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When you find out all this is REAL - you need help

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posted on Sep, 16 2021 @ 05:50 AM
a reply to: jannybobani9

What you have said in the paragraph below struck a cord with me and was why I initially replied to your thread. I think it is well said.

Over the years, humans have collected knowledge about this information and seem to keep it a secret. As humans, we have a spiritual obligation to help our fellow humans, with the knowledge that is found and passed on to us by others. Therefore, to that person out there who knows how this works, you are kindly asked to come forward to help us. You are kindly asked to refrain from withholding information that is discovered by other humans and belongs to all humans. We already know, we don't need validation. We need help on how to stop this madness.

The world would indeed change overnight if folks stopped hording knowledge, power and wealth, and shared as the need arose.

It took a while, but my friend opened up slowly with hints here and there. While praying in a regular Muslim routine a light came up through his spine and hit them upside the head like a baseball bat. He said the best way he could describe it, is his consciousness was nuked. Something about magnetism and the sounds of magnets.

Evidently, all sorts of mayhem began after that experience. Spirit visitations, lights, shapes, colors, dimensions just whoa. I couldn't believe my ears but was very careful to be a good listening ear and if my friend thought this is happening, then this is happening. We spent the night talking, he had so many things he would not share. But what he did share made me pinch myself. I did a bunch of research the following day, and found a matching description for his events, called the psychotic kundalini experience. I brought this to his attention, never having heard of this before, we began researching only to get more lost and confused with the data out there.


The harassment is ongoing. If anyone understands how this works, I kindly ask you for help. I have read about every book and contacted many "gurus". Nothing useful. I think we need magnets and maybe something else I don't know what it is.

If I may, I would suggest the yogas are not what we think the yogas are. My own view of kundalini yoga is as an old 'science' that is concerned with the installation of non-standard intellegence in the human body. The other yogas are concerned with the care and feeding.

Being an 'old science' that is largely 'lost', problems and misuse of principals occur. In my opinion, the secrecy is to stop something in particular from happening. To stop something good rather than stop something "bad". The knowledge staying lost benefits certain individuals, and helps retain their power. But that is a story for elsewhere.

The "harrassment" - I wonder;

Let's say that we have a group of (deceased) inner plain people who have an agenda. Five of the group of (deceased) people proceed to psychically bash up their victim while one stands back and watches. When the onlooker decides the victim has had enough they will whisper in the ear "Say the name and this will stop".

When the name is said the five simply stop the harassment. The name of the game is conversion.

A simple tactic by the deceased folks. If conversion is not the intent then it can simply be to disable or discourage. Many reasons for the behavior.

Personally I see nothing wrong in folks practicing the Muslim routines. Others may not see as I do . . .

I said in my initial post that I thought it a good idea for your friend to learn to close the 'eye'.

The desscription was of the human body being an organ of perception; an eye with two eyelids like a cat. One eyelid is transparent and the other eyelid is not transparent.

The outer eyelid blocks out the light; blocks the inner perception. That is the one to learn to close.

The inner transparent eyelid has optical qualities, the laws of optics work through it. The inner 'lights' too, if we want to call it that. That inner eyelid has lenses, prisms and mirror qualities. One might say the inner transparent eyelid is the prismatic two way mirror between the person and the world, including the astral/spiritual.

That is the principal of the chakrum, and the 'light'.

Physics has a word for it and a rather good description:

Scintillation is a flash of light produced in a transparent material by the passage of a particle (an electron, an alpha particle, an ion, or a high-energy photon).

Source: Wikipedia.

Chakrum can be simply called scintillators.

That is why I suggested ignoring the chakrum and to focus on closing the outer eyelid.

On a side note; visions and other optical based "spiritual" phenomenon can apparently be created when one knows the optical properties of the chakrum and the transparent eyelid. I sometimes refer to the eyelids as boundaries of self in other threads.

Now with the magnetics.

Well, this may be a case of electro-magnetic exposure stressing out the nervous system to the point of "psychosis". Contributory? Sleeping next to the household power box can do that to some people. Here on ATS are very knowledgable people who know how to dowse out or measure the EM fields and how they relate to health. So I won't go there myself. Something to consider.

Here is something that may help balance your friend 'magnetically'. I originally made it for my wife who suffered from cold hands and feet. It fixed that and can work on other troubles.

It costs a dollar or two and simple to make and use.

You will need:

* 2 glasses.
* Piece of clear plastic tube.
* 2 magnets.
* Compass.
* Piece of styrofoam.

Find the south and north poles on the magnets using the compass. Mark with 'N' and 'S'.
I press the magnets into the styrofoam with south to the left and north to the right.
Fill glasses with water and place over magnets.
Fill tube with water and place ends into the glasses being careful that no bubbles of air are trapped in the tube.

Leave for a time, say half an hour to an hour.
Carefully remove tube.
Remove glasses of water from over the magnets.

What comes next is we soak the thumb, index finger and midddle finger of each hand in a glass of water. Both hands at the same time.

For right handed people; the right hand fingers are in the 'N' water, and the left hand fingers are in the 'S' water.

For left handed people the reverse is true. The left hand fingers go in the 'N' water and the right hand fingers go in the 'S' water.

I haven't had to treat ambidextrous people so I don't know.

Leave the fingers to soak for five to ten minutes and then carefully toss the water down the drain.

There is a tendency for the water to collect 'foulness' via the energetic outflow of the three fingers. There is also a subtle polarisation of the left and right sides of the body occuring in a way I don't quite understand yet.

This may help with the "fried circuits" with time.

That is about as much as I can suggest at this time without knowing more, and I hope it helps.

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posted on Sep, 16 2021 @ 06:24 AM
a reply to: NobodySpecial268

That is an interesting setup.

What is the tube for?

posted on Sep, 16 2021 @ 06:58 AM
a reply to: Terpene

The tube connects the 'N' water with the 'S' water. A water bridge in this case.

A "polarisation" in the water as you would find in the physical water body of a human - the left and right polarisation.

I have wondered what it would achieve in an ambidextrous person. More left brain? More right brain? depending on how one did it. The reverse may be true. One would have to research.

The balancing and the cleansing properties are interesting. But mainly fixing the wife's ice cold feet in bed on a winter's night.

posted on Sep, 16 2021 @ 10:11 AM
a reply to: NobodySpecial268

A water bridge in this case.

Why? What does it change?

posted on Sep, 16 2021 @ 11:41 AM

originally posted by: Mikemp44
... From nothing comes something, ...

posted on Sep, 16 2021 @ 03:32 PM
a reply to: NobodySpecial268


T H A N K Y O U !!

posted on Sep, 16 2021 @ 09:08 PM
a reply to: jannybobani9

Your're welcome janny.

To put things in one place, here is my initial post from page one:

A suggestion based on my own experience of being over whelmed. Twas a woman who told me how to fix it. Women are intuitive. So not book learning.

It worked for me, and took a lot of work to achieve.

When we 'see', it is not through a "third eye" or anything like that. We 'see' with the whole body - all of it. I suggest forgetting about the chakrum.

The body is an eye. One might say a human is simply an eye; the human body is an organ of perception.

Eyes have eyelids, humans have two eyelids; like a cat. One eyelid is semi transparent. The other is not transparent; we cannot see through the second eyelid.

From what you describe your friend has both eyelids open and he 'sees' too much. He is over whelmed.

Everything he 'sees' is outside of him, and not within him.

The trick is for your friend to close his eye. Too stop 'seeing'.

The "muscles" are there unused by the conscious mind. The muscles need to be relearned.

It is very simple; he just has to close his eye.

When this is achieved he will know. There is no mistaking.

My suggestion for him is to then keep it closed.

I'll go a little bit deeper into the little I know because the "kundalini psychosis" is not uncommon.

I have seen it in a relative. It started suddenly and he could not shut the psychic phenomenon down and the "madness" stayed. We did not know what to do. That was thirty years ago.

As for myself, I sometimes get over whelmed because I live with the unseen, I live in both worlds all the time. So when I say "close the eye" I know from practice rather than book-learning.

How I got to know of the transparent eyelid's existance and the way chakrum work was when an ordinarily intangiable Being (similar to a jinn or a fairy) bumped into me and my normal eyesight view of my physical surroundings changed as if I was looking through a fisheye lens.

Like this:

My normal eyesight changed in that way. So I knew then and there that the transparent eyelid exists. The rest is study and researching the principals involved with those Being's assistance.

I think it very important that we maintain a strong sense of being 'me', and not to loose ourselves in an external 'oneness'.

Perspective is everything. So some simple geometry. Objects have three dimensions: length X width X height. A human has three dimensions. We also have two more dimensions: inside and outside. The eyelids are boundaries between inside and outside. So we can think of ourselves as a five dimensional Being.

In this sense your friend's eye (his whole sentient body) opened and he saw too much. The outer eyelid opened and the light from outside flooded into him.

Like this:

(note: The image is from another thread I wrote here on ATS, you can look in my profile by clicking my username in the left column above my Alice avatar)

The image above illustrates the boundary/eyelid and light entering the body. The green corresponds with sentience and what we would call 'heart' and the red is the so-called "kundalini" energy "centre" at the base of the spine. I call it "existence" for my own reasons.

Our own inner 'light' is also emmited in the same way through the boundary. Like this:

Yes it is all real, but that is not the point. How much can we handle is more the question.

When we "open" the chakrum, we do not open an "energy centre" we open the outer eyelid a little and the 'light' enters through the lens/prism layer/eyelid and scinntilates through us. We then 'see' or become 'clairvoyant' in some way.

So when someone says that the "power" of (a) god entered into them, or they became "enlightened" and "saintly", well, guess what . . .

That is not to say 'light' cannot be interactive with another 'light', that one 'light' cannot impact or interface with another 'light'. They can, two lights can interface, compassion for instance. The boundaries of self are an interface between inside (me) and outside (you).

If we open something, well, we need to be able to close it too.

To close the 'inner eye' is a knack, a deceptively simple thing that employs "unused psychic muscles"; that makes the task difficult, yet not unachievable.

When I was a small child my grandfather challenged me to wriggle my ears, as a cat or a dog cocks the ear. The physical muscles needed are there in everyone. Consequently barbers would threaten to cut off a small boy's ears if he did not stop wriggling them when getting his hair cut.

Try to move your ears as a cat or dog does . . .

That is the challenge, and it can be done.

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