it unfair to assume the child had ice, candy or cookies at home?

No I don't think that warning labels shame the smoker. Perhaps they do, but I don't see why it matters to us.
This magical herb, that makes you more healthy even if you smoke it? ( I assume you would mention it can be eaten )
Amazing, No side effects no possible negative circumstances you could use it and operate heavy machinery, or do this that and the other thing? Great, Maybe some politician will mandate it's use and we can all be happy.

Work (and life) for many is stressful, Stress is a bad thing. Some people choose not to use any substance that would in effect leave them feeling noticeably intoxicated, Specially at work.

As far as an oxymoron, Yes perhaps he is wasting money. However If next time he wants to be able to buy the ice and smokes, He will have to work harder. Maybe that is why 2 packs instead of one, Maybe for work he had to go somewhere they were more expensive and knew he needed them. Wait sorry a what-if.

We will never know and should not even speculate.

Though what if he didn't smoke? Instead spent all his money on health herbs and equipment? Well no sorry that's more what-ifs, If only this guy didn't smoke! Is an if-only better than a what-if?
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posted on Sep, 28 2021 @ 04:42 AM
a reply to: aLaughingMan

It was decided he put the ice back due to selfishness. Is that provable some how?

The whole story could be bollocks and nothing is provable about it, but let’s take it at face value and give the OP the benefit of the doubt. The guy thought he had enough money on him for two packs of cigs and one 35c lollipop. As cigs go up in price all the time or some stores charge slightly more it turned out he didn’t have enough money for his kids treat so he put it back.

Clearly cigs are more important to him, his needs are more important to him. He doesn’t mind if others in the store know it, yet he feels shamed when someone else buys the treat for his kid. I suggest that shame comes from guilt which in turn comes from knowing he was being selfish. It’s quite simple really.

What if he had treats at home for his kid? Why by more in the store then? What if he had cigs at home for himself? Your argument is doesn’t add up.

I realise your trying to play devils advocate, the only argument you have though is she shouldn’t have ignored him which I agree with. Other than that it’s all what ifs and maybe’s.

There’s much more pressing issues going on in the world right now so I’ll waste no more time replying in this thread.

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