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No Internet - No Worries - T-Rex to the Rescue!

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posted on Apr, 16 2021 @ 11:37 AM
I discovered an Easter Egg in Google'e Chrome Browser. This is old, but I'm a bit behind the times.

Anyway, my phone went offline and the usual T-Rex screen came up in Chrome. I accidentally tapped the screen and the damn reptile came to life and started running... For the rest, I'll leave you to explore this stupid, but addictive little game.

Here's what you can expect.

Before you tap the screen (or hit space bar on a PC):

Highest score before hitting a rogue cactus:

Highest score before hitting low-flying UFO:

The beauty of it is that you can play it even if you are online:

Copy and paste what I bolded into the url bar in Chrome.

Full Screen Version:

Half Screen Version:

For more info:

The Dinosaur Game, also known as the T-Rex Game or Dino Runner and initially codenamed Project Bolan, is a built-in browser game in the Google Chrome web browser.The game was created by Sebastien Gabriel in 2014, and can be accessed by hitting the space bar when offline on Google Chrome...

Enjoy! Remember to give Dino a rest every so often and feed it, too!

posted on Apr, 16 2021 @ 12:20 PM
a reply to: Encia22

When your title spoke about T-Rex to the rescue,I thought you
were talking about the British band T-Rex,not something from
a game.I was hooked on T-Rex for a long time.

posted on Apr, 16 2021 @ 12:29 PM
a reply to: mamabeth

Great memories! Yep, I liked the band, too!

I guess I let my subconscious run riot with my thread titles.

Edit: I just realised a creepy correlation between the game and the band! The founder of the band was Marc Bolan and the game project name was Bolan, too.

Surely can't be just a coincidence!? 🤔

edit on 16-4-2021 by Encia22 because: Mind Blown


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