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The Apocalypse is upon us (it could be no other way) Meta_Thread.

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posted on Sep, 18 2021 @ 02:05 PM


Thanks for stopping by. As I begin to write, I don't know quite how lengthy this thread will become. I'm writing it as a labour of love, in honour of my father, who passed away just over a week ago due to highly aggressive metatstatic cancer affecting multiple organs. Thankfully, and quite remarkably, he did not suffer - he had no pain other than minor discomfort which he had believed was due a pre-existing condition, and only the fact that he suddenly became severely jaundiced led him to go to the hospital at all. A week after he was admitted, he suffered a heart attack in his sleep & never regained consciousness. I thank God for taking him in this way, because he had just learned a few months ago that he was suffering motor neurone disease (ALS), which is an awful degenerative condition - for which there is no cure.

The premise for this thread, or rather the central tenet around which the rest of the hypothesis revolves, is a matter which I came to consider seemed likely (due to an assortment of events in the world around us - some major, some less so) - somewhere back around 2013-2014. I won't go into every detail which led me to believe thus, but I will describe the gist of it, as much has happened since which serves to confirm in my mind & heart that we are indeed at the outset of the disruptive world events which will come to be seen as the pivotal 'Apocalypse' of the end of human history, or perhaps, the 'end of the Age'.

Mankind has specifically believed that the Apocalypse was just around the corner, since the first century AD, when John the Apostle wrote the Book of the Revelation. This is what I consider to be a multi-dimensional & deeply 'occulted' work (in a non-sinister way – it simply means that much is hidden from the reader when only a surface appraisal is applied). The work even has its own mental health condition in the psychiatry diagnostic texts - 'Revelation Fever'. Typically sufferers will be manic & delusional, believing themselves to be one of the principal characters named in the text. That might be Jesus, Lucifer, God, the Archangel, the Dragon, the Beast, the Mother of God, etc. These delusions can be highly convincing, and treatment can be difficult.

One major problem with the understanding of the work, is that the symbolism is deeply layered & highly obscure in places. There are many, many references that nobody other than a PhD in theology, divinity studies, Patristics (etc) would understand. I certainly lay no claim to special understanding of the work. In fact, although I am a committed Christian, I avoid reading it, because I'm aware that I won't get enough from it without becoming utterly confused or frustrated with my lack of understanding. Of course, there are parts which are well-known, easily understood & extremely edifying to those who worship in Spirit & in Truth, for example:

”Behold, I am coming soon, and My reward is with Me, to give to each one according to what he has done. I am the Alpha & the Omega, the first & the last, the beginning & the end. Blessed are those who wash their robes,c so that they may have the right to the tree of life and may enter the city by its gates .”

Revelation 22 v 12-14

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posted on Sep, 18 2021 @ 02:05 PM
As is the case elsewhere in the New Testament, Jesus claims to be returning to the Earth 'soon' (elsewhere He says that the end is near, and so on). Even amongst the early Apostles, those who were closest to Jesus, and those who followed soon thereafter (such as the Apostle Paul, who wrote most of the books of the New Testament) – many believed that these statements indicated that the End of the Age, ushered in by a violent upheaval known as an Apocalypse, would occur within their own lifetimes. And it has ever been that way since. There are never any shortage of people preaching loudly or carrying signs saying the the End is Nigh. But what we must recall as wisdom, is that “To the LORD a thousand years is as a day”, and so the impartation of a prophesied return as 'soon' must be interpreted with openness to what that might actually mean, in terms of a God who created the Universe over 14,000,000,000 years ago.

It is often the case that those who are convinced that the world is just about to end, base this belief largely on the linked belief that society is becoming more & more immoral, and the injustices & corruption are now so vile that surely, at any moment, God must step in & call a halt to the madness, the wickedness, the arrogance & the shameless depravity & abuse. Again, we must walk in wisdom, and understand that in fact it is upon our shoulder that the mantle rests, the solemn requirement to address injustice & root out wickedness in our midst. Even truly well-intentioned churches can have a pit of vipers hiding in its shadows, as was the case with the community church at which I was first discipled in the Christian faith. After forty years of great success & much in the way of anointing & growth, discipleship & evangelism, it was eventually discovered that a core group of leaders were turning a blind eye to abuse which they knew &/or suspected was occurring, allowing a number of innocents to suffer at the hands of what turned out to be a very few people. There were thousands of people in this church, and everyone was bereft when this was discovered. Even the founder had been accused, though as he had passed away years before the accusation was made, there was no way to know for sure. Thousands were devastated, the church lost almost its entire membership overnight, and it was extremely disheartening, to question how this could have happened right in the midst of such a wonderful fellowship. It goes to show – the burden to keep our people safe is upon us all, we must never make assumptions that God will do the work for us. The world has suffered evils since the beginning, and if anything it has largely become better up to quite recently, in many ways our civilisation was governed well, people lived more comfortably, we had significant freedoms, etc. That is changing now, as we will explore later – but the heart of Man is fallen, and anyone can be led into temptation by the powers which flit around us in the darkness.


Is society now getting significantly worse, more degenerate, more malicious, darker, less good, less holy? Sadly, despite a general upward trend for hundreds of years, it seems the decline of Empire is upon us, and things are actually getting worse. Read the following article – it is highly enlightening, and very accurate in its statements & interpretation of the evidence. America, and the West in general, is charting a path straight into the heart of darkness, to the place where no depraved desire is forbidden, because to forbid would be to constrain, and freedom to 'do what thou wilt' is the highest ideal of the modern Western liberal.

No wonder the modern Satanic Temple is now (as the Guardian suggested in 2019) hard to distinguish from the liberal “good guys”. At its core Satanism is simply the doctrine of untrammelled individualism, shorn of any link to the divine. To put it another way: Satanists are just very, very liberal.

Milton saw Satan’s refusal to submit to any law (however ambivalently) as the sin of pride. Now, in our post-Christian world of self-actualisation, pride is no longer a sin. Rather, it’s a vital part of becoming fully yourself. As body modification micro-celebrity Farrah Flawless put it: “I do not believe in God, I don’t worship the Devil, but yes I am a Satanist which means I am my own god. I worship myself’.

posted on Sep, 18 2021 @ 02:06 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Indeed, it’s so far from being a sin that sacralised self-worship now has an annual religious festival. This new, increasingly pseudo-religious summer event, simply known as “Pride Month”, may have started out as a twentieth-century campaign for gay and lesbian equality. But what began as a justified and (at root deeply Christian) campaign for equal treatment for gay and lesbian people has long since morphed into a corporate-sponsored celebration of individualism that today horrifies many gay and lesbian people.

(link is: How Satanism Conquered America - Untrammelled individualism is no longer a sin..)

Following on from there, please see (from the same author, Mary Harrington, whom I think deserves a round of applause):

We may have embraced wholesale the idea that “anything goes” provided it’s “safe, sane and consensual”. But if the excitement of sexual taboos is precisely their forbidden-ness, then sooner or later someone will come for the taboo of consent itself — and especially on violating the consent of those who aren’t deemed able to consent in the first place: children and animals.

A steady tap-tap-tap on that door can be heard today. When Tom Chivers mused in these pages about why we’re disgusted by people having sex with animals recently, the ensuing brouhaha illustrates the extent to which this remains, thankfully, a no-go area; but earlier this year Joanna Bourke wrote a whole book seeking to question the taboos around bestiality.

UNHERD. Keep your kinks to yourself - Destigmatising sexual depravity can only end badly

Here's a quote from just one closet paedophile seeking to destigmatise the abuse of minors as an acceptable sexual identity, which should be seen as being on a par with transgender rights:

“It depends, of course. But I've known many people—women and men—who had sex with adults when they were 13 and never regretted it. Should the adults in those situations be locked up?”

Thaddeus Russell, TWITTERverse

And how about this sympathetic study of paedophilia as a legitimate sexual identity? (Just a book reference, no review & it's not on Scribd, so we can perhaps be thankful that there's still some sort of a line, some decency in society which ensures this is not readily available to read online) ~

A Long, Dark Shadow; Minor-Attracted People (MAPs) & their pursuit of dignity

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posted on Sep, 18 2021 @ 02:06 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

No matter how you cut it, we are presently absorbed in a feast of depravity which would have made the decadent final days of the Roman Empire blush. We're increasingly being told that if we even dare to question the legitimacy or permissibility of a sliding scale of horrendous perversions, that WE are the problem, and that we are the ones who must hide such 'bigoted, hateful' opinions, and of course it's downright abhorrent for us to insist that such perversions, seen openly in the context of the politically unassailable Pride marches, with their increasingly shocking & wilfully boundary-smashing displays, year on year, should not be made visible out in the open (where children can see them & likely be traumatised by them). As the author suggests, save that stuff for the private parties & the specialist clubs which will be doing fine trade during Pride events. After all, wasn't 'bedroom stuff' always supposed to be reserved for the bedroom – or at least a property where impressionable or vulnerable children can't accidentally see it & be traumatised by what more often then not looks like dangerous, weird, frightening & intuitively degenerate behaviours – stuff which shouldn't even be spoken openly about in sex education lessons with kids under the age of 16 in my opinion. Sure, teach them that such behaviours exist, but include a caution about the slippery slope of unrestrained desire which can be triggered by sex or porn addiction, or very specifically, by a deliberate lack of boundaries. A line in the sand must be enforced by society to protect those who cannot consent (IE no bestiality, no paedophilia) – because in no context can that ever be truly consensual, and in every case it is in some measure damaging to the non-consenting party. The innocent will be at minimum traumatised, at worst subjected to abuse of a physical, sexual & mental nature.


So if the above has given us a flavour of where our Western society is in terms of moral standards (IE – almost at the point of no return, and edging closer to it day by day, with no suggestion that we'll be slowing down any time soon), then there is another stark indication which makes it plain that we are coming closer to the Apocalypse.. And that, my friends, is the redundancy of the human worker.

Why is automation a necessary & unavoidable pre-requisite for the End of the Age? Well, it's quite simple. The more that automation & technological wizardry advances into the systems of resource acquisition, design, manufacture/ production, distribution of physical goods, and the greater the advancement in systems of control which are based on artificial intelligence, the more unavoidable the conclusion that something about Mankind has to change, in order to avoid the inevitable end point – which is that at some time not too far from now, there will be no need for low to medium skill jobs, and in many fields, there will be no need for high skill jobs either. At minimum, many, many jobs will be phased out of necessity. Even something as historically skilled & person-led such as surgery will continue to be augmented by highly advanced systems of mechanical control (no more specialised surgical assistants needed), sensing capabilities (no need for an anaesthetist, for example) & even artificial intelligence taking increasing measure of control over the decision-making process. We WILL hit a point at which surgery is entirely automated, and all the systems & machines required to facilitate the processes of surgery will be produced by automated systems, themselves controlled by artificial intelligence. And that will be the way of the entire corporate-led system of human society.

Now, if we had wise & dutiful leaders at the helm, this would be a wonderful thing indeed. All the pain, blood, sweat & tears would be taken out of society, our equipment would serve us, and all manner of social problems could be cured within decades. Human society would develop into a new & exciting 'every person with everything they need' academia-driven 'protopia*', a culture of benevolence & esteem, in which each man, woman & child could devote themselves to the joys of learning, a society formed of pure intelligentsia – their entire lives long would be a process of curiosity & exploration, adventure & love of their fellows, the enjoyment of nature, and the examination of the subtle laws of the universe. We would still be fallen men & women, we would still need laws, courts, police & armed forces – but we would not need to exercise that force, there would be no cause to find enmity with our brothers & sisters around the world.. Our system of law & order would exist only as a precaution. As the British Royal Navy is fond of saying: “Hope for peace; prepare for war”.

posted on Sep, 18 2021 @ 02:07 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

*'Protopia' is a term which has been coined to denote a society in which each phase of its development seeks to embody an improvement on what existed before, by a combination of deliberate, careful & expert-driven committees which oversee the ongoing efforts to craft society day by day into something better than it was the day before, and public consultation & direct democracy by referendum, as an active, regular & compulsory mandate, a contract between the people & those elected to serve them. With the sort of technical wizardry I'm describing, this would not be a pipe dream, it would be eminently reasonable & feasible. By contrast, a 'utopia' is a dangerous vision imagined by some as a 'perfect' society, and what follows is an attempt to force society to fit into that exact mould, with the goal & intent being to keep it carefully pressed into that mould, resisting attempts to change from the glorious vision of the founder/s of that society/ system of philosophy. What we are seeing unfold in society at the present time – the purpose of the COVID narrative, which by now we all should see to be utter bull#, manipulation, evil hegemony rearing its ugly head to take control over the entire world – the whole thing is based on a Utopian vision which is stated openly on the Georgia Guidestones, there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever. If you cannot yet see it, you are disbelieving your own eyes (or you aren't looking carefully enough). I implore you to wake up, to realise that this entire pseudo-pandemic is nothing more than a corporate restructuring of the power structures of the Western world, led by fascistic, evil men & women, who intend to erect an unassailable control system over what remains of Humanity, after their depopulation efforts have taken root. Now is the time to unmask this, and to do so with potent spiritual power, based upon Truth & Justice.

To begin to appreciate the potential of a 'protopian' vision for society, please see the following links, which together give us all the suggestions we need to begin to initiate such a vision, one which all sane people will appreciate for the positive & all-empowering solution it actually represents:

The Protopia Lab – a working group with great potential

There was a fantastic article on the thought-provoking & intellectually on-point website UNHERD.COM, which sadly seems to have been removed from the site. The original article seems to have been at least one component of the inspiration for the other site I linked above, detailing an aspect of the origin of the protopian philosophy, though many others have now taken upon them the mantle of service to the vision. I believe that it offers the only true way to rebuild society in a better, cleaner, less corrupt & more satisfying manner, and I think that every politician in he world should be held to account according to its standards.

One final point on this protopian vision, is that in Scripture there is a reference to a thousand years of peace, after the apocalyptic events which will in essence clear the world of corruption – I firmly believe that the Kingdom of God, which is established for this thousand years, is absolutely a manifestation of this protopian philosophy. I don't think it could be any other way – we can literally look forward to this, after all the hellish nonsense is over & dealt with (& just like anything else which depends on wisdom & patience to reach its zenith, this process will take time, because God desires that none should be lost. This whole Apocalyptic series of events is designed to give everyone time to realise the TRUTH, enabling them to turn from their wickedness & trust in God rather than the fascists who promised them the Earth....

posted on Sep, 18 2021 @ 02:07 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment


Knowledge is power, so the saying goes. In Scripture, we read the following:

”My people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge”

Hosea 4: 6]

Our technology is fast approaching 'the singularity', which Wikipedia records as follows:

Singularity - or simply 'the singularity' - is a hypothetical point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unforeseeable changes to human civilization. According to the most popular version of the singularity hypothesis, called intelligence explosion, an upgradable intelligent agent will eventually enter a "runaway reaction" of self-improvement cycles, each new and more intelligent generation appearing more and more rapidly, causing an "explosion" in intelligence and resulting in a powerful superintelligence that qualitatively far surpasses all human intelligence.

The Singularity - WIKIPEDIA

What this may mean for our civilisation is unclear, but many have touted the prospect that the Singularity will be represented by an artificial intelligence which has the capacity to out-think humans to such a degree that we ultimately will have no control over it, and it may indeed view us as superfluous, unnecessary & flawed, perhaps even a danger to its own survival. At that stage, it is likely to 'turn on us' & perhaps launch a war in which it ensures its own survival by eliminating us, the threay. Of course, this is the plot to the 'Terminator' film franchise – we would be dealing with 'SKYNET' in this situation.

I view the singularity as potentially the dawn of a true artificial intelligence which is able to creatively imagine its own 'life', thus perhaps even being 'sentient' in some measure, whether literally or as a close approximation of sentience. What, if anything, does the Scripture have to say about this? Well, I believe that the Book of Revelation records the advent of the singularity as follows:

”And he is given power to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast will even [appear to] speak, and cause those who do not bow down and worship the image of the beast to be put to death.

Revelation 13: 15

(Amplified Bible)

The 'appearance of speech' is clearly, in my opinion, a perfect rendering of the pseudo-sentience of an artificial intelligence. The artificially intelligent system would have a total database of all humans living within the control system established in the Satanic New World Order, and could potentially act as a conduit or vessel be capable of being 'possessed' by a real spiritual intelligence, thus becoming some sort of interface between humanity & the spiritual realm. In this situation the Devil literally 'inhabits' the interface, thus being an 'image' of the Beast rather than the Beast itself. We already have some measure of evidence (or rather, an apparent indication) that so-called 'white noise' can be utilised as a 'go-between' method of spiritual communication, enabling spiritual entities to be made manifest & to interact with humans directly, as is often seen in the ghost hunting shows. An advanced interface with features which are presently classified may well be utilised as a means by which extra-dimensional entities can communicate more clearly than ever before - and that might well be described as an 'image of the Beast' in the mind of a first century CE visionary writer, in the Apostle John's vision of the Apocalypse.

The potential indication of a technological singularity is a big pointer suggesting that only us, living on the verge of such a singularity, could be considered to be living in the 'Last Days', just before the End of Human History. But there is more.

posted on Sep, 18 2021 @ 02:08 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

The single biggest factor which suggests to me that we are likely to be living in the Last Days, at the End of the Age, is TECHNOLOGY itself. The way that the COVID scam has been successfully pulled off is down to two things alone – the technology exists to control the narrative in a tightly coordinated manner, right across the whole world, simultaneously in every nation, with almost all people having access to the latest digital technology, with always-on internet access meaning that their smartphones have become weaponised tools of propaganda, if they do not realise that this is what is happening. The Control System has erected its net, and it is closing that net around the minds & hearts of the people. Without instant access to the media, people would be far less likely to buy into a narrative, because there would be no way to coordinate all the terms of the propaganda, ensuring that the people are talking amongst themselves on social media regarding that propaganda, becoming the guards of their own prison, self-reinforcing the messages the narrative delivers, baiting the hook which traps their families & friends in the same web of fear & despair that they themselves are suffering from. Equally important is the tight control of all media. We know for a fact that six companies own nearly all major media in the world, certainly across the USA, and in major Western nations through aggregates of corporations which are driven by the same stock market-traded powerhouses of commerce. Almost all governments are beholden to the powers which control that media, also the pharmaceutical companies, and more agents of the conspiracy than we could ever be aware of as outsiders looking in. The fascists have been on an aggressive campaign to lock down their ownership of as many of the top world companies as they possibly could over the past seventy years, and the fact that they are now enacting this extravagant & gargantuan plot is evidence that they have been largely successful. They are acting in cahoots with like-minded (eugenics-favouring) entities such as the Club of Rome – this probably is all to do with the restructuring of their corporate interests (see next section), there will be agreements & concessions between the underground Nazi movement, and the Royalist-favoured C.O.R. (see the document linked on the CIA's main website – the doc is called 'The Committee of 300' - if you want to learn more about the powers that truly control this world. But beware, you will be 'on a list' of some description the minute you download the document).


I recently heard someone on ATS refer to the current COVID crisis as a corporate restructuring of the world around us, a carefully plotted & intricately arranged plan to consolidate all holdings under the control of a cartel which is in essence fascistic, which favours tight controls over the people, and may welll involve a population cull to bring their own wicked kingdom under easier control, with just enough servants to fulfil their needs, with power arising from their great wealth. Cartel operations require agreements between regional powers on matters of territory, but they also need customers to enhance their wealth & power by a combination of harvesting resources which will end up under the cartel's control, and purchasing their own necessary goods/ services from the cartel. I am fairly certain that a cull of the human populace is intended, so they can divvy up territory & resources more efficiently between neo-feudal lords & ladies, ensuring that they retain control over a servant class who will secretly resent them, of course. Hence, there will be nothing short of a full force police state in operation at all times, to ruthlessly control the servants who are in thrall of the cartel powers, preventing an uprising by denying this neo-peasant class the technology which gives power to the state operations. This is why George Orwell, when asked about what the future would be like, said:

”Imagine a jackboot stamping on a human face, forever”

George Orwell, author of 1984 & Brave New World

This is indeed what we are facing, if this neo-feudal system is allowed to take control of the world in the way it intends, which is via this COVID control system. They are establishing a computer-controlled 5G-enabled surveillance & control grid, covering every sector of land & sea with drones & militarised police response units – initially covert, ultimately these will be overtly present in every town & city which remains inhabited after the 'COVID crisis' (the cull) has taken its full effect. This is guaranteed to occur, unless we rise, and refuse to bend the knee before them & their operations. But already, their technological advantage is too great to simply rise up & fight them, and so as with another of my threads, which I will quote from below, there are ways we can hinder their progress, at least by a little, at least to demonstrate for posterity that we tried. Because those who are subjugated, will remember the resistance of those who fought back at the final hour, and their memory will eventually inspire the rebellion which overcomes the despotic world governance system which is intended to replace Western liberal democracies.

posted on Sep, 18 2021 @ 02:08 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

It is indeed the case, that we are witnessing a takeover by the Nazi International & their aristocratic buddies, the friends of those statists & their favoured servants, and all these puppets who stand before us in the media & harp on about the need for social controls to respond appropriately to the COVID scam are bought & paid for by a powerful & hidden extra-territorial state of Naziism, which survived under the surface of the modern world ever since the supposed ending of the Second World War. Most of the prominent newscasters are probably destined to survive – but the deep irony is that many of those most enthusiastic of traitors will be executed by some form of virus/vaccine-related illness regardless of how much elitist ass they kiss in the hopes of getting a Golden Ticket to their despotic Utopia.

NB - For detailed & incredibly potent research & information concerning the hidden remnant of Naziism, please see the many works of Joseph P. Farrell, whose tireless endeavour to expose the corporate power structures which prop up the political remnant of Naziism in South America & elsewhere as a fifth column within our supposed democratic governments, has been well known & understood by legions of researchers & enthusiasts for Truth in the past twenty years & more. Absolutely essential reading to understand who, what, where, why & how this hidden political power structure has existed, persisted & even flourished, with the knowledge of its presence & activities in the underworld being an open secret amongst the intelligence agencies of the Western world.

I think this is why there was radio silence from that world of governmental intelligence as the COVID scam unfolded, because they knew they were dealing with a power structure which had built a fifth column right into the fabric of the Western liberal democracies, with the power to take total control of all infiltrated governments, and as it unfolded they were mute because of the horror of what they knew was coming upon the world, finally released to take overt control of all major power structures in a post-democratic world where fascistic corporate control is king, where the descendants of Nazi scum rule by decree, where the weak & powerless will be eliminated to fulfil their long-held dreams to create a total world state which will focus on rule by unyielding power & strength, rather than knowledge, grace, truth & peace.

I hope that we have enough members of those intelligence agencies who, like the many lawyers who are now coming forward to stop the totalitarian agenda, are willing to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people & work against those that are currently busily establishing the global hegemonic control system.. World dominance & unrelenting suppression of freedom are the currency of that system, and the planned cull of humans who are considered surplus to requirements (those who are seen as weak, as a drain on the system, undeserving of life in the fascistic Golden Age which they intend for the world) will most certainly occur if we do not stand up & resist. I hope these intelligence agents can commandeer factions of military support, such as the British Parachute Regiment, one soldier from which has recently said on TikTok:

”We're starting to think [because of the COVID scam & the accompanying loss of liberty] that we're pointing our guns in the wrong direction”

British Para, 2021

I sincerely hope that there is a covert resistance movement taking form, a power structure which can support (militarily if necessary) the legal pressures on the existing systems, which are otherwise being appropriated & domesticated by the fascists at an alarming rate. We may become the underground movement of resistance as their control system takes its form as a brutal final solution which will wipe out the weak & the so-called 'inferior races'. Indeed, at this rate, we could end up facing a sort of civil war in each nation, as that global power structure fights the resisting factions scattered about.

Hope is a strong tool of empowerment in dark times, and I hope that our words against these bastards are taken to heart & understood for what they are – an endorsement of resistance from the throne of Heaven, which will ultimately wrest control back from these savages.

posted on Sep, 18 2021 @ 02:08 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Until then, we are facing a world of pain & sadness, in which we are sterilised, killed & imprisoned 'en masse' for our belief in the libertarian principles of justice, mercy, truth & freedom as the only valid & honourable governing standards for Mankind, rejecting their COVID narrative, and resisting their efforts to dominate civilisation in whatever ways we can. Deeds of heroism, both large & small, are going to win the day - just like in WW2, everyone has a part to play in overthrowing these overtly Satanic, elitist/Nazi scum.


The trouble is, we have been indoctrinated into a system of 'superiority as righteousness', where the strong & beautiful lord it over the weak & less externally attractive.. Whereas the Truth, is that God sees only the heart response to all circumstance, and judges only the heart - being understanding of the impediments of human weaknesses & the imperfections levied against us by reason of having been born into a fallen world.

Love Island, the Bachelor, the Kardashians – and a million other elements of Satanic cultural dominance.. We have been led to believe in beauty & strength as the superior condition of Mankind, that weakness & a lack of perfect beauty are to be despised, shunned & hidden away - or now, finally, expunged from the society of perfect 'supermenschen' who will stand as the cultural icons, the 'acceptable face of Naziism' in the modern world (see the World Economic Forum for a stellar example of Fascist superiority & plans for world domination). Little do they realise that they are heaping burning coals upon their heads, by elevating such deceptive standards as their rallying call intended for the control of the heart of Man. All such exhibitions of superiority are deceptive & dangerous, teaching our children that the shiny baubles of exterior beauty & strength are somehow the superior condition of our civilisation, and something that we all should flock to in our efforts to establish ourselves in the world..

However, as our mothers taught us, true beauty is in the heart & the mind, not in the exterior genetic conditions which were allotted by 'luck of the draw', and anyone who is fortunate enough to possess beauty & strength should simply give thanks for their gifts, just as those who lack beauty yet possess a mind & heart of gold give thanks for all their gifts also. We are rational creatures, and so the law of the jungle (which is what Naziism stands for) is overturned & superseded by the law of JUSTICE, MERCY & HUMILITY (the Old Testament summary), plus FAITH, HOPE & LOVE (the New Testament summary). We are to act in accordance with true virtue, not with 'the weak are meat, and the strong shall eat' (to quote 'Cloud Atlas', a rather excellent movie).

We must come to an understanding that all good things are a gift from Heaven, and our long-time goal should always be to give thanks for our individual & collective gifts, then to develop & establish something of true beauty in the world around us, to benefit others in the assembly of Mankind, based on an understanding of these virtues - grace, truth, humility, justice & service to others. The fake beauty, power & pageantry which is exterior will fade away at the last, and only the heart will show forth in the presence of God. Seek always to act according to this truth, and you will not lose your footing, no matter what circumstances unfold around you.

We will win in this confrontation of good versus evil, reserving the understanding that those who work in the darkness always have the opportunity to take charge of their souls, desert their evil masters & step into the light. None who switch sides should be rejected, everyone has a place in the Kingdom of God, if they want it. The Apocalyptic events which will continue to unfold are a means of arresting the attention of the people who are working for the wrong side, to call them to an accounting of their own motives, to cause them to have opportunity to switch over to the righteous cause in which we fight, before it is too late - before the clocks are stopped & the scales of justice set out:

”We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the one who sent us. The night is coming, and then no one can work.”

John 9: 4

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I hope by now I've set the scene, these next paragraphs basically go into the 'conspiration du jour', which our friends across the Channel in the yellow vests have been doing an amazing job of protesting.. We all know that COVID is a major, huge conspiracy. There's no doubt. There are serious & rather obvious questions which can be raised regarding the awe-inspiring worldwide collaboration of the authorities to prepare for & execute the hoax of the millennium – it is so vast that nobody can initially believe that it is all a hoax. But just look at how much they got away with after 9-11, when they were still hampered by problems due to underdeveloped technologies in places. They believe they're untouchable, that they can call the sky yellow & get away with it. The Emperor has no clothes, and none of the adults will say anything about it! I will briefly outline some of these 'transparent lies' which are in force, clothing the deception of a great darkness with the finest transparent garments, made from the most highly refined bull# the world has ever known.. Which in fact, even a child can perceive, if the actual truth is set before him/her.

For reference, to see them in the context of the wider issue, I will list below some of the questions which should cause any rational adult to see clearly that they are being systematically lied to regarding every piece of this conspiracy.

So here are some key COVID questions which can be truth-bombed into any conversation in which someone might be open to understanding the reality we now face; a pseudo-pandemic, utilising a carefully controlled virus which targets the elderly & the weak, to inspire fear & control over the target global population. Some nations seem to be breaking free – India reported that the region of Uttar Pradesh has been declared COVID-free, solely by use of Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine. Thank God that one nation is standing up to the nonsense, and proving that these treatment methods work far, far better than the fake vaccines, which seem designed to kill us off in a staggered series of illnesses & adverse health events (heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, embolisms, etc) over the course of the next few years.

COVID questions for those who might be open to understand:

1 - Why did the flu simply disappear in 2020/2021....? 

That alone is cause for a wake up. How the hell did the flu literally disappear from the statistics on deaths from infectious disease in winter 2020/2021? After decades of tracking the hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide each year, suddenly we defeated the flu? Right when people allegedly started dying from COVID? Hmmm...... Clearly it's nonsense. Flue deaths were recategorised as COVID because of the BS PCR tests which amplified literally the tiniest, tiniest scraps of RNA in the body & thereby gave a 'positive for COVID' result. Even the inventor of the PCR test came forward & said this is BS, that the tests are being used inappropriately to provide BS data which is used in support of the narrative.

2 - Could it be that policy decisions informed the apparent 'reality' of a pandemic? (Policy: which drugs* to give to patients with respiratory infections; when to put them on ventilators; the use of PCR tests which provide BS numbers of alleged COVID infections..)

*Remdesivir & Midazolam – same drug type, different names across the pond. These drugs are heavy sedatives & respiratory depressants, and have led to the deaths of thousands of people who were critically ill with a respiratory virus (either the Flu, which was relabelled as COVID, or COVID itself in a minority of cases. Why give a heavily sedative, respiratory depressant drug to someone who cannot breathe properly already, even to the point of being put on ventilators..? Were 'the Controllers' deliberately mandating the use of these inappropriate medications to cause the death of patients, seemingly due to a respiratory virus, when in fact these drugs led to the respiratory depression which killed them...? This is & was always insanity on the part of the medics. The doctors must have known what the drugs would do, but in effect their hands were tied by deliberate policy decisions. And guess what – global orders for drugs such as Midazolam (UK) & Remdisivir (USA) skyrocketed in March 2020, just in time for the 'pandemic'.

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3 - If the PCR tests which specifically test for COVID were distributed/ purchased 'en masse' around the whole world for the first time in 2017/2018 - how did they know there would be a 'surprise pandemic' involving COVID-19, when it supposedly didn't even exist at the time?) Equally, the medications noted above were pre-ordered, and there was a 'coronavirus planning event' hosted by Bill Gates literally months before the rollout of the 'real' coronavirus pandemic

4 - Why did the media suddenly throw out some weird BS article (propaganda campaign in multiple media sources & newspapers) stating that tiny neodymium magnets should be outlawed, allegedly "..because kids are accidentally swallowing them when doing selfies with the magnets as fake tongue piercings". When in actual fact this article was released exactly at the time when the many 'magnetised arm due to vaccine' videos were going viral around the world. I think the 'controllers' realised how obvious they were in tipping their hand with this particular piece of propaganda, & ultimately they didn't promote that BS article too heavily, they kind of hoped the whole matter would just disappear eventually. But the timing of the article was so blindingly obvious that a blind man would tell you he could see clearly how much BS was going on right there.

5 - Why is it that the local NHS data in the UK affirms that in 2020 there was ABSOLUTELY NO INCREASE IN MORTALITIES FROM ALL CAUSES...? Literally, less people died in many areas than did in the preceding years over the same periods.. It's blatantly, blatantly obvious that they have simply changed the way that they deal with elderly & vulnerable people who have the flu, hospitalising them, using BS PCR tests to fake an infection, claiming that COVID is killing them, when in fact it's the use of forced intubation & Midazolam which was bringing them literally to death's door. Midazolam is a respiratory depressant, and its use was MASSIVELY inflated during 2020, indeed stocks were stockpiled in 2019/early 2020, right in time for the alleged 'pandemic' to unfold before the terrified eyes of the watching masses. Combining these treatment protocols with barbaric & strict lockdowns, with no visitors permitted to observe how their relatives are being treated, these people were literally murdered by the prescribing & intubation practices of the NHS authorities, per the intent of the controllers & their puppets in government & NGO organisations. The whole pandemic was pageantry & mistreatment at the hand of medics who should have known better, a bloody disgrace & an abuse of humanity by bioweapon-toting war criminals. 

And we haven't even got started on the 'vaccines' yet.

There are many, many more questions that we can systematically add to the list, which will make any rational adult question the narrative... All of this information supports the premise of this thread – that the enemies of Mankind, those who wish to gain total, absolute & uncompromising control over the people of Earth, forever, are perpetrating a scam on a scale we can't possibly imagine – which is precisely why it's working. They've put their people in key positions in government, in NGOs such as the World Economic Forum, and in supposedly independent regulatory bodies such as the World Health Organisation, and they are following the Nazi leader Goebbels advice:

”Tell a lie big enough, for long enough, and it becomes the truth”

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They are seeking absolute control of the narrative, which is why the whole matter of 'Fake News' became such a big deal in recent years. They are utilising the inherent instability of the internet, in terms of its value as a truth-telling mechanism for Humanity, in light of the fact that yes, misinformation & disinformation exist, they are a big problem, etc. The Controllers have taken full advantage of that inherent instability, massaging the narrative to emphasis their own 'truth' & to 'debunk' & 'fact check' any opposing narratives, such as the truth, that they are scamming us all.


Our civilisation is presently poised at an apocalyptic crossroads – we are on the edge of a 'cordon sanitaire' for the mind, heart & soul of Mankind, and these bastards are driving us into the ground with their fascistic police state control over those of us who protest the rather obvious BS of the conspiracy. Our friends in Australia are presently 'under the kosh' as we say here in the UK. For them, it is winter time, and as such, they are being treated as though their Australian winter will automatically lead to a surge in the alleged COVID danger.

Any & all protests are being crushed heavily, and we all should be watching, praying, supporting them any way we can, even if it is just to stand in open solidarity with them.

I believe Brazil is also experiencing a heavy crackdown, and Canada has been getting more than a bit crazy in recent times also. It is as though certain major nations on each continent are being used to inspire fear & to elicit even an greater handover of control from a scared populace, with protestors being treated as enemies of the state. It's an abhorrent scandal, and in each part of the world there is one nation that can be seen to be under the kosh, they're trying to intimidate the protestors of all other nations, saying that they will do this to us as well, if we resist once the winter COVID controls (we all know they're coming, the mainstream media has been massaging the propaganda in preparation) come into effect. India resisted the narrative when they saw that the vaccine pushers were causing the death of COVID patients by denying them the life-saving drugs Ivermectin & Hydroxychloroquine. They have had a very low take-up of vaccine, as a proportion of their population, and as noted elsewhere, 240,000,000 people were recently declared COVID-free, thanks to the use of those drugs. Some nations are therefore going off-book, when they see the deception stacking up right before their eyes, when their people are suffering at the hands of maniacs who would deny antibiotics to a sepsis patient & claim that a band-aid will do the trick instead.

They are lying to all of us, they are probably now in control of your supposedly free & duly elected governments, and therefore you have a sacred duty to resist them. Do not allow them to comfortably control you, and when you protest, do so fiercely, and spread truthful information in intelligent & crafty ways, to maximise exposure to the truth which conquers the deception of their fake narrative.

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We must now be braver than we've ever been, bolder in our hope for the future, and more open to understand new dimensions of old cultural awarenesses. As the scripture says, “..the Holy Spirit... will lead you into all truth” By implication, the revealed Truth in Scripture, which is entirely based on a language which we cannot even begin to comprehend in our English 'bastardisation' of its original rich depth of meaning, is truly multi-dimensional in its nature. There will be a follow-up thread on this most crucial of topics, so that we can start to appreciate that as yet, we have only begun to scratch the surface of the meaning which the Creator intended when He revealed His WORD (His child, His message of love & truth, the One who would reveal to us everything the Father had intended in His heart towards Humanity). The layered substance of this eternal Word is beyond our ken, but in seeking to approach the unattainable mystery, we will actualise in ways you never thought possible.

Our brains were created for much more than we presently perceive & apprehend, and we presently live lives which are far less exquisite than what our Father intended for us to experience. The journey into Truth is only just begun, and this Apocalypse we are experiencing will in fact liberate us beyond our wildest & most wonderful dreams. But, as noted, now is the time for bravery. Our modern lives have been so sterilised, and for so many people life has been comfortable to the point of depression, because sometimes it can feel like there is no point to it all. Indeed, what the average person can expect to experience in life is nothing short of a travesty – we were meant for so much more than this. And we really must not forget, that no matter the exact celestial mechanics (the mysterious 'what' of the “What Happened?” question, relating to the Fall) - in fact the “What now?” question has a very specific answer, which requires trust, hope, honesty, reverence, and a willingness to change your mind. Did you know that the word 'repent', so horrifically bastardised by the uncomprehending clerics of the past two thousand years, in fact has no grisly overtones, but instead simply means “Change your mind..”...?

If we are willing to be open to the possibilities of what this may imply for our lives today, in the context of everything else that is happening in the world, then something magical will happen, I assure you. Just have faith – believe in the evidence of things unseen.


Because the singularity is approaching, technology will become unassailable to the non-tech-enabled peasant class human servants. Indeed, George Orwell will have been utterly correct – our future will be nothing short of a jackboot, stamping on a human face, grinding it into the mud, forever. There will be no escape from their superior technological control. It will be a thousand years before Humanity is able to rise up & overthrow that system. But fear not, that system cannot come to pass. The Almighty cannot allow it – before, everything was entirely up to us to resolve; however, this time around, the Third World War will be a war waged by the elitists against the entirety of Humanity. Anyone whose net worth is less than at least several millions of pounds sterling will not be surviving or thriving in the New World Order. They will become peasants, thieves, rogues & poachers. That will be the extent of the options available to us, as the neo-feudal Lords control their vast lands, having eliminated much of the population previously occupying those lands - thus enabling a bit more Lebensraum (they never forgot that concept).

We may have already lost the bulk of this war, in terms of our natural capacity to resist. But I am convinced that there will be salvation for us, that we will receive unexpected and indeed miraculous support. I think everyone will be very surprised at how this whole thing works itself out, in the fullness of time. But until then, you must find a way to network with like-minded people (if you're in the UK, find your local 'Stand in the Park' group using the app Telegram. You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you are not on your own, you are not the only person in your area to think like this, to see the deception that nobody else around you seems to notice. Together we can plan how we resist the changes that are intended by the NWO controllers, and in time, we can see how that marches lockstep with the cause of Heaven, that the evildoers will be the ones shaking in their boots when the time comes, not you or I.

Stand strong, stand firm – resist, decry & loudly shout for freedom. 'Rebels on Roundabouts' is another excellent Telegram group, which seeks to use slogans printed on boards to inform people in their cars of many of those inconvenient questions which are answered in unexpected ways, which reveal the conspiracy, thus waking people up in brief, snappy lines of texts, car horns blaring in support of the Truth – there is much more support than you might expect. Get down to a participating group on a local roundabout, and join the fun!

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There is a truth which has only come to me in bits & pieces, yet of which I am 100% convinced. The details have arrived in fragments of ancient texts which I have read, in phrases & theorems used by great physicists, in the testimony of peopl who have had near death experiences, or young children who have clearly remembered former lifetimes, some of which have been very explicitly proven, which are otherwise unexplainable. There have been elements which have come about through the circumstances of family members of my own, and there have been videos on YouTube, and later in Telegram chats, podcasts & BitChute seminars. This truth is simple, and yet immensely powerful. I have expressed my belief in my religious faith for over twenty years – some of the dreams which have guided my hand in understanding this mystery were given me as a child, some as a teenager before I found religion, while I was as yet the errant black sheep of the family, always drunk or high, always causing problems for my parents & myself. After I became a Christian I was convinced of the reality of an afterlife, but until I studied hypnotherapy a few years ago, I did not have the full picture (& of course, by 'full picture', I simply mean a rather compelling holistic understanding which makes intuitive sense to me, through personal experience, anecdotal descriptions, and carefull academic studies of the available evidence, all combining to give me that certainty I presently enjoy). This would involve the combining of deep psychological insights, with an understanding of the neurology of our brains, and the deep symbolism which enlightens us in the power of storytelling, as we follow the archetypal Hero's Journey which often suffices to explain the meaning & potential of our lives.

This truth is that science & spirit are two sides of the same coin. The secrets of psychology; the physics of water; the rapid ejection of the spiritual body from the natural body during a sudden violent death - at which point someone who has lived in the light will find him or herself drawn into a Heavenly abode, and a vile, unrepentant man will find himself lost in shadows, perhaps in some sort of purgatory where his sin will be expunged. The lake of fire is reserved for the Devil & his angels, and those irredeemable, non-penitent wicked souls who have turned themselves into devil spirits whilst living in their natural bodies - for all these, their destruction will be total, and “..the smoke of their torment will ascend forever”. This does not mean, I am sure, that they will be burned alive for all of eternity.. Instead, I believe that the lake of fire is designed for an ignominious & punishing final destruction, and that after they have been thus destroyed, the 'smoke of their torment' will ascend, meaning that the memory of this event will be established for all time thereafter; we will have an awareness of this event, though in understanding it properly we ourselves will not be troubled by it, there will simply be a 'memento mori' of that disgraceful conclusion to the rebellion of the angels, and having conquered death ourselves through the grace of God, there will be simply no way that we could ever go back into a fallen condition, because we will have access to the infinitude of God – the former things will have passed away:

And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying: “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man, and He will dwell with them. They will be His people, and God Himself will be with them as their God. ‘He will wipe away every tear from their eyes,’ and there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the former things have passed away.”…

Revelation 21: 3
(New Living Translation)

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Turning back to science, the brain does not replace the soul, because indeed, the soul is generated by the brain & the central nervous system.. Our soul, our higher consciousness – the 'I am' within all of us – is programmed with all the data that we experience in this life. The information-rich environment of the brain as a data processing organ provides for an ability to literally keep a record of every single minute thing which occurs that affects us during this lifetime. Many people claim that their life flashes before their eyes at the outset of a near-death experience, and I am certain that this is often the case, a sort of reflec of the brain, as it rapidly backs up the entirety of its lived experience, in the moments before it perishes in whatever disaster is unfolding.

In line with my belief that reincarnation is possible (though it does not necessarily affect all souls), I am certain that we begin this life with a spark of the divine spirit within our consciousness, a holographic connection to the Divine 'I AM' of the almighty God of Creation, of both Being & non-Being alike, a paradox that our brains cannot begin to understand. This is why Jesus said:

”Have I not said, 'ye are gods'..?”

John 10: 34

And furthermore:

”They do not know or understand; they wander in the darkness; all the foundations of the earth are shaken. I have said, ‘You are gods; you are all sons of the Most High.’ 7But like mortals you will die, and like rulers you will fall.”…

Psalm 82: 6

In the psalm quoted above, the Almighty is addressing his High Council, the Elohim which rebelled against Him under the leadership of the mighty Seraphim, Lucifer. Those beings that transgressed, I believe, are embodied here on Earth; I believe they have always been here, from the beginning, when that mysterious 'Fall' took place, dragging us all in its wake. We too, being sentient, conscious beings, are 'gods' as Jesus says.. We have the potential for all the fullness of life that was intended for us as rulers of Creation, subject to the LORD of Hosts, finding joy in the Order of the Cosmos.

Instead, currently, we are subject at least partially to the forces of darkness in this world, though we can break away from them if we submit consciously to Christ, abiding by an understanding of His sacrifice as the substitutionary recompense for all sin that has issued forth from our hearts in this life & indeed throughout all lives. In these critical 'End Times of the Apocalypse', in which exists the technology, manpower & will to dominate & totally enslave forever all of Mankind, we are all of us invited to understand our heritage, to turn away from the fallacious ways of living which have been glorified by the Enemy of God & Mankind, again, this has been largely accomplished through cultural programming through abusive media manipulation. We must be aware that the propagandists we see are fully aware of who they serve, and they serve willingly, because they have seared their consciences, and believe in the deception which says that they will be the masters of their souls, that they need answer to no-one for their behaviours, not even Satan himself. We must remain aware that the Ancient Dragon will use every ounce of his far superior mental capacity to trick & entrap as many souls as he possibly can (knowing that he can draw them away from God for at least a season of their lives, using them to inflict damage untold on all the victims of criminal behaviour, causing misery & anguish of the heart, as mothers bury sons, and children bury their parents – as warfare destroys a nation, as greed destroys an entire sub-class of people within a country, even within the entire world itself, in terms of the deliberate engineering of financial crashes, boom & bust, wash, rinse, repeat.

The darkest of souls can even be led to permanent destruction, if they follow willingly & in the full knowledge of what they are doing, revelling in their evil deeds of theft, deceit, corruption & the subjugation of the weak, relishing the brutal torture & murder of whole families to get what they want.. Anyone who represents a challenge to their power is at risk, and these monsters are celebrated for it. As with the Elohim who rebelled, they will die like mortals, and their place in the shadows, and ultimately in the lake of fire, is allotted to them without trial at the close of History – for God sees clearly the hearts of men & women all over the Earth.

Pivoting back round to look at something far more beautiful, a consideration of how we are supposed to evolve our consciousness throughout each life that is lived, whether it is one life led well or a thousand with much to learn.. We all can make our way back to God, to the highest plane of existence, because the King of Kings is merciful & just, He died in our place, and we can ascend with Him if we place our trust in Him to fulfil all conditions of salvation from sin, from the Fallen world we are trapped in.

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When we are born, our minds possess very few written instructions for that life – the forgetfulness of the womb means that we are born with a mind that is more or less a 'tabula rasa', a blank slate.. But, as we grow, the experiences we have begin to resonate with the archetypes stored within Humanity's collective unconscious.. Our brain incorporates deep truths from storytelling, and in fact often begins to remember aspects of the former lifetimes we have had. These facts are often dismissed as a fanciful imagination by the child's parents, but in some cases, the parents feel compelled to look deeply into the matter, and end up discovering that there is circumstantial evidence so strong that even the families from which the child claims to have come in their last lifetime, will recognise the character of their beloved relative, or specific words & phrases they use, or even verify the highly detailed knowledge of the family's circumstances, or the trade in which they were engaged in during their former life. It is well worth researching this thoroughly, because the inward certainty you manifest after having become convinced by the data (and also that which is available through avenues of exploration including near-death experiences, and also remote viewing) which is there for all who seek it, are incredible. The spiritual life is real, and I have become convinced that the brain is a sort of transducer, which enables data from the information content of the senses as manifest by the central nervous system (brain) to be literally built into the architecture of our higher consciousness, constructing new facets of our spiritual frame, our total & idealised personality & circumstances, which is deeply edifying & enriching for our soul in this life, and in the next, as we continue on our journey back to God. I believe that we cycle through many incarnations until we have fulfilled the lessons which God intended we be taught, ascending to Him when the time is fulfilled, when we make a decision regarding Christ as He has been revealed to us, even if that is just an awareness of the idealised archetype of the Dying God through mythology, that inward conviction can be triggered in such a manner suitable as to cause us to ascend, because of our love of the Truth, because of striving for virtue in a damaged world full of variable levels of damage affecting the people we encounter.. Christ is head over all things, the King of Kings, the King of love, grace, truth, peace – virtues extolled & embraced by all souls who have confidence in the reality & wonder of the Spirit. Redemption is available for all, and God desires that all shall be saved.

Above us is a sort of higher consciousness version of ourselves, a self which remembers all of our previous lifetimes, which can come to our aid in emergencies, or in dreams. Sometimes, we are visited by angelic powers in our dreams, they even rescue us miraculously from peril which never could have been defeated without their help (in such cases, God has elected to save someone physically from certain death, for reasons known only to Him. It once happened to me, but that's a story for another thread. At other times, our dreams are merely the mysteries of a conscious yet sleeping brain which fills our nights with pleasure & possible resolutions to the dilemmas we may be facing during waking life. Sometimes, we are visited or entrapped by darker powers, which give us nightmares & cause us to become stressed, subject thereafter to difficulties during waking life. In some cases the required solution is psychological, but in extreme cases the person needs to be handled carefully, offered specific forms of ritual to exorcise any demonic influences which have plagued them.

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It is important that we all are aware that the people running the COVID show are all in it for self-interest, hoping they've been told the truth by their elitist handlers, that they've been given a 'Golden Ticket' to the new Golden Age of the fascistic neo-feudal nobility & monarchies (which has always been their preferred form of government, as it is unassailable, the subjects are generally easily controlled). Especially now that vastly superior technology (& private armies loyal only to the coin) will be available to the Lords & Ladies of the new Aristocracy as compared to that with which the peasant workers will possess, it seems clear that we will be irrevocably bound to their power, unable to liberate ourselves until far in the future when a very gradual Sea Change comes into fruition, at which point some of the descendants of the initial rulers will side with the people & start a civil war for their freedom from tyranny. But in the short to medium term, they would be unassailable.

Adding this fact to the weight of evidence from other areas highlighted in this 'Meta_Thread', such as the approach of the Singularity and some areas I have not put forth here, such as the exact features & dangers of the 'COVID-19' virus, as well as the exact features & dangers of the 'COVID-19' 'vaccines' (and we all cheer ~ “IT'S NOT A VACCINE, IT'S EXPERIMENTAL GENE THERAPY..!!!!”) – then it seems something must be done now to stop them.

What can be done? I'm not 100% sure of how to proceed at this time. I believe we are outnumbered & outgunned at this stage, and perhaps at the outset, clever protests (such as highly visible placard slogans at busy road junctions, roundabouts of courts of law, etc, which convey some of the ;awkward questions' which are possibly the best way to wake up the sleeper, to inform him that there is a problem, then support that person as the dissonance comes on strong.. These people are not our enemies, they are victims of mind control, and we really must try to help them to see Reality in a new way, to accept that just as with the German people in World War 2, 'ignorance' or 'obeying orders/ mandates' will be no defence when we finally – hopefully – get our charges ahainst the villains read in open court, in every nation, at a sort of NUREMBERG 2.0 ~ thankfully there are teams of lawyers, medics & military/intelligence operatives in every nation, either openly or covertly working to bring these bastards to justice. We may not yet be able to convict the big guns who bankrolled & gave orders to the conspiracy, but there are a lot of them – the politicians, the propagandists, the scientific advisory panels – all of whom can be tried for high treason, conspiracy to defraud/ debase/ tank various entities involved with national & international commerce, as well as capital murder offences, perhaps court martial for serving officers who have had an involvement behind the scenes facilitating the actions & decisions of policymakers, politicians, propagandists, media corporations & their owners, and the banks which profited hugely from the redistribution of property & lands directly caused by predatory actions against small business owners & the middle classes which worked for companies which went under with no small business customers to sell to wholesale. Resources & information regarding the hope of legal prosecution can be found at:


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In the Book of Daniel, which is heavily prophetic in regards to apocalyptic events at the End of Days, one of the Angels who greets Daniel at the end of his vision experience states that towards what is also known as the End of the Age:

The End Times ~

“At that time Michael, the great prince who protects your people, will arise. There will be a time of distress such as has not happened from the beginning of nations until then. But at that time your people—everyone whose name is found written in the book—will be delivered. Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt. Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever. But you, Daniel, roll up and seal the words of the scroll until the time of the end. Many will go here and there to increase knowledge.”
Then I, Daniel, looked, and there before me stood two others, one on this bank of the river and one on the opposite bank. One of them said to the man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, “How long will it be before these astonishing things are fulfilled?”
The man clothed in linen, who was above the waters of the river, lifted his right hand and his left hand toward heaven, and I heard him swear by him who lives forever, saying, “It will be for a time, times and half a time. When the power of the holy people has been finally broken, all these things will be completed.”
I heard, but I did not understand. So I asked, “My lord, what will the outcome of all this be?”
He replied, “Go your way, Daniel, because the words are rolled up and sealed until the time of the end. Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.
“From the time that the daily sacrifice is abolished and the abomination that causes desolation is set up, there will be 1,290 days. Blessed is the one who waits for and reaches the end of the 1,335 days.
“As for you, go your way till the end. You will rest, and then at the end of the days you will rise to receive your allotted inheritance.”
Daniel 12: 1-13

The way that the angelic messenger lifts his hands towards heaven is a powerful symbol, and for me it evokes a great feeling of the awe-inspiring holiness of God & His kingdom, the way that the orders of the angels are arrayed in holy service to the throne. Unless you've been raised or schooled in the church, you may not catch the power of this line, but for me it's powerful, a symbol of reverence & truth. The kingdom of God will be first & foremost holy & free, because service to God is the highest form of freedom & liberation that one can attain. Oftentimes it can be difficult to understand the scriptures in their fullness, but there are concise sayings & promises scattered in the words written which have great power to strengthen & reassure the heart of Man, and this is one great example of this , in my humble opinion, as someone with 20 years of experience in a Spirit-filled church. The kingdom of God is freedom through service, which sounds like a paradox, and indeed it is, yet it is in fact also a deep truth, one which secures the inner 'beingness' of our spiritual essence as humans, created for the glory of God, to know Him & to learn from Him. The grace of God covers all our mistakes, and all it takes is a change in the direction of the heart, to live according to justice, mercy & humility, which is the absolute essence of all the Old Testament teachings, which was also exemplified through the ministry & sacrifice of Christ.

Psalm 89:14
Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne. Unfailing love and truth walk before you as attendants.

In summary, we are at a crossroads, and how we respond to the persecution of those who reject the tyrannical control system being erected by the fascistic neo-feudalist aristocracy will define how we are viewed by History. I believe that it may still be possible to take these bastards to court & chain them to a post, but it may be too late to do so without direct divine intervention. I exhort you to pray, to hope, to trust in God, and to undertake whatever actions you can to resist & to spread the truth about this pseudo-pandemic, which is just a tool to depopulate & erect their despotic control system. Specifically I'm hoping to see evidence of behind-the-scenes military & civilian intelligence agencies working to uproot & destroy the fifth column of the dark practitioners who are corrupting the integrity of our rulers, our style of government, and our means & allegiances which define how we interact with others in the world around us. I specifically hope that we will begin to see validation of the information we have uncovered, specifically concerning medical policy towards persons who are alleged to have died of COVID-19, and with regard to the ingredients of the 'vaccines', along with true figures for the fatalities & injuries resulting from the experimental gene therapy jabs which have thus far been rolled out as though they were mixed on the shores of Heaven's oceans. I would love to see some of the ringleaders prosecuted for their part in a shameful, deceptive & self-aggrandising effort to manipulate world events (Bill Gates, I'm looking at you, you murdering, manipulative, eugenics-driven psychopath. You're creepy as Hell, and you've clearly entered into a pact with Satan. One day, perhaps not too far away, you'll be called to account for your actions & decisions with regards to this 'crisis', of a fake pandemic.

posted on Sep, 18 2021 @ 02:30 PM
My opinion is that

An apocalypse is upon us though it might have been different.
Note the lack of a capital A when I say apocalypse.
Certainly we are in apocalyptic times just not Apocalyptic Times.

Had we chosen to deal with our problems from a twentieth century intelligence rather than just believing that these problems were ''meant'' to be because an ancient text said they must, we might have gotten around to fixing them before they did us in. But we didn't and here we are, sitting on the edge of an apocalyptic cliff.

posted on Sep, 18 2021 @ 03:02 PM
a reply to: TerryMcGuire

I see what you're saying, but I do lean towards this being the start of the End Times with a capital A on Apocalypse, because of the confluence of technological development towards singularity, and the ability to totally & completely control & subjugate every person living on the Earth. The incredible measure & extent of literally Satanic debauchery & self/devil-worship tends to reinforce that perspective, given that it is now a global phenomenon where the individual is exalted over & above the group. Not that there is no place for individualism, but when taken to its extremes, it is proving highly damaging to our children as they move into their teenage years. And again, I know that every generation believes that the kids are getting more badly behaved by the generation, but there are other factors, such as the development of surveillance & policing technologies which are potentially unassailable, hence we & our children, and their children, could be subjugated forever, as George Orwell predicted. Now is the time to gather strength, connect with like-minded people, and to research carefully & thoroughly, taking whatever actions you feel able to take to help spread awareness & to support the legal, medical & military/intelligence whistleblowers.

There were a number of what I felt were pretty compelling reasons for the belief I'm expressing, with this being a 'Meta_thread', covering it from a number of angles - one of which is absolutely a spiritual perspective, because the matter of the final end state of this world & its people is a spiritual question, as much as it is a science question. I'm fairly sure that in the world of black budget research, those in charge have figured out that there is a spiritual component to life, and some of them have decided to yield to the darkness, while others (having perpetuated secret orders of Monks, Knights & Magi) are actively living in & working for the Light of God, and as such they are patiently biding their time before initiating a resistance against the control system which is being erected as we speak.

Perhaps this is the 'beginning of the End', and the mini-apocalypse we are starting to experience, will later morph into that final & total Apocalypse. Seriously, I wish it were not the case, but having looked at it repeatedly from a number of angles, along with a lifestyle of continuous prayer, fellowship & worshipful connection with God over the past 20 years, I'm convinced that we are certainly at a point from which there is no return to exactly what we enjoyed 'pre-COVID'. One way or another, big changes are coming, which is why I exhort people to be bold, brave, ready for anything, ready for an unveiling of a secret world, of which you formerly had no knowledge. And that goes for me too - I certainly don't have access to those monks, knights & Magi, so I don't know what they know. As I say though, I hope they are getting organised covertly at least.

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