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A series on the need for parallel social & economic structures & alternative community networks..

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posted on Aug, 9 2021 @ 07:23 PM
Hi folks,

This is a thread series directed to any & all who may be able to answer the call, those whom I feel may be able to step up & help facilitate the conversations which could lead to implementation of a growing & developing solution to the madness which this world is currently sleepwalking into, which I feel will arise primarily through the establishment of alternative parallel structures & community networks where different ideas are put into practice. Network architecture, economic architecture, social architecture....

I'd like to discuss an idea:

The idea has the potential to really help people who want to consider living in an alternative manner, because they are disillusioned with the current modern Western liberal paradigm, without giving up the modern comforts which really do offer so much to us in our quest to 'tame all of nature', or as the Book of Genesis puts it: "Fill the Earth & subdue it". The idea reflects upon the traditions of the Western Judeo-Christian paradigm, before it was corrupted by the massing of power & wealth inappropriately, both by the church, and by the national rulers of the Western nations. We may be utterly disillusioned with what many are now rightly perceiving to be an evil, corrupted system, which doesn't represent our wellbeing or the wellbeing of our family & communities in any manner which could be considered appropriate. However, we have come too far in the standards to which we are accustomed to expect that modern people will simply jump ship from their moderately comfortable lives, into an early stage off-grid community, to suddenly give up running water & normally functional plumbing (at minimum a septic tank system would be desirable, for example) - we'd hope for central heating, access to certain media & technology, etc - all of which makes our lives easier, without necessarily corrupting it. In particular the ability to share information is vital. Much would require mains electricity, which of course ideally we would want to retain, to reliably keep the lights on, even if we are considering or fulfilling a desire to separate ourselves from the chaos of the world in some restrained manner.

I really appreciate the on-point & comprehensive socio-political/philosophical speculations in the conversations we have on this platform & others, between friends of the movement aiming for a better world to come. All of you who are committed to somehow realising the dream to rebuild & regrow a more pure society, have an open-minded stance, and I appreciate that you are able to hold up an idea for analysis without necessarily buying into that idea totally while you assess it. Aristotle stated that such was the measure of an intelligent man/ woman, and I concur. The combined efforts at waking up & working for the people who are pressing ahead to repel the New World Order is admirable & noble in its essence. Between you, in fact you have the ability to turn the ship of world progress if you work collectively on any particular facet of the matters at hand, gradually turning the rudder behind millions of disaffected folk around the world, enabling a change in our forwards-facing outlook, avoiding that bloody great big iceberg in our path. As the saying goes, we are the 99% - but how many of us can really state that we would consider changing our lifestyle in the face of this creeping infringement of our freedom & our innate, God-given human rights? It's been sneaking up on us for at least two decades now, and it's only getting worse. Creeping infractions that violate the supposed-to-be inviolable laws of nature, particularly egregious where the sentience with which we are blessed is being infringed upon..

The key principle which we should be aware of now, and thankfully many people are becoming alive to the concept, is that we must generate parallel systems, architecture & infrastructure of society which is able to run alongside, without necessarily buying into or even bothering to respond to the mainstream infrastructure, services & so on. We're talking a parallel economic system, parallel power generation, a parallel informational system (a secondary web which cannot be shut down by the controllers of NWO typology - so think in terms of blockchain systems such as BiitChute, etc). Stuff that cannot be interfered with (at least not easily) by those who are working towards an agenda of control & domination - an agenda that all of us quite rightly want no part of.

I thought you might be interested in a particular thought experiment which I found myself considering in recent times, with regard to the building of communities which are not necessarily total rejections of modern life, but are intended to be places of sanctuary set apart from the worst aspects of modern life, particularly the blatant march towards technocracy & fascist control systems which are shoehorned into position on the basis of the biggest scam ever perpetrated, the planned pandemic which hasn't affected mortality rates in any nation significantly in any way whatsoever. The death rates have remained the same year on year, so ergo sum there is no pandemic..

Notes on a parallel system of economic independence:

It is my absolute certain desire that we should see a parallel economic system emerging from our efforts at alternative community network development, wherever we happen to be in the world. The communities established would need companies which are established as part & parcel of the economic lifeblood of the community network - dedicated platforms for the advancement of community ideals & for the wellbeing & independence of the persons working within them, put into practice as a sort of 'hybrid interface' - a startup technology/manufacturing company, dealing in simple yet innovative products, so that the community could interface with the modern world through that company's action, maintaining living standards within the community at a level equivalent to the standards of the outside world - and yet as a wider community we would adopt a position which is a couple of steps back from the rabid cult-like shenanigans of mainstream modern life, which we all can see have almost destroyed civilisation as we know it. Politically I'm a libertarian, I believe in the right of the individual to practice freedom as a central philosophical value in all things. Freedom of action, freedom to pursue personal dreams, freedom to acquire wealth in a responsible manner, never stepping on the rights of others in the pursuit of our goals; freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, free rights to dissent, free speech in all things. Naturally, the standard fallback position in terms of the measure of such freedoms which are assumed to be responsible & fair practice, is that our rights to freedom in anything are rolled back wherever we find ourselves infringing upon the freedoms & natural human rights of others.


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posted on Aug, 9 2021 @ 07:30 PM
........As regards the companies which are operated by the community network at any scale, the ideal pattern of activity would involve the licensing of intellectual property of various sorts from persons who have a strong interest in/ skill for design-related activity. I myself am an inventor of sorts, and in my portfolio there are over 70 viable concepts which could be turned into manufacture-ready products with very little development, save for the financial investment which would bring them to a place of readiness for manufacture. I have many product concepts which are patent pending, many which are registered designs, and others which are non-protectable concepts which nevertheless could make for attractive business propositions. My belief is that persons such as myself could make a commitment to the community network which enables each community location to develop & manufacture products for distribution in the mainstream world, bringing financial income to the community, ensuring that living standards are maintained & that personal economic freedom meshes with the needs of the community at large. I wouldn't seek to profit in an unrestrained manner from this arrangement, because my ideological goals are strongly aligned with seeking the wellbeing of the community & all its members.

I would therefore, in my own specific case, be willing to licence at least ten of the strongest concepts from my portfolio to local communities in my region here in the UK, with extremely generous terms (not saying this to toot my own horn, just to explain my position - I would be looking to situate myself within one of these communities, to contribute effectively, to add & not to subtract).

I believe I have been blessed with the inspiration for a large number of product concepts for just such a time as this, when economic opportunities are needed in order to help develop the parallel structures which are fundamentally designed for the wellbeing of the dissenters, for the free of spirit who do not want to be centrally involved with the mainstream society which we see as corrupted by deceptions & misdeeds, a society which we perceive is sleepwalking into totalitarianism.

We want to not only provide for our own needs, we want to offer an alternative, so that people who are on the fence can see & be attracted to an alternative way of living, a different way of doing things, such that our numbers will grow, eventually, as critical mass is achieved in our membership & style of living, we will see a tipping point. Not such that everyone in the mainstream world will simply 'up sticks' & join our community - but rather, that they perceive WHY we are living differently, and themselves rise up against the 'mainstream mob', the elitists who desire & demand that the rights of naturally & innately free humans are crushed beneath the jackboot on the neck, stomped down by the totalitarianism technocracy, under fascist informational restrictions, with everyone on Earth being censored by big tech - even being killed off by vaccines which are designed to harm rather than heal.

Then maybe, we can reverse the tide.

And so, I am happy to more or less freely offer a set of concepts to the alternative community networks, and I call on others to do the same wherever you happen to be. I will give what I consider to be some of the best of my product ideas, each being of fairly simple nature in terms of its mechanical properties, not complicated to manufacture, easy to set up in terms of manufacturing processes & easy to produce in bulk, without complex & expensive machinery. Indeed almost all of the machinery could be purchased second hand without any sort of compromise in the final quality of the products.

I'm happy to say that I'm now in contact with regional businesspersons in the UK who are similarly committed to the ideological goals associated with the building of a community network having a parallel economic structure, such as that I've described, and we're starting to open the conversations with persons who may be in a position to help with the investment needed to bring these projects to life. It's a really exciting time, and one in which I genuinely believe we may be in a position to hereby set up communities which are economically productive & profitable, prosperous & open to management in a modern manner, such that the communities directly supported by those companies can be engineered to be modern, with all the necessary comforts of life in the 21st century. I can imagine a community having its own economic powerhouse in warehouses on site, a community engineered to incorporate more naturalist philosophies in the surrounding land management, philosophies of community development in areas such as house-building, the planting of orchards & allotments, communal areas for the practical & social wellbeing of the community members who dwell or visit there on a regular basis. Now is the time to invest in parallel architecture of all sorts, specifically the economic systems & the global web which we depend on for access to unbiased informational content, in no way subject to the big tech censorship which the technocracy is rapidly rolling out in the world at large.

I'd like to suggest that members around the world liberally share the information I am presenting here, as I believe it presents a recipe for the beginnings of an economically independent parallel community network structure, a 'hybrid interface' between alternative community networks & the mainstream world, demonstrating that we are able to engage with the world & draw in the resources that we as an alternative community network will need, standing on the economic gains that such a system will provide. All for the wellbeing & development of the world's free peoples.

More to follow in my next thread in the series: "Notes on community structure'...



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posted on Aug, 9 2021 @ 07:39 PM
Apologies that the text is a bit clunky - this thread evolved from an email introduction to a contact in the alternative community network - I sort of cobbled it together late at night here in the UK, and I didn't really do a very good job at turning it into a series of reflections which I will be posting here to bring the matters at hand up for discussion with the membership. Anyway, I hope you find solidarity in the reading of it all, I hope it will bring positive outcomes to the shared goal of a better world in the end.

God bless, FITO.

posted on Aug, 9 2021 @ 07:52 PM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Hello FITO, I have a question that might seem off topic to a casual observer but it is not. Can you please tell me in less than 100 words what started WWI?

posted on Aug, 9 2021 @ 09:42 PM
a reply to: REDMORGAN

"The would-be assassin stopped to have a sandwich after having failed to kill his target with a grenade attack some time earlier. Archduke Ferdinand's car pulled up outside the cafe so his driver could ask for directions - the assassin didn't miss twice."

That's my 'You couldn't make it up' reply; I will have to have a little think about the proper response..

PS - Is this some sort of test to see if I can write less than ten thousand words in response to any question?

posted on Aug, 10 2021 @ 03:46 AM
Ampersands trigger me.

If a picture is worth a thousand words then how much are a thousand words worth...

And...has AI acquired the ability to post in any forum or comment section posing as a human and if so/if not how would a real human recognize the AI?

posted on Aug, 10 2021 @ 07:07 AM
Mother Earth News

Survival Blog


Perhaps these links will prove useful for your discussion.

posted on Aug, 10 2021 @ 07:24 AM
there have always been . . . alternative parallel structures & community networks.

in the past we have called them countries, states, cities, neighborhoods. And in these alternatives people went so far as to adopt different languages, different writing, different cultures, different foods . . .

it was to such an extreme that a person from one could not communicate with another without extensive education.

the problem is that centralized government is forcing all to abandon their alternative parallel structures in order to adopt the socialist concept that the body politic is most important and it is the citizens responsibility to give their life to protect it.

you do not need to convince "people" to adopt alternate parallel structures.
You must convince "government" to allow it.
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posted on Aug, 10 2021 @ 11:35 AM
a reply to: sraven

the problem is that centralized government is forcing all to abandon their alternative parallel structures in order to adopt the socialist concept that the body politic is most important and it is the citizens responsibility to give their life to protect it.

I do absolutely agree with you here, though its somewhat asinine to consider the problem in an abstract encompassing all of human history, when the context is clearly what we both understand to be exactly what you posted in your comment quoted here.

In terms of 'asking' government to sanction those alternative structures, I don't think they have any right to interfere, so long as we render to Caesar that which is Caesar's & aren't actively harming anyone by our action or by neglecting to act where action is required..?

Sure, they could roll in with their tanks, but truth & justice become apparent to everyone watching when that happens, and all empires are doomed to fail when they have become systemically corrupted. I think the key difference here is that the elite recognise this fact, they know that the system with unlimited information-sharing between members of the public is destined to call them to account for their crimes. And so, they are arduously seeking to galvanise their power structures, to prevent the downfall due to their own corruption. They are trying to lock us into a mental prison, a gulag for the mind, a control system which takes advantage of a 'deadly pandemic' in order to enforce draconian restrictions on freedom of expression, of movement, of action (buying/selling, etc). They will not stop until they succeed, or until their enterprise fails because it's so damn obvious that hundreds of thousands are waking up to the reality every couple of weeks.

Their criminal actions are shockingly abhorrent, and in the end, justice will seek them out.

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