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(NN2021) The Boxes

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posted on Apr, 25 2021 @ 12:43 AM
(NN2021) The Boxes

The 6 kilometer object had been detected from the sun side of Earth's orbit in the direction of the constellation, Lyra. Once detected and reported by an amateur astronomer located in Canada, almost every telescope regardless of make and model was focused on this newly discovered object.

The Pan Star telescope was the first to declare that the object had a high probability that it would impact somewhere on earth in just 3 days time or by by the 21sst of November which was based on current speed and trajectory.

The Russians and the Chinese both began working frantically to get an intercept mission launched in an attempt to blow the object off course with a nuclear explosion but with only 3 days until impact most knew their efforts would fail even if they could launch.

Then something happened that surprised everyone who was read into this event. At two days before impact the 6 kilometer object broke into 6 individual peaces each estimated to be one kilometer long, high, and wide. Each piece was judged to be of a box shape which changed everyone's opinion that the object was an interstellar stray asteroid or comet.

It was the Russians who made the first public announcement about the object separating into 6 different pieces and the estimated square size of each object after the separation .

Since the Russians basically let the cat out of the bag this new development was finally released to the world. All the talking heads of governments, astronomers, and military were constantly giving their expert uninformed opinions on what the objects might be to help lesson any panic the public might and would be having.

One American scientist did bring up Oumuamua ( apply named as it means scout or messenger from the distant past) that had flown by earth on 10/19/2017. He flat out stated that in his opinion Oumuamua had been a deep space scout that after seeing and detecting earth these newly arrived 6 objects were the follow up mission by those who had sent Oumuamua in the first place . He was not taken seriously by the many of the talking head experts or news people while others considered his theory as plausible as anything else that had been put forward.

It was calculated that the 6 objects would impact the pacific ocean somewhere between Honolulu and Guam and the tsunami that would be created by the impacts would basically destroy all and anything along the pacific rim for many tens of miles inland. Other experts were postulating this would be an extinction level event much like what supposedly happened to the Dinosaurs.

In one very big surprise we were lucky as each object decelerated and changed course with one each proceeding independently to Asia with a touch down in the Gobi desert, the Sahara desert in Africa, Yucatan Peninsula in Central America, and one to Antarctica and the other to the Northern Arctic region of earth. They all made soft landings as no seismic monitors indicated an impact of any kind.

Every available satellite was tasked to locate and view the touch down location of each of the objects. Once the locations were derived aircraft and ground teams were sent to investigate these new visitors, however when aircraft were within 20 miles of the objects location they all seemed to have serious malfunctions and were forced to turn back or face losing the aircraft. Ground personal became deathly sick with severe head aches the closer they got to any of the objects. It seemed like every living thing to include even the plants were restricted to a circular 20 mile stretch around each box.

Without the satellite observations all nations would have had no idea what was happening at the box locations and in truth other than a 20 mile dead zone, (which also extended vertically over each box location) nothing we could detect, other than some seismic activity, was happening.

Every means possible was being made to try and open a dialog with the boxes but all attempts were to no avail. To me it seemed like a bunch of kids sitting around a Christmas tree and asking the presents to tell them what was inside the gift wrapping except with these boxes there was no touching or shaking..

At all the box locations a 50 mile radius was declared to be a restricted area for both air and ground transportation. This would be the “NEW NORMAL” for those who needed to travel anyplace in a boxes general direction.

There were all kinds of proposals made about the boxes and what to do with them even down to bombing or nuking one to see what it would do but all those plans were shelved as the boxes just sat there in their own defined space not really bothering anyone outside their claimed territory.

There was always a theory that an advance species would be non violent. The reality is non violence for a species means extinction until they become truly advanced and are able to fend off all invaders. This is a truth for all species throughout the known universe..

The End of this short story

posted on Apr, 26 2021 @ 12:02 AM

posted on Apr, 29 2021 @ 04:14 PM
a reply to: 727Sky

Excellent story! I like the open ending of it. I really like the moral of your story at the end.

posted on May, 1 2021 @ 06:35 AM
a reply to: argentus

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. The short story could develop into many chapters as after six months the "No Go Zones" double in size from 20 to 40 miles and as time passes the zones just keep growing. "Oh my what to do ?"

It is the rainy season here and true to it's name we have been getting big long lasting rain..... so if I get bored and cannot hit the golf course I amuse myself with story lines. My English teachers would faint as I never know what I am writing about until the first word is spelled ?? Which unfortunately is evident in most of my entries !! hahaha Thanks again sincerely for your kind words

posted on May, 27 2021 @ 08:54 PM
a reply to: 727Sky

That was pretty amazing

It made me feel scared in some parts, good job!
Very mysterious new normal. I like it!

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