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Red for Danger - vaccine passports & top-up vaccines - a totalitarian depopulation agenda

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posted on Jul, 15 2021 @ 05:22 AM

It is with a solemnity of heart that I compose this thread, in the knowledge that unless we collectively somehow generate an unexpected event which provides a compelling counter-narrative & upend the existing control system which has been wheeled into place since March 2020, then we are quite literally doomed, to a depopulation agenda which Bill Gates let slip, when he discussed "..vaccines to be used for reducing the global population" (paraphrased - see video below).

Following the wonderful logical thought processes of Dr Mike Yeadon, which he details in the video found at the link below, it is clear to see that firstly, alleged 'vaccine top-ups' which are planned as an annual event in the lives of billions by the global planning committee with oversight of this matter (likely the Committee of 300), are completely unnecessary, with absolutely no conceivable benign purpose whatsoever. Vaccine variants are exposed by Dr Yeadon as a fallacious excuse being used by these globalist planners, as they are so similar to the original SARS-COV-2 virus which causes COVID-19, that they are to all intents & purposes, the same virus. Our immune systems will recognise the variants if we have already been exposed to COVID-19 or to the vaccines which allegedly confer some sort of immunity (though they probably don't).

Dr Yeadon emphasises that the use of a vaccine passport is likely to be electronic, via an App (& I believe the UK government has already started talking about it in these terms), and the necessity of that App is likely to be called upon initially for entry into large scale public events, such as sports fixtures. However, almost certainly (& I think anyone who has started to understand the agenda will agree), the necessity of that App passport will be subject to 'mission creep', with the requirement being ever-increasing in the frequency of its necessity, and with a focus of ever-decreasing scale, in terms of the venues at which it is required (mandated by law) to permit access or trade to occur. Think about it - in five years, you might not be able to get a coffee in your local italian bistro without scanning your vaccine passport on the scanner first.

However, in all truth, it seems likely that within five years the serious depopulation agenda will have already begun to unfold. There is no benign reason to require the top-up vaccines - the only feasible purpose is to induce sterility, or to actually depopulate. You get a top-up of the vaccine, your acquire factors which amalgamate in your body & make you susceptible to embolisms & strokes at some stage within three years +/- one year, so it's not immediately apparent that there's a definitive link to the top-up vaccines. Instead, the deaths will be blamed on a variant, which has caused a number of symptoms leading to death. But in reality, it was the top-up vaccine.

The day after I received my second vaccine I had instant buyer's remorse, because I was experiencing the very same 'rushing head pains' that the doctor who administered my second dose had warned me of (while simultaneously minimising the alleged risks). I was required to see a doctor before having that second dose, because I had experienced a pulmonary embolism the year before. As I sat there in bed with these bizarre rushing head pains, all I could countenance was that the vessels running to my brain were in some way under strain & quite possibly a sort of 'attack'. I began to postulate that perhaps the second dose had contained a factor which had sensitised my vascular system to make me more likely to manifest with blood clots in the future. I bear the fear of that possibility at all times, and I feel foolish for having bowed to family peer pressure in having obtained the vaccine, along with two adult relatives who live with me.

Interestingly enough, the very night that these head pains manifested, the day after the vaccination, that night I had a dream, which was very clear, and very malevolent in its overtones. I was trapped in a house with a member of my family who has always sought authority over myself in a way which is clearly unpleasant, seeking to dominate & upset the balance of my wellbeing. In the dream he very forcefully indicated that I was intended to be killed, and one way or another it was going to happen, but they were giving me the option of taking from him a syringe filled with an agent that would kill me once injected. I became very scared, and had to fight my way out of the house, ultimately breaking through reinforced glass panes gaining access to the garden & vaulting over the fence, before trying to find allies whom I could depend upon for mutual security & avoidance of the 'bioterror' that was being levied against not only myself, but many, many others.

That dream was a clear warning to me, and straight away I determined that when it came to the next time they wanted me to do a 'top-up vaccine', I would not take it, no matter the cost to my wellbeing within normal society, because I know with divine assurance that the top-up vaccine is actually a death sentence, at least in my case & in the case of many others who will be deemed unnecessary, suitable for wholesale slaughter ina depopulation agenda via vaccines which Bill Gates clearly alluded to in the linked TED talk I've included below:

Please guys, watch Dr Yeadon as he dismantles the deceptive agenda behind the COVID crisis & the prospect of vaccine passports/ top-up vaccines, as he finally comes right out & says it - that there can be NO BENIGN MEDICAL PURPOSE for these top-up vaccines, and the use of vaccine passports is a tool of CONTROL over the movements & activities of the population at large, it has NOTHING to do with protecting the health of the people. Please note that there are many other excellent videos at that link, you just have to scroll down a bit to reach Dr Yeadon's interview.

Share this information far & wide, people must now know what they are facing, from a guy who was a relatively conservative scientist prior to the COVID crisis, who remains the most calm & reasonable, intellectually effective advocate for the alternative narrative which the governments do not want you to know.

That link again - PLANET LOCKDOWN video interviews re: COVID deception

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posted on Jul, 15 2021 @ 05:55 AM
a reply to: FlyInTheOintment

Yes always been curious since the beginning that a lot of the noise was coming from banksters and economists.

Here's one discussing the VP being used to change behaviour (sounds a bit like SCS)..

"Vaccine passports can be used as an incentive to change behavior. They not only provide some direct benefits, but they signal what society expects from individuals. They exemplify a social norm that individuals are expected to comply with”

Joan Costa-Font, London School of Economics

Also unsurprising that the Rockefellers are deeply involved in VP technology as they're also deeply involved in big pharma, big media, the WHO and eugenics.

Countries all over the world are planning to, or have already implemented some form of "vaccine passport." This is usually mentioned as a digital document that proves you have been vaccinated in order to access travel, venues, stores and basic services. 2020 has led to record numbers of people becoming reliant on the government and this "passport" could eventually be required to keep receiving entitlements. I'll discuss this could be a good example of a Hegelian dialectic and how we've gotten to this point. I also offer my thoughts on steps to take to rise above some of this.

posted on Jul, 15 2021 @ 06:24 AM
Was it intended for the “vaccines” to be self propagating and if some of them are, can their signatures be identified in those who chose not to be inoculated.
The way that the vaccinated are free to move among us, coupled with the propaganda and censorship lead me to think that we’re in a lot more trouble than we’re being led to believe. Also I doubt there’s any viable legal recourse open to us at this stage of the game.

posted on Jul, 15 2021 @ 08:23 AM
if one succumbs to stupidity then why should we follow their words.

posted on Jul, 15 2021 @ 09:37 AM
a reply to: karl 12

I always appreciate your input to my threads - thanks for the great work as usual.

Keep the faith; there may yet be an opportunity to break free from this impending catastrophe.

posted on Jul, 15 2021 @ 09:41 AM
a reply to: stormbringercompanion

Agreed - we're knee deep in SH1t & the fan hasn't even been switched on yet.

As noted above though, I get the feeling that we may have an opportunity to disrupt the process & develop an 'out' which will prepare the way for a great sweeping reform of society, at least sufficient that ultimately, history will judge us as the brave & the bold, who tried to stem the bleeding as society exsanguinated before the powers of the illuminati of modern times..

This will ultimately prove to be the case, even if there's a period of overwhelming tyrannical authoritarianism in the intervening period between now & when the people again rise up & overthrow the fascist dictatorship & its control systems, imposed by mechanisms associated with the massively manipulated social controls laid out during the pandemic.

posted on Jul, 15 2021 @ 09:57 AM
a reply to: musicismagic

Not quite sure what your meaning is here, though I'm not criticising you in any way, I just don't understand your position from the brief note you've written - could you elaborate please?

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