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Recent Border Crisis

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posted on Sep, 23 2021 @ 08:34 PM
link After watching today's ABC News link, ( 9-23-2021 ) concerning the mass flood of illegal immigrants crossing the border, and seeking asylum from their home nations, I became angry. This issue alone is a cancer-infected boil that never heals. It only gets bigger and what was a small pimple became the gaping wound and hotspot of American public policies that we see today. Of course, I'm not angry with the refugees, but I'm angry with Washinton's handling of this problem over the years. And, to blame the refugees is ridiculous when you know what conditions exist within their home environment. They simply are the victims of corrupted government officials and drug cartels. After all, these banana republics would implode if they weren't saved by the graft and huge fortunes involved with the ruling class. We've known from past, and current, reporting of the plight of these people, and who can blame salt of the earth types seeking security in a more suitable and safe environment. However, minimizing the effects to all concerned requires solid leadership here at home. In order to do that is identifying our priorities. First of all, it is a lie that we lack the ability to create a barrier on the border to monitor, interact, and control the inflow of immigrants suitable for safe passage, if any, and to deny those who lack the resources for self-determination and sustainable income. This has been a problem for many decades and must be addressed accordingly.

Therefore, it is time for a reckoning! We must stand together to demand reforms with our elected officials. They have the power to force changes with the various bureaucrats, outside agitators, and the ambitions of foreign and domestic globalists. But, first, we must strengthen to border to sustain massive control. Period! Afterward, we can apply pressure on corrupted nations and those who corrupt them. Only then, will their citizens thrive at home and feel satisfied. However, our reliance on cheap labor in many industries here at home, and state and federal laws that enable cheap votes from newly arrived immigrants, legal or not, is another system of corruption that is obvious to all. Plus, the massive exodus of American industries that fled from home to avoid higher wages and bothersome regulations is again another form of corruption. In fact, it is the brainchild of the elite globalist movement. To vacate our society to merge into a prearranged industrial operation with pre-built industrial parks, infrastructure, and free trade zones allows the same operations that fled North America to transport their goods and services across the border duty-free and to be sold on our markets for what the market will bear. This alone explains the problems we see today and for all critical purposes, is the engine of America's decline. In fact, we are seeing a true threat to national security.

In fact, what we are witnessing today is Wall Street-funded operations that engage in back-door negotiations in Trade Agreements. The TPP ( Trans-Pacific Partnership ) Trade negotiations were denied to be viewed by our Press by claiming it would be a threat to national security. And, what most of our population don't know is the fact of this "contract" disables local, state, and federal, sovereignty. In other words, a foreign power that produces a faulty and dangerous product ( like tobacco products ) into our markets will and is immune to liability. Any local and state maneuvers to either restrict or remove these products will be a breach of the contract thus they will sue for damages we tax-payers must pay. This alone is a game-changer. To legally be denied self-determination is quite beyond the constitution and renders us impotent in fighting such corporations from foreign lands. That is the reason the Press was denied the negotiation notes and talking points. Like it or not, this is part of the globalist's main objective. Big-Money operations and the cozy relationship between government power and corporate greed is the ultimate factor and the public is denied a say in normal applications. This cozy relationship is known as a "fascist" marriage of the two. You and I will be the victims. Ether from government sources as a citizen, individual, and or consumer, you will be out in the cold. Therefore, the Press reports the highlights of "extreme utopian-anarchists with liberal ideals or the strict but corrupted ruling class of fascists in Washington and what they provide in street justice and ignoring a white-collar crime is now the norm.

Ultimately, I think the blame resides in the early eighties. A massive power movement of Wall Street insisted a transformation of America's manufacturing sector to migrate. NAFTA was key in this ambition. In fact, the USAID, ( United State's Aid Industrial Development ) a CIA Front managed by the State Department started buying land in Mexico, and Central and Soth American countries after WW-II. This was the first phase of a plan hatched around the turn of the century. With negotiations with these affected nations, we, the taxpayer, funded the construction of industrial parks for future occupancy. They were aware earlier of the plans of NAFTA and GATT and how they would prosper. In fact, the power elites mobilized their plans for a massive shift in American foreign relations that would be the death-nail to protectionism. Only two concerns slowed their ambitions. One was to build and develop enough marine vessels capable to transfer goods from Europe and the Far East and building the infrastructure of railroad and highway transport zones from south of the border to central America. Once that was achievable, Their ole-boy Ronny Reagan attacked organized labor and branded them as the cause of America's economic decline. In fact, He stated: "the American worker is lazy and overpaid" and waged war on the Air-Traffic Controllers by firing them. The problem was, too many of them were forced to work overtime with little assistance from management, and the outdated equipment to monitor America's skies was a true threat to public safety. But, once that happened, the door was open to ease and destroy Union contracts and eliminate the organized labor movement.

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posted on Sep, 23 2021 @ 08:51 PM
Also, I think it is time to discuss this for what it is. My comments may be controversial but the end results suggest otherwise. It is my opinion that both political parties are corrupt and liable. I also think that although they infer a hostile environment across the Isle, they both drink from Lucifer's well. In fact, it is apparent that such corruption could not happen without their assistance. Tell me what you think. As to the haters, calm down, there is plenty of blame on all fronts.
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posted on Sep, 23 2021 @ 09:30 PM
When the party in charge wants new voters.

They throw open the gates at the Border.

We are under assault by our own it seems.


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