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New hailstone record in Texas: 19.7 inches and 1.26-pound ice bomb destroyed a roof in April 2021

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posted on Jun, 28 2021 @ 02:42 AM
Growing up on a farm south of the Ft.Worth, Dallas Metroplex I remember as a kid looking at the super cells that would form in the evenings as we would head for the storm shelter. The super cell that formed the Tornado that hit Dallas supposed formed over our ranch house. It dumped hail stones about the size of base balls which killed chickens that could not reach the barn for shelter in time and really confused the cattle and other animals..!! When I came across this article I tried to imagine the force of the updrafts that could carry such a hail stone aloft enough for this thing to get this big ??

I have punched into a thunderstorm at 9000 Ft. and got spit out at over 14,000 no matter what I did to maintain altitude.. I figure a storm like the one that made this hailstone would have ripped the wings off of anything that broke into its domain/space.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Thursday that a 1.26-pound hailstone retrieved April 28 near Hondo, west of San Antonio, is the biggest recorded in the state.

It measured 19.7 inches in circumference and 6.4 inches in diameter with a volume of 40.2 cubic inches. In comparison, a softball has a 12-inch circumference and is 3.82 inches in diameter.

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