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Biohacking. A thought of how psychic gangs exist in modern society.

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posted on Sep, 1 2021 @ 01:10 AM

Starting video for people who dont know what biohacking is and want to see it in action.

Bascially biohacking is a way to enhance or change the way your mind works. Dr Jose Delgado, a yale researcher in neurology, had an experiment that was cut short suspiciously.

A nice thread on his work.

A helmet aswell that does some stuff.

So basically im being gangstalked, long story short they possess psi abilities that they use often to mess with me. I thought it would end at some point but it hasent.

Anyways, the thought of using biohacking in such a way to do this has crossed my mind. Just mapping out the psychic brain state of an actual psychic and then mimicing that brain state on a different person. The idea is to have actual psychics running around everywhere harassing people for the fun of it. Ive only seen one suspicious death that makes me believe there is actual mind control happening to "protect" politicians.

This one in question. Basically the mother put up an article on some news site about some scandal. 4 hours later the nanny threw the kids out of the window. Strange right?

Now imagine there is some military tech schematics floating around on the internet and someone built them. Or that this stuff is easily bought by people and organizations to harass people. Being able to biohack your mind to enhance everything to the point you could mind control someone doesnt seem aa farfetchd as i once thought. Its just hidden

posted on Sep, 1 2021 @ 01:24 AM
a reply to: Wirecrash

Don't let the person that comes in here and tells you that your crazy matter. Another buzzword to add to "gangstalking" is "gaslight". This idea/topic has a natural enemy in rational skepticism. And no one will ever believe you. And much of the time the people saying this are actually crazy. But for the select few...

Sometimes truth is crazier than fiction. And you have to take the word of a former CIA/Stanford remote viewer on point. Which is made harder by his appearance on Coast2CoastAM regarding his memoir.

Read this book:

He was gangstalked by hypocritical religious people at work until he got so pissed he threatened to pull out a gun and shoot everyone.

There is disclosed precedent of EVERY intelligence agency using "gangstalking" on perspective agents, many times with integrity lacking religious themes.

This was developed by the CIA to find remote viewers in the MK Ultra days and though disbanded by them, similar methods are still used by others. They basically pit you to break against your gangstalkers to test your integrity and prevent instances of espionage down the road.

At the same time a person who "knows something is happening to them" can also "know that Muslim they came across is not on the level". In simple terms: trying to find psychic spies that won't commit treason.

The technology being employed is known in conspiracyland as "voice to skull" technology. Which is also declassified. With even some "lite" civilian applications coming out.

That article gives a nice diagram of how the (alleged) technology works.

Hot spots of this activity include San Diego, Norfolk, Alexandria, and basically anywhere with a strategic military presence.
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posted on Sep, 1 2021 @ 01:39 AM
I kind of started to guess they used remote viewing in such a way to harass someone. I thought to myself, damn i could hire a decent remote viewer and some randos that are loud or have no real public boundaries and just sic them on someone. The people doing this to me have some room on discord or something where they put their victims. I kind of learned that not a single person will help you ever, cops will think youre crazy, psychiatrists too. You would have to find some other psychic gang to attack that gang and its such a hassle. And for what? Posting on some #ty image board?

Ill check out that book. Looks interesting, i grow skeptical of targetted individuals. Usually youll get stalked worse if you call into those ti help sites. a reply to: Degradation33

posted on Sep, 1 2021 @ 03:13 AM
a reply to: Wirecrash

It's a slippery slope. People read too much nonsense on the internet. I personally knew someone who claimed constantly she's being targeted. Lights at night, sounds, "a satellite" rising every evening and targeting her.

I asked her why she's thinks she is being targeted and she said because she is spreading the truth. We had a lengthy argument where I tried to explain her how far these satellites are away and that just 1/1000s being off would mean not targeting you but someone in a different state.

Everything in food is trying to poison her. She watches planes / chemtrails like a hawk. At one point she leashed out at me that I am with "them". It's sad to see someone loose grip so much that they isolate themselves and become extreme paranoid.

Are there people being targeted for fun or whatever? I won't dismiss this but for what cause? Why would a agency or any other entity with access to satellites and all that be after her?

Just does not make sense.

posted on Sep, 1 2021 @ 03:35 AM
a reply to: Wirecrash psychic attacks are very dangerous but physical are instant, and more definite.

So If Pharqar is stalking your house with his Yale buddies, a tire iron should be sufficient.

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posted on Sep, 1 2021 @ 03:40 AM
a reply to: ThatDamnDuckAgain I agree the stuff I have disclosed should have seen a fleet OG gangstalkers outside mine, but if they smart they won't come near me, never corner an animal. So yeah they smart 5hey only go near those that psych evaluations say this guy won't cave your head in if you attempt to put the #ers up him.

posted on Sep, 1 2021 @ 03:40 AM

posted on Sep, 1 2021 @ 06:18 AM
a reply to: Wirecrash

You can easily break their gear.

Think magnetic slingshot...

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posted on Sep, 1 2021 @ 06:22 AM
“Gang Stalking” is just couscous sync

As you become aware of the world, the world becomes aware of you

It's usually repressed fear, pain (and anger/rage) surfacing

It's happens in psychological catharsis

People start looking for answers to things that don't make sense in the world and the world starts drawing out things within the person that don't make sense

“When you are at odds with the world, the world seems odd”

Think of it like walking through a crowd of people

If you walk with the crowd in the same direction, you move fairly seamlessly, without running into people or bumping them

But if you walk against the crowd, you will constantly be running into people and bumping them

The world works the same way

If you start thinking outside of the mainstream, especially if you are vocal about it, you will notice that you start bumping into those walking in the mainstream. Hence “mainstream”

It's not imagined. It is happening. But, the world isn't out to get you like you think. It is just a process of you resyncing against convention

The problem most people experience is that they don't understand this, and so they believe the establishment is consciously against them, instead of the truth of it being unwittingly against them

But it can also self-perpetuate. If you paranoid, you find reason to be. Real reason, not imagined. If you expect to have (more) problems with the Government, you probably will

The conscious entity that seems to be attacking you, is usually yourself (though it can be pervaded)

If you understand this, you can manage it

Recognise it and you'll see I'm correct

Example: The person raging at you while you're driving isn't part of a group against you, they are just someone who has had a bad day, crossing your path

Why do they cross your path? Because you are the “black cat” or “black sheep” moving against convention

To them, they have run into you and sense you are part of whatever problems they are experiencing. It is very likely they get angrier at you than they normally would, without even knowing why

To you, you run into them and sense they are a part of the problem you are experiencing

The difference is that you are aware of it, where they are very likely not

It's simple polarisation

Recognise this and appreciate it, as I said, and you will find that you understand things as they are happening to you. So you can manage them, or at least reason them to whatever it is you are struggling upstream against

The best advice I can give you with phenomenon like this, is try not to resist things you don't have to, while you are struggling to make sense of the things that don't make sense in this world

I'm not saying submit. Just choose your battles. Don't fight the unnecessary battles, just to oppose establishment, because swimming directly against the steam is guaranteed to hurt you more than is necessary

Instead of swimming against the current to get to shore, try swimming sideways while it carries you. This way you'll make it where you want to go without drowning or exhausting yourself

Accept what you must, so you can exist to fight the good fight against that which you just can't accept. The things that shouldn't be accepted


While Atlas carries the world on his back, it's hard for him to live in it

Don't carry a bigger load than you are able to bare

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posted on Sep, 1 2021 @ 07:24 AM
a reply to: Wirecrash

you would need to ID the genes that allows that ability if it is even in our genes.

what if psychic phenomena is more for a lack of a better word is more ethereal, not really located in our bodies but rather what makes us, us. our soul if you will.

and sometimes you might get more than you intended for if you had the ability to switch that ability on and off with a shot.

it might be overwhelming or terrifying at first.

I would by no means claim to be psychic but I have had moments of clarity where I saw something before it happened, dreams of future events all that creepy stuff.

I think we all have a little psychic in us, some more than others and it seems as families with a history of it they are just getting stronger or more perspective.

it would be interesting to see if there were any correlations between UFO sightings/close encounters against how many of those people have had a psychic moment

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posted on Sep, 2 2021 @ 08:26 AM
Would you believe me if i built the machine im talking about? I probably could, id just need to find a psychic(schizophrenics usually have these abilities), a way to get an eeg machine, then study electricity and how the brain can be altered by it. I have all the time in the world, i bet i could do it. After a certain point id have to be in full mylar and emf reduc cloth suit since im announcing it but i bet i could make it just to prove it exists. a reply to: Compendium

posted on Sep, 2 2021 @ 09:42 AM
I dont believe in alot of the propaganda they put out there. As much as id like to believe some satellite or antenna array is beaming stuff at me, i kind of just go cool ok. The strongest attack was shown by a mkultra experiment that your mind can be played with easily, the shock experiment when there was no shock. I do know they can make you do stuff but i expect it would be exhausting their work force to spend so much time on one single person 24/7. There might be an AI but i kind of dont care if there is one.

I dont scream at red cars, shirts or anything because i do not care. They spent 5 yeara convincing me of many different things, like how im jesus, gonna be killed, or other weird #. However after the ordeal ive come to just accept that they will try this game til they decide to kill me or i die.

If at some point they do start trying to microwave me, ill wear mylar and emf reduc cloth. If the noise campaign of ghosts show up again (still ongoing) or get worse, ill get some earplugs.

Overall, its an uphill battle that can be won. Either by building the machines they use, or finally getting people on your side. So ill start soon on the machine they use. Wish me luck , ill keep updates if i can.

Xmen exist tho and they arent on the side of good. Its really bad out there. a reply to: ThatDamnDuckAgain

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posted on Sep, 2 2021 @ 12:01 PM
Looking forward to when the new social score system kicks in, and everyone has to get another set of covid vaccines, cause we can never be to safe right since their more then likely is no database for it yet.

And seeing as how paper carries germs, an criminals are alway one step ahead.

Think of the (germ ridden, drooling, butt picking, an snotty eating, now bubble gum chewing)children.
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posted on Sep, 3 2021 @ 10:12 PM
a reply to: Wirecrash

No, I don't think you could build it. At least not without developing technology that doesn't yet exist

But even if you could, why would you want to?

You are way, way off track with what is happening to you. I'll explain a little about the things you describe have been happening to you, at the end of my posts. You can private message me if you have questions from there

Firstly, neural mapping is impossible with our technology. We aren't even close to the having the technology required

EEG detects patterns in bio-flux. That is very different from mapping neural pathways

Even if we could compile enough supercomputers on earth to mimic the processing of 1 single human brain, it would be bottle-necked to such a degree that it would be impossible to sync with anyone else

And that's just the latency within the hardware. Not even factoring in the transmission

We can't even work out atmospheric compression wave sync for electronic devices. There are H.A.A.R.P bases all over the world dedicated to it, and they can't work it out (because they are using the wrong frequency sets)

They can't even sync atmospherically. You are talking about syncing bio-rhythms that are millions of times more precise?

The patterns aren't just one set, like detected with EEG. There are millions of sub-sets of frequency that are impossible to be read, mimicked, or manipulated with any type of technology available to us today

Not even any Governments “secret” technology comes close

I'll let you in on a little secret here; any advanced technology that the Governments may, or may not understand, would also be technology that they are unable to use

Because if they did, they advance themselves to a position where they open the door to further advancements which are beyond their control. Which is a far greater threat to their position and authority than anything else in this world today

They know this. If they find technology way beyond anything that is understood today. They lock it up and forget they ever saw it

Think of it like playing in the lower grades of football. You can be the best player in your grade, without a problem. But if you play too well? They put you up to the next grade where you get smashed by players much bigger and better than yourself

They won't dare touch certain things, because they know the serious implications that come along with doing so

Because they know that to do so, may also end up being the end of any sense of authority they ever had

We still use microwave and wired transmission

The technologies referred to, to “beam voices into peoples heads” do not work

The reason being that our brains are designed to phase-tune frequency harmonically across the atmospheric invariant

It's the reason why mobile phone companies choose frequencies that are harmonic to our body for transmission

The mobile phones don't need antennas then, because we essentially are the antenna

It's because we conduct the signal. We do not insulate or absorb it

To beam something into discordant into our body, you would need enough power behind the signal, that you would likely kill the subject

Even if it worked, we could tune it out

MRI can barely image a persons nervous system inside a massive machine focusing magnets

For what you are suggesting, you would need to map a persons neural pathways inside a computer. Which again, brings you back to the latency issue within the use of technological (non-biological) devices

Do you realise how insanely, insanely complex and tiny the pathways in the human brain are?

You'd need to map every single one of them

Then, you'd need a computer that can not only process and replicate it, but sync with the persons brain, faster than that persons brain is capable of thinking, which is not possible. You cannot match the speed of biological processing, with technological processing

Ever experienced the lag playing a computer game online using mobile internet?

You are talking about technology that would need to be synced fractions of a second faster than any technology on Earth can process, or it would be rejected by the human brain

To accomplish what you are suggesting, you would need some type of biological processor, with some type of extra-dimensional sync that allows it to process both retrospectively and preemptively concurrently

Which means it would need to sit outside our understanding of time, or run at multiples of the speed of the light

If you could do this, you wouldn't need the type of technology you are talking about

The closest we will probably come is a technology referred to as N.O.R.M (Neural Optical Retinal Manipulation), where you can sync suggestions to a persons mind, by manipulating the light to their eyes

But even this fairly simple technology (compared to what you are referring to) is a long, long way away

And even the refined versions of this technology don't go unnoticed to those who it is used on

Suggestive sync is/may be possible. But controlled sync is very, very different

But, even if you could do everything to map a persons consciousness technologically …

No two individual brains are mapped the same, so it would be pointless. You wouldn't be able to effectively interface them

They are (mostly) incompatible by their individuality

To sync a person consciousness compatibly? You would need a “wet-send” biological blank, with a brain and body that has been specifically modified to incorporate a copy/clone of the physical consciousness from their body

But again. That technology is so far away, it is not worth talking about
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posted on Sep, 3 2021 @ 10:15 PM
Next, you need to understand a little about the only real way for people in this world at the moment to “sync” consciousness

When you remote view naturally onto another person, you experience everything as if you are them

You can see, hear, feel, taste, smell and even experience that persons emotions and thoughts

It is like waking up as another person, as fully conscious as you are in your own body

The only difference is that you also have your original conscious super-seated on them, so you are still aware that you are you, while you are also sharing their thoughts and emotions

If your sync remains agreeable with the person, you can hold yourself on them for a decent amount of time

But if you try to prioritise your sync over their own, it will almost certainly disconnect you


You super-seat on top of someone who is playing a piano in a music store

You can recognise your own ability to not be able to play the piano, but allow yourself to play as them, because they know how to play

But if you try taking the driver seat to be the one playing the piano, the person will likely make a mistake that they wouldn't normally make

But you likely wouldn't even get a chance to know they made the mistake, because you'd be disconnected almost as fast as they make the mistake

Likewise, you can make suggestions, to have the person do things that you want them to. But only if it is agreeable

If I (consciously as myself, not them) wanted to know what the name and/or location of the music store the person was in while I was viewing on them?

I could literally influence their actions to make them look for the name and/or location of the music store, or even ask someone walking past if I wanted to

But only if the person was agreeable to it. Meaning, that the person would need to be unsure of the name and/or location, so that what you are trying to make them do, is something that they would likely do themselves, if the shared thought of “where are we?” suddenly passed through their head

If the person knew very well where they were and you tried getting them to look for the name and/or location, you would almost certainly be disconnected from them

Likewise, you can't steer their thoughts in such a way to think of the name of the store, because the language with which you communicate is more emotional and instinctual

You don't literally “hear” what they are thinking

But you do feel what they are feeling, as if it were you. And through this sync you understand exactly what they are thinking

If you were to try get them to think about “who they are”, you would get a feeling like “I am me (with your own name), correlating to them thinking “I am me (with their name) to themselves


It also depends on how you are syncing with the person

Whether it be effigyian or pre-effygian sync

Whether you are viewing them in the past, the present, or the future

Or, if you are syncing a non-effygian version of them. Which means you can take complete control of the person in situations/experiences, outside of what actually did, is, or will take place

But still, even with these types of syncs, it has to be agreeable to the host

Meaning that it has to be something they either fantasise of doing (or wish happened), or they would be likely to do. Or at the very least, like to do, even if they wouldn't

It is basically living out a scenario within another persons imagination

You can tell the difference between what type of sync it is by the colouring of the dimensional sync

Anyways … My point is …

That even with real, direct remote viewing using the same physical construct as our environment, bodies and mind, you are limited in what you can do within a persons body and mind

You are limited in how you can interact

You are limited in how you can influence their thought

You are limited in how you can influence their actions

Because the pathways within your brains are vastly different

The highways might be the same, but all the streets around them are very, very different from person to person

And that's the purest connection possible

If you get technology involved?

Even a micro-second of lag, would cause you to disconnect from the seating

Meaning? It's not possible

And won't likely be for a very long time

But if you feel you can work the technology out? I don't mean to discourage you. Anything is possible if you seek it for the right reasons

The problem I see, is that you want it for all the wrong reasons

It sounds as thought you are having “experiences” with outside entities connecting with your physical consciousness

If that is the case? The things you are talking about are most likely not the Governments. Or any human, or groups of humans in this world

It's not worth trying to explain what they are, because that in itself is a trap, designed to keep you going around and around in circles chasing your tail. So don't bother

There is also literally nothing in this world technologically that you can do to stop it

No technology will stop it
No EMF or Mylar clothing will stop it

They aren't communicating in any way that is effected by the physics of this world. It is extra-dimensional

They are biologically super-seated in phase-sync

"The serpent is around the tree"

The only way to end it and free yourself, is to finish the catharsis, align and understand it

Or join a religion

On in a million. Or one of a million. It is your choice

Message me if you want to know more about the catharsis. I don't like going into detail on these things in a public forum

But, I can help you with what you are referring to. I've experienced it. I died during it

They don't want you to think you are Jesus. They want you to understand what it is and the concept behind the name, so you KNOW you are. We ALL are

It's not something that can be simply told or taught to you. You need to experience it to properly understand it

Shedding fear and paranoia is only the first step. You have a loooooooooong way to go

They are trying to unlock your potential. But they can't just give it to you, or it means nothing and you won't understand the value. On the contrary. They need to do their best to stop you and block you, so that it feels as though you've earned it

That way, in the end, nobody can take it from you. You earned it and it is yours by right

I, on the other hand, will freely offer you some answers to things I might know, if I can, that they can't/won't/aren't allowed to (whatever the case may/might be)
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posted on Sep, 5 2021 @ 03:40 AM
I cant delete my posts here but ill be leaving. You wont ever know what it feels like to be stalked by things that like to play with human lives for fun. Im outraged such stuff going on is almost common place. I doubt most have even clicked the links or think psychic abilities are real when theres legit xmen running around harassing people for posting on some retarded image board website. Ive seen enough psychic abilities in action now to know theres something more going on. Trying to convert you isnt gonna do anything for me in the long run, unless i get a mob or my own cult/gang, i dont think ill be able to stop whats going on. Anyways, have fun being a skeptic on a conspiracy website. Ill go find people that know abit more about psychic subjects or have experienced what im going through but ill always be lurking the paranormal topic here for slivers of info. Bye a reply to: Compendium

posted on Sep, 5 2021 @ 07:19 AM
a reply to: Wirecrash

You didn't read the second post I made obviously

If you had, you would have seen that I know more about what you are talking about than possibly anyone you will ever meet

I've been through what you are talking about. I told you what it was

I told you exactly, about the exact thing you are talking about in great detail

I also offered to help you

If you can't take the time to read peoples replies to you properly, then don't cry that nobody is listening to you
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posted on Sep, 13 2021 @ 11:14 PM

i dont think ill be able to stop whats going on. Anyways, have fun
being a skeptic on a conspiracy website.

Unfortunately many people are ignorant when it comes to psychic
phenomenon/abilities. But understand there is definitely
something you can do to protect yourself.

Please read both books and do the exercises.

Spiritual Protection: A Safety Manual for Energy Workers
by Sophie Reicher

Psychic Empowerment for Everyone by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke

posted on Sep, 14 2021 @ 04:45 AM
How would one go about hiring someone like that?

posted on Sep, 14 2021 @ 05:45 AM
a reply to: jannybobani9

There are muuuch more actors than there are roles, most are happy to act out whatever, if it pays.

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