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Universities train future teachers to push Critical Race Theory and social justice

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posted on Aug, 12 2021 @ 10:34 AM
Titel taken from:

Yea, all those equivications by Teachers Unions and their Representitives that they will not be teaching CRT are as bogus as I had expected them to be. Truth be told, across the land, Universities that train Teachers have fully embraced educating them into the nuances of CRT. By the time one of these newly minted Teachers comes to a school near you, there will, of course, be no mention of CRT, but rather the subject matter will be incorporated into History and Social Studies courses.

Among those courses are the University of North Carolina education department’s class, “"Critical Race Theory: History, Research, and Practice.” The course will cover how Critical Race Theory connects to “LatCrit Theory, AsianCrit, QueerCrit, TribalCrit, and Critical Race Feminism,” those terms being more recent areas of study that draw heavily from Critical Race Theory.

Duke University offers a similar course with an activism element: The class "Critical Race Theory in Education" will have students "prepare a policy proposal that addresses systemic racial inequities within K-12 education." Rather than being an academic examination of a controversial theory, the course will require students to use "the framework of critical race theory" to "apply case study analysis to their own K-12 education."

At the University of New Mexico, the course "Social Justice in Education" will teach future teachers "to integrate principles of social justice fully into classroom curriculum and instruction." At the University of Nevada-Reno, the course "Social Justice and Education" will train future teachers to "propose socially just educational approaches." These students will also "examine policies [and] curricul[a]...that promote social justice."

The upahor of all this?

People try to understand......this is precisely why the US is for all practical purposes, a lost cause to those clinging to traditional values of Western Civilization. Its because the US mainstream citizens long ago lost all control of the Universities. The future of the US is in the hands of Universities pushing Marxist values such as CRT at their student teachers thus spreading the ideology across the K-12 Education system.

You can win an election here and there, though probably never again at the level of POTUS, but it doesnt matter when your white daughter comes home from her sixth grade social studies class and slashes her wrists because she's white and fully indoctrinated into CRT. And of course, you can protest to the School Boards and get their lies in return as CRT is filtered into the PE classes.

Read and enjoy; all box quotes above

posted on Aug, 12 2021 @ 10:38 AM
They've been teaching prospective teachers to teach Communism for years.

posted on Aug, 12 2021 @ 11:18 AM
The party is over. Get used to it. 😧

posted on Aug, 12 2021 @ 09:00 PM
If someone does something illegal, no matter what color they are or how much money they have, they should be held accountable. It is not so much race as it is wealth and prestigious stature that gets people off of is WHO YOU KNOW that is what determines how things go in your life.

There are lots of low income blacks, and although racism is real, not all people are racist. And racism occurs in all ethnic groups, whites are not the only racists, Also there are whole cultures in countries that think they are better than everyone else, like whole nations and wars started from that.

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