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New Moon 8-8-2021 Make a Joyful Noise and Prepare

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posted on Aug, 6 2021 @ 09:22 AM
The New Moon of August 8, 2021 will take place at 16 degrees Leo and signals the beginning of much-needed new energy flowing to humanity as well as an unfurling of plans initiated by the dark ones.

The discrepancies we have seen in science will be revealed as light is shined on science. We are embarking on a new trajectory and revelations will come not only regarding COVID but about healing modalities for many illnesses. It has started but will be kept under a bushel by the media and WH press sec. for about 2 years…Of course, here on ATS, we will see things cuz we are looking.

We have seen events unfolding very quickly in recent days and it will continue to ramp up at an accelerated pace for the next couple of weeks.

The energy of this month will continue to produce feeling at odds with others, perpetuating the division of groups/associations. What is required to balance what is happening, is heart energy or compassion. When compassion is integrated with action, Pam Gregory - a great astrologer who has not read nor listened to news in 18 months - says that this will cause activation of the third eye and that this is our portal to intergalactic communication. This can only happen with joy, gratitude, compassion - compassion being the most important. And this is going to be a tall order, because from what I can see, the kind of compassion required is the kind Jesus had for Judas.

One potential for the coming month is a call and incentive for family members to snitch on other family members regarding vaccination. But fear not as local authorities will not act. Sheriffs feel the same way now as they felt then:

In the New Moon video at the bottom, Pam covers many issues that will arise from the energy of the NM and explains a little about HeartMath - studies of energy and info sent out by the heart - and the work they have done.

HeartMath was discussed ATS sometime ago:

The Schumann Resonance is one of their tools:

and as many of you know, SR has been discussed several times on ATS as well.

So, the point is that if a large number of people generate compassion and caring, this energy can offset the planetary discord we are experiencing right now.

HeartMath Global Coherence Initative

How can we generate compassion, caring or otherwise open up our hearts? Events will be foisted upon us and compassion would be the response that benefits us most - for this I use the example of a post about Turkey burning. I opened the links and saw pics of animals, lots of animals, dead...I felt it in my chest. Since then, I have come to realize that the reason there is no flow of news about the horrific things happening on the planet right now is because TPTB know how powerful our compassion can be and they do not want us going there.

In the meantime, sing while you work, sing to your pets, dance around your abode, play with children, adventures in nature or with animals can help you step into the heart energy. Give yourself the gift of time to explore activities that expand your chest.

This NM will ratchet up the sensation that every human on the planet is feeling; the drive to break free from tyranny. However, tyranny is not the same for all of us. Patience and temperance is required.

Be the change you want to see in the world

The Overlords are at odds with each other. Our government, and the governments of other countries, is destroying itself like Medusa’s snakes attacking each other. We will have to start afresh. There is a new base being built now. Much needs to change in order to align with that which is appropriate. The problem is, as a planet, we are going to have to acknowledge and address the inappropriateness and see the flaws in how we govern planetary affairs - particularly with regards to children - in order to upgrade our philosophy about what is appropriate (hint: child labor/child slavery is not). This process needs to be completed before we can move forward in earnest. The Overlords live to be inappropriate.

NOW is the time to create a life for yourself, a community and structure so that when the beast has fallen you will hardly notice, you will be on your path to a future of unlimited potential. Summer always comes, be ready

Peace Out

Pam Gregory's New Moon video

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posted on Aug, 6 2021 @ 08:25 PM
Elon Musk may be interested in this new energy you speak of.
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