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Alternative treatment for colorectal cancer

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posted on Sep, 22 2021 @ 09:32 AM
Hello ATS friends,

I'm looking for some good sources on alternative treatment for colorectal cancer. My mother just had a colonoscopy and while we are still waiting for the biopsy results the doctor is almost sure that is cancer, the tumor they found is very big and bleeding. They recommend surgery and radio therapy. She is 76 years old and I'm not sure how well she will react to radio therapy or what else they will decide to radiate her with. She doesn't have serious health issues except for ostheoporosis, is very independent and active.

I browsed this site and many other in search for alternative cures but I thought to ask maybe someone knows a good source. She will probably have surgery but I would like to treat her holistically also, and so far I found that some mushrooms are very effective to shrink tumors, curcumin and of course the protocol of molasses- baking soda.

If anyone have experience with this or knows some alternative treatment please share. I'm quite scared for her and I will try anything to help her.
Thank you

posted on Sep, 22 2021 @ 09:38 AM

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posted on Sep, 22 2021 @ 10:19 AM

originally posted by: WhiteHat
Hello ATS friends,

I'm looking for some good sources on alternative treatment for colorectal cancer.

I'm sorry to hear this...

First important thing to know is, I am not a Doctor, and this is not to be taken as medical advice...

The second important thing to understand is, cancer can only survive on two fuel sources: Glucose, and Glutamine.

Here is an amazing video interview of Dr. Thomas Seyfried, who documents this fact in the greatest detail:

Glucose - sugar - is fairly simple to eliminate in your diet, but not necessarily easy, because you need to eliminate any and all sources like all simple carbs (processed foods containing processed flours, etc), and even natural sources too, like fruits.

Glutamine, however, is more difficult, because it is in many, many foods, even the best elimination diet available (the carnivore diet).

There is one simple way, however, to totally eliminate both: fasting.

A single 7 day water fast every year will reduce your chances of developing any form of cancer by over 70%. Here is a video from Dr. Jamnadas that discusses this (the best video I've found on Fasting for Metabolic Health I've ever seen):

Huge caveat for you here though - fasting in older people is more problematic, for multiple reasons, but one big one is, many/most older people are on one or many pharmaceutical drugs, and fasting can have dramatic impacts on how these drugs work in the body.

So - again, if it were myself or a loved one - I would immediately find a good Functional Medicine Doctor that utilizes fasting as a primary anti-cancer protocol, and work with them. There are actually fasting clinics that will do this with full time monitoring.

Since learning this about fasting, I have to ask - what would happen if someone who had cancer did multiple 7+ day fasts, one every month, for months? Personally, I believe it would pretty much cure any cancer one might have, whether you knew it or not.

ETA: One other protocol I would do - again, if it were myself or a loved one - is make sure to select a Functional Medicine Doctor that also utilizes Ozone therapy, and do as many sessions of rectal ozone insufflation as possible in conjunction with the fasting.
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posted on Sep, 22 2021 @ 10:27 AM
Wasnt it mebendazol - another anti parasitic drug linked to large anti-cancer properties in a big thread right here? There's something to them.
Keto diet makes sense.
Herbs need to be toxic to induce apoptosis. I'd research the bitter chemical in cucumber. It's so effective that it can induce loss of hair like chemo. It was effective on tumors in some studies and there's not many of them as you can imagine for a non-profit compound. Symphoricarpos rivularis bush is now full of white berries. One berry 3 times a day. I've read somewhere that it can be consumed whole like a pill but cracking it is ok IMO.
Then there's the Elderberry. I've made myself couple of barrels of wine this year. When they are fresh and unripe they can move your bowels maybe thanks to Amygdalin among other compounds. Also known as vitamin B17, kinda toxic cyanogenic glycoside...

I'd try raw vegan diet. Maybe a juice fast with very little starch. Maybe a banana here and there and olive oil, olive leaves. St. Benedict's thistle, Potentilla reptans (Creeping Cinquefoil) The last one could stop the bleeding to start with.

posted on Sep, 22 2021 @ 10:34 AM
a reply to: WhiteHat

Iam so sorry to hear that

Maybe there is something here
Mebendazole. There, I said it.
Thanks to TheAlmo ..this Cancer cure that worked for me .

ETA - some more links you can look into
12 ways to cure cancer
10 more ways to cure cancer
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posted on Sep, 22 2021 @ 10:47 AM
My advice, take your doctor's advice. And get a second opinion.

Your doctor spent lots of money and time getting the EDUCATION to provide his opinion. An educated opinion decision based on science.

Sorry to hear about your Mom. Hope she does well.

posted on Sep, 22 2021 @ 11:05 AM
a reply to: tanstaafl

A single 7 day water fast every year will reduce your chances of developing any form of cancer by over 70%.

They say that if you want to stay forever young this is the way to go, along with a few other things, like getting your pulse up high (like your where running away from a predator), putting yourself in extreme temperatures (cold/warm).

Basicly get exercise, take cold showers, faste.

Its about getting a high number of white bloodcells and trick your body into repairing your cells instead of replacing your cells if that makes any sense?

There is also Wim Hoff's (the iceman) Breating Technique, which will increase your white bloodcells and help keeping your healthy.

Remember this, iam no doctor and old people should be carefull with any of this, seek out medical advice from a doctor before attempting any of this
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posted on Sep, 22 2021 @ 11:26 AM
. i agree with fasting. change her diet. no processed foods. by a kangen water
there is a clinic in germany that this movie on your tube. cancer can be killed. it will give you hope.
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posted on Sep, 22 2021 @ 11:33 AM
also by a good quality slow juicer. i like huron. juice green juices. you can get massive doses of nutrients that way

posted on Sep, 22 2021 @ 11:39 AM
Thank you so much for your replies, all of you. As always the ATS community is amazing.
I'm going to watch and read all the material you posted.

NightFlight, I got that, thank you

Much love to all

posted on Sep, 22 2021 @ 11:59 AM
At 76 that surgery and treatment may well kill her, it did for a 73 yr. family member.
IMO, I say let her live life to the fullest while she can!
When God calls her home, let her go and celebrate her life!!!!!!!
Why put her through that at her age???
Much of what the medical industry does to seniors is criminal IMO.
On the other hand it can also be culture thing.
My wife was an ICU nurse for over 20 years.

We have a very large population of Portuguese in this area.
Whaling and Commercial Fishing drew them here originally.

I can’t tell you how many times my wife “The Sarge” came home upset at what family members of an ancient Portuguese person would allow, not only allow but demand be done to keep that person alive to draw just one more breath...
I’m deeply sorry for these sad and scary times you are all dealing with!
Make her comfortable, surround her with family, I’m sure that’s what most old people really want in their twilight days. I know I will.....
Sending Prayers!

Hope this helps..

a reply to: WhiteHat

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