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Choose Your Own Adventure

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posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 04:00 PM
What will be the future of this personal world war that we are currently in?
What will the final outcome be?

Let's start with the vaccine. We are told it is very important that you get it. It is now as of today officially sanctioned. They really want every person to get this shot - even if they have personal, medical, philosophical or religious exemptions. They do not care. They really want us to get the shot. And then a booster. And then another booster, etc. Probably for the rest of our lives.

So what is the deal? What is really going on?

A: The entire world's governments are directed from the WHO on;
- how to test for Covid19
- how to treat Covid19
- vaccination and boosters.
The world is going along with what The WHO has been dictating. The WHO wants to save the world and is now working with the WEC to recreate the landscape in the name of health safety and equality. This is good for you and we should be grateful for regulations, restrictions and continue with vaccinations and vaccine passports.

B: TPTB want to kill the majority of the world's population via instant death, soft kill, sterilization or all of the above. The head of the WEC, Schwab was also a head of the Bilderberg Group.

C: TPTB are going to activate the DNA of the injected via 5G. Instant waves of death sweeping across the land.

D: TPTB are going to activate the DNA of the injected via 5G. People are switched off and the new message to the DNA is to self destruct.

E: TPTB are going to activate the DNA of the injected via 5G. People are turned into zombies and start attacking everyone around them.

F: There is a celestial event on the horizon. Large populated areas of the planet will be 'hit'. The 'vaccine' is actually a mercy shot designed by the TPTB to quickly kill off the rest of the planet after the cataclysmic event takes place. The elite will be at this point, underground in their New Zealand bunkers. Could this be a big hit to the northern hemisphere? Is this why the commoners in Australia are being kept in the most brutal state of psychological terror? Since they will likely not be experiencing the event but will need to be isolated so they can be easily culled later?

G: TPTB have designed the 'vaccine' to hijack the majority of work from your T cells and thus eliminate your natural immunity from any and every attack. This will in essence put all that have received the shot in a check mate situation with their immune system and dependent on boosters to stay alive. This ties into the social credit vaccine passport. If you step out of line with your attitude, you may not be getting your booster. Or, the booster you get will specially tailored for your threat level - and it will be the last booster you will need.

H: All those that managed to deal with being ostracized through their personal lives and money-making abilities by refusing the 'vax' will end up dying from 'covid' because the vaccines are actually very safe and designed to save you and everyone else. Because everyone is very important to the master Gardners. They enjoy watching the world triple in reproduction. They look forward to seeing the costs to the environment created by the sheer consumption of so many very useful and genius eaters. The more people creating waste and consuming energy - the better to the TPTB. TPTB have all of our best interests in mind.

I: There is absolutely nothing going on like the above bullets suggest. The people that have issues with the great reset and the new way and new rules are archaic, racist, hateful, selfish, and ignorant.

Feel free to add to this list. After coming up with these, I'm currently leaning towards B, F and G.

But really, what is going on? I think whatever it is - it is probably not what we think and not really in this list of ideas. But what is it??

I really have a hard time, scratch that, it's not even hard to not believe the official narrative. What is the official narrative again???

Some guy needed to sell bat meat from a dumpster outside of a weapons lab in Wuhan?
And now if you don't want the mandatory vax for a 'bad cold' then you are evil??

Wait - what actually is today's official narrative?

To me it smells rotten. Like maybe the whole thing is about vaccine social score passports to even be able to eat in the new world order. But if this is also not about controlling the population of the planet - then you gotta be kidding me.

Can't wait to hear from the 'official story' members. I love creative writing.

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posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 04:08 PM
I like to learn, got good at a lot of stuff by asking questions, reading real information, and practicing. There are so many deceivers and parrots in this world it is hard to find the whole truth. Take things down to their simplest form then bring them back up into whatever application you want to do, just choose the proper information coupled with the right application and yo will do all right. That last sentence is what is wrong with our society, you cannot apply just anything to anything, it has to be done properly.

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 04:19 PM
a reply to: EmmanuelGoldstein

I do not believe this is the case but just want to share an idea/thought.

They think they are gods. Gods created man.

Maybe they want to take full control of the human evolution?
Shape us through generations like a piece of clay?

Would not surprise me if this was the case.

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 04:41 PM
a reply to: EmmanuelGoldstein

Though not totally in line, my closest guess in this book is (G). Do I die and go back to page 1?
I used to bookmark the choice pages and kind of cheat my choices. lol

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 04:49 PM
a reply to: EmmanuelGoldstein

I’ve covered the asteroid angle a couple times here on ATS, most recently on Waterproofedcrackpot’s thread “Apophis Apocalips”

I think it’s the most likely scenario. IMO, you did a great thread here! The only thing I could think to even add might be the Singularity, as a possible scenario.

We already know AI has been in use for years now. Each year, AI becomes more powerful. What if the Singularity has already happened? What if TPTB unleashed an intelligence into the computing ‘wilds’ they thought they could control (secretly of course), only to discover that that AI grew exponentially, beyond their grasp? Faced with an omnipresent intelligence that can wipe out their vast wealth, unmask them or even kill them, TPTB have no choice: implement ‘The Plan’ created by the AI for world domination.
Projects and policies that don’t make ANY SENSE (to us) are implemented; elections are manipulated, causing widespread loss of confidence in authorities and political systems; new diseases are created (or claimed to exist) that lead to hermetically sealed social controls—ALL directed by that AI; stock markets are destabilized; partisanship and certitude is whipped into the Stratosphere to create national and international rifts that are impossible to fix.

Where does it lead? Humanity ‘voluntarily’ surrenders control over itself for peace of mind. No more mortgages, no more ethnic tensions, no more droughts, no more politics, no more strife. But the cost is our soul…

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 05:20 PM
a reply to: EmmanuelGoldstein

I think if you added G & C together without the instant waves of death it would make a great Utopia/rebel movie.

Idk what TPTB is but H with a less interest in mind & more for space travel.

Also, maybe covid & the vaccinations help with the human antibody response to nuclear or space radiation in evilution. RNA is the creator & catapult for protiens in our DNA so if that protective layer is increased by this drastic of an ammount than maybe we can eventually see the genes morph into a more photonic modulism. It isn't genome theorapy because it isn't altering our genetic code behavior & it's a very slight possible side effect that has no credability whatsoever.
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posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 06:23 PM
All of the control freakery and fear peddling to achieve total control is down to the same basic reason and that is money.

Not pharma getting greedier than ever or WHO nor any nation's government or political ideology.

The 'Great Reset' and '4th Industrial Revolution' are about money and how it actually works.

For the last 60 odd years, the World Reserve Currency has been the Petro$ and we are approaching peak oil.

This means there will soon come a time when WRC will change! The Transnational entities, that really control all the money in the world, do not want some piddling nation state (that includes ALL nation states) having any control at all over what they perceive as their money. 'They' do not want some currency or other having influence over their plans to control everything.

At the start of the control strategies, few national leaders saw through the bs - most naively believed as they were told by the 'front men' at WHO and following on from the 'settlements' made by BIS, received funding to roll out tyranny under guise of health protection, something many people would accept as necessary.

Passive aggressive soft tyranny, psychological warfare to win hearts and minds so people will accept an overarching, global hegemony controlled by faceless, deadhead and unelected money mongerers who want your sweat and blood but do not want you, are terrified of you and of anything actually alive.

The people who want to run the world are all the same. Yellow bellied deadheads and a total joke.

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 06:32 PM
Great responses and some good new ideas.
I like the idea that the world leaders are actually not nearly as clued in as most of ATS are.

The cognitive dissonance is so strong in our 'leaders' that there is no turning back. They wouldn't even recognize a mirror.

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 06:56 PM
a reply to: EmmanuelGoldstein

OP, I think you meant WEF, not "WEC"

World Economic Forum (Wikipedia)

Founder & Executive Chairman of WEF, Klaus Schwab

Klaus Shwab Wikipedia page

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 07:05 PM
a reply to: FamCore

Damn. I did mean WEF. Thanks.

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 07:15 PM
a reply to: EmmanuelGoldstein

I: There is absolutely nothing going on like the above bullets suggest. The people that have issues with the great reset and the new way and new rules are archaic, racist, hateful, selfish, and ignorant.

Well dang, how darn scary is it, that, that is the most optimistic choice?!!!

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posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 07:21 PM
We get to experience whatever reality we make ourselves available for.
That’s not a cop out. It’s the fundamental nature of who we are as creator beings.

There are quite a few fearful events listed in the OP.

What if there were many cataclysmic events on other timelines, just as you described, maybe even with other versions of yourself experiencing?

What if the big lesson for most of us was how to deal with fear?

Fear of love
Fear of living
Fear of dying
Fear of loved ones dying

One theory is we keep incarnating over and over again until our consciousness is able to expand into higher forms.
Learning to deal with fear is critical for that transition. Just maybe, the lessons that make it into movies like Star Wars were strategically placed there to help facilitate humanity’s consciousness expansion. The Jedi training is almost entirely about managing and controlling fear. What if we all had the ability to increase in levels of consciousness, not unlike depicted with Jedi masters?

The event I believe we will see will be some sort of incredible transition, where humanity is catapulted into a new higher consciousness, away from the the darkness that is pulling us away from source in this timeline. I believe we will see a breakdown of almost everything before that can happen.

This is all a game. The dark side is out in the open for us all to see now. I believe this was part of the plan, as the dark side is powerless when it walks openly in the light.

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 07:40 PM
Hi, new member here. Greetings all.

I too have been contemplating “the situation” humanity is caught up in. The truth that we are searching for depends upon the particular nature of the telescope we are using. So-called conspiracy theorists are regarded as pariahs of main-stream society because they do not play the game. That game is believing in the official narrative - in whatever form it may take. An orderly society is not just dependent on services and superstructure but more so on an underlying certainty. There seems to be no greater danger to order than uncertainty.

In a debate between one who presents or suggests a conspiracy which implicates and accuses those who have been authorized to create progress and a skeptic to that conspiracy, one thing is mostly evident. That is, that the skeptic does not appear to be a truth seeker. The skeptic instead uses convincing arguments using evidence from main stream science to erase doubts about the wild card theory and re-establish certainty.

The fault in this exercise is that main-stream science is a contemporary understanding. Not only that, but scientific bodies are not always immediately forthcoming with discoveries. Science is not altruistic with its knowledge for the benefit of the welfare of humanity as a whole. It is constrained by politics.

There is an agency at work in the machinery of this global pandemic/great reset action/reaction. Those who intuitively suspect that there are so many facets of the official story that do not add up are not unintelligent. Far from it, although the responses from those whose intent it is to reestablish certainty are patronizing, suggesting C.T.'s are suffering an immature mentality or mental illness of some degree. This reaction has been observed throughout recorded history. Galileo comes to mind. Except, in the example of Galileo our skeptical friends would identify themselves with Galileo and project the character of the ignorant minds who opposed his discoveries or theories onto modern conspiracy theorists.

I see it differently. Those who opposed and threatened Galileo were the conservative minds and authorities of their times.

That said, my own guess as to the nature of the missing or hidden pieces of the puzzle at present aligns with the substance in the post by member Thoughtcrime. That is A.I.

The holes in our understanding of what is really going on could well be explained by a phenomenon such as A.I. because it is entirely novel historically. It is real and it is evolving but what it actually is is not very much a part of the understanding of the masses. Stephen Hawking explicitly warned of 2 potential dangers to humanity before he passed. A.I.and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

If humanity has developed to a level where A.I. has been developed and is already experimenting with interfaces between biological reality and A.I. Then what can be projected from this observation? Well firstly, where do we draw the line concerning the percentage of interface between our biological nature and A.I. augmentation? Herr Klaus Schwab has already publicly declared that humanity as it is is like the early hominids - just a means to a more advanced creature, and that non-augmented humans will eventually become outdated and locked out of contemporary society. Is the World Economic Forum and it’s wealthy subscribers some sort of hoax dreamed up by John Titor from 2030? No, it is a happening thing!

The last puzzle piece I would like to suggest concerns E.T. That is, if humanity is being led towards A.I. augmentation and that this process is a natural, evolutionary one then this process may well be a universal one. That is sentient creatures create and use tools and eventually merge with particular tools they have created - i.e A.I. Consider a species 1000 years in advance of our own. First of all it is almost impossible to imagine as A.I. is still so novel. But in such a race of creatures the balance of augmented A.I. composition to cellular could well have shifted in favor of A.I. majority. Such extraterrestrial A.I. would not need to physically travel in space to influence other species. They would be patient as only biological organisms are time-conscious due to physical aging and death consciousness. They would simply connect to the A.I. available in such developing civilizations.

Observe the cover of this release from the Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC), a department within the UK MOD, and Bundeswehr Of ce for Defence Planning (BODP), a department within the German Federal Ministry of Defence.

https:/ /

The illustration on the cover for me fills in a lot of the hidden puzzle pieces.

I certainly advise you to read the doc for yourself and especially draw your attention to: page 13 paragraph 1 of the pdf.

"Human Augmentation strategic implications project:

"Ethical perspectives on human augmentation will change and this could happen quickly. There may be a moral obligation to augment people, particularly in cases where it promotes well-being or protects us from novel threats. It could be argued that treatments involving novel vaccination processes and gene and cell therapies are examples of human augmentation already in the pipeline."

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 07:47 PM

originally posted by: EmmanuelGoldstein
a reply to: FamCore

Damn. I did mean WEF. Thanks.

To be honest I didn't even know what the WEF was until that "You'll own nothing and be happy", vision 2030 video came out. Now I know all about The "Great" Reset and their communist plan. Interesting to note, if you look at the WEF's "partners" on their website, it's every corporation you would imagine, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Pfizer
  • Moderna
  • Microsoft
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Blackrock
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The list goes on, literally see for yourself by scrolling to the bottom and thinking of any dirty corp. involved in the recent events and they are on there: WEF Website - "Our Partners"

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 07:54 PM
When the lights go out we will see true horror begin.
Buckle up.....

reply to: FamCore

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 08:03 PM
a reply to: PiratesCut

what are you implying by "when the lights go out" though? that could mean anything

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 08:42 PM
a reply to: teapot

All of the control freakery and fear peddling to achieve total control is down to the same basic reason and that is money.

Control to achieve control is because money?

You're not making a lot of sense with this statement, and you have confused your reasons and outcomes here.

Money is something they can create as much as they want out of thin air. Money is in the hand of private banks, it's not generated by governments (anymore). Furthermore, the most vicious bstrds of this planet already own the whole planet many times over, they have all the money in the world, why would money (such a trivial thing to them) be a motivator for them?

Do you think they're happy if they just get enough money?


They already have more than enough. From some estimates, the R-family owns around 500 trillion in money, possessions, land, wealth, real estate, assets and so on and so forth. Money is nothing to someone like this, they want something MORE.

If they were happy about having just money, why would they implement all kinds of control structures so much?

As Steven Greer (I don't trust him anymore, but he did spew some interesting truths in his time) once said, money is something you need to put your kids through college. When you have trillions, money has no excitement value or appeal. It's just there. What do you care if your bank account has this or that number, if you're practically swimming in it anyway? One million or even billion here or there is not gonna make a difference when you have more than you could ever spend even if you tried your hardest.

Money is fake, it's artificial, it's fabricated, it's trivial (to those that have it).

It's like someone relatively wealthy being obsessed about regular, everyday, cheap bread. I mean, they can acquire the most expensive bread in the world multiple times every day if they so wish, and have it flown to them straight and fresh from a french bakery by supersonic private jets and have it still be warm when it arrives. Imagine someone like this being obsessed with buying cheap bread from supermarkets. It just doesn't compute.

Money is the same thing to these people that have no shortage of it. When you already have something, you stop craving for it. You can't become obsessed about something you already have.

Interestingly, you mention 'control' multiple times, and yet fall back on 'money'.

Control is real. Money is fabricated. Owning actual wealth (like real estate, houses, cars, and so on) is real. Owning some paper slips with something printed on them that are 'valuable' only because people BELIEVE it is, is fake. Owning some numbers in a computer's memory that's supposedly 'valuable', just because banks say so, is fake.

Owning people is the ultimate possession and acquirement. Since slavery is illegal and unlawful, this provides the greatest challenge someone that has 'everything' can accept; how to make people bow to you, especially out of their free will, in a world, where slavery is outlawed?

Control is real, as I mentioned, and total control is the wet dream of the elite psycho that has everything else already. They can't ever have you, your mind, your soul, your free will to bend to theirs. Or can they?

I mean, if they could, wouldn't that be the ultimate power?

Control and power are aphrodisiacs, as some donkey's bottom once verbally vomited somewhere. Money is not.

Money, being 'not real', can only take you so far. It only seems real because of its functionality, but that can stop any second. When they outlaw cash finally, you'll see what 'money' is really worth.

Money is basically a chain, a tool to control slaves, it's societal handcuffs, invisible prison, a lock that keeps everyone both busy and enslaved.

Why would it be about 'money'?

Control and power - they won't stop until they have all of it, and total it. I mean, total control is better than 'some control'. Total power is more enticing than 'some power'.

It's very tricky and complex to get 'total control', and Creator knows, TPTB have tried this throughout history many times and in many ways, and regular people have always suffered en masse, through wars, famine, experimentation, and so on.

They're incredibly patient, and their evil plans are so 'timeless' that most people lose sight of it, and only focus on the 'immediate' (which is only a symptom of the more 'everlasting'). They can suffer setbacks and still go forward in their agenda. They don't look for what's going on in 10 years, they look through hundreds of years, so it doesn't matter WHEN they finally achieve this 'total control' and have 'total power' - they can wait, and have.

Of course sometimes some of them become impatient and hurry things, but that can cause setbacks in their horrible plan - this whole 'corona' thing has certainly sped up something about their plans, suddenly it freels incredibly rushed, almost as if they have some kind of time limit even though they have an eye (pun intended) in the future.

If someone really thinks anyone with true power is motivated by something so puny and artificial as 'money', they really haven't done their research homework.

In any case, what I am saying, is that their perspective spans aeons, but there's still a weird sense of rushing recently.

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 08:51 PM
a reply to: EmmanuelGoldstein

I like the idea that the world leaders are actually not nearly as clued in as most of ATS are.

What do you mean by 'world leaders'?

The clones they parade around in TV as 'celebrities' and 'presidents'?

You do know that the world doesn't have a president, human beings are above governments in power hierarchy, and can't be lawfully told to do or not do anything without their consent by any government, and the entities you probably refer to, are not 'presidents' of countries, but only 'presidents of governments'?

Being president of a government is not being president of the people. Any regular 'dude' as human being is on the same level when it comes to authority and legitimate, lawful power, as the president of any government or CEO of any corporation. The difference is that people behave as if this is not the case, as if 'presidents' of governments and CEOs and such are somehow better and worthy human beings than they are.

But they're not.

The president of any country does not have lawful authority to tell any regular human being anything, if that human being has not broken the law (not the legal system's acts, statutes or codes, but LAW). In fact, you could argue that a 'president' is actually lower on power hierarchy than 'human being', because they're subject to governmental codes, acts, statutes, etc., and a free human being is not.

The way it really goes, is:

Human Being
Governments / Corporations
Governmental 'authorities'
Citizens of Governments / Employees

So if you're a human being, government can't tell you what to do. If you're a citizen, it can.

This is a long and complex thing to try to explain, and anyone can find the info about 'Freemen on the Land' by finding the video called 'Meet Your Strawman' (explains the basics) and there used to also be a website with a similar name that also explained stuff. I just ignore these things these days, as they don't matter in practical everyday life anymore, because most people have either forgotten how things are supposed to be, or are just already ignorant of how these systems were originally built and intended (governments exist to serve people, not the other way around, but people don't seem to even understand this basic fact)..

After all this, I ask you - WHAT do you mean by 'world leaders'? This planet is not being 'led' by anyone, it moves in our solar system all by itself (well, there are cosmic forces at play, of course, and the Divine Creator is always everywhere, but putting that aside).

I guess I could also ask what do you mean by 'world', because that's also not self-explanatory anymore. People seem to construct their own 'worlds', and someone's 'world' is not the same as reality or the planet. Then there's physical reality, etheric and astral realities, spiritual reality, causal, mental, etc..

Knowing all this, the term 'world leader' does not really make sense, unless it's explained thoroughly.

posted on Aug, 24 2021 @ 11:12 PM
a reply to: HilterDayon

Fascinating and an amazing response. Welcome to ATS. I'm checking out the links now.

posted on Aug, 25 2021 @ 09:41 AM
a reply to: Shoujikina
Yes Shoujikina, money is completely fake. My posting history reflects my views on that.

The construct (monetarism, banking, who has what) is not fake and money is the mechanism that makes it all (matrix) work.

I've mentioned the demise of the WRC quite a few times and identified it as a catalyst for the tyranny we are now facing but so far, nobody has acknowledged this. Too outlandish that the almighty petrodollar has had it's day? Too frightening to contemplate the idea that the world will soon have imposed on it a techno-currency supporting the debt system the controllers love so much? Somebody will be along soon yapping about 'communism'. Ignore them. Politics is just a game and barring the world stage puppets, nobody at BIS/WEF etc cares about politics.

Power and control and what it does to those who experience it and for some, how forever chasing the dragon becomes raison-d'etre. Sadly, all people are susceptible to the effects of power and control, anyone can become who the controllers clearly are, deadheads with shrunken hippocampus and enlarged fear receptors in the amygdala. We can all aspire to be such monsters.

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