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Billions of Plastic Pellets Released Into Ocean as Ship Sinks off Sri Lanka Coast

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posted on Jun, 6 2021 @ 01:20 AM
The future's looking bleak.

Sometimes an accident is not an accident.

All the almost simultaneous events happening that could decrease the food supply makes me think it is a coordinated conspiracy.

It's just coincidence that Bill G wants us eating from a labeteria.

To be honest, I'm surprised Fukushima hasn't killed the oceans already.

So much going on in the world, and most people are unaware of the fact that their lives could be flipped upsidedown in no time.

All forms of currency are about to be useless. Goodbye cash, hello credits. And gold and silver will be useless. I mean what do you do, break off a chunk of silver or gold to buy groceries, come on, precious metals are anything but precious in that sense. Quartz in watches, gold in cell phones, titanium in golf clubs...sounds like precious metals and minerals and rawks are going to be good for the wealthy only.

I wonder if THEY have created their own telecommunication system yet, for when the satellites fall to earth like falling stars.
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posted on Jun, 6 2021 @ 01:47 AM
a reply to: BlackArrow

I just checked Gaggle to see a pic of it....turns out there are five islands of trash...

"They are not on the maps, but in our oceans there are five floating plastic islands that threaten to eradicate much of the marine life and contribute to climate change. Some of these garbage patches — such as the North Pacific one — are equivalent in size to France, Spain and Germany put together." - from Gaggle.

Edit: Just wanted to add

Holy freaking crap. Maybe Greta and some of her minions could float out to sea and....well I really don't know what can be done. Ask Elon to start a trash service to the Sun?

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