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posted on Aug, 20 2021 @ 09:10 AM
Beyond where myriad afterlives lie,
Beyond the chanted grey.
Dreaming dead and sated,
Dreaming hateful doused in cloven space.

Idiot god sleeps,
Ignoble man dies on.

Beyond where fleeing consciousness hides,
Beyond the fleeting blue.
Dreaming sad and hated,
Dreaming alien outside of space.

Idiot god somnambulant,
Ignoble man hierophantic.

Beyond where unknown death festers cold,
Beyond the fetid green.
Dreaming enraged and lost,
Dreaming omniscient shreds of spacetime.

Idiot god awakens,
Ignoble man is gone.

Beyond the concept of altered fates,
Beyond the ruse of red.
Dreaming nonexistence,
Dreaming forever in broken space.

Azathoth knows no elder god yet lives.

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