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What are the average survival rates for Covid ?

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posted on Aug, 26 2021 @ 05:04 AM
I government has lied to me.

I also know it has told me the truth.

Not believing anything the government says because they are the government is as stupid as believing everything the government says because they are the government.

a reply to: OwenTrousers

posted on Aug, 26 2021 @ 05:40 AM

originally posted by: OwenTrousers
Do you believe your Goverment has ever lied to you ?

a reply to: chr0naut


Do you believe your parents/children have never lied to you?

People lie, so you have to be discerning, to determine truth from lies.

You need to be skeptical, but also try and find clues as to the truth of things.

Part of doing that, is that there is often a sensible motivation for someone to be lying. If they have no such sensible motivation, then they wouldn't have a reason to lie, would they?

posted on Aug, 26 2021 @ 07:07 AM
The survival rate is not a constant number. It changes over time. As virus attenuates, it becomes less deadly. At the beginning of the pandemic, death rate in the US was about 0.05. Currently, death rate is about 0.0066. This number is calculated based on number of deaths divided by number of cases. Taken from yesterday's numbers, about 1,000 deaths out of about 150,000 cases.

Also, keep in mind that developed countries with better medical care has less death rate than say places like Uganda which has less medical care.

So the survival rate depends on how much the virus has attenuated, which depends on how long time has passed since start of pandemic, and also depends on the quality of medical care.

Of course, the said death rate only applies to people who are sick enough to get tested. People who show no symptoms or mild symptoms typically don't test. It is estimated about 50% of infected people show no symptoms. We can assume about 25% of infected people get tested.

Taken this into account, we can estimate the death rate of covid as of the current time about 2 years since start of pandemic as about 0.0066 calculated above multiplied by 25%, or about 0.00165.

So in conclusion death rate is about 0.00165, which translate to survival rate of about 0.99835 for the US numbers.

Hopefully my assumptions and calculations used in this derivation of survival rate (for the US) makes sense.
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