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Alternative History Youtube channel...

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posted on Jun, 23 2021 @ 12:50 PM
If this needs to go somewhere else let me know.

I've always been an alternate history nut, from Harry Turtledove to the Man in the High Castle and Phillip K Dick. Found this on youtube and they got loads of topics and eras covered. It has enough depth to be interesting though is streamlined to get you thinking. Obviously, If Germany won WWII (it's in 4 parts), is covered and it has some interesting thoughts and not only early-life afterward but decades afterward. Even getting into how the German economy, and the success and continuing the German concept of Lebensraum and how our internet and social media would have never been allowed to exist.

Next, I'm checking out how the 1990 Presidential election and its after-effects could have been long-reaching effects. Like if Ross Perot was elected President. How the power of the 2 party system needs to be challenged and might have brought us a Reform candidate Orange Man and his VP candidate Ophra, yes that Ophra...

Highlights how different things could be with electing one person. One episode goes into how the fluke election of Woodrow Wilson steered the US and the in a lot of ways the world on its current perilous journey.

Cool Stuff

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