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Chaos in Indian village as cure for covid is free.

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posted on Jun, 6 2021 @ 12:32 AM
a reply to: anonentity

and that's a bad thing how?

compaired to the population the numbers of doctor caused deaths a SO SO SO low.

so as tragic as it is for someone to die I would rater have a few 1000 people die attempting to get treatments(sometimes high risk) then the 3ed cause be something like malaria or diarrhea and they kill millions in the 3ed world.

there is nothing wrong with at least getting ALL the information you can and THAN decide on your course of action.

some conditions need to be dealt with in a hospital so that way you are in a sterile environment and all the tools and drugs etc. to save your life if some unforeseen complication occurs.

hemroids sound funny and all that but they are in reality blood vessels that have been prolapsed or so close to rupturing that if you had a bunch or big 'grapes' and they pop and you don't get help you could bleed out or throw a clot that kills you or worse makes you have a stroke or systemic infection(look where it is on the body).

I have worked in the medical field for a few years now and I have spent my time in the ER and I wasn't joking when I said people put them self in life risking situations they saw on the internet or tried some crazy cure they read online and sometimes they don't always make it, or have some degree of disfigurement.

You doctor should know more about you than pretty much everyone else in your life, no lies, no hiding problems and the worse putting things off until there is no choice but to get them taken care of.

in this case I would recommend seeing a G.I doctor or a proctologist because if they are as big as the poster claims something is not right in his rectum and sphincter that may be leading up to a prolapse of the rectum from pushing so hard.

also obstruction of the bowel may be an issue with them, causing the heavy pushing and the blood vessels being pushed to the surface of the skin and worse case they might be inside.

if the poster with the piles reads this, please don't be afraid of the doctor they are there to help you, trust me when I saw 99% of doctors just want the best for you. And it might be a super easy fix and you'll never have to deal with them again or you could save your own life if they find something more serious.

if you are over 40 you need a scope done anyway, and as scary as that sounds they give you a good cocktail that makes you sleep and feel no pain and in less than a hour you are all patched up and back to normal, and more importantly you'll have peace of mind.

and even if you don't want to do that talking to your GP/PCP should answer any other more personal questions and put you at ease.
good luck.

ETA: a drop of prevention is worth more than an ocean of cure
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