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Russia and China, Frenemies of the Left and Right

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posted on Apr, 29 2021 @ 04:08 PM
Over the last few years I've noticed an interesting trend which was made especially apparent to me with a recent executive order signed by Biden where he declared a national emergency with respect to Russia and their cyber attacks aimed at the US, their violations of international law, their efforts to influence US elections, etc. Trump signed a very similar executive order early in his Presidency with respect to China and the cyber threat they represent, their violations of international law, and their currency manipulation.

Russia and China are certainly two of the largest cyber warfare actors on the planet, but China is still demonstrably a worse perpetrator of these attacks than Russia. When it comes to violations of international law I think most people would say China is clearly the worse actor and has been for a long time. In recent months they have started to become especially aggressive and uncompromising in their negotiations with other nations and their claims over territory.

Yet when Biden speaks of China he speaks much like Trump speaks of Russia, saying that we should aim for peace while also being firm with them. Biden also speaks of Russia with a clear animosity and belief they pose the largest threat to the US, much like Trump speaks of China. Trump openly admits how he has a certain level of respect for leaders such as Putin and Kim Jong-un, much like the respect and relationship which exists between Biden and Xi Jinping.

That doesn't automatically mean Trump is a Russian puppet or Biden is a Chinese puppet. Honestly if you really believe a nationalist like Trump would sell out his country or make any deal against the interest of his own nation then you don't understand Trump at all. He sought peace with Russia and North Korea and it paid off massively despite many pundits claiming Trump would start a world war, when in fact he ended many wars and secured many historic peace deals.

I don't know whether or not Biden has been compromised by China, but it's certainly a lot more likely than Trump being compromised by Russia. China could easily have something incriminating against the Biden family considering what we've already seen on the laptop. But I'm going to give Biden the benefit of the doubt until I see evidence to prove otherwise. The real issue is how the Dems in general don't acknowledge the threat China poses, instead they look to China as a role model.

The censorship tactics used by China are a blueprint for them, in fact China often has a direct hand in the social media censorship which occurs in the west due to their control over many tech companies. I find it interesting how these political alliances have formed... obviously the Left feels like they have something in common with China and their techno-socialist/communist ideologies. Oddly enough Russia is also a communist nation to a certain extent, but the Right often regards them as an ally.

I think this mostly comes from the fact that Russia seems to be quite a conservative nation and their citizens have a strong respect for free speech. Their government may sometimes disagree and take heavy handy measures against political dissidents, but it's no where near as extreme as what we see happening in China. Plus they have shown a respect for free speech and privacy by protecting individuals such as Snowden, although some may argue this is simply to annoy the US, and I'm sure that's part of it.

And say what you want about RT but they do some great reporting on issues that get ignored by other news outlets and they interview a lot of interesting people. Yeah I'm sure some of it is crafted with an agenda, but more and more people are saying they have to rely on alternative sources such as RT because they feel like it's giving them less spin than MSM sources. It seems to me Russia at least has some respect for free speech and freedom of the press, even if only to make the US look bad.

Don't get me wrong I'm no fan of Putin or the dictatorship he seems to be running, and in many ways I oppose the political ideologies of the people who control Russia, and I think that's a major reason why they have failed to become an advanced first world nation on par with other developed nations. That's also why China is ranked #85 on the Human Development Index but Hong Kong is ranked #4, they have a very different economic system and political ideology despite Hong Kong technically being a part of China.

This is why it's so dangerous to follow in the footsteps of China or use their systems as guidelines for how we should do things in the west. Despite having the 2nd largest GDP in the world and an industrialized electronics industry so large their air is barely breathable, they still have a poor population with low living standards because their economic policies and style of government results in a very low GDP per capita. Hong Kong has the 9th highest GDP per capita in the world compared to China at around rank #70.

I deeply respect the Chinese culture and the people, but I cannot respect authoritarian socialist/communist regimes that have no respect for liberty and the rights of individuals. I could not imagine living in a world where all our governments embrace authoritarian ideologies, but we are moving dangerously close to the path which will take us to that outcome. Those pushing us onto that path truly believe it's for the best, just as most Chinese people believe everything their government does is in their best interest.


The Supremacy of Westernized Asian Nations
Why the left hates Russia
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posted on Apr, 29 2021 @ 04:48 PM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

They are paying both sides.

The goal is to make us destroy ourselves from within.

Their using ct's and dirty politics to do this.

A lot of people are falling for it.

posted on Apr, 29 2021 @ 05:03 PM
a reply to: ChaoticOrder

Russia, IMHO, is still growing up. It's only just over 30 years old. Some of the supporters of the old communist regime are still alive and well and many of the things that happen in Russia seem to be, on face value, indistinguishable from the ways of the old USSR.

China on the other hand is a completely different thing altogether.

I don't really have much to comment other than to say they are ..... The Borg, and nothing good is going to come of it.

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posted on Apr, 29 2021 @ 05:42 PM
Good thread.

This is Exhibit A of how the Democratic/liberal political institution of this country is either so blatantly incompetent & disconnected from reality ~OR~ co-conspirators to a massive lie on an epic scale to deceive the American people. It's one or the other (they are too stupid to realize what's truly happening or are in on the gag); can't be both.

Anyone that thinks Russia, at this moment in time in the 21st century, is a bigger geopolitical threat to American security and economic prosperity than China should stop, RIGHT NOW, this instant, and set up an appointment with your G.P. to get your head examined. Seriously, not joking.

Remember when Obama chided Romney about the 80's being on the phone and wanting their foreign policy back?? I remember that clear as day, and that is reason 9,134,912 that the Democratic party has lost me.


- American manufacturing sector GONE, hollowed out, sent to China
- Wuhan Virus
- Major concerns about trustworthiness and allegiance of Sino-American scientific community
- Uighurs
- Huge, INCONTESTABLE gap in cyber-warfare and cyber-crime with China much more active than Russia
- MASSIVE Red Herring psy-op of Trump influence/infiltration by Russian assets
- PROVEN Chinese infiltration into Democratic luminaries (Swallwell, Feinstein)
- Currency manipulation and economic warfare

on and on and on and ON. How much time do you have? How many reasons do you need??

Not saying the Russians are saints, but neither is the US.

It boggles the mind how the narrative is so completely twisted and spun around.

Then again, one should expect no less from the birthplace of Sun-tsu, in terms of conflict strategies, and executing them with precision and stealth.
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