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All Over The Map: Ready for a summer vacation on the Idaho Coast?

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posted on Apr, 16 2021 @ 04:38 PM
Dear ATS Readers, Writers,

This is a topic that has come up in a variety of versions; and that is busting up the borders of Oregon, California, Washington, and Idaho. in some form or another.

There is the Jefferson state movement.

Or the State of Liberty movement in Eastern Washington...

And now, a new? one called "Greater Idaho".

For so long in the USA, folks were relatively all good with their states boundaries.

But since the country has become more and more deeply divided along political ideologies; I am noticing these large groups of angry citizens with their states "policies" being a lot more common, They are tired of being dictated by a group of people who are so far away from what the rural areas want, and need from their state government.

It makes me wonder if it was kind of like this with the issue of slavery back in pre Civil War times?. How the people became terribly divided and of course violence followed this unrest. I am thinking the old states of Kansas, etc during the pre Civil War unrest.

All Over The Map: Ready for a summer vacation on the Idaho Coast?

n a move that echoes Washington Territory’s separation from Oregon Territory in the 1850s – only this time, in reverse – a group wants to expand the border of Idaho all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Move Oregon’s Borders For a Greater Idaho was created in Oregon in 2019. Members want to fold most of rural Oregon’s counties into an expanded Idaho – but this is not a secession movement like the effort to create the state of Liberty in Eastern Washington, or the state of Jefferson in Southern Oregon.

The idea is that the majority of residents of rural counties in Oregon are deeply conservative and Republican, and have far more in common politically and culturally with all of very red Idaho than they do with the very blue Portland area. Just how red is Idaho? Republican Donald Trump carried the state in 2020 with 64% of the vote; Democrat Joe Biden carried Oregon with 56% in the same election.

I just think it is a sign of the intended social engineering that has been "let loose" on the USA over the last few decades in ever increasing increments over time. It started a lot sooner than the last few decades, but the last few the "effort" into the desired changes have increased in great numbers, in my opinion.

I honestly don't think they will be successful in their efforts, but you can't blame them for trying.

I saw this kind of division coming a long time ago; and was a major reason I left the USA for another land. I of course have friends and family back in the USA; and I hate to see them go through this turmoil. As a bystander looking from outside your USA folks reality bubble you are/were stuck in; I could see how over the years "they" were intentionally enflaming racial divide, economic divide, and radical social changes.

And most of it is all about dirty politics, dirty money, power grabs/retention, and heightened, more extreme social changes being mandated, that most folks disagree with.

To get everyone fighting their neighbour, thinking the "folks down the road" are the problem, when it is their bloody evil overlords that are the problem.

Living in it day to day, I think one can easily become like the frog in the slowly boiling water scenario... you get desensitised to it all to some degree.

I know that I went through some pretty nice and amazing mental clearings and was able to see things in a different light; once I moved away from its 24/7 influences and unending propaganda from the different factions trying to divide the society.

Everything happens must faster these days... the propaganda is so much more sophisticated, and successful.

I do hope these rural region folks get better representation and better consideration from their state governments over these movements.

There is a real reason these folks are upset and starting these movements.


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posted on Apr, 16 2021 @ 04:50 PM
it's a very timely topic, honestly, one i've been meditating on for some time now. and the feeling of division is just as bad in 'red' states where the rural voters are getting the administration they want. they are still not happy the cities exist and vice-versa. i've been reaching out to people on the other side in my own way, trying to figure out how do we move forward as a country from here, is there common ground we can both see again and stand on. and i really don't know. i don't have any good answers so far. i think we're all still more alike than different but the loudest folks are having a hard time seeing it and they're sucking up all the airwaves.

posted on Apr, 16 2021 @ 05:13 PM
a reply to: pravdaseeker
How do these schemes propose to get round the constitutional barrier, that the individual states involved would need to consent?
West Virginia only got away from Virginia through Virginia being on the wrong side in the Civil War.
The only other precedents that occur to me are Maine and Vermont, when the shape of the United States was just beginning to emerge.

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posted on Apr, 16 2021 @ 05:14 PM
These things come up every so often, but never pass. That's because the legislatures of both states have to pass it, THEN the US has to pass it. Because it's political in nature the chances of any one movement passing is slim to none. The people who most want these things to pass are usually a rural minority. So don't hold your breath.

posted on Apr, 16 2021 @ 11:45 PM
a reply to: pravdaseeker
Ya the world has gone all south park, real fast, real soon.

But! Eh, these people have a point. I mean, other then Portland and a few cities near by Portland. Then the rest of Oregon? Might as well be Idaho.

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