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Trying to Move Out in Ontario, Canada?

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posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 08:30 PM
Sup guys,

First time posting here, so please advise if I need to correct anything.

Posting here because we’re all like minded, so hoping to get some advice! Hopefully this can help some others out that are also in a similar situation as I am. I’m sure there are plenty of us here.

I’m looking to move out of my parents house soon. For context, I am 28 y/o, living in southern Ontario, Canada.

Regarding my work, I have lots of working experience over MANY different industries. I even have a business that I created for AirBnB property management (have not operated since covid started, but it does EXIST).

Currently, I work at a call centre that pays about 48k before tax. It’s a contract position that only lasts a year, starting August 9th 2021. If this one doesn’t work out, I do have another call centre job that pays minimum wage, that would take me back in a heartbeat (full-time). 

Currently, I have about 10k saved up in the bank with zero debt. I’m looking to move out, preferably somewhere in Ontario so that I can still be somewhat close to my parents. They are getting older, and god knows what the future holds so I am trying to stay kinda close in case # hits the fan and we need to help support each other.

I am currently looking for rent on kijiji and FB marketplace. I am looking for somewhere more rural (like barrie, port Perry, Wasaga, Tiny, etc etc etc….). I am also looking for an entire place to myself, as apposed to sharing and/or living in an apartment building with other people. Reason being, is I want privacy and I don’t want to be harassed because I don’t have the vaccine/don’t wear masks hahaha. I just want somewhere rural, where I can put my head down, turn off the covid # and just grind.

This is likely going to cost around $2000-2300 for the place alone. The rest of my budget will be eaten up by other things like food, gas, phone bill etc. So I will not be saving anything, as it will likely cost me every penny just to live! #in’ Ontario man hahaha, prices are nuts here….

Another option I have been entertaining has been buying land and getting a tiny home or RV. A combination of all three, or maybe just an RV and pay rent to plop it somewhere. I understand this CAN be pricey, but Im sure there are cheaper ways as well, like everything else in life.

So that’s pretty much my situation. I would love to move out by Oct 1st, maybe even September if possible. I can live extremely frugal, I don’t really need much besides internet and food.

Wondering if anyone else in a similar situation and trying to figure out how to get out on their own? In a pricey area like Ontario?

Appreciate you taking the time to read this! Just looking for some extra opinions and perspective to give me more to ponder over.


posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 08:50 PM
My son just moved back to ontario, bought a fixer upper, major fixer upper but it has some land and no neighbours. Got it for about 86000. It is totally possible if you are mobile and able to get around for food, supplies. Can't tell you what to do, but if you are willing to shell out $2000/$2300 a month for rent, think again, as you could be paying for you own, not a landlords with that kind of money.

If it were me and living with the parents was tolerable I'd lay low, work my behind off a year or two then buy a place.

This is the second house my kid has found by just asking around if anyone has anything for sale, willing to do work for the owner to get the price down, very clear that he is not rich but needs a home. There are often people stuck in mortgage situations where you buying may be the answer for both people.

Good luck with it!

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 09:10 PM
a reply to: igloo

Yep! That's the way to do it. I lived DIRT cheap in Brantford back in the day and it's doable to buy a fixer upper at a young age if you keep your expectations LOW, and charge someone to rent an extra bedroom.

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 10:28 PM
a reply to: JahIsGucci

Well, if you are looking around Ottawa, I *might* be able to get you a simple, rural, one bedroom place in St-Isidore near Ottawa for ~$1800.

PM me

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 10:29 PM
a reply to: igloo

The problem (at least historically for me) was getting a loan at that age.

Op says they work contract and make under 50k a year (going to assume sole provider since they didn't mention it) and only 28...yea, I'm not saying its impossible if you kept trying...but I know I wasn't getting a loan for 80k at 28...and that was just 10 years ago, making 70k a year...hell I could hardly get a car loan then because I paid cash for everything and didn't want credit.

I guess to meet halfway, establish some credit if you plan/need to get a large loan for an RV, land or a house.

RV's are nice, but they fall apart and don't hold value at all (plus if you think its hard to get a loan for a first time house purchase...forget about getting a loan for a 50k-80k rv/tinyhome...those are often looked at as "toy" purchases). If you do buy an RV your going to want to buy used, but not too used otherwise parks wont let you in if its too beat up and old.

Tiny homes are better in my mind to RV's in that you can at least have things you might otherwise get tired of missing in an RV (like having a real toilet to crap in...or just a small washer so you don't have to use the community w/d...those where things that bugged me when I lived the RV life). You also have to make sure you have a proper address set up because if you are just renting space at a park, its often not considered a real home address. You can get a mailbox and a UPS store or similar...that will work for most things.

And land is land, that should be the ultimate goal if you want something that will at least (probably) appreciate in value...especially if you are trying to just go as off grid as you can. Land is key if you want to have maximum self sufficiency. Unless you want to live on a boat or do truck driving for a living or something.

If the goal is to just save money until you can just buy some land on your own dime and can't beat stealth living if you can get your hands on something like a ford transit and just convert the inside into a camper. I read one blog about a dude that had to move san fransisco for a job...and he didn't want to pay the extortion level rent so he did just that, he bought something like a transit, converted the inside and slapped an AT&T logo on the side and just parked wherever he wanted for the night until he saved enough to get into the place he wanted to buy.

It wears on you doing something like though...and I doubt anyone would want to do it for years.

A way around some of the loop holes of getting a personal loan would be to file for your own LLC, then setup a trust who runs the LLC and make yourself a trustee. Now you can just use the tax id of the LLC to file for a home or an RV loan and it wont effect your credit (its actually a pretty good way to keep yourself clean should the loan go south...).

The benefit of doing business this way now they aren't looking at your personal info (how old you are, what you make), they are looking at the business entity and you are just some no body that works for the company trying to get a loan. Put up a simple website and print some cards out for the LLC and it will look about as legit as you can me, its a wonder how much of an attitude changer it is when dealing with sales people or loan officers when you are doing this as a business deal vs a personal deal...

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 10:49 PM
a reply to: JahIsGucci

This is likely going to cost around $2000-2300 for the place alone.

Sounds about the same as here right now in BC. People charging $2000+ for a one bedroom or a bachelor suite, then decide some straight up illegal # like they get to determine what visitors you can have or as part of you paying them 2 grand, you're responsible for supervising their children in the backyard because they live upstairs.

Landlords in Canada are straight #ing retarded. Average wage here is between $15-$20/h for a typical working job.

Paying two grand a month and being beholden to insane demands is #ed up beyond belief.
The best part is, all over the wanted boards you've got people begging to live in homes $1000-$1500, expensive but affordable, homeowners, who own businesses in the community complaining their tenants can't get rent and workers won't work for their wages that are below what the government gives for covid. It's just so stupid on every level. Meanwhile, the homeless population is growing, homeowners are complaining about that, but they don't seem to get what they expect and want is impossible. It's just all so #ed.

$15/h full time is $2400 before taxes, after taxes it's like $1600/m it's literally not possible to live in even a bachelor suite on minimum wage.
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posted on Aug, 6 2021 @ 12:31 AM
a reply to: JahIsGucci

If you are mobile, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia are good for houses with a bit of land (1/2 acre) for under $100k. I have seen some reasonable properties in BC south of Prince George for $50k-$100k, also the same in Alberta, but you have to seriously look around and consider what will work for you. A mortgage on $100k is less than $1000 a month. you can check out places on If you travel in Canada, remember section 6 of the Charter and the fact that all police have sworn an oath to uphold the Charter which is the highest law of the land. Our idiot government has seen fit to remove the Charter from its website, but here is an OVERVIEW

If you prefer overseas, Bolivia is nice, Uruguay has the best health care in South America, Chile has the best trout fishing, Columbia is paying $65 per each protestor you beat the sh!t out of (if you like exercise lol), Ecuador is not too bad, but a little hot, Peru might be a bit strange these days with the covid BS. Brazil is iffy but can be very nice, Venezuela is toast but beautiful especially around Lake Maracaibo and Paraguay is quite inexpensive but pretty humid. The average cost for RV sites is around $5 a night. With a good satellite internet link and skype (plus of course the RV), you can live fairly comfortably in many countries in South America for less than $600cdn a month.

Transit from Houston to Guayaquil, Ecuador is about $3200usd for a 20' container and a 25' RV. Once in Guayaquil, it's the 45 highway to the 25 down to Peru, take the 1N south and then you can continue south to Chile or east to Lake Titicaca and over the Andes. GPS maps are quite good as well, I have them all lol.

Cheers - Dave

posted on Aug, 8 2021 @ 09:51 PM
a reply to: M5xaz

I am so sorry, I'm still trying to figure out ATS lol, could you PM me if possible?? I tried

posted on Aug, 8 2021 @ 11:20 PM

originally posted by: JahIsGucci
a reply to: M5xaz

I am so sorry, I'm still trying to figure out ATS lol, could you PM me if possible?? I tried

You click on "bubble talk" symbol at the upper RIGHT of the screen
That gets you to the Private Message window

You then click on "down arrow" to see your incoming private messages (including one from me).

You can then reply if you wish

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