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answering questions pt 1

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posted on Aug, 6 2021 @ 01:24 PM
so from time to time theres some reasonable questions people come up with and thought why not give it a try and try to answer them , so here we go

1. why now? why so much talk about ufos? why not now, i mean 70 plus years of public data and we finally got the govt to admit ufos are real, i mean thats a pretty big step and its only the beginning

2. why would an advance civilization come all the way here and crash? well in the case of ufos and this has been the history it could be many things and many reasons and only a small number of people know the whole story or at least alot of it, but for the rest of us were left with our consciousness to guide us so good luck with that, anyway advanced really means they found out how to make machines that takes advantage of the universes capabilities, does that mean theyre perfect? no, does that mean they cant make mistakes? no, does that mean their tech cant break down? no, does that mean they cant be interfered with? not necessarily, other possibilities are either abandoned or seeded craft, also consider the unmanned stuff as well like losing contact or control or even ai programmed craft might hit something like an airplane or mountain by accident never know

3. why did the govt or people dealing with the ufo subject for the govt lie all these years? i think they thought it was the best policy and just stuck with it, everyone lies or is capable of lying but the question is why? are we trying to get away with something bad? or are we just keeping people from knowing the truth? we lie to our adversaries routinely but should we lie to the american people? i dont think so because its just way easier to say no comment, or cant say because of s & m or ongoing operations, etc., but to not tell them about intelligent non human life here on planet earth because they dont know much about them or theyre scary or what have you is not a good enough excuse imo

4. are most of the modern ufo sightings drones? not according to the task force report. out of 144 cases 143 could not be explained as drones or any other understandable flying craft, one thing the govt has and thats good analyzers, we talk about data and thats obviously important but what good is data if you dont know what youre looking at? the govt has been looking at ufos for decades and they know how to separate the ufos from everything else, thats why they talk about signatures and needing better understanding of advanced physics

5. do we need the news media? no, we need their platforms, we need to educate the public, this is very complex subject and then you add in the people with the best consciousness understands it the best but i dont think we should leave anybody behind imo, like the govt, like religion, like science, and like media, these institutions are operated by human beings in which their ability to understand which i call the understanding quotient ranges from good to bad and even worse they might have their own political agenda in which they will attempt to use the power of the institution to get their way whether what they want is good for society or not, so if theyre not educated in ufos or they cant understand the information then you can see where were at and how far we have to go

6. they cant get here from there? from where, they couldve always been here, who says theyre making round trips? from all we know they couldve gotten here a million years ago, they couldve been traveling in huge fleets throughout the universe and set up shop here, they could be using short cuts too aka worm holes or portals, this subject requires highly understanding people to help, you have to be able to think outside the box or outside of basic human thoughts, me hungry go get food is not going to cut it, sorry but thats the truth

ok thats good for a first question answering and i think ill do more down the road because its fun thinking about these possibilities, question of the day is where do you go to learn about consciousness? to enhance ones consciousness? any particular teacher or books or programs etc.?

posted on Aug, 6 2021 @ 01:31 PM
Ra material is good for consciousness, but I’m not a fan of them saying that UFO’s require permission to cross into our airspace, although he said some do violate this. I’ve seen many a UFO so either the channel interpreted what they were saying wrong, or it’s just wrong if you get my drift……

a reply to: saskwatch

posted on Aug, 6 2021 @ 03:22 PM
a reply to: saskwatch

why now?

Because UAVs (drones) technology is mature and cheap enough to deploy them widely.

why would an advance civilization come all the way here and crash?

Because no matter how advanced you are, accidents happen. Uncertainty is part of how the Universe is designed (a key part, in fact), so there is no way you can avoid accidents.

why did the govt or people dealing with the ufo subject for the govt lie all these years?

Because you vote for them, anyways. Lying is the foundation of all and any government. The first lie is this: you need a government. The second lie is this: you can be part of the government. Fortunately, all of the lies are compiled in a book called "The Constitution". There is another book with the fundamental lies which is titled "Universal Human Rights". It is only for humans, though.

are most of the modern ufo sightings drones? not according to the task force report. out of 144 cases 143 could not be explained as drones

No, they are not. Some of them are manned aircraft, others are high altitude balloons, most of them natural phenomena, and so on. In any case, if you think the government lies to you, what makes you think this particular report is true?

do we need the news media?

Yes, we do. Everybody has the right to be informed in an objective way. Free press is something one needs to defend. This involves fighting against propaganda, disinformation, and misinformation.

they can't get here from there?

Yes, you can. For you is just a matter of time, and money. For others it is just a matter of time. For both you and them, it is a matter of will: the will to go.

where do you go to learn about consciousness?

To a library.

posted on Aug, 6 2021 @ 04:09 PM
a reply to: saskwatch

The major problem, IMO, is we don't think Universally. We can only think Globally. You hear ppl say 'why don't they just land on our White House lawn?'

If we achieved space travel and found an advancing civilization 1000 years behind us, would we just land on their white house lawn?"

The biggest thing keeping this subject a secret is the fact that most ppl don't believe in it.


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