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I'm Going for it, I Quit...

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posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 04:34 PM

I'm done with it. I made a poor decision over 5 years ago now against all better judgement and common sense that's cost me #ing stupid amounts of money over that time, decreased my health and shortened my life.

I started smoking, tobacco to be clear.

The reasons are stupid and unimportant, suffice to say, I did and it became habitual. I won't lie, I enjoy the act of smoking, I enjoy the taste of tobacco, but....I'm done with it.

The reason nephew, he's almost a year old.

Not gonna brag, but, the little dude loves me. I taught him how to throw things and make splashes in water and how to open his tube of snacks, to his mom's disapproval, making a mess of his play pen, and how to yell 'Yeeeeah' really loudly..

Anyway...I was visiting my sister the other day, we were outside, smoking...and I seen my nephew inside staring through the window, eyes glued to my smoke watching me.

It hit me, he might be young, but he's at that age where he absorbs and copies everything and he seems to look up to me. I never want to be responsible for him thinking smoking is something good because I did it.

When I was young, a lot of the people i looked up to smoked and I let this justify my poor decision. I don't want my nephew doing the same thing.

I'm going to go the salt nic lung douching route. I managed to quit for a few months before with it, but at the time I was working at a place where everyone I worked with smoked while working, making it not so easy. This time, I'm in a different situation with less temptation constantly around me so I'm hoping I can keep at it and not just get addicted to the vape. Though, I hate all the sweet candy flavours so that helps.

Also, if anyone has any advice on any flavours that aren't sweet, candy like, taste like baked goods or food, that'd be awesome.

Not sure why I made a thread on this. I don't normally make threads like this but, I dunno, just needed to say something I guess.

While I can still edit this. Thanks ATS for all the kind words and support. You guys really are great. This place has always been one of those few places out there, no matter what I'm doing in life or what's happening on the world, ATS is there.
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posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 04:44 PM
a reply to: dug88

One of the best decisions you'll ever make.


posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 04:45 PM
a reply to: dug88

Upside to vaping, you could do cool smoke tricks for yer nephew?

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posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 04:48 PM
Good luck... I had been dipping since I was 13 or so and continued along with smoking when dipping wasn't "appropriate" literally 40 years. Finally, quit about 3 years ago, did the Nu Joy nicotine vapes for about 2months then quit altogether. I love it, saving so much money, everything tastes better, and yea my daughters are happy about it too.


Not gonna lie I still occasionally dream I've got a dip of Copenhagen it seems so real I can taste it...
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posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 04:51 PM
a reply to: NightVision

Come on now, don't make me regret my decision.

The salt nic vapes from my experience produce a barely visible cloud that dissipates almost instantly. I much prefer that. I dunno how people do that #, my lungs couldn't take that. I don't even like doing dabs.

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 04:52 PM
a reply to: dug88

I don't believe everyone that smokes will get lung cancer, but I do believe
it happens to a lot of them and it's a horrible thing.

There is a scene that plays in my mind over and over again.
I took my mom to the cancer center for treatment.

One day I had to do paperwork and she slipped outside. There she was sitting on the landscaping ledge smoking like crazy, right under the Cancer Center sign....

I hope you are successful in your quitting, I really do.

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 04:57 PM
a reply to: dug88

I heartily applaud.

It too me about 3 times to quit smoking for good.

My trick at the end was telling my brain 'You are going to have a cigarette in 15 mins ' then when 15 mins passed I would say the same. and in tandem with that. When I DID smoke (of course) I would only allow myself like a half. Then a quarter. etc etc

It worked.
Now when it comes to booze I am having a hard time cutting down.
I try the same things but the pull is much harder because I dont have pain from it.

With smoking my throat hurt.
I always inhaled

With drinking I don't feel bad at all. I just feel a bit thirsty for water afterwards.

So I am trying to be healthier.

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 04:57 PM
a reply to: dug88

You are a good person. Just from reading your post, I know that you see well beyond your own self/ego. You consider the repercussions of your actions, but spend most of your post talking about the negative impact on someone other than yourself.
You're astute enough to recognize that he is the you that you once were, and you are caring and strong enough to lead by example.

Internet Fist Bump, you!

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 05:00 PM
a reply to: JAGStorm

I've read a lot of material that seems to indicate cancer, outside of those who smoked literally constantly, non-stop for decades, wasn't really a thing until radioactive phosphate fertilizer began to be used in tobacco farming around the 50's.

From what I know of how radioactive particles and cancer works, it makes a lot of sense. The radio active particles are taken up by the plant, you combust and inhale the fumes of said plant, the alpha particles released by the radioactive phosphate molecules enter your lungs. Alpha particles are small enough that once they're inside pur body, they can tear apart our DNA, but they become stuck inside us going repeated damage over time. This is what leads to cancer eventually developing. As your DNA becomes more and more damaged by the rogue particle, there's a higher and higher chance of tumorous cells forming.

My mom and grandfather passed away from cancer. Both of them smoked.y mom had lung cancer, the doctor's said it was not caused by smoking, it was caused by stress. My grandfather worked for years for BC Hydro in the 50's and 60's as a lineman, he was exposed to DDT, and all kinds of.cancer causing chemicals. Many people his age in his profession ended up with cancer. It's unknown what actually caused his cancer. It was never be smoking.

a reply to: new_here

Thank you for saying. He's my family and he's the next generation. I dunno, it's what needs to be done. My parents and aunts and uncles and everyone tried hard so our lives could be better than theirs.
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posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 05:00 PM
I quit Feb 8, 2020.

Everything was fine but the imbalance caused the rest of the world to have a nic fit. You may have heard about it. They called it the Covid 19 Pandemic to cover it up.

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 05:10 PM
a reply to: dug88

Best of luck with that mate. Personally I found it pretty easy. After trying a vape I decided after another packet of cigs I'd go full digital. I started off with nicotine and reduced that down over time and eventually weened myself off of that. I hardly use it at all now, except when I crack open a homebrew.

As for flavour, I mix cappuccino with mint.

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 05:15 PM
a reply to: dug88

Skip the vaping. My kid and his wife quit the tobacco road and went to vaping. Now they have quit that as well. Takes as much time to vape as smoke. Gotta go outside if you are around non-vapers to be polite. Vaping can hook you just like everything can.

Try lemon drops. Keep a bag with you or in a nice little can you can fill every morning and pop one when you fee the urge to smoke. Don't chew it just let it sit in your mouth between teeth and gums and it will last the length of a cigarette.

Or tic-tacs. Or butter scotch. Rootbeer barrels.

Or, you can man up and go cold turkey. I smoked two packs a day for 20 years and it almost killed me. Cold turkey. Got so sick that I could not breath and two weeks later finally had the urge again to light one up. I figured that everyone always said that the first two weeks of CT were the hardest so I figured I already had that one taken care of.

What I found was that smoking is not a big habit but rather a whole lot of small habits, for me it was forty habits a day. Brought on by getting into my car and then getting out again. Coming down from a ladder and lighting one up. Going outside. Once I treated it like a bunch of small habits they were all easier to control instead of one big one that had me defeated. Your experience and body may be different than mine so you will deal with it in your own way, I'm just saying that's how I quit 30 years ago.

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 05:26 PM
a reply to: dug88

Here's a tip: If smoking is associated with another activity, then you may have to lay off that activity too.

In my younger life, smoking was accompanied with heavy drinking.

Everything was going fine after I quit the heavy drinking and smoking at the age of 16.

For my 21st birthday, friends invited me to cards and drinks. They didn't even smoke so they had no clue why I suddenly had to go to the 7-11 for a pack of smokes. Been smoking ever since.

But now that I once again don't drink heavily, the smoking habit is now attached to writing. Back when I had my own place I'd be chain smoking the whole time typing. Now I've tapered off quite a bit. If I'm on a roll on a story or poem I just have to grit my teeth and wait for a logical break to take a smoke break.

That's why I stick with this desktop computer. If I wrote on a cell phone or something of the sort I'd be out on the porch chain smoking once again.

Good luck

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 05:32 PM
a reply to: dug88

I smoked over 20 years and decided to give the vape a try after several attempts at quitting myself. Never have gone back to smokes so it worked well for me, I like it so haven't quit entirely.

It would be easy to do so now however as I use it sparingly. I prefer cinnamon myself but it may be too sweet for your taste. But there is a Cinnabon flavor that taste exactly like a fresh cinnamon bun and not sweet tasting believe it or not. More like a fresh doughnut and the smell is terrific too.

I would find a place that has samples too try and find one you like, maybe just straight nicotine flavor for you. Some of those I tried tasted like an ashtray but others were closer to the tobacco you are use too. Sometimes it's hit or miss but worth it for the health issues and for saving money

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 05:40 PM
a reply to: dug88

One of my best life decisions ever.

Trust'll enjoy not stinking...even though you never realize how much you stink when you smoke...even though everyone else thought you stunk but never told you.

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 05:43 PM
a reply to: TerryMcGuire

Try lemon drops. Keep a bag with you or in a nice little can you can fill every morning and pop one when you fee the urge to smoke. Don't chew it just let it sit in your mouth between teeth and gums and it will last the length of a cigarette.

Not a big fan of candy personally. One of the guys I used to work with actually had managed to quit. I talked with him about it one day. He said it took him 3 years. He had a bunch of little rituals he'd do. Every break and lunch time he'd meticulously peel and cut up fruit, he had a collection of tooth picks. After lunch, or coming out of the programming room or any other time he'd normally have a smoke, he'd pop a toothpick in his mouth and kinda leave it like a smoke.

What I found was that smoking is not a big habit but rather a whole lot of small habits, for me it was forty habits a day. Brought on by getting into my car and then getting out again. Coming down from a ladder and lighting one up. Going outside. Once I treated it like a bunch of small habits they were all easier to control instead of one big one that had me defeated

I definitely agree with this. I noticed this a lot when I quit briefly before. Finish a program, head back to the shop, grab a smoke and start setting up the machine, check the program, get ready to run the machine, light a smoke. I could almost time each tool position and the machine run time by the amount of cigarettes I'd smoke. When the machine was done, smoke while unloading the machine, before the next program, repeat. Break time, get a coffee, drink coffee have a smoke.

The two biggest things I find associated with smoking is the smoke after a meal, and coffee and booze. But, it's the little things that get you more I think, all those other smokes you normally don't think about.

I dunno if I'm man enough to go cold turkey. I also don't really put all the people around me through that. I can be fairly unpleasant when my brain is mot happy with the things I'm doing and despite the habitual nature, I know the nicotine itself is addicting and I enjoy the actual effects of it. The effects of the nicotine is why I kept smoking,

I chose vapes because I find the terrible experience of vaping actually overpowers the desire for the effects of nicotine. I'd actually come close to quitting nicotine altogether at the time, just circumstances and weakness I suppose.

a reply to: IAMTAT

Yeah, luckily I'm not always around polite people so I'm aware. Also, every time I do laundry, or clean out an ashtray, that stale old smoke smell hits you hard then.
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posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 06:04 PM
Vapes were a no go for me. Might as well bought a bubble wand and blew bubbles. Just was not satisfying. I did the patch thing but rather than follow the 2-3 month plan. I said 3 weeks on full and smoke all I want the first week (12 cigarettes that first week) then none after that. Two weeks full power patch. Two weeks 2/3 power. Two weeks 1/3 power.

Everything was fine until around May-June this year and I started smoking in dreams. Which has translated to temptation to light one “just to see how it tastes”...but I know that voice doing the talking.

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 06:25 PM
Good mod , no salt vape , and str 0 .
Try the "vegetarian" vape .
Keep the wattage low .

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 09:07 PM
I would say get a picture of your nephew. If you can capture him giving you that look that made you want to quit, do that. And carry that picture with you and use it mercilessly every time you're tempted to light up. Hopefully, it triggers that same desire to quit all over again and it helps you resist.

My other thing is that someone said lemon drops, and you said you didn't like candy. What about something like salted sunflower seeds in the shell? They're messy, but they're salty and they take some effort to work out of the shell so you can't just scarf 'em down.

I'm not a candy person either, but I love my sunflower seeds.

And as far as candy goes, you can try some of the true old fashioned varieties like real licorice or horehound that aren't sweet. They are an acquired taste, and if you get the genuine item, you need to be careful how much you have at once because the genuine botanicals do have actual herbal effects even when made into candy form.

2 lbs is extreme, but you get my point here.

My grandfather had a will of iron, and he had to be told that it was either smoking or his life after a mild cardiac episode before he could finally give it up. I wish you the best and hope you do it.

Aside from grousing about the weight he gained from the Werther's he used, my grandfather really was happier to not be smoking the Camels anymore.

posted on Aug, 5 2021 @ 09:13 PM
a reply to: ketsuko

Yeah sunflower seeds definitely sound more appealing than candy. I was always more of a salty snack person than a sweet snack one. I actually made candy for about a year. It's all so much sugar, corn syrup, and glycerin. Like most recipes, that's all it is, sugar and corn syrup with flavour cooked to a specific temperature to give the desired consistency. Gummy candies added gelatin and glycerin to the mix, but essentially, it's pure sugar. And sugar is toxic death not much better then cigarettes.

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