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Thirteen Bizarre Quotes from Joe Biden’s CNN Town Hall in Cincinnati

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posted on Jul, 23 2021 @ 08:13 AM
a reply to: ChesterJohnI am a Delhilian also. What I find funny is everyone is denying issuing the invitation to Biden.

My wife is a 1970 Mount St Joe grad and she is furious that this man sullied her school. Her eyes turn red when I remind her of the MSJ nun arrested for voter fraud in 2012 for registering dead nuns from the MSJ cemetery. All votes were for, you guessed it, Barak Obama. She was sentenced to 5 year in jail but due to her age (84) she was placed on probation.

I love the business's sign! It said, "We know that you know that you cheated".

There was more demonstrators against Biden than the people involved both "invitation only" people and CNN staff.

posted on Jul, 23 2021 @ 10:15 AM
I can't remember the episode of the Outer Limits where all but one man had changed the words to
something he couldn't understand.
I think food was changed to dinosaur .
Something like that .
Makes me think of Biden's stupid language.
What the Hell is he talking about ?

Twilight Zone Wordplay.
a reply to: dandandat2

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posted on Jul, 23 2021 @ 06:58 PM

originally posted by: RazorV66
a reply to: HawkEyi

I would like to say thanks to the 20 million hurt feelz assholes that voted for this asshole 4 times in the last election.

The Biden dumpster fire will never be extinguished.

And it's already well underway. The smoke in the air from the west coast proves it every day.

posted on Jul, 23 2021 @ 08:05 PM

originally posted by: ChesterJohn
They have been actually working on Covid vaccines for years. Only Covid-19 was targeted in the non FDA Regulation doses, they had years of research into the coronavirus variants like SARS and MERS, they just worked from there forward. that is why is was so quick to get a vaccine.

The minute I heard the word Corona Virus, I thought about veterinary vaccines and Ivermectin. Both have been used for years.

posted on Oct, 21 2021 @ 04:37 PM

We'll see if Joe Biden has deteriorated even more when he takes part in the CNN Town Hall tonight.

Every time he participates in a CNN Town Hall, Biden says something really stupid straight from his heart, because there is no script.

Town Hall info:

Biden will continue his party's self-destruction process tonight.

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